Storm Proxies Review

Storm Proxies Review

Everyone aims to buy the cheapest proxy in the market. But you cannot sacrifice quality with a low price. It would be best if you had a proxy with good quality and affordable price like Storm Proxy.

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  • 200,000+ IPs from USA & EU
  • Offer Countries Geo-targeting
  • Support sneaker sites
  • Support Social Media bulk accounts creation
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Storm proxies have dedicated datacenter proxies and rotating residential proxies. If your concern for proxies is whether they target data scraping, sneaker sites, social media like Facebook, or ticket sites, Storm proxy has got you covered. Other than that, there are other Storm Proxies features which include.

Storm Proxies Overview

Storm Proxies Pros and Cons

When analyzing this proxy provider, it has aspects that we like and others we do not like. Do you wish to know them? Read ahead for more!

Why We Like it

  • Variety of products, and packages: You will find multiple services like ticket sites, social sites, sneakers, twitter bits, Facebook bots, and more.
  • Easy to use dashboard: The dashboard features and proxy types are directly found on the web. No password or username authentication and proxy manager configuration.
  • Unlimited bandwidth: The package is not valued per bandwidth but the no of ports. Hence limitless bandwidth.
  • Affordable plans: Other than the specific plans like Ticketmaster, sneaker, which may sound expensive, Storm proxy can go as low as $19 per port.
  • Higher speed and performance guarantee: Due to its multi-threaded services and rotation IPs, the server promises a higher success rate.
  • 24/7 customer support: By just emailing the Storm Proxies team you reach them any time.

Why We Don't Like it

Limited coverage: No geo-filters of specific cities and only found in the USA and Europe's limited location.

A small IP pool: While their competitors enjoy million of IPs, these proxy networks have only 200,000 IPs.

Limited support on SOCKS protocols: This makes it not ideal for higher traffic like video streaming.

Only supports IP whitelisting: Has no password/username authentication for enhancing data security.

Storm Proxies Overview

Storm Proxies Homepage Overview

Holistically, Storm proxies are one of the cheapest you will ever find. You either pay the services in credit/debit card, PayPal, or Amazon pay. There is also a payable 24 hours trial.

When you register with Storm proxies, you get to choose either the datacenters’ private dedicated proxies, rotating residential proxies, or backconnect rotating proxies. All of the server's proxies support HTTP and HTTPS with limited SOCKS 5 usage. Also, these proxies only accept IP whitelisting.

Storm Proxies Specifications
IP Pool 200K+ IP Type Residential/ Datacenter
Price Sample 5 ports – $50 (Monthly) Price Charged Port
Proxy Protocol HTTP(S) Authentication IP Auth
Free trial Not support Refund policy 2-day refund
Geo-targeting Countries Jurisdiction USA

Storm Proxies IP Types

As mentioned earlier, there are two types of Storm proxies which are Datacenter proxies and Residential proxies. The residential proxies are the most popular with Storm Proxies and have 200,000 plus IPs.

With residential proxies, they further branch into two types: backconnect rotating proxies and rotating residential proxies. The residential proxies have a pool of 70,000 IPs, while the backconnect proxies are the reverse rotating residential proxies with a 200,000 IP pool.

Storm Proxies Providing Proxies

The rotating proxies change every 3 minutes, 15 minutes session, or per HTTPS requests. The fifteen minutes is the sticky session time which is habitable for sneaker sites.

When you want a more personalized, cheap, and stable internet connection, you could do it with a datacenter proxy. These proxies are static (do not change) and are less in IP numbers than residential proxies. You can use the datacenters for specific sites like ticketing, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media sites.

Storm Proxies Pricing

If by this far you wish to know why Storm Proxy is cheap, then read this section carefully. Here you will identify all the pricing parameters that will determine the next package you will choose to buy. Before that, it would help to know that Storm Proxy values its plans per port and not bandwidth.

With the residential proxies, the cheapest you can get is $19 with one port. Even when you upgrade to five or ten ports, the pricing is affordable at less than a hundred dollars. The most popular plan that suits any level of business costs $97 that has 150 threads. Lastly, you will find the sneakers and the Ticketmaster residential proxy, which cost similar to their counterparts.

