ProxyRack Review

ProxyRack Review

ProxyRack is a growing proxy provider and offers rotation and sticky IPS for you to choose from. Their highlight is providing a plan to purchase from 1GB, that everyone can afford it!

Proxy Rack Logo Overview

  • 5+ Million  IPs from 140+ countries
  • Offer Cites/Countries/ISP Geo-targeting
  • Random IP 3 – 30 min
  • Supported YouTube Views
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Everyone prefers a proxy server with an affordable value like ProxyRack. This server offers proxy and VPN services that ensure higher data security. However, our focus is on the proxy plan as ProxyRack's VPN is a topic for another day.

Proxyrack Geo Locatrion

When it comes to ProxyRack servers, it has both the datacenter and the residential servers. If you look at its website, ProxyRack has different products and plans categorized under either datacenter or residential proxies- which we will discuss later. Meanwhile, we also have other features for ProxyRack that we thought you should know.

Proxyrack Pros and Cons

When interacting with ProxyRack, there are issues we like and others we don't. Would you like to know them? Read the section below.

Why We Like it

  • It has rotating ports or Random ports: the rotating ports change every time your connection is lost or per specified time.
  • Cryptocurrency payment available: Accepts Bitcoins which are convenient to use by some people compared to PayPal and credit cards.
  • Fourteen days refund policy: Even though there is no free test in this proxy server, its fourteen-day refund policy is enough to test every bit of its features.
  • Accepts SOCKS and HTTPS protocols: These protocols have secure technologies, and SOCKS5 enables larger tunneling for higher traffic data.
  • Works on all IP authentication: whether you use IP whitelisting or password/username authentication, your account's security is on the check.
  • Easy to use dashboard: The features are directly found in the website with no configuration, or any use of an account manager

Why We Don't Like it

Has limited geo-targeting: they have the only USA and Canada datacenter proxies. When it comes to residential proxies, they have no explicit cities or regions, although the websites cite that they are found globally.

Inadequate customer support: their contact assistance method is not interactive as it would be with live chats and help tickets.

There are no specific proxies: as other proxies have craigslist, Instagram, sneakers, and other specified proxies, this one does not have.

Proxyrack Overview

Proxyrack Homepage overview

Overall, ProxyRack's residential proxies ensure higher data security by rotating IPs. These IPs change automatically with specific time intervals or poor data connection. You can set the time intervals too in like ten to thirty minutes when dealing with sticky residential proxy ports.

There are also the datacenter proxies which are limited to USA or Canada datacenter- hence not widely available. All of these proxies have SOCKS and HTTPS protocols and allow IP whitelisting and username/password authentication.

ProxyRack Specifications
IP Pool 5+ Million IP Type Residential/ Datacenter
Price Sample 1 prot – $14.95 Price Charged Port
Proxy Protocol HTTP(S) + Socks Authentication User Pass /IP Auth
Free trial Not support Refund policy 3-day refund
Geo-targeting Cites/Countries/ISP Jurisdiction Israel

Proxyrack IP Types

As stated above, ProxyRack has both Residential proxies and Datacenter proxies. Residential proxies are the primary offering of ProxyRack, with a mammoth of 2 million IPs. Interestingly, these IPs rotate or change every ten minutes to enhance your browsing security.

You can either subscribe to unmetered residential proxies, premium, and private residential nodes. First, the unmetered residential proxies have limitless bandwidth but chargeable on concurrent threads.

Proxyrak list

Next, they have a premium residential plan with limited bandwidth and geo-targets countries, cities, and ISP. Not to mention, there is the private residential which concentrates on exclusive IPs to only a solo user.

Datacenter proxies are the other types of ProxyRack. In ProxyRack, datacenter proxies constitute USA and Canada proxies. For example, the USA datacenter proxy rotates its IP only in the USA states only- the same case as Canada.

They also have the shared datacenter proxies based in the USA and offer geo-targeting. Lastly, you can have both residential and datacenter rotating proxies as a mixed package that are globally found.

Proxyrack Pricing

When we speak of ProxyRack affordability, we mean most of its plans are below $100 as their starting price. For example, unmetered residential proxies start with $80m for 100 threads, private residential values $65 for five ports, and the premium is $14.95 at 1 port.

Proxy Rack Pricing List

For the datacenter proxies, they are also affordable and value their package per thread. First, the USA datacenter rates as low as $65(100 threads) for a starter. If you want a convenient option, you should subscribe to a $410 plan of 1000 threads. Note that, as with the USA package, these prices are similar to the Canadian datacenter.

