Best Adidas Proxies

7 Best Adidas Proxies in 2024

Would you love to grab some limited edition Yeezy sneakers? If so, then you may want to try some great Adidas proxies. They give you an upper hand in purchasing and make the process easier.

If you’ve ever attempted to buy a pair of Adidas Yeezy limited edition, then you must be familiar with how tedious and complex the process can be. The sneakers sell fast, and if you are lucky, you may only be able to get a handful of them. This is because many people want to grab a pair, so buying them enables you to resell and get a good profit out of it.

However, to increase your chances here, you may need to use proxies. It is the ideal way of ensuring you get as many pairs as possible.

Why Use Residential Proxies for Adidas?

Adidas has put in place strict measures that help prevent the use of bots in their website. For you to succeed in copping sneakers in Adidas, you need to have residential proxies. Proxy servers have to be both compatible and fast to beat competitors. It also has to have the Geo-targeting feature and support Adidas in all specified locations.

Top 6 Residential Proxies for Adidas

Adidas has a strict policy that allows you to only purchase one sneaker per account. To get around with limited editions, you need to use proxies. Here are some of the best Adidas proxies that will make copping easier and smoother.

1. Soax

Soax Homepage Overview

  • Geo-targeting: Country/ City/Region/ISP
  •  IP pool Size: Over 8.5M IPs
  •  Price Charged: Bandwidth and Port
  •  Cost: Starts at $75 monthly for 5GB with 300 ports

Soax is one of the best proxy providers for copping Yeezy and Adidas sneakers. Not only does it have a vast IP pool size, but it is also affordable and has fantastic features. It has a 99% uptime, which makes it a reliable source.

Soax has a fast SSL connection, making your order go through with no lag time and quick delivery. The good thing about Soax is that it allows free trials and offers up to 100 MBPS unmetered bandwidth!  It is super easy to use, with 24/7 live chat support.

2. Smart Proxies

Adidas Proxies in Smart Prtoxies

  • Geo-targeting: County/ City/ Region
  • IP pool Size: Over 40 million
  • Price Charged: Bandwidth
  • Cost: Start at $75 monthly for 5GB

If you need a proxy with no subnet bans and unlimited threads, you should consider Smart Proxies. They have a nice IP pool size of 40 million updated regularly to ensure that you are getting the best IPs. Smart Proxies has an SSL connection with a 99% uptime guarantee.

It is available in over 195 countries globally, and the price starts at as low as $75/ month. They have excellent customer support that answer's queries in minutes.

3. Proxy-Seller

Proxy-Seller static residential proxies

  • Geo-targeting: County
  • IP pool Size: Unknown
  • Price Charged: Proxy
  • Cost: Start at $3 per proxy monthly

While we have talked so much about the residential proxies for copping Adidas sneakers, we also need to include private proxies as an alternative. Residential is good and guarantees a high success rate, but their speed is down. Therefore, as an alternative, Proxy-Seller have you covered with the affordable and flexible private proxies plan for your Adidas coping experience.

This firm offers IPV4 and IPV6 proxies; their IPV4 is more effective on multiple sneaker coping stores. The Proxy-Seller has a dedicated Adidas proxy package for you. These proxies give you many features like unlimited bandwidth and concurrency connection, good geo-location targeting up to the country level, and guaranteed stability with monthly randomization.

As a bonus, the Proxy-Seller provides a static residential proxy package listed as a perfect option for sneaker coping even though their IP addresses are sourced from US and Europe.

Otherwise, you can use these proxies with any sneaker coping bot, as it gets you total anonymity due to their socks5 protocol support. Enjoy high speed, and bypass all the regional restrictions involving bans from the Adidas security algorithm while they automatically check out your much-needed product.