Storm Proxies Pricing List

Typically, the datacenter proxies are the cheapest than the residential proxies. Did you know that you can get as low price $10 per 5 ports in dedicated datacenter’s proxies? But the price moves up as you increase the number of ports.

Storm proxies also provide special datacenters proxies like the Ticketmaster, Facebook, Twitter, and others. For your case, these special proxies are expensive (look at the Storm proxy's website).

Storm Proxies Authentication

Thanks to proxy authentication, you can add some security to your proxy or data usage. Storm proxy knows this well, and they have an IP authentication feature. However, there is no username or password authentication in their residential proxies, but these details are only available in datacenter proxies.

Primarily, Smart Proxy's IP authentication involves a specific IP given by an Internet Provider. That IP is used to connect to a website automatically without the hassle of tedious inputs of password and username.

Another form of IP authentication is IP whitelisting. Here, the system makes you choose an IP that will grant you access to a server. When it comes to Storm proxies, you are only given one free IP to whitelists and if you want more you should pay.

Storm Proxies Protocols

In every request or web access, your network has to have a data tunneling method which is a proxy protocol. For that case, there are protocols like HTTPS, HTTP, and SOCKS 5. For Storm Proxies only the SOCKS protocols are missing.

When a SOCKS protocol is missing in a proxy, especially SOCKS 5, it means that the proxy provider is unlikely to support all authentication modules and higher traffic sites. That should not be a worry because Storm Proxy’s HTTP and HTTPS protocols ensure a smoother user interface and advanced SSL security.

Testing Storm Proxies

That said, we saw it worthwhile to test Storm proxy to affirm what its websites tell us .We tested Data scraping, social platform, sneaker sites, and speed using Storm proxy. The sample's scores were out of a hundred, and the following were the results.

Tested for Data scraping Social platform Sneaker sites Speed test
Rating 79/100 81/100 78/100 85/100

Particularly, we were impressed with the speed test and the scraping performance, which had over 80% scores. When it comes to data Scraping performance and sneakers sites, these performances are satisfactory considering how cheap this proxy server is.

For Data Scraping Performance

In addition to that test, we also undertook a test on every sample individually. These individual sample results are the ones you see in the first table. Our first experiment was data scraping, which is in the table below.

Data Scraping Performance for Storm Proxies

Average success rate on E-commerce websites- 79%

Overall, all shopping sites performed well, but eBay was the hardest to crack. We had to increase our port coverage plan to unravel it- the same case as Amazon. In this case, we used the backconnect dedicated IP plan.

When we started with eBay and Amazon, we tried to send many requests at the same time. At first, these sites were accepting us, but we started having Captchas, request delays, 404 errors, and 503 errors after some time. We suspected that the reason for this behavior is because Amazon and eBay have strict anti-scrape and anti-spam measures. For Captcha we removed them using this website.

To our delight, Walmart, Best buy, and Aliexpress was above eighty percent. We could get them a 90% plus rating but Storm Proxy would somehow derail our requests on those platforms. But when considering the affordability of this proxy, that should not be a problem.

We concluded that the residential backconnect proxy type is the best for scraping. If you want good results, you should go for its popular plan of $97 in 150 threads. Also, these rotating residential proxies have scraping bots. For evidence, you might consider clicking here.

Test on Social websites

For social media, we are genuinely hats off with its performance. We believe this is a site for social media proxies, especially if you are looking to optimize on a mass planer, following likes, and marketing advertisements or spam texts.

Typically, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and other social media sites would block spam messages and multiple accounts of a person. But with Storm Proxy, you can send numerous spam messages to a friend or create multiple accounts.

Test on Social Websites for Storm Proxies

Average success rate on Social Media – 81%

YouTube and Facebook were our priorities because they behave notoriously with most proxy providers. When we tested them using Storm proxy, they scored beyond our expectations. Most especially with YouTube, we thought it would score lowly as Storm proxy does not support Socks 5 which enables higher traffic. On the contrary, the Storm Proxies sticky time of fifteen minutes probably made YouTube get an 80% mark.