Secondly, they have shared proxies that are the cheapest datacenter proxies at $49. They are cheap because they are used by many people who tend to offset their cost. Lastly, the mixed rotating proxies start at $120, which is higher than other proxy types. That is because they carry both residential and datacenter proxies IPs.

Proxyrack Authentication

Since hackers or snoopers pose a threat to your ProxyRack account, there are two ways to secure your ProxyRack account. That is by either IP Authentication or Username/Password authentication.

First, the password/ username authentication is straightforward in ProxyRack. Unfortunately, you cannot change the details of this authentication mode. You can therefore find these details in the rotating Megaproxy tab.

Another authentication is the IP whitelisting. Here you choose an ISP-tied IP address that will allow you to access particular sites of your interest. Hence no need for configuration like you would do with password and username. ProxyRack allows you to whitelist only four addresses.

For you to whitelist the IPs in ProxyRack, do the following. First, open the profile menu and identify the proxy settings. When you are in the proxy settings, add the IP address to the whitelist and click on save.

Proxyrack Protocols

We appreciate ProxyRack’s secure protocols which include HTTP(S) and Socks5. There is also the HTTP protocol which tunnels data through the TCP (Transmission Control Panel).

HTTPS is the advanced form of HTTP website languages, HTTPS utilizes Transport Layer Security to encrypt your requests and authenticate them. Finally, we have the SOCKS 5 protocols that are lightweight and flexible enough to support any HTTPS or HTTPS.

Moreover, the SOCKS 5 has a Secure Socket Shell (SSH) that encrypts data for you to stay anonymous. The ProxyRack's dashboard is straightforward because SOCKS 5 enables no configuration on websites.

Testing Proxyrack

Although the theory part of ProxyRack speaks volumes, it is good to confirm whether it is legible. The good thing with ProxyRack is that you have fourteen days to test it. On that note, we tried this proxy provider on samples like data scraping, social platforms, sneakers, and speed tests.

Tested for Data scraping Social platform Sneaker sites Speed test
Rating 80/100 79/100 76/100 81/100

As you can see from the table, this proxy is fast and suitable for data scraping. It also performs better on social platforms even though they are below 80/100. The 76 scores by sneaker site are satisfactory considering how these platforms are good at blocking people.

These figures in the above table are combined results of our test samples. Look at these sample results below.

For Data Scraping Performance

Data Scraping Performance for Proxyrack

Average success rate on E-commerce websites- 80%

Overall, we were excited about the scraping performance of ProxyRack. We experienced a consistent internet connection rate and minor errors or blockings in these Ecommerce sites. Those were some of the factors that made us reach an 80% average.

When we started the test on Amazon and eBay, we were head-low because we previously received heart-breaking results from another proxy provider. It had lots of errors, poor internet connection, and blocks. Surprisingly, Amazon performed well with ProxyRack. The websites' response was fast and the only fault is when there is an error saying ‘server not found ‘which disappeared immediately.

As with Amazon, that was the same case with eBay. However, eBay has higher Amazon's performance because it connected smoothly and scraped multiple Ecommerce pages in a short time. Best buy and Walmart showed some connection difficulties at first but still reached our target.

On a negative note, Target and Aliexpress never reached our target mark. Most significantly, Aliexpress was slow and had various concurrent errors. First, we had to deal with a 404 error (servers not found), then it came to ‘unable to connect,' and thirdly, there was ‘service temporarily unavailable (503 error).

To rectify such errors, we had to increase our residential port's package. Even there was a point where we used a mixed datacenter package that overcame those shortcomings. Therefore, considering the affordability of ProxyRack, their scraping performance is more than satisfactory.

Test on Social websites

Test on Social websites for proxyrack

Average success rate on Social Media – 79%

If you have never used social media for proxies, try it now with ProxyRack. Although we don't guarantee a 100% success rate, you could do well with this affordable proxy provider. In that case, we examined six social media sites. You can see the results from the above table.

Interestingly, our biggest threat was YouTube, but it performed beyond expectations. The reason why YouTube was a threat is that it bans guys with multiple channels and scraping bots. However, we could hardly receive blocks, connection errors, and some Captchas clarification with this server. We even downloaded YouTube videos in HD quality at a less ping time.

Then we tested Twitter and Twitch at the same time. These two sites were collaborative and had a higher internet connection. However, we failed to grade them highly like YouTube because they had numerous 503 errors.

When it came to Facebook, we knew we had an uphill task due to its strict anti-scrape policy. At first, the connection to Facebook was smooth but started deteriorating with time. At some rate, we got blocked. Therefore, we had to wait for the IPs to refresh to start from where we stopped.