4. Storm Proxies

Storm Proxies Overview

  •  Geo-targeting: Country/ City/ Region
  •  IP pool Size: Over 200,000
  • Price Charged: Per Port
  • Cost: Starts at $50/ month with 5 ports

Storm proxies are one of the best residential proxy providers for Adidas and Yeezys. It offers unlimited bandwidth, IP addresses from over a dozen locations, and an SSL connection for secure browsing.  They also support HTTP, SOCKS, and HTTPS protocols that ensure you get the best connections.

Their dashboard has an easy interface with all the tools you need for speedy and easy copping. It also has a 99% uptime guarantee with no throttling and network failure. On top of that, you get a two-hour money-back guarantee for all their proxy plans. They also have premium 24/7 customer support which ensures all your queries are addressed on time.

5. Bright Data

brightdata rotating proxies

  • Geo-targeting: Country/ City/ ISP
  • IP pool Size: Over 72 million
  •  Price Charged: Bandwidth
  •  Cost: Starts at $300/ month for 20 GB

Bright Data is the best Adidas proxy provider. It boasts of having over 72 million unique and authentic IPs around the world. They also offer the best residential proxies with total anonymity plus a guaranteed 99.9 % uptime.

It comes with an extensive interface and a good response time. In addition, it is 100% compliant and patented with unlimited rotation for IPs. The epoxies have no boundaries enabling you to send an infinite number of concurrent requests.

It has servers spread in different locations across the world and provides credible IPs from renowned ISPs. The US alone has over 4.6 million rotating residential proxies enabling you to change your IP however you want.

6. Shifter

Shifter Residential Homepage overview

  •  Geo-targeting: Country
  • IP pool Size: Over 31 Million
  • Price Charged: Back-connects
  • Cost: Starts at $249.98 for 10 Back-connects

The Shifter is yet another fantastic residential proxy provider that you can use for Adidas and Yeezys sneaker websites. It supports HTTP, HTTPS, and Socks 4/5 protocols which give you a smooth purchase process. They also have an optimum uptime that ensures you stay connected at all times.

With Shifter, you get highly anonymous proxies with a rotational feature. They also come with unlimited bandwidth and an advanced control panel. Their prices are reasonable, plus their responsive 24/7 customer support service.

7. ProxyRack

Proxyrack Home Page

  • Geo-targeting: Country/ City/ ISP
  • IP pool Size: Over 2 million
  • Price Charged: Bandwidth
  • Cost: Starts at $49.95/month for 10 GB

ProxyRack is one of the biggest Adidas proxy providers, having served more than 3,000 happy customers worldwide. Their IPs have a 0% block rate and enable you to choose any location you want. They support HTTP(S) and SOCKS 4/ 4A/5 protocols. Their sticky port helps you keep the same IP or change it whenever you want.

They have a 3-day trial with their plans starting at $49.95 per month for 10 GB worth of data. Moreover, they have different payment methods, including PayPal and cards.


1. How Many Proxies Do You Need?

The number of proxies you need depends on what you want to do. For most copping activities, 100-200 proxies should suffice. If you are planning a giant camp, then 300-500 is enough. If you want to cop about ten limited releases, you need to have ten different Adidas sneaker IPs.

2. Should I Use Adidas Proxy with a Bot?

It is important to choose a tool based on its specific feature. There are bots with proxies and without proxies, and so on. You should use a proxy, a more diminutive bot, in most cases because it's faster and more efficient.  Another advantage of using a proxy more diminutive bot is that it can work in any browser and fetches results from multiple bots at once for efficiency.

3. Is Adidas Proxy Illegal?

Using an Adidas proxy is not illegal. However, the source of traffic and IP could be from a different location than you are spoofing. For you not to be caught up in legal issues, make sure to use proxies that have SSL encryption above 600+ in their rating.  This will make it difficult for investigators to unmask your identity and trace the activities back to you


If you want to save money and time, then using Adidas proxies is the best way. With legit Adidas proxies, it will make copping activities faster and reduce anxiety if something goes wrong. The best part about using Adidas proxies is that it allows you to cop multiple sneakers.

Last Updated on December 12, 2023

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