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Best Adidas Proxies in 2021 – Easier to Get Yeezys

Do you want more than one pair of your favorite Adidas Sneakers? Here is a guide to the best Adidas Proxies to use to buy your Yeezy sneakers.

Adidas is a company that designs and manufactures clothes, shoes, and accessories.  It is one of the largest sportswear companies in the world and the largest in Europe.

The company releases limited editions of its products on the announced released dates. They only allow you to order a pair of sneakers. Only the lucky buyers can get a hold of a single pair of Limited-Edition sneakers. The only way to get more pairs is by using Adidas proxies. They are reliable and secure.

If you are reading this, count yourself lucky. We have explained to you how Adidas proxies can help you get more pairs of the Limited-edition of your favorite Yeezy Sneakers. We have also recommended for you the best Yeezy proxies in the market.

Notice Before Buy Sneaker Proxies

  1. Speed – Speed is a critical factor when copping sneakers because the faster you complete the process, the higher your chances of getting the sneakers. A fast server or PC helps bots to run with other tasks. You also require high upload and download speeds to make the process seamless.
  2. Location– The location of your proxy server determines whether you are slow or fast. Choosing proxies that are closer to the Adidas servers will increase your speed of the connection. Therefore, the closer you are to the target server, the faster your connection will be.

The below listing are the best proxies for sneaker bots. They are helpful for you to buy proxies, Let's check out!

Best Adidas Proxies

1. Soax

soax residential network homepage

  • Geo-targeting: City, country, region
  • IP Pool Size: Over 8.5M IPs
  • Price Charged: Bandwidth and port.
  • Cost: Starts at $75 monthly for 5 GB with 300 ports

Soax is one of the most reliable proxy services in the world. It has clean and genuine IPv4 addresses from 120 locations around the globe. The pool of proxies has more than 8.5 million IP addresses. The proxy network has City, country, and region Geo location targeting. Its targeting function is suitable for copping sneakers.

Soax proxies are relatively expensive. You need $75 each month to get a bandwidth of 5 GB and 300 ports. The company offers its customers a trial period that lasts for an hour. However, they do not have a refund policy.

soax residential proxy pricing

The residential proxies are appropriate for copping Adidas proxies. The proxies look like they are from real residential addresses. They are hard to detect.

2. Smartproxy

Smart Proxy Home Page

  • Geo-targeting: City, country
  • IP Pool Size: Over 40M IPs
  • Price Charged: Bandwidth
  • Cost: Starts at $75 monthly for 5GB

Smartproxy proxy service allows you to Geo-target over 195 locations around the globe. The proxy network has over 40 million residential IP addresses. The residential proxies are perfect for copping Yeezy sneakers. They look like real residential addresses and are hard to detect and block.

Smartproxy Residential proxies are compatible with any application that uses HTTP or HTTPS protocols.  Therefore, you can automate your sneaker copping by using Adidas bots. The proxies enable you to send unlimited concurrent connections. Therefore, every Adidas bot will complete its task on a unique IP address.

Smart Proxy Residential Plan

You can choose the proxy location that is closest to the Adidas servers. It will help reduce lag time when copping with your Yeezy sneakers. A bandwidth of 5 GB will cost you $75 each month. Only one user has access to the proxies.

3. Bright Data

Bright Data homepage

  • Geo-targeting: City, country, carrier and ASN
  • IP Pool Size: Over 72M IPs
  • Price Charged: Bandwidth
  • Cost: Starts at $500 monthly for 40GB

The largest real-peer proxy network in the world has 72+ million IP addresses. The proxy service has IP addresses in every country, City, carrier, and ASN.

The residential proxy network has real user devices. The App owners install a Software Development Kit on their apps at a fee. App users opt-in and get free access to the exclusive features of the application. This feature makes these proxies ethical and compliant.

Bright Data plan

The residential proxy network has household Wi-Fi-Based IP addresses. Websites think requests are coming from real residential addresses. Therefore, Bright Data proxies are undetectable. You can use the proxies to send an unlimited concurrent request when using Adidas bots. The connection has an uptime of 99% that makes the network stable.

