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Best Spotify Proxies that Compatible with Bots to Cop Your Grail

Are you searching for reliable Spotify proxies? This is the right place to be. We have collected and tested a list of the best Spotify proxies with high success rates on the market.

Different devices have unique IP addresses. Since Spotify is a sensitive website to some malicious activities, they use IP addresses to enforce restrictions. Depending on the users' purposes on Spotify and their location, at one point or another, you might experience restrictions that are based on your IP address.

It is hard for regular Spotify users to understand this, but online marketers might get it as well as those people from Spotify-restricted regions. With that well said, one requires a substitute to access or market on Spotify. Hence the introduction of Spotify proxies. To be more specific, you will need to use residential proxies to bypass restriction checks.

It would be best if you bought a high-quality proxy from trusted providers for you to be able to bypass restrictions based on the IP effectively. Interestingly, many providers claim to provide Spotify proxies when in reality, their proxies don't have a good user experience. You should be aware that you might end up wasting your money on proxies that do not deliver their promises.

Now you are about to read our best selected and tested Spotify proxies to help you filter web traffic and bypass these restrictions. We will discuss each and their activities on Spotify. Read on with us.

Best Spotify Proxies

Since the IP restrictions on Spotify are not that strict, you can use a datacenter or residential proxies. Let us now dive deeper into these Spotify proxy providers.

1. Soax

Soax for Spotify Proxies

  • IP Type: Residential
  • Locations: Over the world
  • Price Charged: Bandwidth
  • Cost: Start at $75 for 5 GB

We have Soax as our first Spotify proxy provider. Although it is a relative Spotify proxies provider, they have decent, affordable, and high-performance proxies. We tested and found a data scraping performance rate of Soax is not bad. Their speed is good, and together with random IP rotation, it is perfect for use on Spotify. Their IP pool covers all the world continents, and unless you need robust features, that might be enough.

Soax offers a limited bandwidth to their users, but the four packages give you access to the whole Spotify proxies pool. And Soax offers a one-hour free trial which might be the only setback. Again, they do not offer refunds once you purchase their Spotify proxies.

2. Bright Data

brightdata rotating proxies

  • IP Type: Residential
  • Locations: Over the world
  • Price Charged: Bandwidth
  • Cost: Start at $300 for 20 GB

Bright Data from Israel has the biggest database available online. Their IP addresses are increasing all time. With that in mind, it means they have more residential proxies all over the world. Since users have a 100% chance of controlling their IP rotation, the proxies have a high performance rate on Spotify. Our test showed their proxies are perfect for scraping data from Spotify, and also efficient for managing the bulk accounts of Spotify. The speed varies according to the location.

Again, the Bright data proxies are advanced when it comes to geo-targeting. They do not only focus on the country. They go beyond and filter both ASN and cities since it also supports mobile IPs with 10% IPv6. Unfortunately, they do not have a refund policy on their packages.

3. Smartproxy

Smartproxy Residential Homepage overview

  • IP Type: Residential
  • Locations: Over 195 regions
  • Price Charged: Bandwidth
  • Cost: $75/5GB monthly

Smartproxy also has a good database with reliable Spotify proxies. Some of their customers say that the proxies are the best performing on Spotify, and we can attest to this since our test revealed a data scraping performance rate of 90.2 on Spotify and other sites.

The speed was dependable, and elsewhere their IP rotation was bound to 30 minutes. These features show how well their proxies can perform on Spotify while managing bulk Spotify accounts and scraping data. The rate is awesome.

Smartproxy also provides another option like HTTPS. They cover a wide region and continuously expand their coverage. Compared with other alternatives, they may seem pricey, but in reality, the price is affordable against their perfect Spotify proxies. $75 per month is a good deal for Spotify proxies.

