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Just as you surf the Internet anonymously, you certainly don't want your device's fingerprint information to be recorded. What should we do? Best way is to use an antidetect browser, and we've picked out the best in the market, so you don't have to worry about it anymore.

In the current years, there have been widespread online scamming and impersonation attacks on the internet. The increase in such cases has compelled some companies to come up with better ideas to improve user privacy.

Using regular browsers such as chrome, google, Mozilla, and others can be cool, but they do not provide user anonymity. Therefore, it is easy for your information to be grabbed and used for all the wrong reasons.

The creation of anti detect browsers has brought a new narrative of internet privacy and protecting your information online.

What is an Antidetect Browser?

Anti detect Browser

Anti-detect browsers offer internet privacy and complete anonymity to keep your details protected. Using the regular browsers can leave fingerprints of your activities and risk being detected. What anti-detect browsers do is allow you to open different accounts in various tabs using your data for all of them.

They can bypass spam filters without them knowing you are the same user. This is enabled by changing the cookies for each account; this makes them overlap and giving you complete anonymity.

Anti-detect browsers work similarly to regular browsers; they enable you to save sessions that limit re-authorization chances at any time. They are developed using a chromium engine, making your account less suspicious; hence, as you visit websites, you appear as a regular user.

Best Antidetect Browser Fraudfox

Now that you know what antidetect browsers are and how they work, it’s time to look at some of the best browsers you can purchase.

1. X Browser

  • Pricing: Free
  • Support: Windows and Mac


The reliable antidetect tool for fingerprint spoofing is the X Browser by the Smartproxy. This browser is not just elevating your online security and masking your actual IP address, but it is also effective in managing your fingerprint. It allows you to control your online digital tire tracks, and unique fingerprints exist for every profile you create. This browser is free for Smartproxy users and keeps you safe as you run multiple accounts simultaneously.

Customers can easily manage the location, time zone, OS type, web RTC, etc. You can create different browsers for different profiles, edit, customize, and delete anytime. Enjoy the quick connect profile, faster proxy integration, and unlimited profiles.

It has proven to be an effective tool for juggling multiple profiles for marketing, dropshipping, e-commerce, as well as digital marketing. The setup process is straightforward. Simply configure the profiles, provided you have an active Smartproxy residential subscription plan.

  • Unlimited profile management.

  • Unique fingerprint for each profile.

  • Free version.

  • One-click proxy integration.

  • Compatible with Windows and macOS.

  • Guarantees online privacy.

  • Need an active residential proxy type subscription.

2. Linken Sphere

  • Pricing:  Starts from $100/ month
  • Support: works for any desktop system

Linken Sphere Homepage

Linken Sphere is one of the latest Chromium antidetect browsers. In addition, it is fitted with complete confidentiality; this is an ideal feature for web admins that work with Google AdWords and Facebook.

The browser also provides complete anonymity for your internet activities. However, it does not offer data recovery; therefore, it is advisable to keep the data separately for you to avoid losing your data for authentication.

Linken Sphere payment is made in total capacity. For anonymity, payments are also made using Bitcoins only.

  • It works in OTR mode, which improves safety.

  • It is deprived of any hidden connection with Google.

  • All information is encrypted using the AES-256 standards.

  • It is equipped with HTTP, Socks, SSH, TOR, and Dynamic Socks, which are necessary for working with network connections.

  • The browser has a built-in license database.

  • It has a built-in antidetection with regular updates.

  • The browser is fitted with cloud synchronized sessions.

  • It can store cookies and prints from every session.

  • It is expensive to purchase

  • Payment can only be made through Bitcoins.

3. ANTBrowser

  • Pricing: Get full access at 1990 RUB
  • 支持: Windows desktop and Android Mobile
ANTBrowser Homepage

If you are looking for a browser to work with multiple accounts, you should look for AntBrowser. It is equipped with professional tools that enable you to work with unlimited accounts from one computer. In addition, the high-quality tools ensure that your work is simplified to maximize results and increase your income.

