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10 Best Proxy Switcher Extensions for Chrome &  Firefox

Are you searching for a reliable proxy setting extension for your browser? Read our article to discover the best picks on the market. Each has a unique feature that makes them relevant.

Online maintenance of proxies is important. However, setting up proxies is sometimes tiresome. It isn't easy, especially when you want to keep switching consistently. Going through switching steps seems repetitive and boring.

It ends up taking more time and effort than you might expect. However, with the help of a proxy switcher extension, the process becomes hitch-free and easy. You will get work done with only a few clicks.

There are various proxy extensions on the market right now, but not all are reliable. Therefore, we have collected the best proxy switchers that are effective without malicious links. Each of these proxy switchers you can download from the Chrome website store. They are perfect and tested for user experience.

What is a Proxy Switcher

Other than rotating proxies, changing proxies manually is tiresome. This is where a proxy switcher comes in. Therefore, the proxy switcher is a proxy management tool you can use as a Chrome extension. It is a vital tool because it reduces manual work and saves time using proxies to remain anonymous online. Proxy switchers also have a simple user interface and effectively rotate your proxies with minimal clicks.  In addition, some of them support the use of PAC proxies.

Best Chrome &  Firefox Proxy Switcher

1. Proxy SwitchyOmega

Proxy SwitchyOmega

This is open-source software with excellent extensions supporting Chrome and Firefox. It enables users to switch between multiple proxies and servers quickly and efficiently. You do not need to undergo the whole setup process manually. The tool handles all the proxies at the same time. You can download the extension on your pc.

Many people have used it, and the reviews show that it has made the swapping process easy. This is because Proxy SwitchyOmega comes with an auto switch which is an advanced feature. Thus you can visit a particular website using separate proxies.

However, the case becomes different, and the software fails when using a shared proxy. This software does not display any connection problems. You only have to list the proxies and then swap between them as you surf using a pop-up button.

2. Proxy Switcher

Proxy Switcher lynn

Proxy Switcher is another management tool you can rely on when switching numerous proxies. This is more efficient than doing the task manually. The extension software is simple and supports Firefox, explore, opera mini, and Chrome browsers. You quickly change the proxies from its toolbar.

Again, this tool guards your online privacy by ensuring you stay anonymous on the internet. No need to go to the lengthy setting procedure. Add proxies and let it work for you with only a click. Another critical feature of Proxy Switcher is its compatibility with PAC proxies. You can use this tool to unblock restricted sites, automatically rotate your proxies, and Hide IP addresses.

In addition, you can also unlock servers protected by a password when using Proxy Switcher. It can also check multiple countries' search results and support elite servers. User Proxy Switcher for your anonymous browsing needs and evade all restrictions.

3. BP Proxy Switcher

BP Proxy Switcher

BP Proxy Switcher is a Chrome extension software offered by Buyproxies. Buyproxies is a famous private proxy provider on the market. Its extension allows customers to add their premium proxies. This can be achieved by copying from a clipboard or URL. After uploading, you can switch the proxies with a few clicks of the button. BP Proxy Switcher also has auto-rotation features that allow users to rotate their IP addresses every 60 seconds. The good news is that this software displays the country of each proxy on the list. In addition, before switching between the proxies, the tool offers you an option to delete the catches.

Unfortunately, the extension does not separate the proxy on each tab. So one proxy works for the whole tabs on your Chrome. Otherwise, the tool is excellent and has received good customer reviews. Meaning their clients are satisfied.

4. Proxy SwitchySharp

Proxy SwitchySharp

Proxy SwitchySharp is a Chrome extension with over 400k users. It enables customers to manage their proxies faster and efficiently switch between them. You do not need to swap your proxies manually when using this software. Instead, go to its advanced setting and let it work for you. The software is based on 2 things, the SwitchyPlus and Proxy Switchy. It also offers users an option to import and export data. This is where you can use import to integrate your proxy list.

When you download Proxy SwitchySharp, it adds an access button on your Chrome browser toolbar. You can use this feature to swap your proxies while accessing a website. While it's popular, the developers are no longer maintaining it actively. But it comes with more advanced features like event handling that is efficient and accurate in monitoring proxies.

5. FoxyProxy

FoxyProxy chrome


FoxyProxy is a popular browser extension that supports Firefox and Chrome. It offers advanced features when it comes to managing proxy capabilities. It has advanced but straightforward configurations. It automatic proxy swapping across different servers based on the URL pattern. Say no more to the manual editing of connections.

The switching depends on the rules you define and uploading URL. It has a popular proxy management tool known as GeoShift. This feature enables you to swap up to between 100 countries and browse the internet from different regions around the globe. This is a free extension and easy to use.

To successfully use GeoShift, you need to create a FoxyProxy account. Firefox add-ons are more popular than Chrome extensions. FoxyProxy also has custom colors making it easy to separate the proxy in use, and its advanced logging indicates when the proxies were used.

