Residential Vs. Datacenter Proxies

Datacenter vs Residential Proxies: Which One is Better for You?

If a person brought a debate about residential and datacenter proxies on the table, which one of the two would you choose? If you are in such a dilemma, this article will help you choose the best between the two.

Typically, proxies have become an essential aspect in IT as far as internet connectivity is concerned. It would help if you maintained a privacy status by using proxies to browse the internet anonymously and accessing geo-blocked sites. Proxies are grouped mainly from their source.

According to the source of proxies, there are three types. One is a residential proxy given to you by the Internet Service Provider, and the other is a datacenter proxy from the cloud service provider. Close to the residential proxy, we also have 4G OR Lite mobile proxies.

The 4G proxies help you bypass websites through the router, modem, or mobile service connected to your SIM. Because Mobile proxies are expensive, let's explore the affordable residential and datacenter proxies. Would you then like to know their differences, similarities, or where they are applicable? But before that, you should answer the following questions:

What Are Datacenter Proxies?

Datacenter proxies are the proxies given by third-party servers. Probably you have visited sites like HighProxies, MyPrivateProxy, or others; these are examples of datacenter proxies. In other words, datacenter proxies are not developed by ISP providers but by cloud service providers (third-parties.)

What Are residential proxies?

These are proxies allocated to you by the ISP provider in the resident or your home area. If you google or search about your IP proxies, you will find the one given to you by the ISP. Even when you relocate, the ISP will update your new proxy IP based on your new home.

Their Fundamental Difference

So, as you have learned above, the main difference between these proxies is their source. Like the residential proxies, they come from ISP providers and are mostly rotating proxies, while the datacenter proxies originate from third-party companies and are mostly static.

Their Feature Contrast

Much has been said about the difference between these two categories regarding their source. But they also show other differences in terms of their features. Such contrasts will help you gauge which is the best proxy when moving forward. They include:

1. Rate of connection

Typically, the datacenter proxies are faster than the residential proxies because they come from quality proxy servers with unlimited bandwidth. Secondly, they don't have many customers as residential proxies, therefore no jamming of the internet traffic. Thirdly, their servers have bots and web scraping technology to boost their fastness.

On the other hand, most residential proxies are slow. Residential proxies will lose their speed when they navigate among many homes to find their recipient address.

2. Convenience

There is no way you can fail to find the residential proxies where you live. For the datacenter proxies, they are not widely available in many places.

Also, when you browse using residential proxies, you are assured of their source's legitimacy and authenticity. In contrast, although there are credible data center sources, you can find frauds and other companies disguised as datacenters and often get blocked by websites.

3. Affordability

Datacenter proxies are way off cheaper than residential proxies. As most residential proxies have rotating IPs, you would have to spend much on various IPs. Still, the residential proxies' advanced security features and low blocking risks make them expensive.

On the other hand, datacenters proxies allow you to buy their proxy categories in bundles cheaper. Also, the rotating datacenter proxies are affordable, not to mention their cheap static or rotating proxies.

The Best Residential Proxies

As there are many residential proxies that you get from the ISP Server, we cannot exhaust all of them. Hence, we will look at a few of them. But always know these proxies exhibit different pricing, IP pool size, and locations. Ready to learn about them? The following are five types of residential proxies

1. Soax

soax residential network homepage

  • Locations: found around the world with over fifty countries.
  • IP Pool size: provides more than 8.5 million IPs
  • Price charged: start at$75/5 Gb

If you are cool with widespread proxy servers that have gigabyte speed, Soax is your option. This proxy ensures maximum anonymity on the web with over 8.5 million rotating proxies. Even with its unlimited proxy access and upgraded security of your data, you can't get enough of Soax proxy.

With more than fifty countries in Soax mapping, you can't get enough of its eighty million residential IPs. Not to mention that the proxies are easy to operate with the copy button, and you need no password or username entries.

soax residential proxy pricing

  • Comprehensive area coverage

  • Over eighty million residential IPs

  • Suitable for SEO and web crawling or scraping.

  • A straightforward dashboard

  • Unlimited proxy access

  • Use secure HTTPS and SOCKS.

  • Incredible 80 M/S ping speed

  • 24/7 customer support

  • No free trial services

  • Expensive.

  • No use of live chats or email addresses

2. Bright Data

Bright data Homepage

  • Locations: covers almost all countries around the globe
  • IP pool size: over 72 million IPs
  • Price: start at $300/20 GB

Thanks to Bright Data because you get particular residential IPs like exclusive IPS. Exclusive IPs are like VIP IP addresses that direct you to specific servers or websites in high internet traffic. Bright Data is the most popular IP network in the world, with seventy million clients.

Bright Data is also famous for quality bot technology, increasing your SEO flow, ads verification, and automated data collection. Even before buying the Bright Data package, you have a seven-day free trial. But once you pay for the product, no money is refunded to you.

Bright Data price plan

  • 99% uptime

  • Counter Checks on the ethicality of information

  • Has mobile and rotating residential IPs

  • A seven-day free trial.