As with Facebook, the same case happened to us on Reddit- even it was worse. We could receive multiple blocks, Captchas, and errors. However, we switched our plan by increasing the concurrent connection and increasing the sticky time to 30 minutes. Little did we know that after doing that, it was our breakthrough to those sites?

In conclusion, ProxyRack is not the best for social media as there are other advanced proxy providers. But working with a low budget, you might be forced to consider a Proxy rack where it can't fail you. In the future, we wish ProxyRack to develop specific social media site IPs.

Test on Sneaker Sites

Test on Sneaker Sites for proxyrack

Average success rate on Sneaker Sites – 76%

If you want to play with fire, try opening multiple sneaker accounts or use cop bots. These sneaker sites will immediately block you or ban you for life. Hence you can only use proxies or VPNs when buying sneakers.

On that note, we carried a test on five sneaker platforms using ProxyRack. Although the response speed was sluggish for most sites, they still connected under higher bandwidth and port coverage.

Nike, Adidas, and Finish Line sneaker companies were the best in our case. Even though they were hard to scrape, they had few internet faults and fewer blocks. The Captcha confirmations were too many that forced us to use a Captcha remover.

Foot Locker Sneaker Company was our most challenging task so far. We could barely make any request before them blocking us. Even when we refreshed the IPs, they still caught us. The number of connection errors was also many.

On the bright side, the response speed was incredible when we changed the network to private residential proxies. We obtained exclusive IP prowess in breaking the wall of Foot Locker.

Speed Test

ProxyRack Proxy Ping (Ms) Download (Mbps) Upload (Mbps)
ProxyRack Proxy 1 475 2.75 0.78
ProxyRack Proxy 2 239 1.63 0.65
ProxyRack Proxy 3 625 0.49 0.58
ProxyRack Proxy 4 568 0.53 0.41
ProxyRack Proxy 5 327 0.34 0.68

Rating, 81/100

The speed was one factor that we liked in ProxyRack. Hence, we tested it using five ProxyRack proxies and rated them according to their ping time, download, and Upload size.

Typically, those proxies that downloaded or uploaded a large-sized file in a short time are our winners. For that case, ProxyRack 2 was our best, and the worst performer was ProxyRack 3. ProxyRack 2 would connect at uninterrupted speed and had few connection errors. There were fewer Captchas and zero blocks in Proxy Rack 2.

The speed of this ProxyRack proxy was smooth with a few sluggishness. However, these speed values are not the best considering other sites rate their speed to 90%, but those sites are expensive.

Between Proxy Rack 1 and 5, 1 was the second-best proxy provider. Although Proxy 1 took a higher ping time than 5, it downloaded or uploaded a large-sized content. When it came to proxyRack three, it had many problems. First, it has an unstable connection and a lower response rate. But if your location is near the ProxyRack hotspots, the speed connection would rise.

We attribute the fast speed of ProxyRack due to their random, rotating proxies. Even with datacenter rotating IPs, they are quicker than residential ones. You should use sites like that check your speed connection and bandwidth used.

Proxyrack Customer Support

Proxyrack Customer Support

ProxyRack has provided a contact number in their dashboard which you should call whenever you have a query. The ProxyRack's team always responds as soon as you call them.

Nonetheless, if an issue about a complex problem that needs description emerged, we think calling them would not be appropriate. In that case, the proxy provider should introduce emailing customer tickets and a live chat system.

The Editors Verdict

To wrap it up, ProxyRack provides a reasonable proxy with a pool of five million IPs. It is also one of the most secure with SOCKS and HTTPS and its VPN service. It would help if you considered ProxyRack Plan when you want to carry a comprehensive test. That is because it has a fourteen days money-refund policy.

Editor's Rating

  • Are ProxyRack Proxies Good for Social Media?

ProxyRack can be used on social media. Their Sticky Time sessions ensure effective Social Media data collection, but not the best option.

  • Are ProxyRack Proxies Good for the Sneaker site?

Yes, they utilize random IPs that increase more sneakers copping success.

  • Are ProxyRack Proxies Good for Scraping?

Although it is not the best for scraping, their sticky IP address allows enough time for more scraping.

Proxyrack Alternatives

When you want a higher-performing unlimited bandwidth proxy, you could use Storm Proxies. If your concern is to have high-tech quality IPs with a 100% success rate in data scraping, you might consider Bright Data. But when faced with geo-targeting questions, Soax is the best answer.

Last Updated on December 12, 2023

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