4. Blazingseo

Blazingseo Home Page

  • Geo-targeting: country
  • IP Pool Size: 300K IPs
  • Price Charged: Proxies
  • Cost: Starts at $10 for 5 proxies(US)

Blazingseollc has a specialized sneaker proxy package. The proxy network only has 300K IPs addresses in 30 countries. The proxy server is connected to a 1Gbps network line to ensure the connection is fast and efficient.

The Sneaker proxy can work with any application that supports HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS5 protocols. The dashboard allows both IP whitelisting and username/password authentication.

The sneaker proxies will cost you $10 for a 5 to 99 IP address for the starter package. The company offers the customers a 2-day free trial version to check if they are working. There is an option to negotiate if you are buying proxies in bulk.

Blazingseo Proxy Plans

The proxy service allows the changing of IPv4 and IPv6 proxies every month. The IPv6 proxies take a long time to change. However, whenever the company notices a server is down, you are rotated to a working one.

The proxies offer the users unlimited bandwidth and unlimited threads. The company controls its entire infrastructure to guarantee you a high uptime.

5. Shifter

Shifter Residential Proxy Home Page

  • Geo-targeting: Country
  • IP Pool Size: Over 31M IPs
  • Price Charged: Ports
  • Cost: Starts at $249.99  for 10 proxies

The Shifter proxy network has 31 million IP addresses. It targets its customers by country. Therefore, you can choose a location from any country in the world. The proxies can work on any application that has HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS4/5 protocols. The proxy network has residential IP addresses. They are undetectable, hard to block, and reliable.

Shifter has backconnect proxies. The residential proxies connect to the entire Shifter proxy pool and assign a new IP address after every request. The IP addresses also change every 5 minutes.

Shifter Residential Proxy Plan

The peer-peer network routes request to pass through other real users to make you anonymous while copping Yeezy sneakers. The Adidas website thinks it is receiving requests from real residential addresses. Smartproxy offers its customers unlimited bandwidth, a stable network, and high anonymity.

Why You Need Adidas Proxies?

The Adidas Company has a release calendar for all its products. Limited-editions of their products are anticipated by millions of people around the globe. When the sneakers finally drop, and word gets around, guess what many people do, they panic -buy.

Adidas only allows each person to get a pair. You are probably asking yourself how they keep track of the purchases. The answer is IP addresses. That is where proxies come in.

People are always interested in buying Yeezys. The only way to acquire more Yeezy pairs is by using Adidas proxies. You can buy as many pairs of sneakers, and you are guaranteed a ready market because of the high demand. You will make a large amount of profit. However, that is not what we are advocating.

How does Adidas Proxies Work?

As earlier mentioned, the only way to get many pairs of the Yeezy is using Adidas proxies. The proxies give you the option to manually or automatically complete your Yeezy order. You do not stand a chance of beating people using Adidas bots when you are completing your orders manually.

The Adidas bots imitate how human beings make their orders. Such as AIO Bot, is fast and can complete multiple orders within a short time. Therefore, your chances of getting the sneakers increase when you use proxies with bots.

FAQs About Adidas Proxies

1. Can I Use Free Adidas Proxies?

With sneakers, they're useless. The free proxies expose you to the unnecessary risk of your personal information being stolen. They have annoying Ad pop-ups and are not reliable.

2. What Are the Best Proxies for Adidas?

Residential proxies are the best proxies for Adidas. They allow you to imitate an actual internet user with a real residential address. Therefore, they are hard to detect and to block.

3. Are Adidas Proxies illegal?

Adidas proxies are not illegal at all. However, just like any other website, Adidas has strict anti-scam security measures that prevent users from cheating the system.


The best proxies for copping Adidas sneakers are Residential proxies. They trick the Adidas website into thinking that the requests are coming from real residential addresses.  Therefore, they are undetectable and are rarely blocked.

The residential proxies allow a user or bots to send concurrent requests without being suspicious. It is because each request has a unique IP address.

The most important factors when choosing proxies for Adidas are speed and location. The PC and internet connection should be fast. The closer your proxy server location is to the Adidas server, the lower the connection Lag.

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