  • Moves with a gigabit speed

  • Advanced data collection technology.

  • Suitable for geo-blocked sneaker sites.

  • Expensive with 500 dollars monthly

  • It has a complicated dashboard.

3. Shifter

Shifter Residential Proxy Home Page

  • Location:  found in major cities around the globe
  • IP pool size: they have 31+ Million IPs
  • Price: start at $124.99 for 10 ports

Discover Shifter proxy, which has a unique backconnect server available globally. Backconnect is the utilization of rotating residential IPs to connect to other IPs and reconnect to your initial IPs. This backconnect server enables the shifter proxy to increase leads in SEO, automation of web crawling services, and increased speed.

Secondly, Shifter proxies are safe with advanced security protocols and authentication measures, including username and IP authentications. You will also enjoy the whitelisting property of Shifter proxy, where you can whitelist around 10 IPS. Concerning the shifter's customer service, it's convenient with customer tickets and live chat.

Shifter Residential Proxy Plan

  • Fast internet connection with unlimited bandwidth

  • Enables whitelisting of important IPs

  • It uses automated bots technology.

  • Widely available around the globe.

  • Convenient support program

  • Automated quality servers

  • Involves IP and password authentications

  • It doesn't state specified locations.

  • Internet connection errors due to concurrent overuse

4. Smartproxy

Smart Proxy for residential Home Page

  • Locations: serves over 195 countries and regions.
  • IP pool size:40+ Million IPs
  • Price: start at $75 for 5 GB

If your concern is that proxy type that encrypts your data, then Smartproxy should be your choice. Smartproxy is a proxy found in around 195 countries that require IP and password authentication protocols. By using the Smartproxy's SSL (Secure Socket Layer) feature, you encrypt your content.

On the same note, the Smartproxy IPs change in each connection to avoid blacklisting by websites. Thirdly, Smartproxy helps in fast access to SEO materials, data scraping, and web crawling. Still, it has an automated data mining server that increases SEO leads, web scraping, and ads verification. Lastly, you will find a chart in smartproxy that highlights how you are using the data bundles.

Smart Proxy Residential Plan

  • Highly safe IPs with SSL

  • Presence of fast rotating IPs

  • It covers at least 195 nations.

  • Includes efficient authenticate measures,

  • Suitable for SEO ranking and ads verification

  • Customer support's response in seconds

  • Has a chart showing traffic statistics

  • A straightforward setting

  • Requires one to pay for the bandwidth.

  • No free trials

5. IPRoyal

IPRoyal Residential Proxies

  • Locations: Over 195 countries
  • IP Pool Size: Over 8 million IPs
  • Price: Starts at $7 per GB

If you’re looking for highly reliable and secure residential proxies, IPRoyal is your option. This provider has its own ethically-sourced residential IP pool ensuring you never get detected or blocked. With over 8 million IPs from worldwide locations and excellent geo-targeting that allows you to choose a specific country, state, and city, you get unrestricted access to anything online.

IPRoyal’s residential proxies have one of the most flexible rotation options on the market, allowing you to get a new IP for each request or stick with the same from 1 second to 24 hours. They are reserved only for you and have traffic that never expires. The proxies are highly reliable due to the 99.9% uptime and extremely flexible and secure thanks to the SOCKS5 support.

Regarding pricing, IPRoyal is an affordable provider with prices accessible to anyone. There’s a very convenient pay-as-you-go option and great discounts if you order more traffic. Customer support is available 24/7 via email or live chat, but the lack of phone support is a flop.


  • Great IP pool size

  • Excellent pricing and location coverage

  • Flexible rotation options

  • Sticky sessions

  • HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 support

  • Non-expiring traffic

  • Live 24/7 chat support

  • Pay-as-you-go option

  • Great bulk discounts

  • No free trial

  • No phone support

The Best Datacenter Proxies

As there are residential types of proxies, we also have Datacenter proxies. These Datacenter proxies vary in terms of speed, security protocols, location, and cost. Since these proxies are many, we can elaborate on the following three of them

1. MyPrivateProxy

Myprivate Proxy Home Page

  • Proxy protocol: HTTPS
  • Locations: found in around 16 USA states and 8 European nations.
  • Cost: values at $2.49 on every proxy

If search engine optimization or social media monitoring is your concern when dealing with the datacenter proxies, you should choose MyPrivateProxy. MyPrivateProxy has a sizeable 150000 proxies, which is a good number compared with other datacenters. Also, this proxy is convenient with dashboard registration and navigation keys.

Another notable feature of MyPrivateProxy is that they use environmental-friendly energy sources. Not to forget, MyPrivateProxy is one of the fastest and securable datacenters with unlimited bandwidth.

Myprivateproxy Price

  • Fast internet delivery

  • Acquires 150000 proxies

  • Affordable $2.49 per month

  • Three-day money refund

  • Simple to use dashboard

  • Can guide or choose for you a proxy package

  • Presence of round-clock customer service

  • There is 99% uptime

  • Incompatible with SOCKS.

  • There are no live chats.