4. IPRoyal

IPRoyal Residential Proxies

  • IP Type: Residential
  • Locations: Over 195 countries worldwide
  • Price Charged: Bandwidth
  • Cost: Start at $7 per GB

IPRoyal is a trusty proxy provider that offers reliable residential proxy service. Its ethically-sourced proxy pool consists of over 8 million IPs in worldwide locations, allowing you to choose your target country, state, and city. The authentic IPs and excellent geo-targeting ensure unrestricted access to Spotify from anywhere. 

These proxies have fast speeds, 99.9% uptime, and sticky sessions that allow you to keep the same IP for up to 24 hours. They also have automatic IP rotation that gives you a new IP for each request, which is great for scraping data from Spotify. 

Besides, they have high-performance rates and trust scores, so you can gather massive amounts of data from the platform efficiently. IPRoyal offers HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 support,

5. Proxy-IPV4

Proxy-Ipv4 Home Page

  • IP Type: Datacenter
  • Locations: Over 34 countries
  • Price Charged: Proxy
  • Cost: Start at $1.5 per proxy monthly

Proxy-IPv4 is a valuable tool for Spotify users, offering global access and enhanced privacy. It's ideal for accessing Spotify in restricted regions and managing multiple accounts securely.

In terms of usability and support, Proxy-IPv4 stands out with its stable connections crucial for uninterrupted music streaming, flexible plan options catering to both short-term and long-term needs, and support for various protocols ensuring compatibility across different devices. The setup process is straightforward, accommodating users with varying levels of technical expertise.

Additionally, the 24/7 customer support provided by Proxy-IPv4 ensures prompt assistance for any setup issues or queries, enhancing the overall user experience with Spotify.

6. ProxyEmpire

ProxyEmpire proxies

  • IP Pool Size: Over 9,7 million
  • Locations: 170 locations across the globe
  • Concurrency Allowed: Unlimited
  • Bandwidth Allowed: Starts at 3GB
  • Cost: Starts at $45 monthly for 3GB

ProxyEmpire, compared to its competitors, offers a smaller mobile IP pool, but its IPs are quality tested and are great for all kinds of tasks, such as scraping, account creation and management, monitoring, and accessing geo-restricted content.

ProxyEmpire’s IP pool of 9,750,000 IPs is smaller than most of its competitors, but its IPs are suitable for every task. ProxyEmpire’s lowest plan starts at $45 for 3GB and is ideal for companies seeking more affordable options. 

Their robust rotating proxy network boasts a 99.86% uptime, and each IP address is tested for quality to ensure you are receiving only the best rotating proxies.

7. Proxy-Seller

Proxy-Seller Spotify Proxy

  • IP Type: Datacenter
  • Locations: Over 50 countries
  • Price Charged: Proxy
  • Cost: Start at $2.14 per proxy monthly

On top of building a reputation with the fastest and most affordable private proxies, Proxy-Seller still has numerous packages designed for specific purposes. Therefore, on our list of special Spotify proxies, the firm also serves as a perfect alternative. If the above providers do not have a package within your budget, Proxy-Seller can rescue you.

Proxy-Seller has reliable Spotify proxies that not only come with good geo-location targeting features but also promise unlimited traffic for managing multiple or concurrent Spotify accounts simultaneously, unblocking Spotify restrictions and masking your local IP address; hence you will never get detected since these IP addresses are fast enough and mimic the behavior of human being.

Other than going for the Spotify proxy package, the company also gives you general social media network proxies; more so, they have reliable mobile proxies supporting the US and a few European countries. These mobile proxies are perfect for Spotify accounts management or automation.

8. Blazing SEO

Blazingseo Home Page

  • IP Type: Datacenter
  • Locations: America, Europe, and Asia
  • Price Charged: Proxy
  • Cost: Start at $10 for 2 proxies

Blazing SEO is the fifth in our recommended Spotify proxies list. Though the company sounds new, they have a good customer experience. Their proxies have a good speed, with 40 servers located in the US and other parts of the world.

