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Best Cheap Shared Proxy Providers in 2023

Have no budget to buy a private proxy? Don't worry, and we picked reliable and affordable Shared Proxies for you.

However much one can ignore proxies, you still need them to browse the data anonymously. Since some governments are blocking sites like TV programs, videos, music, or other platforms, you need proxies to bypass those restrictions.

Yes, it is good to acquire a private proxy for yourself, but they are too expensive. What about using a shared proxy server with other people? That means the proxy is cheap because all of you share the cost. Anyway, probably you are asking yourself:

What is a Shared Proxy?

Just like its name, a shared proxy means you use it with other people. Except for the slowness of these shared proxies, these platforms enable access to multiple operations online. They are also cheap, easy to use and provide a pool of IPs.

The Best Shared Proxies Providers

Below, we have five shared proxies that you should gauge their functionalities, price, and choose the best.

1. Buyproxies

Buy Proxies Home Page

Do you wish to scrape content from websites and also automate tasks in social media? With Buyproxies, it enables fast data automation and web scraping from sites like Instagram, Facebook, and others.

Else, you get fast and secure internet access with Buyproxies as compared to other sites. Therefore, if you live in the United States, Canada, Germany, and other places, you will enjoy the services of BuyProxies.

Buy Proxies Plan

  • Fast internet connection

  • Convenient because it is limited to three users.

  • It has a fast web crawling tool.

  • Resourceful in obtaining data in social media

  • It contains various payment options.

  • Extensive area coverage of its servers

  • Incredible for sneaker websites

  • There is no free trial.

  • Costly when charging$1 on each proxy

  • Strict with 24 hours refund policy

2. MyPrivateProxy

Myprivate Proxy Home Page

While there is a need to integrate technology with ecology, you would appreciate environmentally-minded Myprivateproxy developers. Leave alone the MyPrivateProxy natural epitome; you can't get enough of its SEO and social media automation. With only a low price tag of $0.6, you also acquire uninterrupted network connectivity of 99%uptime and unlimited bandwidth.

If you wonder where Myprivateproxy is found, you can find it in the USA, Australia, and most European countries. This proxy is probably famous for it supports YouTube Bots, Reddit bots, Scrape box, used for automated browsing.

Myprivate Proxy Plan

  • Improves SEO or ad verification ranking

  • Supports bots technologies tools

  • Fast internet connectivity with unlimited bandwidth

  • Offers a sustainable three-day refund

  • Quality servers for advanced area coverage

  • Has non-systematic IPs

  • A vast pool of IPs

  • No free test

  • Not suitable for SEO practices like Blackhat.

  • Do not support SOCKS.

3. SquidProxies

SquidProxies Home Page

If your choice in shared proxies focuses on the public and web-proxy server, you should consider SquidProxies. Built with a fast and secure squid technology, SquidProxies offers an easy-to-use dashboard and an affordable value of 0.6 dollars. However, SquidProxy's price is not uniform as countries have different prices.

Squid supports HTTPS or HTTPS protocols that enable you to navigate its dashboard easily. These protocols also encrypt and secure your data. Even for those disturbing spam, you can't find them in SQUID because they do not support ads programs.

SquidProxies Home Plan

  • Dispenses professional IT support services

  • Uses an efficient Squid Technology

  • Quick setup of shared proxies

  • Good with complicated web application accelerator

  • Widely area coverage

  • Not compatible with Google or Facebook.

  • There are no IP replacements in shared SquidProxies.

4. Blazingseollc

Blazingseo Home Page

If by now you are worrying about which proxy provides a free test for shared proxies, Blazingseollc has your answer. Interestingly, this trial period is two days and is free. Not to forget the gigabyte speed of Blazingseollc, which is convenient.

Like any other multinational company, Blazingseollc connects to about fourteen countries in the world. It also has a significant pull of proxies that supports all protocols like HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS.

Moreover, Blazingseollc has automated technology for improved SEO ranking. Other factors like authentication and security of the three protocols are also present in Blazingseollc. Not to mention, you can replace IPs within thirty days.

Blazingseo Proxy Plan

  • Instant activation of an account

  • Thirty days IP replacement

  • Fast internet connection with limitless bandwidth

  • It's multinational

  • Has a three days trials

  • Less than a dollar shared proxies

  • Supports HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS

  • Limited Payment Method like PayPal

  • Non Refundable cash

5. HighProxies

HighProxies Home Page

Discover HighProxies, one of the widespread shared proxy servers with over fifty-thousand proxies at your service. Probably because it values at $0.64, its cheapness attracts clients from around thirty locations.

For SEO and social media browsing purposes, HighProxies enables fast access of SEO content and traffic and automated searches that also aids in social media browsing. When doing all that, you enjoy 99% uptime leverage.

However, you should not use HighProxies as it is detected faster by sneaker sites. Also, these proxies may inconvenience you if you have a credit card and not PayPal.


HighProxies Plan

  • Automated SEO and social services

  • Fast downloading or uploading a file

  • A three-day refundable period.

