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BuyProxies is one of the popular private providers with good customer service support, and it is highly rated by most scraping sites.

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  • US, Canada & Europe locations
  • 30 days IP replacement
  • 24 hours refund policy
  • Support Sneaker Sites, Social Media Sites, Ticketmaster

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Typically, every business person desires to have a fast and secure proxy that enables them to scrape data, monitor their brands market online, or create multiple social media accounts. If you are looking for a proxy provider that offers such services, then BuyProxies is your answer.

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BuyProxies is a datacenter server that supports software like Scrapebox, GSA, Xrumer, and many others. That tells you that it is highly rated by most scraping sites. Among the many advantages of BuyProxies, we have some of them below.

BuyProxies Pros and Cons

If you subscribe to BuyProxies today, you will regret why you did not buy the product sooner. That is because of its pros and cons. Even in our research about BuyProxies, there are issues we liked and others we did not like about BuyProxies. So, please read the section below to know them.


  • Efficient customer service support: They have one of the most exemplary customer support who responds in seconds. They even put your interest first in their support ticket.
  • One of the few datacenter proxies offering SOCKS: Few datacenters like BuyProxies have SOCKS protocol which adds a more secure layer.
  • Unlimited bandwidth: HighProxies charge their packages per proxies and not bandwidth.
  • Fast proxy switching: HighProxies provides an option to switch to four proxies every one minute for you to avoid sites looking to ban you.
  • They have chrome add-ons: Whether you are using Firefox or Chrome browser, you can use BuyProxies as a plugin from the chrome or Firefox extension bar.
  • It makes work easier with APIs: Click on the BuyProxies control panel and pull an API platform that you can set to upload a proxy list automatically.
  • Supports scraping tools: Like Scrapebox, Xrumer, and many others.


Refund is only available for the first 24 hours: This is a short refund policy period that does not favor extensive testing.

BuyProxies Overview

Buy Proxy Review Homepage Overview

Holistically, BuyProxies have four types of datacenter proxies. These include the dedicated proxies, semi-dedicated nodes, Ticketmaster and shoe proxies. The dedicated proxies are the private proxies used by one person, but the semi-dedicated nodes have a maximum of three users.

The packages of HighProxies depend on the proxy types and are charged per proxy. This server utilizes HTTPS and SOCKS 5 protocols and is covered by two-mode of authentication. That is the username/password authentication and the IP whitelisting.

BuyProxies Specifications
价格样本 5 dedicated proxies – $10 IP 类型 数据中心
代理协议 HTTP and SOCKS5 收费价格 代理
管辖权 Estonia 认证 用户密码/IP Auth
IP replacement  30 天 退款政策 24 hours

BuyProxies IP Types

Among all the datacenter proxies, BuyProxies is among the few servers that have quality shared proxies. The shared proxies in HighProxies are known as the semi-dedicated proxies used by a maximum of three persons. When you have three users in a shared proxy, it guarantees a fast connection and safe connection, unlike ten or more users.

Secondly, we have dedicated proxies in BuyProxies. Only one user uses the dedicated proxies, which means you are entitled to a fast and quality performance proxy. BuyProxies have generalized private proxies that specialize in SEO, scraping, or social media sites.

Type of Buy Proxy

Thirdly, there is a Ticketmaster dedicated proxy. So if you want to get the first share of a high-demand ticket in time, you can use BuyProxies.

Lastly, BuyProxies have shoe proxies. In other words, they are the sneaker proxies that help one to cop limited sneakers edition. Since there are few servers like BuyProxies that support sneaker bots, this server is among the best.

BuyProxies Pricing

The prices of BuyProxies are affordable, especially if you wish to buy a higher number of proxies. In other words, you get a quantity discount on these proxies. HighProxies charge differently on each proxy type, and the values increase per the number of proxies.

Generally, the shared or semi-dedicated proxies are the cheapest in all the BuyProxies types. If you look at the semi-dedicated rating, the least amount is ten dollars for ten proxies. That is in a ratio of one proxy for one dollar. But the ratio decreases as the price moves upwards.

Buy Proxy Review Pakage Overview

Next, we have the pricing of dedicated proxies, which uses similar pricing formulae as the semi-dedicated plan. The only difference is the ratio value of the dedicated proxy. The least amount here is ten dollars per five proxies. That shows that dedicated proxies cost two dollars in one proxy, which is more expensive than semi-dedicated ones.

When you look at the shoe proxies and the Ticketmaster proxies, their price ratio is higher than dedicated and semi-dedicated proxies. For example, the shoe proxies have a ratio of one proxy three dollars.

Even for the Ticketmaster proxies, their ratio is similar to shoe proxies. Concerning the least values of these two dedicated proxies' types, they are expensive because their prices start at $150 for shoe proxies, and the Ticketmaster is $90 for thirty proxies.

BuyProxies Authentication

Unless you authenticate your proxy network, it is not secure because any person can assess your IP Address. BuyProxies know this too well, and so they provide two modes of authentications. These modes include Password/Username authentication and IP Authentication.

If you want to authenticate your proxy network using password/username authentication, you can visit the ‘manage product menu on the BuyProxies website. There, you will configure your password and username. You can also select the location of your proxies and the period you wish to keep the proxies.

Another authentication feature is IP whitelisting. An IP whitelist is an ISP-bound IP that the server uses to connect you to their network. As a result, BuyProxies provides two spaces for you to whitelist your IPs.

