MyPrivateProxy Review

MyPrivateProxy Review

With this article, you will discover why many people regard MyPrivateProxy as the best datacenter proxy. You will also love its green campaign since MPP uses wind energy to power its servers.

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  • 21 US cities & 10 other locations
  • 30 days IP replacement
  • Three days refund policy
  • Support Sneaker Sites, Social Media Sites, Ticketmaster
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If security and speed count in your quest for datacenter proxies, you might want to consider MyPrivateProxy. Forget about residential proxy providers because MyPrivateProxy is suitable for scraping, social media sites, sneaker sites, SEO, and other functions. Other than that, there are other properties of MyPrivateProxy that we thought you should know. They include.

Myprivateproxy Location

MyPrivateProxy Pros and Cons

When we heard about the popularity of MyPrivateProxy, we were interested to know much about it. Therefore we did thorough research on MPP, and below are aspects we liked and what we did not like about MyPrivateProxy.

Why We Like it

  • Excellent speed: Due to MyPrivateProxy's Xeon servers, its fastness is commendable.
  • Security: The MPP system encrypts data through its HTTPS protocols. Also, it supports all authentication protocols.
  • Widely available servers: Servers cover 21 US cities and 10 other places like in Europe.
  • Multiple subnets: You can get up to twenty subnets that allow you to route network connection proficiently, and no worry about being blocked.
  • Easy to use panel: MPP features are straightforward and intuitive. Their registration is simple, and they guide you into choosing a proxy.
  • Resourceful help center: You can find their customer support through emailing and contact centers.

Why We Don't Like it

No free trials: You have to pay the company before conducting a test. however, they have a three-day refund if you are not satisfied with their services.

Not offer SOCKS protocols: Even though MPP's HTTPS protocol offers security, SOCKS protocol is more secure with advanced data encryption technology.

No geo-targeting: MyPrivateProxy does not let you choose or filter a specific city's location.

MyPrivateProxy Overview

Myprivateproxy Homepage Overview

In a nutshell, MyPrivateProxy has only datacenter proxies. For its pricing, they depend on the MPP's datacenter types. The MPP types include private servers, dedicated proxies, and shared ones.

The dedicated and private proxies are used by a solo user, while more than one person can use shared proxies.
Moreover, the datacenter proxies use HTTP and HTTPS protocols. They also allow IP authentication and username/password authentication.

MyPrivateProxy Specifications
Price Sample $2.49/Month IP Type Datacenter
Proxy Protocol HTTP(S) Price Charged Proxies
Jurisdiction Seychelles Authentication User Pass /IP Auth
IP replacement  30 days Refund policy 3 days

MyPrivateProxy IP Types

As they have said, MyPrivateProxy consists of Datacenters proxies. That means they are not tied to an ISP (Internet Server Provider), but they emanate from MPP's company stations or datacenter servers. These stations are primarily found in the USA and other European regions.

Myprivateproxy service

MyPrivateProxy has proxy types like shared, dedicated, and private proxy. For shared, you can use them with other people to connect to the same network.

There is a slight difference between a private proxy and a dedicated proxy in MPP. You use private proxies for general purposes, but the dedicated proxies target subjects like sneakers, PokemonGO and Ticketing. Therefore, if you wondered the difference between the dedicated and private proxy, hopefully, you can now relate.


MyPrivateProxy Pricing

As they have different proxy types in MyPrivateProxy, they also have different pricing on this proxy provider. The MPP packages depend on the proxy types, the number of proxies, subnets, and locations. If you are a starter and target private proxies, you can purchase the $2.49 package that one proxy and zero subnets. But you can go as high as 2000 proxies for 2500 dollars.

They have different values of sneakers, pokermonGo, and ticketing when it comes to a dedicated proxies. The pricing of these proxies also depends on the number of proxies, subnets, and locations. In other words, the more subnets or proxies you want to use, the higher the cost. For example, the sneaker site starts at $65 for 22 proxies and ends at $520 for 250 proxies.

Myprivateproxy Price

As the sneaker site, the pricing strategy applies to PockermonGO and Ticket values. PockermonGo seems cheaper than the rest, but that is not the case because it offers fewer proxies than Sneakers and Ticket packages.

Finally, MyPrivateProxy have the shared proxies that are a bit costly than the private proxy. Their prices start at fifty dollars for fifty proxies and end at $2500 for 4000 proxies. In-between the datacenter proxies, you will realize that some packages have custom plans. You can agree with MPP's customer care if you want to have a custom package.

MyPrivateProxy Authentication

When you buy a proxy package, the MPP system does not guarantee your package's security until you secure it with a password/username or an IP Authentication.

For password or username authentications, MyPrivateProxy will provide these details when you register. But there is a way you can change them. You can log in to your account and alter password or username as you prefer.

Myprivateproxy APi for Proxies

The second proxy authentication is IP authorization. MyPrivateProxy provides ten whitelisted IPs that enable you to connect automatically with the proxy server. This saves you the hassle of keying in some password or username details that you might easily forget.

There is also an MPP API for proxies that integrate most functions of API. These ease the manual tasks that are time-taking in MPP.

MyPrivateProxy  Protocols

MyPrivateProxy only has the HTTP and HTTPS protocol. HTTP protocols create a TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) tunneling to any website and allow data interchange. But HTTP is not enough to secure data. That prompts you to use an HTTPS protocol.

MyPrivateProxy uses HTTPS protocols to encrypt its data. The HTTPS has technologies like Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS). Also, HTTPS enables data caching and faster web connection.

Testing MyPrivateProxy

As most people dub MyPrivateProxy as the best datacenter proxy, we wanted to confirm whether what people think is true. Therefore we conducted a test on MyPrivateProxy concerning its performance in speed, sneaker sites, and social media platforms. Below are our results.

