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Top 10 Free Proxy List in 2024: Effective & Fast!

If you need your privacy while browsing the internet and want to keep your data safe from hackers, but are a little bit strained on your budget, you could try some of these free proxy lists. Here is the listing of the top 10 free proxies!

Most free proxy sites provide limited services; they often have fewer servers you could use and the servers, due to congestion, often lead to low internet speeds. Free proxy servers also don't rotate IP addresses as frequently compared to premium sites, which can be inconvenient, especially if you value your privacy.

If you don't have a considerable budget for proxy services or if you need essential services such as changing your IP address to get access to restricted sites, then you'll be better off using free proxies. Below are the top 10 free proxy lists.


  • ISP/HOST info: No
  • Speed/Ping test: Yes
  • Export Option: For paid user – cost $24/year proxy list has a highly configurable user interface, which makes it very easy to use. It also collects minimal data during sign up and keeps very minimal log data. When you use the internet through the proxy, any recorded data is erased every few hours, keeping your internet activity anonymous.

However, has a few issues. After all, no free proxy provider is perfect. The proxy doesn't quite deliver on its streaming capabilities and geo-restrictions. would not be recommended if streaming is your priority. has servers in 100 countries, which is average, making it less efficient compared to most other proxy service providers. Also, after trying it out, the service could only unblock streaming for YouTube and Hulu even though it listed BBC’s iplayer as an accessible service.


  • ISP/HOST info: No
  • Speed/Ping test: Yes
  • Export Option: No support

Spys dot One Home Page has a database with thousands of servers from 171 countries around the globe. The database is separated into subcategories. These subcategories make it easier for users to narrow down the type of proxies they are searching for, with each category is rated for uptime speed and latency.

Most proxies in the database are either dead or have high latency but low speeds. However, the proxies indicate a check date, the last time the server was checked for being live. You should exercise caution when using this database if you want the safest anonymous live proxy server.


  • ISP/HOST info: Yes
  • Speed/Ping test: Yes
  • Export Option: No support

Free Proxy dot CZ Home Page has over 17000 free proxies sorted out by the city, region, and port. Its user interface is easy to use, and it has elite anonymity levels compared to other providers. However, there hasn't been much maintenance to the user interface, which has left it with a 2000's feel.

Connecting to these proxies does not always guarantee safety since no security measures have been put into place to protect your proxy scraping activities. The proxies are also not always guaranteed to be online, which may be inconvenient, especially if you need reliable services like those offered by premium proxy providers.

4. Proxynova

  • ISP/HOST info: No
  • Speed/Ping test: Yes
  • Export Option: Not supported.

Proxynova proxy list

ProxyNova has its good points since it has regularly checked addresses at the top to make it more convenient for users. Unlike most other proxy providers, ProxyNova does not refresh its proxy servers.

The servers are refreshed manually by each user whenever they need to, which is reliable, especially if you want to keep working with a server that you have found to be reliable. However, ProxyNova has some drawbacks. The lists provided can only be sorted out by country or anonymity, making it hard for users who may want to choose their servers based on cities.

The other problem is that ProxyNova has transparent proxies, which means that most of the proxies provided reveal themselves as proxies. This, in a way, defeats the purpose of using proxies in the first place. It’s also harder for the users to know how big their pool of servers also really is.

5. Premproxy

  • ISP/HOST info: Yes
  • Speed/Ping test: No
  •  Export Option: $3.43 for 30 days access

Premproxy proxy list

Premproxy lists its servers by country, city, and anonymity, making it easier for its users to sort out the type of proxy they need to use. Premproxy also has high anonymous proxies that hide your IP address and keep your activity anonymous when using the internet.

The list of servers provided by Premproxy is a little bit shorter than other proxy providers, which is limiting. A proxy provider should ensure that they have enough servers to ensure that they can serve a wide majority of users efficiently.

6. Hidester

  • ISP/HOST info: No
  • Speed/Ping test: Yes
  • Export Option: $24.90 for 6 months subscription

Hidester proxy list

Hidester proxy has a list of 1646 proxies in the database, which is unfortunately low compared to other proxy providers. However, the servers can be sorted out not by the city but by country, making it a little bit unreliable as a free service.

Hidester VPN has good encryption protocols, but with only 45 servers spread across 41 countries, their services can become slightly slow, especially with the increase in the number of users relying on their services. You should probably wait till they do some upgrades on their services.


  • ISP/HOST info: No
  • Speed/Ping test: Yes
  • Export Option: Has a save as text option proxy list

Just as the name suggests, OpenProxy may not be reliable since it can be used for malicious intentions. As a user, you are given a disclaimer explicitly removing any liability from open proxy in case of harm that comes to you or your information.

Apart from that, the website's proxies are not reliable since they are not updated or maintained regularly. Proxies you can use are the few that are close to the top of the list, and the further down the list you go, the more unreliable they become. You may find some that don't even work at all.

If you feel like you have a better chance with other free web proxies, you should take a hard left with this proxy provider.

8. Proxyscrape

  • ISP/HOST info: No
  • Speed/Ping test: Yes
  • Export Option: Has a download and share option

Proxy Scrape Home Image

Proxyscrape provides proxies, sorting them out by country, SSL, and anonymity. However, choosing the right country may be a little hard for some users since they have the countries written with two initials. Proxies provided by ProxyScrape are encrypted, which keeps information secure for premium members.

Another downside to using Proxyscrape is that their prices are not really competitive if you wanted to update to a premium account. However, if you want more services than just hiding your IP address and don't really feel like investing in Proxyscrape, it would be best for you to try some other provider.

9. ProxyDB

  • ISP/HOST info: Yes
  • Speed/Ping test: Yes
  • Export Option: For paid user only – cost €10

ProxyDB Overview



ProxyDB is a proxy provider that has a list of proxies for different countries. One problem with proxy DB is that it has fewer servers compared to most other providers. However, the protocols put in place ensure that your data remains safe and secure.

ProxyDB has more than 9 thousand proxies that offer elite data security, making it a little bit dedicated, but that's just about it. The web proxy offers no other alternatives if one wants to upgrade, and there are no dedicated servers, and those that are there are not updated regularly enough.

10. IDCloak (Closed!)

  • ISP/HOST info: Yes
  • Speed/Ping test: Yes
  • Export Option: Not supported

ID Clock Proxy Home Image


Idcloak has an easy-to-use VPN service, especially for beginners, and it’s rated to be very secure with very minimal VPN issues. However, like most other proxy service providers on this list, it has a few drawbacks.

Although Idcloak offers a free account, users get very low bandwidths to work with. The free account, most often, works well within the first day. The service also requires you to submit personal information during your registration, which beats the purpose.

If you plan to use this service for streaming purposes, it won't be quite as beneficial for you, and you'll be better off trying other services.


Most proxy sites listed here are not the most reliable sites for professional services. However, if you are just starting and you need a few sites with which you can learn more about the free proxy list site and how they work, have a go at it; if you have enough money, though, you could upgrade your membership or look for the best fitting proxy out there.

Last Updated on December 28, 2023

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