  • No free trials

2. Proxy-IPV4

Proxy-Ipv4 Home Page

  • Proxy protocol: HTTP(s) and SOCKS5
  • Locations: Over 34 countries
  • Cost: Starts from $0.45 for 3 days per 1 proxy

Proxy-IPv4's datacenter proxies provide a highly affordable and versatile solution for various online activities. With coverage in over 34 countries, including major regions like the USA, Germany, and Brazil, these proxies are priced competitively at just 0.45 USD for three days. What makes these proxies particularly appealing is their support for unlimited traffic, ensuring they can handle high-bandwidth tasks efficiently.

Each proxy is assigned individually, which enhances security and reliability for the user. Moreover, Proxy-IPv4 offers round-the-clock technical support, providing peace of mind and immediate assistance for any issues that may arise. This combination of extensive global coverage, low pricing, and versatile functionality makes Proxy-IPv4’s datacenter proxies an excellent choice for individuals and businesses engaged in a variety of internet-based activities.

Proxy-Ipv4 private proxy price.png

  • Access to a wide range of international content.

  • Cost-effective options for different user needs.

  • Suitable for SEO, SMM, and e-commerce.

  • Flexible Packages ranging from 3 to 90 days.

  • Compatibility with HTTP, HTTPS, and Socks5.

  • Lacks detailed information about the size and diversity of the IP pool

3. HighProxies

HighProxies Home Page

  • Proxy protocol: HTTPS.
  • Locations: 22 cities and states in the USA plus 9 other places
  • Cost: $1.40 per month

Whether you engage in social media, ticketing, advertisements, or other sectors, HighProxies have specific proxies for your niche. For instance, there are social media proxies, ticketing, and classified ads proxies.

That is not all because HighProxies has an easy process to sign up, fill up the IP and password authentication, and guide the appropriate IP to use. Not to mention, these proxies have an IP whitelisting feature.

In terms of replacement of IP, HighProxies operators give you thirty days for IP replacement. However, they allow you to request the IP changed earlier. When you do that, you should input the proper IP and username or password authentication protocols. However, if you are visiting a sneaker site, HighProxies are exposed to sneaker sites.

HighProxies Plan

  • 24/7 customer support

  • Has a FAQ panel for your burning questions

  • A monthly replacement of IPs

  • Acquires a username and IP authentications

  • Incredible download rate (80 Mbps) or upload (43 Mbps)

  • Suitable for SEO and web scraping

  • Uses IP whitelisting elements

  • 99% uptime and unlimited bandwidth.

  • Contains an estimated 25000IPs

  • It’s the cheapest at 1.40 dollars

  • No free tests

  • No use of credit cards.

  • Inappropriate with sneaker proxies

4. Squid proxies

SquidProxies Home Page

  • Proxy protocol: HTTP and HTTPS
  • Location: 10 datacenter in the USA, and other stations in Europe, China, India, and Australia
  • Cost: around $2.40 per number of proxies

When you have the option to choose a datacenter with non-sequential IPs, no configuration, and limitless bandwidth, you should go for SquidProxy. This datacenter uses squid technology which is famous for its blazing speed. Squid proxies have been in existence for a long time, and you can find them in many countries worldwide.

SquidProxies are secure with HTTPS protocols and can refund your money within three days. When it comes to disturbing spam and ads, they do not exist because this proxy does not support ads or spam. Also, matters to do with setting configurations are unheard of with this proxy.

SquidProxies Home Plan

  • IPs replacement per thirty days

  • Compatible with HTTP and HTTPS

  • Quick customer support response

  • Non-sequential IPs

  • No disturbing spam ads.

  • A gigabyte internet connectivity

  • Limitless bandwidth.

  • Fast setup exercises

  • No configuration with SquidProxy.

  • Money refundable period of three days

  • It is highly secured with HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP protocols.

  • No secure password or username entries

  • It offers no room for a single proxy

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Residential and datacenter, which proxy should I choose?

It all depends on what factors you are looking for. First, if you are concerned with security, residential proxies are more secure. Or, if you opt for cheap proxies, the datacenters are cheaper.

2. Which is better for scraping?

Residential proxies are preferable. They have reliable IP sources, so that won't be blocked.

3. Is there a way to test a proxy server before purchase?

Nowadays, it is rare to find companies offering this leverage. Instead, those companies require you first to pay and then test the proxy. If you aren’t satisfied with their package, they refund your cash. Otherwise, the free test is available on sites like Bright Data and Soax.

4. Can someone track the proxy usage?

Yes, some sites provide usage statistics which are located in the overview option in their dashboard. But that only happens when you are subscribed to their sites.


All said and done; it's time for you to get a residential proxy or a datacenter one. Consider the datacenter or residential proxies we have listed above, but there are many others which you can use. However, picking the best package always considers factors like speed, number of IPs, availability, price, and location of their servers.

Hopefully, you have also noticed that most companies have both residential and datacenter. Therefore, you can inquire from their site's customer support whether they provide both types and at what rate. Anyway, always choose sites that guide you on the best proxy to buy.

Last Updated on December 15, 2023

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