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Best Spotify Bot to Grow Your Spotify Plays and Followers in 2024

Are you want to automate your growth on Spotify? Here, you will learn about the Spotify bot that intelligently automates your playlist and let you share them.

Since 2006, the world has witnessed one of the largest music and audio streaming company which is Spotify. Spotify allows artists to sell their music and gives the audience the chance to collect over a million songs and podcasts.

However, it can be hectic and time-wasting when scraping through millions of melodies to find the best music or podcast. Therefore, you need software like a robot that intelligently searches your best Spotify collection and efficiently optimizes traffic and money. This robotic software is known as Spotify bot. So, read ahead to learn the common Spotify bots.

1. AIOStream

Aiostream Homepage Overview

Would you want a Spotify bot that intelligently manages your multiple Spotify accounts 24/7? Would you also prefer a bot that supports proxies that lets you remain anonymous from cyber threats? If you want a Spotify bot that facilitates such actions, then AIOStream might interest you.


  • It has an advanced anti-fingerprint technology- AIOStream replaces your actual fingerprints reading with another biometric that nobody can doubt it's yours.
  • It has an inbuilt proxy analyser that updates you the best free proxy out there.
  • It's easy-to-use- with an interactive user interface
  • Acquires an automated task manager that requires few clicks to keep you going.
  • It automatically recovers your data or lets you manually verify and backup your selected data.
  • It has a panel where you can whitelist or blacklist those friends to follow or unfollow.

2. SocialViral

Social Viral Homepage overview

If you wish to buy a thousand Spotify followers for as low as thirteen dollars, you might consider SocialViral. Not only Spotify, but SocialViral also contains services for Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and Facebook. If you subscribe to SocialViral, you will love the following features.


  • Possess quality plays- the musicality and graphics of a song are incredible that command a higher following.
  • Easy to set up because there are no passwords required
  • Has fast delivery bots that respond within twelve hours
  • Convenient pricing on the number of plays
  • Candid service with no spam bots

3. UseViral

Useviral Homepage overview

Can you imagine having a Spotify bot like UseViral that enables you to have 25000 listeners, 10000 followers, and 50000 plays? With UseViral, you can have a guaranteed promotion of your content or music through social media and over five thousand web influencers.


  • Fast in service delivery in one to two days
  • They have 24/7 customer support where you can easily reach them
  • Offers a Spotify followers bot
  • Adds at least 1000 plays to your track
  • Active and high-tech service that scrape Spotify data in seconds
  • There is also a UseViral has a monthly listener forum.

4. Media Mister

Media Mister Homepage overview

If your concern is about a Spotify bot that lets you target a country of your interest, then you might consider Media Mister. Media Mister has an interactive and straightforward service like YouTube, Spotify, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. For example, if you select the Spotify platform, you will identify menus and spacebars showing which service it offers.


  •         It lets you geo-target a country- In Media Master, you can specify either USA or worldwide.
  •         Accepts payments through credit card and coin payments like bitcoins
  •         They offer a money-back guarantee on thirty day period
  •         It has a spacebar that lets you enter your playlist URL.
  •         Its customer service is fast where you contact them in six days a week.

5. Somiibo

Somiibo Homepage overview

Suppose you are looking for a Spotify bot software to download as an app, then Somiibo could be your answer. Somiibo lets you download its software in Windows, Mac, and Linux. This software works by getting you free Spotify followers, likes, and plays.


  • Somiibo support proxies that cover your online visibility
  • It lets you operate with multiple accounts that have separate settings
  • Somiibo utilizes browser-like inputs that make Spotify think a real user is using the account.
  • Offers multiple Spotify platforms that specialize in different purposes like social media marketing
  • Automatically schedule each Spotify platform for them to achieve their goals.

6. SidesMedia

Sidesmedia Homepage overview

You could use a good promotion service for your Spotify network in SidesMedia.  This promotion service helps you record your music, and SidesMedia can promote it to different social media sites. Sooner or later, you will be lucky because a famous music label will hire you. SidesMedia also enables you to obtain many monthly audiences and artist followers.


  • Secure with HTTPS protocol which has an advanced SSL encryption system
  • They have a FAQ page that answers all your questions about its bot
  • SidesMedia has straightforward customer support that operates 24/7
  • It has flexible packages where you can add to your basket anytime, and also their prices are competitive.


Do not be left out in elevating your singing talent when Spotify is at your disposal. Even when you are a newbie in the music industry, Spotify bots will increase your online presence and promote your music to social media like YouTube.

With the Spotify bots we have listed, you can evaluate each of them, and choose the best. You can also check for other Spotify bots which are found on the net. Remember, when using these bots, they will earn you real-time listeners, followers, and plays.

Last Updated on December 12, 2023

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