Twitter was the best with a mark of 84%. Then it was followed by Facebook and Instagram. The reason why these platforms scored handsomely is because of the Storm Proxies datacenter package. If you look for the datacenter package on Storm Proxies website, you will find Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram proxies. When we used those proxies, the connection was fast, and with few errors.

For Reddit and Twitch, they had performances below 80%. This is satisfactory, considering they have no specific datacenter proxies. We also used the rotating Smart proxy, which had average success rates.

Test on Sneaker Sites

When it came to sneaker site testing, we knew we had the greatest challenge. For instance, we tried to cop multiple sneakers with another proxy provider in Adidas, Nike, Supreme, and others. However, we were blocked at a glance. Therefore, we resolved to examine Nike, Adidas, supreme, Foot Locker, and Finish Line using Storm proxies.

Test on Sneaker Sites with Storm Proxies

Average success rate on Sneaker Sites – 78%

In this case, we used sneaker proxies found in residential rotating proxies. That plan on sneaker sites proxies is expensive, with the lowest being $160 on 20 ports and the highest is $900 on 200 ports.

The results for Nike, Foot Locker, Adidas, and supreme were promising with above-average results. Although we could receive some blocks, Captchas, and errors in those sneaker sites, they could vanish immediately when the system switched to new IPs.

We also appreciate the Storm proxy's 15 minutes sticky session that gives the system enough time to scrape the sneaker sites. For the Finish Line, its poor ping time and several errors and blocks made us give it a lower score.

Speed Test

Residential Proxy Ping (ms) Download (Mbps) Upload (Mbps)
Storm Proxies 1 193 0.86 0.37
Storm Proxies 2 498 1.97 1.49
Storm Proxies 3 214 2.39 1.53
Storm Proxies 4 97 10.33 4.06
Storm Proxies 5 175 2.12 0.71

Rating, 85/100

In all our tests, Storm Proxy produced an average speed compared to other advanced proxy providers. But regarding their cheap cost, don't wait to use this server. We hence measured Storm proxy's speed using ping time and the download size.

In this case we used variables like ping, download and upload sizes. Ping, also latent, is the time taken to have a successful connection to a website. We, therefore, wanted to test ping against the bandwidth size of uploads and downloads with five storm proxies. You can see the results from the table.

According to those results, Storm proxies 4 was the best because it took less ping time to download ten Mbps content. That means the request could flow at a blazing speed. Storm 5 and 1 performed averagely, while the poorest was Storm Proxy. Storm Proxy 2 needed a lot of latent time to complete a 1 Mbps upload or download size.

Another variable we took into account for this experiment is the no of interrupted sessions. Storm proxies 3 and 2 had lots of errors and blocks, but Storm proxies 4 was smooth.

Storm Proxies Customer Support

Storm Proxies Customer Support Details

Storm Proxy’s customer support was quite responsive in email. When we needed them to fix some concurrent errors and other queries, they responded within a few minutes. Nonetheless, we wish Storm proxy to introduce live chat or support tickets because you need personalized help other than that of emails.

The Editors Verdict

In a nutshell, the Storm proxy ranks fairly compared to heavyweight proxy providers. But when affordability counts, this proxy provider stands the best.

Also, the performance on sneaker sites, social media, and scraping make this proxy one of the best. Our only wish is for the Storm proxy developers to introduce password or username authentication, they would guarantee a high proxy's security.

Editor's Rating

  • Are Storm Proxies Good for Social Media?

Yes, because they have specified social media proxies like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter proxies.

  • Are Storm Proxies Good for the Sneaker site?

Yes, as they have a rotating residential proxy that has random supporting sessions for sneaker sites.

  • Are Storm Proxies Good for Scraping?

Not the best option, because of their IP rotation by time rather than by request. Storm Proxies is not a senior provider, so it is not required to be excellent in every way.

Storm Proxies  Alternatives

If you want another proxy provider that charges by bandwidth, you could use Smartproxy. But since Storm Proxy has no geo-filters like ASN and cities targeting, you could replace it with Soax. Lastly, when quality scraping and blazing speed are your biggest concerns, you should consider Bright Data (Luminati)

Last Updated on December 12, 2023

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