Proxy-seller Review

Proxy-Seller Review

Proxy-Seller is one of the affordable providers you can get all of your proxy needs met from private IPv4 and IPv6 proxies to residential proxies, ISP proxies, and mobile proxies.

Proxy Seller Logo overview

  • Over 200 countries supported for residential proxies and 50+ for datacenter proxies
  • 15 million IPs in their residential proxy network
  • Offer Cites/Countries/Region (state) Geo-targeting
  • High performance in terms of speed and response time
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The need for proxies is on the rise — and this will continue with the increase in content targeting, geofencing, and tracking of users online. One of the providers that can be said to meet this demand is the Proxy-Seller service, which I have known from when it started as a little unknown provider with just datacenter proxies. This provider has now grown into a provider that can meet all of your proxy needs. You can get all kinds of proxies from them. While they are known because of their private proxies (IPv4 and IPv6), this provider is also a good player when it comes to offering mobile and ISP proxies.

It has recently also introduced a residential proxy service with over 200 countries supported and over 15 million IP addresses in the pool. Also, while they offer a mobile proxy network, you do not have to use their own, they do have a service to help you set up a dedicated mobile proxy network with either your own equipment or theirs shipped to you — you can read about the mobile proxy set up guide here.

Proxy-Seller Pros and Cons

When we heard about Proxy-seller, we bought it and used it for seven days. We liked the following factors about Proxy-seller, and still there were issues we did not like about it. So, read the section below to know the pros and cons of Proxy-Seller.

Why We Like it

  • Supports SOCKS protocol: Proxy seller is one of the few datacenter proxies that offers a secure SOCKS protocol.
  • It provides IPv4 and IPv6: Most significantly, Proxy-seller is among the few proxy providers offering IPv6 protocols that provides an easy and efficient routing.
  • Has flexible rental periods: Proxy-seller gives a flexible time regarding when to use the proxy. That time can be one week, two weeks, or even a year.
  • Multiple IP subnets: It has multiple subnets where websites find it hard to track and block you.
  • Has multiple servers in Europe, Asia, and the USA
  • Affordable pricing with discounts when you buy in bulky

Why We Don't Like it

No free trial: But has a 24 hours refund program.

Not compatible with many sites: After they launched mobile proxies, these problems have been resolved.

Proxy-Seller Overview

Proxy-Seller proxy homepage

Overall, Proxy-seller offers private, static residential proxies, and mobile proxies. Its proxies include IPv4 and IPv6. Proxy-seller also accepts SOCKS5 and HTTPS protocol. When it comes to authentication, Proxy-seller accepts both Password/Username and IP authentications.

Proxy-seller Specifications
Price Sample Start from $2.14/1 Proxy, $10/GB, $3/month or $40/month IP Type Private/Residential/ISP/Mobile
Proxy Protocol HTTP(S) + Socks5 Refund policy 24 hours
Jurisdiction Cyprus Authentication User Pass /IP Auth

Proxy-Seller IP Types

Proxy-seller is a private proxy provider. You can use these proxies for general use. Proxy-seller also has dedicated proxies for social media, google, Amazon, sneakers sites, and countless others.

The datacenter IPs are either in IPv4 and IPv6. IPv6 is a new wave that is replacing the typical IPv4 protocols. IPv6 has an efficient routing of the network and enhances data security. IPv6 protocols also enable multicasting and not broadcasting of internet packets. In other words, it allows data connection to multiple destinations and not a single one.

Proxy-seller also has residential proxies, called ISP proxies. Their feature allows users to access proxy servers located in multiple countries, including the Netherlands, Poland, and the USA. This is ideal for users who prioritize both speed and IP quality.

Lastly, Proxy-seller has mobile proxies, which are used in USA, England, France, Germany, and 11 other countries. They are reasonably priced and with unlimited data.

Proxy-Seller Pricing

Datacenter proxies

The pricing of Proxy-seller proxies is a bit different from other data center proxies because they are fixed depending on the country you choose. Since these servers are found in multiple countries, there is a chart in Proxy-seller that shows the pricing of different countries.

Secondly, the number of proxies influences the Proxy-seller package. For example, a Proxy-seller may cost 0.67 USD per proxy. That means the price will increase per the number of proxies.

Proxy Seller pricing overview

You will also have to choose whether you want IPv4 or IPv6 packages in proxy-seller websites. Generally, the IPv4 is more expensive than the IPv6 in proxy-sellers because the least price of IPv4 for the United States is $0.87 (1 pcs) and IPv6 is $0.67 (5 pcs).