It is the ideal browser for simultaneous maintenance of multiple accounts with ads in any city. In addition, their tools are easy to use and only require you to create a profile, thus enabling it to work.

Switching a profile is also easy; you can change shapes from your account or directly from the browser. They also enable you to bypass checks such as Font, CSS, Plugins, MimeTypes, and many more.

  • Each profile has a unique IP

  • Each profile stores all your cookies

  • Additional tools like Avito enable you to receive messages from all your accounts.

  • Easy license management

  • Enable synchronization of profile info between devices.

  • It is relatively expensive

  • Slow connectivity

4. Dolphin{anty}

  • Pricing: 10 profiles for free, paid plans from $10/month
  • 支持: Windows, MacOS, Linux

Dolphin Homepage

With the Dolphin{anty} anti-detect browser, you can easily and securely manage an unlimited number of accounts on any website. In this browser, you can create unique browser profiles, each with its own real digital fingerprint, and all files such as cache, cookies, etc. are isolated from other profiles. Thus, each profile represents a real separate device.

The browser has built-in many tools necessary for efficient and convenient work: a proxy manager, browser extensions, quick bookmarks, a cookie collector (cookie robot), multi-level team management, action automation, mass management and much more. In addition, in

Dolphin{anty} you can assign a status for each profile and write a note with important information that will always be at hand, which is very convenient in practice.

In short, this browser is perfect for any tasks related to multi-accounting (affiliate marketing, cryptocurrency, betting, etc.). You can use the built-in functionality without resorting to third-party tools, and you can also fully customize it for yourself.

  • Free plan for 10 profiles!

  • Real browser fingerprints

  • Fully isolated environment for each profile

  • Proxy manager

  • Change proxy IP in one click (for dynamic proxies)

  • browser extension manager

  • Quick bookmark manager

  • Team management

  • Embedded Automation

  • API support, Puppeteer, Playwright, Selenium.

  • Bulk management

  • cookie robot

  • Bulk export and import of cookies

  • Convenient statuses and notes

  • Cloud sync

  • Support in the browser interface

  • No mobile fingerprints

  • Sometimes slow

5. GoLogin

  • Pricing: Starts from $24/month.”
  • 支持: Android mobile and Windows devices

GoLogin Homepage

GoLogin is an antidetect browser with the best multi-accounting tools. It enables you to manage your internet fingerprint by customizing every parameter of your fingerprint. In addition, they take pride in having more than 50 connection features available.

All their accounts are separately located in the cloud; this helps protect your data and ensures web anonymity. They also offer a convenient teamwork ecosystem; this enables sharing profiles and proxies with each team member.

  • They use unique technology

  • They provide competitive pricing

  • 免费代理

  • Integration of Tor

  • They offer an intuitive interface

  • Hash browser updates

  • Expensive

6. MultiLogin

  • Pricing: Starts from €99/ month,
  • Support: Windows, Mac OS, and Android

MultiLogin Homepage

MultiLogin browser enables you to replace various computers with virtual browser profiles. In addition, they provide separated browsing environments. This is made possible by isolating cookies, local storage, and cache, preventing leakage between profiles.

They have a brilliant way of preventing your digital fingerprint from being accessed. Instead of blocking sites from reading your fingerprint, they replace it with a completely new one. Their easy automation makes repetitive tasks automated in Multilogin.

Business setup is easy as well; this is due to its profile sharing and transfer feature. This enables you to transfer accounts to your clients with minimal risks involved.

  • Separated browsing environment

  • Protection of browser fingerprint

  • Browser automation is easy

  • Business workflow automation

  • 全天候客户支持

  • Few IPs

  • High price

7. Kameleo

  • Pricing: Starting from € 59/month
  • 支持: Android (mobile), Windows(computer)

Kameleo Homepage

Kameleo is a stealth browsing platform that guarantees data protection. It has features such as changing your IP address and browser fingerprint for perfect anonymity.

They also have multi-accounting tools which offer easy profile management. For example, it is simple to share browser profiles that you have saved with your team. They also ensure that you quickly change the fingerprint of your mobile device and proxy connection.

