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10 Best IP Changer & Proxy to Change Your IP Address

Are you looking for the best method to change your IP address? There are several methods besides proxies and VPNs. Please read our article to learn more about masking your IP address.

Online privacy has become a vital; aspect of today's life. This is because the privacy notion is becoming trampled. As a result, some people have ended up using fake IP addresses. However, fake IP addresses are a misnomer.

Therefore, the best thing to do is hide your IP addresses and secure your data while online. This is what we term IP masking. Therefore, sometimes it is essential to obscure your IP addresses. But how? You might ask. Here are the best ways to become anonymous and mask the IP addresses from online hackers.

Residential IP Proxy Service

Use the Residential Proxy Service

Residential proxy is a type of proxy that uses IP addresses obtained from house owners that an internet provider provides. They are similar to standard IP addresses but linked to physical addresses. Again, they can be used by residents thus have usage limitations. However, they are popular since they are real IP addresses from various regions. Some of its advantages are:

  • Hard to block or detect: Residential proxies are best for keeping you anonymous and are hard to blacklist since they look like real residential users.
  • They are legitimate: Since these proxies are provided by real ISP, they are safer.
  • Offer trusted protection: Some of the other reasons we highly recommend residential proxies are that they offer trusted protection, support almost all browsers, use them on multiple devices, come with complete access control, and are perfect for balancing internet traffic that can work with minimum supervision.

Thus, you can use them for online privacy by either maintaining the same IP or rotating them. But, first, let us look at some of the top 3 residential proxies on the market.

1. Bright Data

brightdata rotating proxies

Bright Data is the best residential provider on the market. It has the most prominent Ip addresses. This is a favorite provider for evading the IP blockage or rotating IPs and resolving captchas when scraping data from the internet. Their proxies are perfect for ads verification, SEO monitoring, and keeping you anonymous.

The company has over 72 million IP addresses across the world. Their residential IP addresses are obtained from real devices. You can use them to target the country up to the city level. They have the fastest residential IP addresses from our test result. For that reason, many companies use them for online privacy. Bright Data is a legit proxy provider.

While using the pay-as-you-go plan, Bright Data has the cheapest plan. When considering residential proxy, the reliability, flexibility, efficiency, and transparency make the firm industry leader. This is among the few companies that provide the most advanced rotating residential proxies on the market. They offer unlimited rotation. Therefore, they are secure and reliable to keep you anonymous, and customer support is readily available to help you.

2. Soax

Soax Residential Proxy Homepage

Soax comes as our second-best residential proxy provider on the market. They provide elite proxies. These guys claim that their IP addresses are cleanest and updated regularly for you. We tested their residential proxies, and we can confirm that they are perfect at targeting the country through the city up to the provider level.

The company does not limit customers on usage, and they are 100% whitelisted. The residential proxies consist of over 8.5 million IP addresses distributed worldwide. This company also promises customers the routing logic and zero IP blocks. This ensures maximum online privacy. Meaning they keep you anonymous while surfing the internet.

Soax has an affordable pricing plan based on the bandwidth. However, they offer a test plan costing $1.99. They also guarantee worldwide coverage, 99.99% uptime,24/7 customer support, and are fully compatible with all known SEO tools.

They have one of the best residential proxies that have unlimited concurrent sessions. These residential proxies allow you to work with thousands of their IP addresses simultaneously. The response time is ultra-fast, guaranteeing you high speed and the best performance. Soax is one of the best backconnect rotating proxies on the market.

3. Smartproxy

Smartproxy Residential Homepage overview

Smartproxy is our last top 3 residential proxy provider in this industry. The company has been in this field for quite some time. They have real experience, which makes us rank the favorite residential proxies. They only focus on offering residential proxies as the first option to their clients on the market. But still, they provide other services.

The firm has effective residential proxies around the globe. Only residential IPs without subnets, no setup fees charged. They guarantee you unlimited connections, and you can select IP addresses from a pool of 40 million distributed in over 195 locations. They offer both sticky and up to 30 minutes rotation sessions. They also support HTTP(S) proxies. This means their residential proxies are compatible with any browser that supports HTTP(S).

