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The Social Proxy is a new mobile proxy provider with high-quality and unlimited connection, which is based in Israel.

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  • Support for US, UK, Germany, Austria & Israel
  • Support IP rotating
  • Perfect for Social Media automation
  • Free trial & 3 days refund policy
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4G or 5G networks make the modern era in our internet connectivity. Forget about residential or datacenter proxies because Mobile proxies have a smooth and fast speed when they use 4G or 5G SIM network.

The Social Proxy Location

For that reason, these mobile proxies are in high demand. Therefore customers are looking to purchase them from serious companies like The Social Proxy who offer quality proxies. But before you judge for yourself about this proxy server, it would help if you explore more about Social proxies in this article. Among The Social Proxy's properties that you should know, including the following.

The Social Proxy Pros and Cons

If you are looking to buy The Social Proxy and are unsure about its pros and cons, then we are here to help you. We carried a test on this proxy provider, and the following are the issues we liked and others we did not like.

Why We Like it

  • REST API enabled: Don't worry about adding IPS, setting a proxy time, canceling a plan, or pulling a proxy list because The Social Proxy has API support.
  • 100% equipment owned: The Social Proxy has a self-made 4G modem to control the proxy session easily.
  • Multiple use cases: Apart from the social media automation, you can use The Social Proxy on SEO, Market Management, brand protection, and other eight cases.
  • Provide free trial: You can have a demo or test the proxy for free.
  • Suitable for social media automation: The Social Proxy shares esteem for supporting social media bots where you create multiple accounts.
  • Secure and fast: Since The Social Proxy owns its 4G modem, it enhances the speed and security of the proxy network.

Why We Don't Like it

It does not support geo-targeting: In The Social Proxy, you have to stick with the Proxy location you bought or buy another package belonging to a different Location.

No IP authentication: The Social Proxy does not support IP whitelisting, which connects you easily to websites other than a username or password authentication.

The Social Proxy Overview

The Social Proxy Homepage overview

When you talk about proxies that you can manage their network, The Social Proxy is one of them. It is a mobile proxy that owns its 4G LTE network. The Social Proxy charges their proxy per package where they charge 90 euros. For security and privacy purposes, The Social Proxy supports password/username authentication and HTTPS and SOCKS protocols.

The Social Proxy Specifications
IP Pool Undisclosed IP Type Mobile IPs
Price Sample €90/month Price Charged Package
Proxy Protocol HTTP(S) + Socks Authentication User Pass
Free trial 1 day Refund policy 3-day refund
Geo-targeting US/UK/Germany/Austria/Israel Jurisdiction Israel

The Social Proxy IP Types

AS mentioned above, The Social Proxy is one of the fastest mobile proxy servers. We attribute that because of its 4G LTE proxies, where The Social Proxy fully manages its network. These 4G mobile proxies use real IPS. The real IPS are the fresh IPs where nobody has ever used them again. These real IPs are millions that cut across the countries that The Social Proxy serves.

The Social Proxy Service

Another property of the Social Proxy IP is that they are rotating. That means they change automatically per every request, but you cannot manually change it. That is unfortunate because they do not have a sticky IP session that operates nicely with a higher traffic internet connection.

Since The Social Proxy specializes in social media automation, we can say they have dedicated social media proxies. These proxies enable you to open multiple social media accounts as well as marketing on these sites. Moreover, The Social Proxy has twelve dedicated proxies specialized for SEO, Brand protection, market management, travel aggregating, and many other services.

The Social Proxy Pricing

The price of The Social Proxy is the same for all countries that the server covers. That price is €90/month and applies in Austria, Israel, UK, Germany, and the US.  where the package is charged. If you convert the 90 euros into dollars, it would be around $108 per month. Therefore, that is not the lowest price around but reflects the quality of The Social Proxy.

The Social Proxy Pricing

Moreover, you pay this 90 euros for its port and not the number of proxies or bandwidth. That is good news because The Social Proxy does not restrict the size of bandwidth to use. Also, The Social Proxy's plans have the same pricing value. Hence, no hassle of dealing with different packages that give a non-legit company a chance to sneak in some rates that they had not indicated before.

When it comes to payment methods, The Social Proxy allows PayPal and other wireless money transfers. But before making the payment, it is advisable to test The Social Proxies' performance because it has a free trial feature. Even if you pay for its service, The Social Proxy gives a maximum of three refundable days, which are enough to experiment with the proxy cover.

The Social Proxy Authentication and Protocols

The Social Proxy allows you only to have a username or password authentication. Therefore, The Social Proxy does not have IP authentication. Unlike IP authentication that does not guarantee complete discretion of your account, a password or username authorization privatizes your proxy network.

If you feel that password or username authentication is not secure enough, The Social Proxy supports secure HTTP(S) or SOCKS protocols. Most significantly, the SOCKS protocol has an advanced secure layer and enables a fast network because of its lightweight. The HTTPS also guarantees higher security because of its advanced SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption.

Testing The Social Proxy

There is no good thing than testing what you want to buy. With that, you are assured what you are purchasing the right product. That is the same case when testing mobile proxies like The Social Proxy. The good news with The Social Proxy is that they give you a free test. So what is stopping you from testing The Social Proxy?
In our part, we tested The Social Proxy's performance on social media sites, speed, data scraping, and sneaker sites. Below are the results we got from our experiment.

Tested for Speed test Data scraping Social platform Sneaker sites
Rating 93/100 87/100 90/100 82/100

Our target rating for all sites was 80%, and it's clear from the table that every sample passed this test. The table also shows an aggregated trial for the four sample performances. Thus, if you want to know the individual results for each sample, please check them at the tables to follow.