Another factor that influences Proxy-Seller pricing is the rental period. A rental period is a limited time for you to use the Proxy-seller. The lowest rental period is a week, and the highest is a year. But by choosing a yearly plan, you may save up to 12%of the gross price.

Other packages include dedicated proxies for specific sites on sneakers, google, social media, and many others. The good thing with these plans is that their price is fixed. In other words, the price formulae of a sneaker site are similar to that of a social media or Amazon.

Residential Proxies

Proxy-Seller Residential Proxies Price

The residential proxy of Proxy-Seller features a pool with over 15 million IP addresses sourced via P2P networks from over 200 locations across the globe. They are great for web scraping and other kinds of botting as they rotate IPs and route your requests via the devices of real Internet users to avoid getting detected. Pricing is based on number of bandwidth and starts from $10 per GB for their pay-as-you-go option. If you purchase more IPs, the cost per GB becomes cheaper. Take, for example, if you go for their 3GB plan for $21, the price per GB is $7.

ISP Proxies

Proxy-seller ISP Proxies

There are several benefits to using Proxy-seller's ISP proxies. First, they are often more reliable than other types of proxies since reputable ISPs provide them with high-quality infrastructure. Additionally, they may provide faster internet speeds and lower latency since they are connected directly to the ISP's network. Finally, they are cost-effective; for example, a USA ISP proxy only costs $3 per month.


Mobile Proxies

Proxy-seller mobile proxies price

This is their new proxy type and is supported UK, USA, Italy, France, etc, which is great for mobile proxy providers. The pricing method is simple and clear. Charge by month, different countries with different prices, but very reasonable. Importantly, the IP also automatically rotates every five minutes and has unlimited traffic.

Such price and performance make it stand out among many mobile proxy providers, and become the leader of the new generation.

Proxy-Seller Authentication

Thanks to the username our password authentication, your account is discrete and secure. When you register with Proxy-Seller, you are provided with two options in the order form. That is the IP Authentication and Username/Password authorization.

All you have to do is enter your preferred username and password, and the Proxy-seller's system updates that data. So, you will not have to repeat the logins because you will be connected to websites automatically.

That is the same case with the IP authorization. Proxy-seller gives three IPs to whitelist. Mostly, these IPs are from ISP servers. After you authenticate them, the system will automatically sense the whitelisted IPs, and no need to key them again.

Proxy-Seller Protocols

Another secure channel in Proxy-seller is the use of HTTP(S) and SOCKS5. Therefore, a proxy-seller has a network that is compatible with websites having HTTPS and SOCKS. Most significantly, the HTTPS nodes are faster with an encrypted transmission route.

To add more security to your data, Proxy-seller has SOCKS5 protocol. SOCKS5 is a light protocol that easily carries data. That means it enables fast transmission. This protocol also enables intelligent routing and data subnets. Even with higher traffic downloads or videos, the SOCKS5 protocol supports them.

Testing Proxy-Seller

If you want to understand Proxy-seller performance in detail, it is good to test it before the 24 hours refund lapse. If you are incapable of testing this server, you can read our expert test results in the table below.

Tested for Speed test Social platform Sneaker sites
Rating 85/100 74/100 72/100

Our experiment for Proxy-Seller involved a trial for speed, social platform, and sneaker sites. We can say that the results were average considering that few datacenter proxies perform like Proxy-seller. For example, the speed of the proxy-seller passed our target 80% mark.

For more details concerning the statistics in the table above, please read the section below that shows how individual samples performed. Therefore, our first trial was the speed test.

Speed Test

Proxy-seller Dedicated Proxy Ping (Ms) Download (Mbps) Upload (Mbps)
Proxy-seller Proxy 1 20 35.21 21.63
Proxy-seller Proxy 2 42 5.63 10.82
Proxy-seller Proxy 3 18 36.45 10.17
Proxy-seller Proxy 4 53 20.15 17.69
Proxy-seller Proxy 5 48 22.43 25.36

Rating, 85%

To confirm the speed of proxy-seller, we experimented it with five samples. We used variables like ping, download, and upload sizes. Here, we wanted to find out which among the five samples would use less ping to download or upload some files.

Typically, we loved the results of samples one and three because we could download or upload content in a few seconds. In these sites, we experienced a smooth connection even though few disruptions came from timeouts, Captchas, and network errors.