Residential proxies from Smartproxy company are primarily used for scraping data, geo-targeting, copping, verifying ads, and also helping evade IP bans and captcha verification. Even though in terms of speed, they are not the fastest, these residential proxies are reliable and effective for online privacy with 99% uptime.

The pricing varies, but it offers the cheapest residential proxies out there. They also have a detailed FAQ page, and customer support is excellent. You can even integrate these proxies with any third-party software for effective IP management.

Datacenter IP Proxy Service

Use the Datacenter Proxy Service Besides residential proxies, you can also use datacenter proxies to change your IP addresses. Therefore, Datacenter proxies are managed and owned by a datacenter instead of an ISP. They make use of their IP addresses from a remote server. However, the servers are shared. Meaning other customers are using your IP address simultaneously. Sharing brings in some complications. In contrast, datacenter proxies are suitable for masking IP addresses. Some of its advantages are:

  • Datacenter proxies are cheap: Because the IPs are shared among various users and thus split the cost, lowering the price.
  • They are faster:  When it comes to connection compared to residential, they are faster. This is because the servers are made to support more immediate connections with myriad users and come with high bandwidth.
  • They are also readily available: Datacenter proxies do not require developing a proxy provider. Hence they are readily available on the market. Note that you can opt for private proxy packages when you do not want shared IPs. This offers you dedicated IPs for personal use.
  • Suitable for use on most needs: For example, you can use these proxies to unblock geo-restricted content and keep yourself anonymous.

That is well said; let us look at the best pick of our top 3 datacenter proxies.

1. Proxy-Seller

Proxy Seller Homepage overview

Proxy-Seller is a reliable company that has tempting pricing plans. That one alone can attract you to interact with the company. They offer private socks5 and HTTPS proxies with adaptable solutions and are cost-effective. The company is not large, but it's gaining popularity even though it's new in this field.

It's taking over the market because the private proxies are easy to use; they come with remarkable performance and a wide range of options and locations available. But, the server network is still not extensive; we assure you of the valuable package of socks and IPV4 and IPV6 proxies.

This company offers private proxies with 1GB/s speeds with multiple subnets and networks, respectively, picked from 800 and 400. Proxy-Seller offers outstanding 24/7 customer support in various ways. Additionally, the company supports multiple secure payment methods. And when it comes to performance, the test result was incredible.

If you are not satisfied, they also guarantee you money back. However, they do not offer a free trial. They claim the elite private HTTP proxies and socks5  proxies give you a high anonymity level as IPs are solely meant for you. They also come with 99% uptime, but customer support can make proxy replacements in any unseen situation.

2. MyPrivateProxy

Myprivateproxy Homepage Overview

MyPrivateProxyis, a company that has been in business since 1999. The company offers private and shared proxies on the market. They have an impressive network and promise customers to enjoy unlimited bandwidth. The best datacenter proxy specialist with the solution. They have massive IPs from multiple locations. But, their IPs are non-sequential, where they promise 99% network uptime.

Something we love about these guys is the fact that they have a 3-day money-back guarantee. These private proxies are powerful, and you can scale them from many locations around the globe. We recommend their private proxies for use for SEO purposes and ensuring anonymity. Again, they support HTTP(S) protocols, and you can authenticate them using IP or user: pass authentication methods. In contrast, they also have shared datacenter proxies.

Not forgetting, MyPrivateProxy also has a dedicated proxy package. Of which, they guarantee to work upon assignment and delivery is instant. In addition, they have 24/7  trained customer support experts to guide you.

We recommend using datacenter proxies ( private, dedicated, or shared proxies) when you want to change your IP addresses. The IPs are replaced once per billing cycle and offer up to 100 threads per proxy. Any package has an elite proxy that can filter your real IP and replace it with a highly anonymous one.

