SSLPrivateProxy Review

SSLPrivateProxy Review

Have you ever considered buying the safest and fastest datacenter proxies? If that is the case, why don't you try SSLprivateproxy? Like its name, SSLprivateproxy guarantees a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption that protects your identity.

SSLPrivateProxy Logo Overview

  • 34 North America cities & 5 other locations
  • 120,000+ dedicated IPs
  • 30 days IP replacement
  • Seven days refund policy
  • Support Ticketing, Social Media and Sneakers proxies
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SSLPrivateProxy has specialized dedicated proxies. These proxies include social media, sneakers, shopping sites, ticketing, or gaming proxies. Apart from those properties, below are other SSLprivateproxy's features.

SSLPrivateProxy Location overview

SSLPrivateProxy Pros and Cons

If you want to buy SSLprivateproxy and wonder which elements will guide you to purchase it, you might want to look at its pros or cons. For that reason, we have compiled a list of the features we like and others we don't like about SSLprivateProxy.

Why We Like it

  • Multiple specialized packages: Whether you want proxies for social media, craigslist's, ads platforms, ticketing, or shopping, SSLPrivateProxy has got you covered.
  • Good location coverage: SSLPrivateProxy has servers in around thirty-nine regions in the USA and Europe.
  • Multiple subnets: It acquires at least 300 subnets that increase the capacity to scrape more data concurrently and in a stable connection.
  • High-quality server: SSLPrivateProxy has optical fiber to create a higher connection rate. SSLPrivateProxy also uses cisco technology that is reputable for quality connection.
  • The servers have a smart switching technology: Can switches off the connection immediately before a website blocks or bans you.
  • There is a 99% uptime with unlimited bandwidth: That means the SSLPrivateProxy packages do not limit the GB to use.
  • Diverse premium options: You are not limited to a monthly contract, but you can buy a quarterly, half-year, or yearly plan.

Why We Don't Like it

Has an expensive specialized Proxies: If you purchase the specialized proxies, they may overburden you with high prices like $90 for sneaker proxies.

No peer-to-peer torrenting: SSLprivateproxy does not support peer-to-peer networks that reduce costs in sharing files or computer resources.

Do not support SOCKS platform: There are many advantages of using a SOCKS protocol, including an added security system, fast connection, and video streaming support.

SSLPrivateProxy Overview

SSLPrivateProxy Homepage Overview

When looking at SSLprivateproxy wholesomely, it has lots of packages. These packages come from the SSLPrivateProxy's datacenter types. These types include private proxies and shared proxies.

When it comes to private nodes, they include the dedicated proxies and the general private nodes. The dedicated proxies includes the shopping, ticketing, sneakers proxies, and many more dedicated types. On the other hand, private proxies are general for all sites not covered in the dedicated proxies.

SSLPrivateProxy Specifications
Price Sample 5 Proxies – $15 IP Type Datacenter
Proxy Protocol HTTP(S) Price Charged Proxies
Jurisdiction Seychelles Authentication User Pass /IP Auth
IP replacement  30 days Refund policy 7 days

SSLPrivateProxy IP Types

Having mentioned the SSLprivateproxy’s features briefly, let's now look at them in-depth. SSLPrivateproxy is a Datacenter proxy that contains shared or private proxies. Private means using the network nodes alone, while shared means you use it with others.

SSLprivateproxy further subdivides to general proxies or dedicated proxies. You can use the private general proxies for web scraping activities. If you want to test SSLPrivate proxies' speed, the private Proxy is the best to use.

Secondly, we have dedicated proxies that are also private. They are dedicated because they specifically deal with some social media sites, sneakerheads, shopping platforms, ticketing, PockermonGo, and other solutions. To find other dedicated proxies in SSLPrivateProxy, visit the ‘our solution tab' in the website.

Lastly, we have the shared proxies, which you can use with other persons. Since few people share these proxies, they can also be referred to as semi-dedicated proxies.

SSLPrivateProxy Pricing

Another area of interest in SSLPrivateProxy is its pricing plans. These pricing plans fall under the servers' proxy types. SSLPrivateproxy accounts its price according to a number of proxies and a premium period. That period may be monthly, three months, six months, or a year.