Account automation has never been more straightforward. Kameleo helps you to automatically create hundreds of profiles that enable you to stay safe from web filters.

  • Browser fingerprint protection

  • Enables canvas spoofing

  • Automatic Timezone

  • Unlimited browser profile

  • Android and iOS support

  • Change plugins and fonts

  • HTTP and Socks proxy connections

  • Slow connectivity

  • High price

8. Incogniton

  • Pricing: Starts from $29.99/ month
  • 支持: Windows and Android

Incogniton Homepage

Incogniton gives you the power to replace multiple desktops with virtual browser profiles. In addition, they provide high-quality isolated profiles simulation tools.

Your profile data is stored in an online database, although you can also opt to store data on your device. They also have python integration to save time on browser operation.

Their user-friendly services enable you to access multiple internet browsers with a structured overview. You are as well allowed to access your browser profiles from different devices.

  • Have human typing feature

  • Team feature

  • Browser profile sync across your devices

  • Manage various browsers

  • User friendly

  • Quality customer support

  • Not cost-efficient

  • Not fast compared to others

9. Sessionbox

  • Pricing: Start from $3.9/ month
  • Support: Windows and Mac OS desktops

Sessionbox Homepage

Sessionbox allows you to have different browser profiles in one window. Their desktop app enables you to separate other window session tabs in one browser. In addition, they optimize privacy by browser fingerprint management throughout the session.

They have robust session isolation and reliable browser fingerprint management. These features make your internet sessions look as though they appear on different browsers from different computers.

You also stand to get an unlimited session as well as advanced proxy management.

  • Unlimited number of sessions

  • Sync sessions on cloud

  • Get a total number of fingerprints

  • Prevent cookies tracking

  • Real-time fingerprint database updates

  • Bulk proxies import

  • Can be slow

  • Cost is high

10. VMLogin

  • Pricing: Starts from $99/ month
  • 支持: Windows and Android

VMLogin Homepage

VMLogin helps you create a wholly separated virtual browsing environment. They isolate cookies, cache, and local storage to prevent them from leaking between profiles.

They indigenously protect browser fingerprint n=by, not preventing websites from reading your device fingerprint. Instead, they replace your actual fingerprint with another one.

In addition, they have third-party visual automation, which mitigates the rate of user authentication for repetitive tasks.

  • Enable control browser fingerprint

  • Manage multiple browser profiles

  • Offer team collaboration

  • Business workflow setup

  • Develop web automation

  • Not pocket-friendly

  • Low connectivity speed

11. Indigo Browser

  • Pricing: Starts from €99/ month
  • 支持: Windows and Android devices

Indigo Browser Homepage

If you want an anti detect browser for comfortable and safe work optimized with all sorts of antifraud systems, then you should consider Indigo Browser. They have a customized fingerprint database that ensures you remain anonymous as you surf through the web.

Their reliable fingerprints ensure you reduce the risks of being banned or restricted from sensitive websites. They boast of having over 1 million fingerprints in their database; to make it better, they are updated every minute to ensure maximum security.

  • Built for arbitration

  • Maximum cross-country ability

  • Have turbo tuning

  • Are convenient in every detail

  • Offer comfortable pricing

  • Enable teamwork

  • Low speed

  • High cost

12. Ghost Browser

  • Pricing: Starts from $21/ month
  • 支持: Windows and Mac OS

Ghost Browser Homepage

Ghost Browser is an antidetect browser offering multisession browsing identities and a dedicated workspace. In addition, they give you a chance to choose from permanent or temporary identities that will help you manage and isolate cookies.

In addition, you can assign different proxies on every tab, which ensures a powerful and flexible way of browsing. The browser is built on chromium to enable you to import chrome extensions in less than 30 seconds.