Speed Test

The Social Proxy Mobile Proxy Ping (Ms) Download (Mbps) Upload (Mbps)
Without proxy 71 15.79 16.28
Use proxy 335 6.58 2.95

Rating, 93%

Our first trial was to confirm the speed of The Social Proxy. Indeed, The Social Proxy is fast with over ninety percent rating. Only a few proxy providers can match this speed. We, therefore, tested The Social Proxy's connection rate and response rate using a speed test software by Ookla. This software shows the ping or latency used to download or upload content.

In this speed test, we conducted two experiments. The first trial was to use the internet without proxy, and the other test, we used The Social Proxy to browse. Our objective here was to compare the results of the two trials.

Typically, proxies slow internet transmission because they take time in rerouting the network to your residence or location. So, as per the table, you can download or upload large-sized files with less ping if you don't use proxies.

Considering that The Social Proxy is a mobile proxy, you should not be quick to misjudge it when you see its significant deviation from the results of the ‘without using proxy' test. One thing we appreciate with The Social Proxy is that it does not use a peer-to-peer network. In other words, its network is direct from its servers and not shared among peers, which otherwise would slow the connection rate.

For Data Scraping Performance

Data Scraping Performance for The Social Proxy

Average success rate on E-Commerce website – 87%

Data scraping is one of the core reasons for using proxies. So, how would The Social Proxy scrape shopping sites? We addressed this question when we tested The Social Proxy for Amazon, eBay,, Target, Best Buy and Aliexpress.

As from the table above, The Social Proxy performed well on all sites, and none of the shopping platforms performed below the 80% target. When it comes to threats posed by these shopping sites, we realized that The Social Proxy experienced fewer blocks, timeouts, and connection errors. For persistent Captchas requests, we bypassed them using Captcha remover.

Apart from scraping the shopping site's data, The Social Proxy enabled us to track orders anonymously, market our brands and unblock the limitation of buying specific products on those sites.

Notably, Amazon and eBay were our main concerns. We know it would be a hassle to scrape them, considering their strict anti-scraping policies. Even though using The Social Proxy was not a smooth ride, the proxy bypassed blocks, timeouts, and other errors.

In conclusion, we attribute the success of The Social Proxy to its advanced encryption system. Since The Social Proxy uses SSL and other encryption, it hid our online presence while scraping the net. Another reason why The Social Proxy performs well in scraping sites is that it supports scraping bots.

Test on Social websites

The Social Proxy on Social Media

Average success rate on Social Media – 90%

It is not a secret that The Social Proxy is the best proxy to use on social media- now wonder if it is called ‘Social' Proxy. The Social Proxy supports social media bots used for Social Media automation that helps in creating multiple accounts and remove Social Media's brand marketing.

Therefore, when we tried this proxy provider on social media sites, we knew that we would have a smooth ride. The Social Proxy, on its part, did not disappoint us. Notably, we were impressed with the performance of Instagram because The Social Proxy has automatic IP rotation and proxy management that enhances Instagram bots. Cases of Captchas, blocks, and timeouts were unheard of when using The Social Proxy for Instagram.

Still, we experienced almost similar results in sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch and reedit. For higher traffic sites like YouTube, Facebook and Twitch, The Social Proxy could take some period to download or upload a file, but that did not inconvenience quality video streaming.

Another aspect you would love with The Social Proxy is because it enables you to have multiple social media accounts. Thus, you are not restricted to having a few accounts, unlike how other proxy providers do.

Test on Sneaker sites

The Social Proxy on Sneaker Sites

Average success rate on Sneaker Sites – 82%

If you are considering a sneakerhead proxy that supports sneaker bots, then you can use The Social Proxy. On that note, we tested sites like, Adidas, supreme, Foot Locker, and Finish Line. The performance of The Social Proxy on these sites was remarkable, considering that sneaker sites are hard to scrape or make multiple shoe orders.

For Nike and Adidas, their performance was below average, but we expected it. These sites have a strict anti-scraping mechanism because they have limited sneaker editions that would not be adequate for millions of their customers.

When we started using The Social Proxy, there was an inconsistent connection between them. At one time, we would experience blocks, network errors, and timeouts, while at other times, the connection would become smooth. But in the long run, we managed to cop multiple sneaker editions.

What we observed in Social Proxies concerning sneaker sites is that you have to be patient. The sneaker sites may block your IPs initially, but the rotating IPs will resolve that challenge. Also, the presence of encrypted networks counts in copping multiple sneaker pairs anonymously.

The Social Proxy Customer Support

The Social Proxy Customer Support

You can contact The Social Proxy through their support ticket or an Email. When we thought there was a problem with setting IP change on their API platform, they were quick to fix the situation. So out of ten, we would give their customer response a rating of eight because they don't have live chat customer support.

The Editors Verdict

The Social Proxy is a proxy developed to deal with social media automation. Its technology is capable of fast scraping social media sites and making multiple accounts. We also love its secure network and its fast response rate. Moreover, its prices also match its quality.

  • Are The Social Proxy Proxies Good for Social Media?

Yes, they are compatible with all social media automation tools out there. Therefore, they enable one to manage multiple accounts, especially for Instagram.

  • Is The Social Proxy support the Sneaker site?

Their server can support sneaker bots but considering their high price; you may select cheaper ones.

  • Is The Social Proxy support scraping?

Yes, they support scraping bots that automatically harvest restricted website data.

The Social Proxy Alternatives

If you want another proxy with high speed and performs well in sneaker sites, scraping, and social media, you would choose Bright Data. If you want the USA proxy, you could use ProxyGuys, which is only found in the USA. If you feel The Social Proxy's pricing is out of hand, HydraProxy can be a great option as it costs around $7.95 and has a refund period of 3 days.

Last Updated on December 12, 2023

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