It also has an optional feature to synchronize proxy settings. And above all, you can also import and export its patterns while sharing them with others. Currently, the Firefox add-ons are also compatible with android.

6. Proxy Switcher and Manager

Proxy Switcher and Manager

Proxy Switcher and Manager works as a proxy switcher and proxy manager tool. Besides helping manage proxies, you can also use it to switch between multiple proxies using its simple UI dashboard. It supports SOCKS, PAC, and direct proxy types with the profiles. This software gives you the power to manage proxy on the browser.

They claim that this tool effectively configures your browser to use a proxy server even without interfering with your OS network. The icon indicates the type of proxy you are using on a browser on the toolbar. For instance, No proxy mode(direct) auto-detect mode, manual (socks/HTTPS), as well as PAC script mode.

This tool is designed to operate while the panel is closed. What differentiates it from other software is that it can offer you a free proxy whenever you want. But note that free proxies are slow and come with negative consequences. Also, note that the badge text shows the quantity of failed resources when you press the error log on the panel.

7. Smartproxy Proxy Changer

Smartproxy Proxy Changer

Smartproxy Proxy Changer is another Chrome and Firefox extension perfect for swapping between different proxies. You can even use it to enable and disable a website proxy immediately you identify the configuration and pattern.

Over 10k users have downloaded the software. Download and customize according to your desire. It will automatically work without you manually doing the task. This software is perfect because it does not track you and display ads. It also supports a proxy API when you subscribe to a premium package.

One of the advanced settings of this software is that it offers data restore and backup setting options and rules.

8. Oxylabs Proxy Extension

Oxylabs Proxy Extension

I really enjoy Oxylabs, and one of the features they offer is a proxy manager. It's really convenient because you can use it with any proxy you have. You will love that you can add multiple proxy profiles and easily switch between them. The user interface is also very intuitive, so it didn't take you long to figure out how to use it.

One useful feature of Oxy Proxy Manager is the ability to lock a single IP address for a longer session to avoid getting banned. It also offers both HTTP(S) and SOCKS protocols, which is great because sometimes users need to use a different protocol depending on the situation.

There's even a bonus feature for Oxylabs clients. With the proxy manager, you can change residential sessions without having to edit your username. This saves a lot of time because you don't have to worry about clearing the cache or using incognito mode.

But there is a potential disadvantage of the Oxylabs Proxy Extension, which is that it is only compatible with Chrome-based browsers. This means that it cannot be used with other types of browsers such as Firefox or Safari. This limitation may be inconvenient for users who prefer to use a different browser or who need to use the extension on multiple devices with different types of browsers.

9. IPRoyal Proxy Manager


Next, we will discuss the tool that IPRoyal has for managing their outstanding proxies. With their help, you can look forward to an excellent proxy performance.

IPRoyal Proxy Manager is an excellent tool for managing multiple proxies. It allows you to add as many profiles as you need and is not limited to IPRoyal proxies alone. The built-in import feature makes it easy to bring in multiple proxies in just a few seconds.

One of the best features of IPRoyal Proxy Manager is its ease of use when switching between proxies. With just one click, you can switch from one proxy to another, making it convenient and effortless. You can also create a bypass list of websites that you don't want to access through the proxy, and the proxy manager will allow you to access them directly through your regular IP address.

In addition to its practical features, IPRoyal Proxy Manager has a modern and user-friendly design. It is compatible with both Firefox and Chrome, giving you maximum flexibility.

10. Proxybonanza Proxy Manager

Proxybonanza Proxy Manager

Proxybonanza is a proxy provider, and they also have a proxy management tool. While it may be a bit outdated, with the latest version from a few years ago, I still think it's a good choice for people who want to manage their proxies through a browser.

The Proxybonanza Proxy Manager is available for use on three different types of web browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera. The availability of the tool on multiple browsers provides flexibility for users who may prefer to use a specific browser or who need to use the tool on multiple devices with different types of browsers.

Another useful feature of the proxy manager is the option to set it up to automatically fill in your usernames and passwords. This is kind of like a password manager as well. The best part is that it has a built-in proxy tester, so you don't have to manually check the proxies to see which ones are working and which ones need to be replaced.

While there may be other proxy managers that offer more features, the Proxybonanza Proxy Manager still provides the essentials. You can add an unlimited number of proxies, so you have a lot of flexibility. Each proxy also has a country flag next to it in the list, which makes it easier to see where they are located.


It is vital to protect your online privacy. However, it is hard to switch between multiple proxies while surfing online manually. Therefore, the proxy switcher and manager mentioned above differ slightly but offer similar services.

Download and enjoy these Chrome and Firefox extensions for easy and excellent proxy management and swapping. They come at a free cost, but you can subscribe to enjoy advanced setting features. Use them to simplify the tiresome proxy management and changing procedure on your browser.

Last Updated on December 12, 2023

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