Tested for Speed test Social platform Sneaker sites
Rating 97/100 81/100 81/100

It is clear from the table that other servers cannot match the speed of MyPrivateProxy. We also love how the scraping of MPP in social platforms and sneaker sites. In our trial, our target was 80% rating, and we were happy that every sample reached that milestone.

If you wonder how these ratings came to be, below are the values for each of the three trial samples. For example, our first experiment was the speed test. Here is what we discovered.

Speed Test

MPP Private Proxy Ping (ms) Download (Mbps) Upload (Mbps)
MPP Proxy 1 23 57.38 82.16
MPP Proxy 2 17 143.22 18.16
MPP Proxy 3 8 40.42 158.37
MPP Proxy 4 56 39.43 34.59
MPP Proxy 5 41 40.76 139.28

Rating, 97%

Speed was the most impressive aspect we found in MyPrivateProxy. We started this trial with the lowest value of 2.49 dollars. At least this amount was fair and would not be a big loss if the test went downside. But the results were beyond our expectations. We even realized that the more you pay for a higher package, the greater the performance.

We did this experiment on five MPP Proxies samples. To test these samples, we used a stopwatch and the speed test software. The table above shows those results.

MPP proxy 3 was our best performing proxy because it used less ping to download or upload large files. In this sample, the connection was smooth and had higher request rates. There were also no disruptions like Captchas, connection errors, timeouts, and blocks.

On the negative side, MPP Proxy 4 used higher ping time to download or upload optimum-sized files. The response rate for that variable was slower, and the connection speed was inconsistent. Our assumption of that behaviour is that MPP Proxy 4 connected to websites found far from an MPP station. In other words, the nearness to an MPP station, the higher the connection speed.

We also tried the other four samples regarding their nearness to a proxy server. We, therefore, used to test their ping time from a specific location. The results showed that servers near an MPP hotspot displayed higher speed.

Another reason that makes MPP proxies fast is that they have XEON servers that produce a gigabyte speed. You can also multitask connections with these servers because of its 8GB Ram.

Test on Social Media

Myprivateproxy Test on social Media

Average success rate on E-commerce websites- 81%

The second test was the social media sites, where they performed well beyond our expectations. We used variables like connection errors, timeouts, Captchas, and blocks to get each social media site's percentages.

Overall, Facebook emerged as our number one because it had a smooth connection. There were few network disruptors like Captchas and timeouts. Facebook also had two to three connection errors and zero blocks. Another good thing with Facebook is that we would also scrape its data at ease and make multiple accounts under one name.

Similar results could be seen in Twitter, Instagram, and Reedit. But the more a site had more network disruptors, the more we deducted marks. However, our concern was for YouTube and Twitch because their scores were below average. In those sites, we used higher ping to download and upload videos. was even weaker when it came to the response rate.

The bottom line is that MyPrivateProxy is one of the best for scraping social media sites because of its speed and data encryption. If you are a marketer and want to sell your brand on social media, consider using MPP that hides your online visibility.

Test on Sneaker Sites

Myprivateproxy Test on sneaker site

Average success rate on Social Media – 81%

When it came to sneaker sites' trial, we purchased a sneaker site proxy found in the dedicated MPP platform. In this case, we wanted to find out how this proxy evaded the blocks and errors from sneaker sites. The results were good because none of the sneaker sites failed us bearing in mind that sneaker sites are the strictest sites to scrape.

We also examined how we can create multiple sneaker accounts and cop multiple sneaker pairs in the five sneaker platforms (as from the table). Even though there were few Captchas and errors in,, and Foot Locker, we scraped these sites smoothly. But we used internet errors remover and captcha resolver on those sites. was the only site that had more bottlenecks when scraping. But with the error removers and Captcha resolvers, the response rate of Nike was also high.

To sum it up, MyPrivateProxy is one of the best when it comes to sneaker performance. If you consider a higher package in these sneaker sites, you will have better results. Moreover, the presence of an advanced encryption like SSL in sneaker proxies enables you to browse anonymously.

MyPrivateProxy Customer Support

Myprivateproxy Customer Support

If you have an intriguing question about MPP services, you can contact the MPP help team through their email or contact button. They respond in a few minutes, but we do not like their live chat program. If you tap it, it doesn't bring results.

The Editors Verdict

In general, there are few residential or datacenter proxies that can match the blazing speed of MyPrivateProxy. The pricing and the proxy's easy-to-use panel are other exceptional qualities of MyPrivateProxy. Not to forget the security features of MPP, which hides your online visibility. Nevertheless, we would wish MyPrivateProxy to introduce SOCKS protocols because they enhance data security.

Editor's Rating

  • Is MyPrivateProxy Allow Torrents?

No, Since MPP does not support SOCKS protocol that favors peer-to-peer connection, you cannot achieve torrenting with MyPrivateProxy.

  • Is MyPrivateProxy Supports Sneaker Site?

Yes, because MPP has a sneaker site dedicated proxy that is fast and encrypted to scrape sneaker sites

  •  Is MyPrivateProxy Supports Social Media Sites?

Yes, their Private proxy is fast and secure to connect to social media sites.

  • Is MyPrivateProxy Support Ticketmaster?

Yes, they have a dedicated Ticketmaster with scraping technology and encryption that help you bypass ticketing hurdles. 

MyPrivateProxy Alternatives

When considering security, performance rate, and MPP speed, SquidProxies would be a good substitute for MPP. However, with the downside of this proxy provider having no SOCKS protocol, you could replace it with a Proxy-seller datacenter that supports SOCKS. Still, MyPrivateProxy does not allow more US Cities coverage as compared to SSLprivateproxy.

Last Updated on May 25, 2024

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