  • Has 50000 packages to choose from.

  • Very cheap with $0.64

  • 24/7 customer support

  • Inappropriate for sneaker sites

  • They have no free trials.

  • No use of a credit card for billing

The Pros of Using a Shared Proxy

Since shared proxies are shared between many users, they have several advantages and disadvantages. First, let's explore their pros.

1. They are cheap

Probably you could not imagine that a proxy can go as low as $0.34 per IP. But with a shared proxy, you can have even a less amount than that. Their low price comes from being shared by many people who offset the overall cost of IPs.

2. It can be integrated with scraping tools.

Data or web scraping is the bot's process of extracting a large chunk of web data.  Since you have to extract data from specific websites continuously, some sites may block you if you are using a private proxy. But when you utilize a shared proxy IP, the web provider would insinuate that many people are using their site, while it is only you.

3. Allow Geo-location unblocking

Similar to scraping tools, when you are using a shared proxy IP, nobody can pinpoint you single-handedly from a big list of users. That is the same case with geo-location trackers, who cannot identify your traffic flow and block it- because they would otherwise block other users connected to the proxy, which is unlawful-.

4. Enables a good anonymity

If you used a private proxy, any mistakes made could be traced right at your doorsteps. On the contrary, nobody can retrace you from a big chain of shared proxy users.

5. They are efficient

What dictates an efficient aspect is where you can accomplish your objective at the right time and in the right way while saving costs. Although share proxies' speed is slow, you access geo-blocked sites in a higher anonymous level and convenient manner. The cheapness of using this product further adds to the efficiency aspect of shared proxies.

The Cons of Using a Shared Proxy

1. Share between users

There is no privacy when using shared proxies. That means any person using the same proxy IP as yours can know what you are doing on the internet. Secondly, the internet connectivity is too low because you compete for the traffic with other users on the same address. Thirdly, if any user commits cybercrime, shared proxies can make you a suspect in that crime.

2. The influence of bad neighbors.

Sharing proxies makes you interact with every kind of person. Unluckily, you may meet a hacker or a con who can use the IP you use to defraud others. Perhaps you may find yourself a suspect in that malicious activity. Also, a person may influence you to access restricted content like adult sites since you cannot help seeing those sites on their browsing history.

3. Low reliability

In the sense that a shared network connects many people, many web requests jam the internet traffic. Hence the shared network is unreliable when you want a fast connection or loading large-sized documents.
On the same note, you cannot rely on unsecured shared proxies because you could be using the same network with scammers, spammers, and hackers.

4. Higher risk of encountering CAPTCHA

When many individuals access a similar site using the same IP, the web provider may view that scenario as spam. Therefore, they may think it is a robot viewing their content and creating CAPTCHA to ensure that you are a person and are legible in reading their content.

Private proxies Vs. Shared Proxies vs. Public Profiles

Now you have learned about private and shared proxies; it's time to introduce public proxies. Probably you are wondering the difference between public and shared proxies. If that is the case, let's explore their distinguishable features below. They include:

1. The number of users

For private proxy, it involves a sole user, while the shared proxies involve multiple members. If members involve a large crowd, then that is a public proxy.

2. The price

Public proxies are different from shared proxies because they are free. When it comes to shared proxies, you can find cheap proxies amounting to less than a dollar. For private proxies, they are generally expensive since nobody is helping you to offset their costs.

3. Reliability

Reliability, in this case, can be measured in terms of convenience to use and speed. For example, public and shared proxies are simple to use because they don't have a complex dashboard as private proxies. When considering speed, private proxies are fast, while shared proxies have a medium speed. Lastly, the public proxies are slow because many people are using them.

FAQS about Shared Proxy

1. The difference between shared proxies and semi-dedicated proxies

Semi-dedicated proxies are part of shared proxies but use few people like two, three, or four persons. On the other hand, the shared proxies can include a big group of people. For instance, sites like Buyproxies, and Smartproxy use a semi-dedicated person with at least three users.

2. Why are shared proxies cheap?

All the costs of making a proxy are distributed among many people in shared proxies, hence reducing the product's overall cost. Furthermore, proxy sellers would lower prices to encourage many people to subscribe to their proxies, leading to more profits.

3. Why purchase a shared proxy?

When you have a budget and understand the significance of a shared proxy, you would buy it soon. Factors like the cheapness of the plan would encourage you to buy one soon. Still, if your choice is to buy a highly anonymous and uneasy about tracking IPs, you would request a private proxy.


As you see, the shared proxies are also beneficial to their users. If you wish to share IPs, consider shared proxies that have an optimum speed and are secure. Shared proxies ensure none can trace you through websites.

Hopefully, you have learned about the five best-shared proxies to choose from. For that case, consider proxies that are fast, affordable, secured, and reasonable anonymity. With the knowledge of shared proxies, you can define the difference between shared proxies to private, shared proxies to the public, or shared proxies to semi-dedicated proxies.

Last Updated on March 2, 2023

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