3. Proxy-IPV4

Proxy-Ipv4 Home Page

Proxy-IPv4 offers a fast and flexible solution for changing your IP address, catering to various online needs like SEO, social media management, and e-commerce. Key features include the ability to quickly select and connect to a proxy, request a proxy from a specific city, and access proxies from diverse subnets. They provide private IPv4 proxies in both HTTPS and SOCKS5 formats, ensuring secure and reliable connections across multiple regions including the USA, Europe, Russia, and more.

The service is user-friendly, with a personal account system for managing purchases and renewals, and offers round-the-clock technical support. Proxy-IPv4 stands out for its extensive global coverage, competitive pricing, and high-speed, stable connections.

Additionally, it emphasizes legal and ethical usage, making it a safe and compliant choice for various online projects. This combination of features and commitment to quality makes Proxy-IPv4 an effective choice for those seeking to change their IP address for diverse online activities.

4. SquidProxies

SquidProxies Home Page

Squid Proxies is a firm that offers datacenter proxy with speedy servers and good location coverage around the globe. They have divided their datacenter proxies into shared and private packages. Either package keeps you anonymous for all purposes. Squid Proxies is the best choice if you need super-fast servers. Their proxies are known for perfect performance with a solid network.

The proxies are highly anonymous and come with HTTP(S) connections. You only need minimal configuration during the setup process but are generally simple and fast. They offer multiple subnets across the US. These proxies use non-sequential IPs.

So when you want to change your online IP addresses, Squid Proxies guarantees you address 24/7 at an affordable price. You can also refresh and get a new fresh IP address at the end of the billing cycle. They are 100% compatible with all browsers and bots.

Check out the customer support to evaluate the response time. They have proxies with guaranteed quality and unlimited bandwidth. Their pricing is standard, and the cheapest package offers 10 proxies in private while shared are 100 proxies.

Use the Free Web Proxy

Free Web Proxy

You Can also use a free web proxy to change your IP address. These are free internet gateways linking internet users and the website accessed. Meaning they are intermediate, thus hiding your IP addresses. Someone cannot track your location or identity, therefore keeping you anonymous.

Using these free web proxies has various advantages for changing your IP address. Some of the benefits of masking an IP address are that; it enables you to access geo-restricted websites, keeps you anonymous, and keeps data private; they are also powerful for encrypting your data and other sensitive information, preventing malware.

While it also allows company employers to control a website by tracking time, it improves workplace performance. Lastly, free web proxy keeps the image caches and website data critical for enhancing network performance and connection speed. Check out some of these free web proxies here.

Use the Free Proxy List

Free Proxy List

Though free proxy lists provide metered services, they still have few servers you can rely on for changing IP addresses. While they are slow, they rotate the IP addresses often to keep you anonymous.

There are many free proxy list sites that you can go for out there. Most of them are convenient for masking your IP addresses. In contrast, some might be inconvenient and come at a low speed. But when you are operating at a limited budget, you are better off using free proxy lists and changing IP addresses to access restricted sites.

Residential VPN Proxy

Use the Residential VPN 

Residential VPN is a virtual private network that can route your internet traffic via a different IP address. They usually redirect and channel your request using residential IPs obtained from ISP. Thus, they guarantee users a higher level of privacy than datacenter VPs as we will see in the next section.

When it comes to changing IP addresses, residential VPNs are faster and more reliable, with promising prospects to bypass all restrictions. They ensure speed and efficiency while surfing. They rely on better anti-spam evasion techniques. They effectively hide your IP addresses, unblock geo-restricted sites and locations, and provide top-notch privacy-protecting you from malicious sites.

Check out the best residential VPNs on the market and try them today for solid protection.

Datacenter VPN Proxy

Use the Datacenter VPN 

Datacenter VPN  is software that encrypts requested information on the internet and routes through to another location using a VPN. They act as intermediaries but obtain IP addresses from the datacenter servers. These IP addresses can be shared among different users or dedicated to a single person.