Generally, the price for private proxies is high than the shared proxies- especially the dedicated packages. When you are using the general Private Proxy, the price starts at $15 monthly and while a year's plan is 144 dollars. Suppose you divide the yearly figures into twelve months, you will get a 12 dollar price which is cost-effective than the monthly plan.

SSLPrivateProxy Pricing overview

If you have seen a tag like SSP in SSLprivateproxy websites, know that SSP denotes the number of proxies. So, the $15 plan we mentioned before had an SSP-5. On that package, you can also decide to use an SSP-10, 20, and the highest is the SSP-1000 plan which costs around 1750 dollars.

When it comes to the shared proxies, they use an almost similar pricing mechanism as with private proxies. But their pricing range starts with eleven dollars for SSP-10, and the highest is 650 dollars for SSP-1000.

For the dedicated proxies, there are different values per each specialized proxies. For example, gaming proxies charge is not the same as sneakers proxies or ticketing. Overall, the dedicated proxies are the most expensive because they have added data encryption features.

SSLPrivateProxy Authentication

Once you buy a proxy package, the SSLPrivate Proxy gives you two modes of authentication. These authentication details are what guard your proxy network from online snoopers. As a result, SSLPrivateProxy provides both the IP Authentication and Username/Password.

IP authentication or IP whitelisting is the favored mode of authentication, especially with newbies or non-IT Gurus. The whitelisted IP connects automatically, unlike the username or password authentication that you input complex mixed letters as the usernames or passwords.

On the other hand, we have the username or IP authentication in SSLPrivateProxy. This datacenter proxy provides these authentication details, which you input in the system and get authorized to connect to a proxy network.

SSLPrivateProxy Protocols

Thanks to the HTTPS protocol, SSLPrivateProxy is one of the safest proxy providers we have. Like its name, HTTPS proxy has a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) with a secure 256-bit. In other words, the SSL encrypts your browsing to make you anonymous.

Moreover, the HTTPS protocol is the reason why these proxies are fast. That is because they use only a single tunnelling method (TCP) that transmits data quickly to the web receiver.

Testing SSLPrivateProxy

That said, now is the time to test the SSLPrivateProxy. It would be imperative for you to experiment with SSLPrivateProxy too, and compare your results from our results. The table below will show you the record of the research we did in SSLPrivateProxy.

Tested for Speed test Social platform Sneaker sites
Rating 91/100 79/100 78/100

As per the table, only the speed test surpassed our expectations, but the other sites were below our 80% target rating. If you wonder how these ratings came to be, below, we have tables that will display each sample and its results. So, let's start with the speed test.

Speed Test

SSLPrivateProxy Private Proxy Ping (ms) Download (Mbps) Upload (Mbps)
SSLPrivateProxy  Proxy 1 37 27.5 14.83
SSLPrivateProxy  Proxy 2 109 42.56 4.87
SSLPrivateProxy  Proxy 3 54 30.16 28.75
SSLPrivateProxy  Proxy 4 125 11.56 4.92
SSLPrivateProxy  Proxy 5 73 21.27 3.89

Rating, 91%

To measure the speed of SSLPrivateProxy, we used five private proxies. We used these samples to download or upload content while calculating the ping time used for those tasks. A stopwatch would be instrumental in that experiment, but we used the speed test software.

Our primary objective in this trial was to discover the samples that used less ping time to download or upload a larger file. As per the results, we observed that the likes of proxy three and others performed well because they used less ping time to download or upload the most extensive files.

With these samples, we realized that they had a higher response rate and few network bottlenecks. These bottlenecks included few Captchas, 404(Site not found) errors, and timeouts.

On the negative side, we also experienced some bottlenecks on those samples that seemed to use a higher ping to download or upload a file. What we realised in the likes of sample four and others is that that had a couple of blocks, errors, and lots of Timeouts. But with the error remover and Captcha resolver, we managed to connect smoothly on those samples.

Overall, we still regard the SSLPrivateProxy as one of the fastest datacenter proxies. If you are near their hotspots, nothing can stop you from experiencing a gigabyte connection. On that note, you can test your ping in regards to a locational hotspot.