BuyProxies Protocols

When it comes to proxy protocols, BuyProxies uses HTTP and Socks5 protocols. Most datacenter providers use the HTTP protocol, but few datacenters like BuyProxies support the SOCKS protocol.

There are numerous advantages of using SOCKS 5 protocols, but the main one is its data protection. The SOCKS5 protocol has advanced encryption of SSH (Secure Shell). Also, the SOCKS 5 system enables the BuyProxies to evade blocks and offers a faster connection.

Testing BuyProxies

BuyProxies seems to have a good performance in the books, but testing it would prove whether the company is trustworthy. On that note, we decided to test the performance of this server. Our samples for this experiment was the speed test, social platforms, and sneaker sites and the results are in the table below.

测试目的 速度测试 社交平台 运动鞋网站
评级 87/100 75/100 73/100

As you can see from the table, the speed of HighProxies is promising, especially the response rate. Also, BuyProxies showed satisfactory results in sneaker sites and social platforms. So, would you like to know how we came up with the scores of each sample? Then read ahead to the following sections.


BuyProxies Dedicated Proxy 平移(毫秒) 下载(兆比特/秒) 上传(兆比特/秒)
BuyProxies Proxy 1 14 20.09 32.16
BuyProxies Proxy 2 36 10.25 19.82
BuyProxies Proxy 3 21 4.53 20.48
BuyProxies Proxy 4 33 17.62 22.36
BuyProxies Proxy 5 47 6.35 13.74

Rating, 87%

You can attest from the table above that the speed of BuyProxies is not a bargain. We carried this test using on five dedicated proxies. We wanted to know their response rate and the ping used to download or upload a file with these five samples. If we observed a sample that could use less ping to download or upload a large bandwidth, then we could rate that sample highly.

On that note, we liked the connection speed of sample one because it connected smoothly to websites and bypassed network disruptors like timeouts, blocks, Captchas and other bottlenecks.

One sample that did not please use was the fifth one. This sample used a higher ping for downloads or uploads because it had an inconsistent internet connection.

Moreover, we wanted to find out in these samples if they would connect to heavy-duty tasks. For heavy-duty tasks, there are many datacenter proxies that connect to them. This heavy-duty task involves video streaming or gaming and fortunately, BuyProxies has a speed capable of scraping such sites. Its proxies also change per minute to enhance anonymous browsing.


Buy Proxy in Social Site

Average success rate on Social Media – 75%

Secondly, we examined how BuyProxies performs on social media sites. Since there are no unique proxies on social media as we have in other datacenter servers, the results were not that good- you can see that none of the sites reached our 80% target mark.

However, you cannot write off BuyProxies because its software support bots of most social media sites. Mainly, BuyProxies is very compatible with Instagram and Facebook. With Instagram, BuyProxies allowed us to fetch more likes and comments on our page. We would also make countless Facebook or Instagram accounts and scrape their data anonymously.

Our only worry was those sites that did not allow us to scrape their data or make multiple accounts successfully. In Platforms like Twitch and YouTube, we experienced multiple blocks, timeouts or errors. For instance, accessing restricted YouTube videos could take a long time, and there were timeouts in between.

In short, you cannot ignore BuyProxies when using social media sites. It has an advanced SOCKS5 protocol that encrypts data for social media platforms not to notice you. Also, BuyProxies have APIs that you efficiently manage most social media bots, like for Facebook or Instagram.

Test on Sneaker sites

Buy Proxy in Sneaker Site

Average success rate on Sneaker Sites – 73%

The last trial was on Sneaker sites. Here, we used the specialized shoe proxies on BuyProxies. The shoe proxies are a bit more expensive than the other types. Therefore, that tells you that shor proxies are of high quality.

We wanted to know in this experiment whether you can cop multiple pairs in low edition sneakers and whether you can use numerous sneaker accounts . We also investigated whether you can also use BuyProxies to monitor the sneaker orders and use it to make orders quickly.

We realized that the connection faltered in sites like, Finish Line and Supreme. We also encountered blocks, Captchas and other network errors in these sites.

But since BuyProxies support sneaker bots, it produced a higher internet connection to those sites.
Another observation we found in these sites is that they performed well when a HighProxies server is near a certain website. But how did we know this? By using whoernet, you can measure a website's ping in relation to its specific datacenter location.

BuyProxies Customer Support

Contact wiyh Buy proxies

If you are looking for the best customer support, BuyProxies has got you covered. Although this server does not have a live chat, their live support ticket is reliable. You send a message through its support ticket, where they respond in a few minutes. Besides, BuyProxies's customer help services are available any time, 24/7.


BuyPrxoies is among the few datacenter proxies that have shared proxies and support the SOCKS5 protocol. Apart from that, we like their proxies because they are secure and have unlimited bandwidth. Not to mention, BuyProxies allows multiple payment methods like PayPal, Bitcoin, credit card or Bank transfer.

  • Is BuyProxies Supports Sneaker Site?

Yes, because they have shoe proxies that enable copping of multiple sneakers.

  • Is BuyProxies Supports Social Media Sites?

Yes, you can purchase their dedicated proxies that support bots for Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

  • Is BuyProxies Supports Ticketmaster?

Yes, because they have a Ticketmaster Proxies.

BuyProxies 替代品

If you want a similar datacenter proxy to Buyproxies but more cheaply, you could use 即时代理 that value one proxy per dollar. But overall, the best datacenter proxy in terms of scraping performance, speed, and security is 我的私人代理. Probably, BuyProxies’ 24 hours Refund policy is a burden to you when testing it. Therefore you could replace it with SSL 私有代理 that has a seven days refund policy.

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