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Are you looking for a high-speed datacenter or ISP proxies provider on the market? BuyPersonalProxy is available on the market to serve you with your needs at an affordable price. This article will cover everything you need to know about this proxy provider.

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Many people are looking for the best and reliable ISP, 数据中心住宅代理 on the market. And so do you. Before purchasing a proxy, evaluate its speed, protocols, unlimited bandwidth, and many other things.

Most providers offer high-quality proxies, but all these features come with a price tag. Today, we will be looking at a high-performing proxy provider that sells its high-speed proxies at an affordable price. This is BuyPersonalProxy. They offer one of the best proxies on the market at a normal range. Some of its unique features are:



  • 16 US major cities, London & Amsterdam
  • Offer daily plan
  • 24 hours trial

Buy Prosonal Proxy Feature

BuyPersonalProxy Pros and Cons


  • Daily Datacenter Proxy: Comes with unlimited traffic and bandwidth
  • Multiple Subnets: Enables users to connect to any place in the world
  • Great Customer Support: Available online to attend to your needs.
  • Multiple Locations: Their residential proxies support over worldwide countries.
  • Offer 24 Hours Free Trial: Users can test the proxies before buying within 24 hours.
  • High Speed and Performance: You can access unlimited bandwidth without restriction, which is good for gamers.
  • Compatibility: They support HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 protocols; hence can work on any browser.


Limited Payment Option: Currently, they only accept PayPal and credit cards.

No Refund: They do not offer any refund policy for their proxies which is a serious downside.

Don’t Offer Specific Proxies: Most people prefer specific proxies for maximum satisfaction; instead, users must request to receive.

BuyPersonalProxy Overview

Buy Prosonal Proxy Homepage

BuyPersonalProxy is a good and reliable proxy provider on the market. They offer high-speed proxies which come with unlimited bandwidth. You can use your dashboard to configure the proxies depending on your needs. This provider supports both IP and User: pass authentication within their 3 packages.

You can also swap protocols whenever you want between HTTP(S) and SOCKS5. It offers good location coverage with residential proxies supporting over 150 worldwide locations with multiple subnets. All packages come with high speed, which efficiently generates online traffic without facing restrictions.

This is the right option when looking for a high-quality proxy with other features that go along with it. They have customer support available to serve you through live chat and ticket. As we will see in our next subtopic, they offer different pricing plans. However, this is among a few providers that do not offer a refund policy. Instead, they give 24 hours free trial to test before committing.

BuyPersonalProxy Types and Pricing

BuyPersonalProxy offers 3 types of proxies with different pricing plans, as indicated below:

BuyPersonalProxy Pricing

Datacenter Proxy

Buy Personal Proxy Detacenter Proxy

In this package, BuyPersonalProxy offers daily and monthly datacenter proxies. Both support HTTP/HTTPS SOCKS5 protocols, come with 1GBps speed, and have unlimited bandwidth. However, while monthly datacenter proxies support up to a maximum of 5 devices, daily datacenter proxies only limit the User to 2 devices with no proxy replacement. They provide completely private IPs that ensure online anonymity.

They are faster with high internet connection speed. While daily are recommended for sneaker release, monthly are recommended for those who need monthly access proxies. They have static dedicated IPs, and the daily package starts as low as $10 for 10 daily proxies while monthly starts at $3.99 per one dedicated proxy monthly. You can select to go for up to 200 days and monthly dedicated proxies for any plan.

ISP Proxy

Buy Personal Proxy ISP Proxy

ISP proxy package also offers a monthly pricing plan that supports up to 5 devices concurrently. These proxies come from the real ISP network. Thus, it is hard to detect them because they appear residential hence hard to block. They are reliable and hosted on their servers, thus guaranteeing high speed. Like datacenters, they also support HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 protocols, and you can replace them after one month to improve customer experience.

You can enjoy premium support and 10 Gbps ports proxy speed as well as unlimited bandwidth. Their pricing is affordable. In this category, there are 2 options, ISP proxies, and premium ISP proxies. In ISP proxies, pricing starts at $5.99 for 1 ISP dedicated proxy per month, while 200 ISP goes for $499.99 per month.

Premium ISP proxy is a bit expensive, starting from $9.99 for 1 premium ISP dedicated proxy per month. But they work well and can be modified for specific purposes since they are compatible with all services.


Buy Personal Proxy Residential Proxy

Residential proxy is the last package, and their IPs come from real users. They offer sticky and 旋转代理 which are hard to detect and block. They use a home internet connection, thus not as fast as a datacenter. However, they are secure and reliable. They are effective for users who need to rotate their IPs instead of keeping them long. You can generate as many proxies as possible based on your pricing plan.

But you should note that their pricing is based on bandwidth usage. These proxies are compatible with any use, and 1 GB costs $14.99, while 100GB goes for $899.99. They offer an unlimited number of sessions, support HTTP(S) protocols, and you can choose any proxies from the 10million IP pool.

BuyPersonalProxy Locations

BuyPersonalProxy Location

BuyPersonalProxy has good location coverage. Dedicated proxies support 16 locations in the USA, one location in the UK, and the Netherlands as well. You can still request your preferred location and adjust it according to your needs.

BuyPersonalProxy Pricing

They don't limit you on the number of subnets, and for any subscription, they provide a monthly replacement. They are improving their location coverage, and currently, residential proxies cover over countries around the globe. And in case you need a specific location, you can contact them, and they are glad to help.

BuyPersonalProxy Authentication & Protocols

BuyPersonalProxy is an excellent proxy provider that offers two authentication methods, and you can swap your proxies between HTTP(S)  and SOCKS5 protocols.

Depending on your package, you can authenticate proxies using IP authentication or the User: pass method. ISP and Datacenter support both methods, while their residential proxies only use the User: pass authentication method. This ensures that you can access proxies in any situation. As well, you can refresh or replace proxies after every month.

BuyPersonalProxy Customer Support

BuyPersonalProxy Customer Support

This provider has good customer support. If you experience any problem, you can reach out to them via live chat using an email address or creating a ticket. The team is available online from AM to PM CEST.

The customer support team is supportive and responds to your queries without any delay. This is their backbone in establishing a good reputation among customers. Thus, they give their customers priority. But again, their website is detailed with relevant information and guides in any help category you need. They also have videos that cover every aspect.

If not, you can still reach them out via Facebook or Instagram pages.


BuyPersonalProxy is a reliable proxy provider on the market. Their packages come with high speed and highly anonymous proxies that are hard to detect. You can access your proxies with unlimited traffic and bandwidth without experiencing any restrictions. They regularly update their proxies to improve customer experience.

BuyPersonalProxy customer support is excellent and supports many locations worldwide. Approach them for any package because they offer friendly pricing with instant delivery.

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