  • Multiple types of identity

  • Powerful proxy options

  • Enables chrome extension

  • Fights tab bloat

  • Easy to switch

  • Great customer support

  • Not cost-efficient

  • Slow

13. FraudFox

  • Pricing: Starting from $100/ six months
  • 支持: Windows desktop

FraudFox Homepage

FraudFox is a browser that provides virtual machine-oriented solutions to bypass fingerprinting. They use plugin protection to prevent your internet activities from being traced.

They guarantee user privacy by using a virtual machine console; this enables changing IP addresses automatically, making internet fingerprint untraceable. They also offer other software installations like VPN, which allows boost anonymity of the browser.

  • All in one software

  • They have the ultimate spoofed engine

  • Smooth organization of profiles

  • Fitted with power setting randomizer

  • Rich features for advanced users

  • Hassle-free license

  • Regular updates

  • 24-hour support system

  • Low speed

  • High price

14. AdsPower

  • Pricing: Starting from $10 / month
  • 支持: Windows desktop and Android mobile

AdsPower Homepage

AdsPower is a high-performance multi-platform and multi-account browser. It has chromium build-up that enables browser fingerprint masking. In addition, they offer centralized management of eCommerce, social platforms, and social media advertising.

The browser also supports grouping with flexible account allocation. You can import and export account information with a lot of ease; the synchronization feature of the browser powers this.

  • Multi-platform and multi-account

  • Enable teamwork and efficient work

  • Hardware fingerprint anti-association

  • Automatically match proxy IP

  • Social media automation

  • Professional customer care

  • Relatively low speed

  • Not pocket friendly

15. Lalicat

  • Pricing: From $59/month
  • 支持: Windows System


Lalicat also enables you to bypass detection systems from various platforms and developed more fingerprints, such as WebGL, WebRTC, Media Device Fingerprint, Font, Plugins, SpeechSynthesis API, SSL Fingerprinting, Media Input, Header Customization, and others, also enhancing Team Workflow Function in profile share and transfer, which is a dedicated technology and friendly experience to enterprise users.

Lalicat has launched 9 languages for the reading convenience of global users. including English, Russian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, and others, will be more friendly and convenient for different language users in the global market.
Now Lalicat has enhanced Chrome UA and gets 100% trust scores on any browser profiles after being detected by and

  • Further fingerprinting technology in Windows.

  • Isolate each profile separated

  • Storage Data to iCloud.

  • Advanced Team workflow by sharing profiles

  • Developing 9 languages for global users

  • Timely service online.

  • High price

  • Low connectivity speed


1. What is a Browser Fingerprint?
Browser fingerprint is a technological means of creating a device configuration output to give a specific device a unique identity.

2. Can Ads Track You in Incognito Mode?
Yes, websites can track your device using your browser fingerprint. However, fingerprints do not reveal any of your details; they only provide information to enable the complete distinguishing of different devices.

3. What are the Advantages of Antidetect Browsers Over Proxy?

  • The simplicity of installation and usage: Anti detect browsers do not require tech-savvy skills to install and use.
  • Provide an opportunity for teamwork: Unlike proxies which are dedicated tools with no shared feature, Antidetect browsers can be shared by a group of individuals. This is important for sectors such as corporate companies and advertising agencies. However, antidetect browsers are relatively more expensive than proxies.


Having an antidetect browser is essential, especially if you want your data to remain private or access banned websites. They are easy to install and user-friendly; this makes using them simply not requiring any form of deep computer knowledge.

Unlike proxies, antidetect browsers allow you to use multiple accounts from one desktop. It also allows you to have various users on the same account; this is a significant benefit for large corporations and agencies.

Last Updated on 10月 27, 2023



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  1. I have been using GoLogin for a long time and I cannot say that they have a high price. Most antidetects ask for their services from $ 90 per month. GoLogin is only $ 24 for 100 profiles and the ability to use free proxies. I am satisfied with antidetect, I did not use others, I immediately came across it. But I don’t see any sense in switching to another. And the article is interesting, I learned a lot about different antidetects.

  2. I am a junior user of VMlogin and Lalicat Browser for more than 1 year, both the software worth its price, if we can make a further research on.


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