We also observed that some samples could lag over time when faced with network disruptions. But we had a remedy for that when we used anti-Captchas and an error remover software. These programs would remove these network faults and enable a smooth internet connection.

Another thing we realized about Proxy-sellers' speed is that it was influenced by the location of servers. If you used sites like, you would discover that if you connect to websites far from internet servers, they may lag in speed and vice versa.

Test on Social Websites

Proxy Seller on social website

Average success rate on Social Media – 74%

As Proxy-seller has social media proxies for Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, we expected incredible results. But there was an inconsistent connection in those sites which were hampered by some errors and blocks. For example, in YouTube, we experienced multiple errors and Captchas when we scraped YouTube's data, or opened multiple channels.

That was the same case with Facebook and Instagram, especially when we tried to send spam messages on those sites. But what we loved in those platforms is their fast connection and security. To confirm if Proxy-seller hides our IP, we used Grabify or IP Logger to track our online presence. Fortunately, we discovered that Proxy-seller managed to hide our addresses as we only tracked its IPs.

For the other social media sites with no dedicated proxies, we used Proxy-seller's general proxies. Hence, we used the IPv4 plan that has ten pieces. The connections on these sites were smooth at first, but they lagged as we went on.

When we tested sites like Reedit and Twitter, they blocked us after some usage time. Therefore, we would stop that connection immediately and try later. Later, we came back with an improved package that had multiple subnets and proxies. We kept on pushing on with that improved package until we had successfully connected to those sites.

In our conclusions, Proxy-seller lagged in Social Media performance because of its strict anti-spam policy. However, considering Proxy-seller speed, area coverage, and security, you cannot ignore its significance when using social media sites.

Test on Sneaker Sites

Proxy Seller on Sneaker site

Average success rate on Sneaker Sites – 72%

Our other priority was to scrape the sneaker sites. Unless you use sites like Proxy-seller, it is hard to find datacenter proxies that work with sneaker bots. Therefore, even the 72% sneaker’s rating score shows promising performance on most sneaker sites.

In this trial, we used sneaker proxies provided by Proxy-seller. We examined five sneaker sites and found the percentage ratings as indicated in the table above. With the proxy connection, we observed a Smooth flow on the sneaker sites. Even though this connection was not super-fast, its average speed is convenient for sneaker bots.

We also tested the IPv6 proxy on sneakers sites and realized that it offers a faster network on these sites. The IPv6 platform has intelligent routing of data packets that evade sneaker platform’s blocks and hurdles.

Notably, we never thought we would succeed in access sites like Adidas, Nike, and Supreme. These are the most popular sites with strict rules. Even though we experienced frequent blocks and errors, we would still cop multiple pairs in such sites.

To sum it up, we attribute the presence of an advanced encryption system in Proxy-seller. The presence of IPv6 and SOCKS5 protocols enhances data encryption. If you encrypt your browsing on sneaker sites, there is less probability that they will block you.

Proxy-Seller Customer Support

Proxy Seller Customer Support

If you have a question with Proxy-seller's services, you may consult their support team. For instance, you can contact the live chat assistant who often pop out as you interact with the website. He or she responds in minutes whenever you have a query.

If the live chat is inactive, you may choose to contact the proxy-seller team on their support ticket. There are also some social media hurdles like Facebook's massager where you can contact them.

The Editors Verdict

If you are looking for one of the unique proxy providers, then you have Proxy-seller at your grasp. Proxy-seller is unique because it is one of the few servers that have IPV6 and SOCKS5 protocols. It also has mobile proxies in 15 countries as well as ISP proxies in the Netherlands, Poland, and USA. Not to forget, you can find this proxy in most European countries, the USA, and popular cities.

  • Is Proxy-seller Supports Sneaker Site?

Yes, because it supports sneaker’s cop bots but not the best due to its anti-spam policy.

  • Is Proxy-seller Supports Social Media Sites?

Yes, because it has specified proxies for sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

  • Is Proxy-seller Supports Classified ads?

Yes, because it supports classified ads proxies.

Proxy-seller Alternatives

In terms of security, SSLprivateproxy has advanced encryption as Proxy-seller. If you are looking for a proxy site that offers multiple subnets like Proxy-seller, you might consider SquidProxies. But overall, if you want the fastest proxy network with higher performance, MyPrivateProxy would be the right choice.

Last Updated on December 7, 2023

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