Most VPNs are datacenters, and their subscription services are cost-effective. Sign up and download the software to your device and mask your IP addresses with a few clicks. It's effortless. Thus, here are our top 3 datacenter VPNs.

1. Expressvpn

Express VPN Home Page

ExpressVPN is your first choice to consider when controlling your internet connection and privacy. They have trusted and bare metal server technology that is well known in VPN. It is one of the most reliable and trusted server VPN with advanced control features. You can use this software on any device and guarantee safe internet with one click.

They have best-in-class encryption that ensures more vital data protection. It works seamlessly anywhere with super-fast connectivity. They have 160 server locations located in 94 countries which you can often switch without limit around the world. It cannot reveal your device's IP address or location. You can select a secure server and mask your IP addresses using datacenter proxies.

ExpressVPN comes with many advanced features like a network lock kill switch, which ensures your data are safe through VPN connection; VPN split tunneling allows you to route the device traffic while private DNS improves the speed and safety of your connection. They also guarantee you 30 days' money back if the software fails to deliver.

2. Surfshark

Surfshark overview

Surfshark is also another best VPN on the market. It is well known because of its cheap pricing plans. In addition, it offers impressive privacy features though relatively new when it comes to the VPN industry. However, Surfshark delivers what they promise on online privacy. Secure your digital life and mask the IP addresses using this Surfshack VPN choice.

They also guarantee you money back within 30 days, and customer support is available to serve you. This is an excellent choice if you want to change your IP addresses while increasing privacy and evading tracking by using different datacenter IP addresses. And when using an unprotected network, it keeps your freedom, and you can use it to browse privately. This is because the software encrypts your activity.

You can connect Surfshark VPN to unlimited devices and guarantee high-speed content delivery with advanced security features. This is an award-winning VPN and leading industry in security matters using secure protocols, private DNS and leak protection, obfuscated, and they are strict with no logs policy.

3. Nordvpn

NordVPN overview

Lastly, we have NordVPN, which is increasingly securing its hardware parameters. This ai VPN is based in Panama, and you should look for it while searching for the best VPNs on the market. These guys claim that they do not store your data once done with your activity since every user is diskless. Their connection speed is excellent as no one can affect it as it relies on multiple fleets of bare metal servers.

They can effectively take your privacy to another level by protecting your sensitive data and identity. This is achieved by masking your IP address to browse securely as you experience online freedom. They hide you from trackers and ads. The software is compatible with all devices and offers 30 days money back.

Alongside protection, NordVPN has excellent security tools that you can download. It offers double VPN features which ping the internet traffic via 2 servers instead of depending on one. They also have cyber tools effective for fighting online attacks. They have also launched NordLynx to provide enhanced speed at no cost. This is good news for streaming geo-restricted sites or content. Download today and decide within 30 days if you are happy with it.

Use Tor Browser

Tor Browser overview

You can also use the Tor browser to hide your IP address. First Tor stands for The Onion Router. This is a decentralized browser used by thousands of users worldwide to provide anonymity. The browser encrypts your internet connections and routes using random sequences of volunteers, which act as proxy servers.

Therefore, the site can only identify the last server IP addresses in sequence -exit node. Tor ensures that it changes node sequence every time you visit a website. Thus it's hard to trace the original IP addresses of the user.

It is easy to use. Just download the browser and install it. Then, you Can browse just like normal browsers at completely no cost. But this browser comes with some drawbacks. First, it is slow, sticks to web browsing, making it not suitable for torrenting, and its illicit website is used to access the dark web, thus utilized chiefly by criminals. For that reason, some sites detect tor nodes. It then ends up blocking your connection or frowning your ISP use.


To this extent, we have covered everything you need to know about changing or masking your IP addresses. So, if you are wondering how to change your IP addresses, select either of the above methods to guard your internet privacy successfully.

But still, when you hide your real IP addresses, you might also want to check the number of IP addresses you are using. Check out the WhatisMyIPAddress website, and it will reveal everything. Give your online privacy a priority and evade geo-restrictions and cyber attacks.

Last Updated on December 15, 2023

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