Hence, the proxies can bypass Spotify IP restrictions and overcome the traffic on many sites. Again, the Blazing SEO Spotify proxies support IPv6. These features make the proxies best for sneaker sites and other social account management.

These are the best proxies for new human users since they are reliable and trustworthy. If you are not satisfied, users can request a refund within two days.

9. HighProxies

HighProxies Homepage

  • IP Type: Datacenter
  • Locations: 11+ Countries
  • Price Charged: Proxy
  • Cost: Starts $2.30 per month

When we tested and reviewed Highproxies, we realized that they are the cheapest Spotify proxy provider on the market. Their proxies are so far reliable with a good speed enough to manage multiple Spotify accounts. Anyone can access these proxies, and they have 38 servers based in the US and other continents. This is why we have listed Highproxies as Spotify proxy providers since they cover large geographical locations. Aside, they also allow P2P and torrenting.

They categorized their proxies depending on your needs. They have a list that is specifically dedicated to Spotify. It helps you manage this music app effectively. They also support craigslist and Instagram. Above all, Highproxies is based in Delaware by Geotrust limited.

10. SSLprivateproxy

SSL Private Proxy for ALL

  • IP Type: Datacenter
  • Locations: the USA and Europe
  • Price Charged: Proxy
  • Cost: Start at $15 for 3 proxies

SSLprivateproxy is a good Spotify proxy provider. Businesses use their proxies for scraping data from IP-restricted sites like Spotify. They offer different proxy times on their websites, but our main concern was their Datacenter Spotify proxy. These proxies proved to have a good speed that is important for managing bulk accounts. This is because users have a pool of IP addresses to evade banning.

Besides, they also have an extensive VPN database for their clients. They have 38 servers with 16GB RAM located in the US and other places of the world. The proxies are excellent for managing social media accounts; hence this might be your best option too, that you should try it out.

How to Configure Proxy for Spotify

Configure Proxy for Spotify

To effectively execute  Spotify tasks using proxies, you should first configure the app to get ready. At the preference pane, you will access many options to help you configure using these steps:-

  • First, go to the Edit preference section to launch the application
  • Then open advanced settings down on the bottom of the app.
  • Then go to the proxy setting section to set up authentication, port, type, and proxy host.
  • Lastly, confirm by clicking the Update proxy button. The application will restart, and you will be good to go.

The Purpose of Using Spotify Proxies

There are many reasons why you should use proxies while carrying out certain activities on Spotify. Let us discuss some of the reasons why we need to use proxies on Spotify:

1. Bypass Spotify Geo-location blocking

Spotify is restricted in some regions. Some countries stipulated these restrictions because of government regulation and privacy concerns. You will need Spotify proxies to bypass these restrictions. Proxy changes your IP address and locates you in a different region.

This is an advanced method of accessing important yet restricted information. Datacenter or private proxies are preferred since few people use them, and minimal chances of being noticed. They keep you anonymous online.

2. Working with Spotify bot

Developers use Spotify proxies at a time to design Spotify bots. The bots are used to generate IP addresses and automate Spotify and other social media tasks. This marketing strategy increases revenue for streaming or increases the popularity online. For that reason, the rotating residential proxies are better.

3. Scraping data from Spotify

Spotify has a lot of data which is crucial for marketers and as well researchers. There are roughly 50 million songs with over one million podcasts as well as over 4 million playlists contained on Spotify. Hence Spotify is a good source of data related to music analysis.

But, scraping data is limited to a specific request from the server in a specific time range. This is because they track your IP address. The only way to evade track and banning is through the use of proxies.


Proxies play a vital role in your Spotify activities. Getting the right Spotify proxy provider with a good reputation increases your chances of scraping data and bypassing human traffic. Our list has been tested and seconded by experts. Since many providers might be problematic to decide, this review gives you an overview to make an informed decision.

Above all, Datacenter proxies are preferred over residential. They are fast and compatible with Spotify, and all the above said, they are cheap.

Last Updated on December 15, 2023

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