Test on Social websites

SSLPrivateProxy in Social site

Average success rate on Social Media – 79%

Our second test was about how SSLPrivateProxy performs in social media accounts. Therefore we selected the popular social media sites, which are shown in the table above. To test those social media platforms, we bought the private proxy plan except for With Instagram, we purchased an Instagram proxy which is a dedicated SSLPrivateProxy type.

As you would expect, the Instagram site had the best score because we used its dedicated Proxy. Even though Instagram proxy is a bit expensive, they have advanced features that enhance Instagram scraping. On that note, we connected successfully to Instagram sites where we had no blocks or network errors. There were only a few bottlenecks in Instagram, like Captchas and timeouts.

Our second test was Facebook which is one of the most demanding sites to scrape. We used the general private Proxy, for that matter. Our objective was to discover if we could make several Facebook accounts and scrape Facebook's data anonymously. Per the results, we had a smooth connection on Facebook, but we had to deal with timeouts, connection errors, and some blocks.

As with Facebook, we experienced almost similar results in Reedit and Twitter com. When we tried YouTube, we used private SSLprivateproxy to access the restricted video sites. SSLPrivateproxy also allowed us to download or upload videos in less ping time. However, the number of network errors and timeouts could still occur in YouTube website’s crawling.

We concluded that SSprivateproxy provides a niche for scraping more social media data. If you are not sure that SSLprivateproxy hides your IP in social media sites, you can use Grabify or IP Logger sites to track your IP. When you don't find your actual IP Address in those IP tracking sites, know you are on the right path.

Test on Sneaker sites

SSLPrivateProxy in Sneaker site

Average success rate on Social Media – 78%

When we examined sneaker sites, we expected the worst because not many datacenters support sneaker sites. On the contrary, the sneaker results were pleasing because some sneakerheads' success rate could reach our 80% target.

To examine the performance of sneaker sites, we used the sneaker sites proxies. Our objective for the test was to cop sneaker sites successfully and create multiple sneakers accounts. On that note, we started the trial with Nike and Adidas. These sites posed a threat to copping bots, but SSLPrivateProxy still managed to cop them.

Nevertheless, there were many bottlenecks in Nike and These bottlenecks involved numerous blocks, 404(not found), and 500(internal server) errors. Not to forget, there were many timeouts and Captchas requests. Due to those problems, we even requested a change of IPs which worked well with Nike and Adidas.

Fortunately, Foot and Finish line surpassed our target mark. The connection speed to these sites was smooth, and we experienced a few bottlenecks when we made multiple sneaker accounts.

In general, SSLprivateproxy is among the few proxy providers that support sneaker sites. We attribute its high-tech servers that offer advanced SSL encryption.

SSLPrivateProxy Customer Support

When you have a query with SSLPrivateproxy, don't mind because this company has a technical support team to help you. You can reach them through a support ticket found in the ‘support ‘ tab. Also, in the support tab, you find a knowledge base platform that guides you through using SSLPrivateProxy.

The Editors Verdict

Holistically, SSLPrivateProxy remains one of the fastest datacenter proxies. We also like its security protocols and data encryption that makes you stay anonymous. SSLPrivateProxy also provides specialized proxies like sneakers, Instagram, shopping, and many others that enhance performances in those sites.

  • Is SSLPrivateProxy Allow Torrents?

No, because it does not support peer-to-peer connections.

  • Is SSLPrivateProxySupports Sneaker Site?

Yes, because they have dedicated sneaker proxies that have support for sneaker bots.

  • Is SSLPrivateProxy Supports Social Media Sites?

Yes, because their private Proxy is secured with SSL encryption that helps you browse them anonymously.

  • Is SSLPrivateProxy Supports Ticket Sites?

Yes, because they have ticketing proxies.

SSLPrivateProxy Alternatives

If you want a direct substitute of SSLPrivateProxies that provides dedicated proxies, you could choose HighProxies. But when the fastest and safest proxy provider like MyPrivateProxy comes calling, do not lose time in subscribing to it. As SSLprviateproxy seems expensive, you could settle for a cheaper option which is InstantProxies.

Last Updated on December 12, 2023

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