Instant Proxies Review

InstantProxies Review

Just like its name, Instantproxies is one of the fastest responsive servers. It is also the cheapest among popular private providers, and focused on private proxy packages.

Instant Proxies Logo Overview

  • 30 days IP replacement
  • 7 days refund policy
  • Support Sneaker Sites, Social Media Sites, Ticketmaster
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What do you need a proxy for? Do you need a proxy that has bots for making orders in limited sneakers pairs? Or you need a proxy that monitors and automates sales leads and campaigns on social media sites? If you are looking for a proxy provider with such operations, Instantproxies could be your answer. Among other elements that you might like with Instantproxies, they include.

Instant Proxies Location

InstantProxies Pros and Cons

In our exploit about Instantproxies, there are elements we like about this server and others we don’t like about Instantproxies. Do you, therefore, wish to know them? If that is the case, please read the section below.

Why We Like it

  • It has dedicated proxies: These are proxies that support specific interests like scraping Amazon sites, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, or Sneaker sites.
  • Affordable price: The price is charged per number of proxies, with the least amount being ten dollars on ten proxies.
  • Unlimited bandwidth: Since Instantproxies do not charge per bandwidth, then they offer limited bandwidth.
  • Offers a seven-day refund policy: As most proxy providers offer three days or less refund policy, the 7 days period gives you ample time to test the server.
  • The website provides a test: Even though Instantproxies do not give you a free trial for your home use, Instantproxies enables you to examine its performance on its websites.
  • Monthly IP Refresh: Instantproxies refresh your IP per month even though they are static. So, if your initial IP is blocked, it can be changed to new IP to keep you going.
  • Professional customer support: Instantproxies have an interactive and knowledgeable support team that solves all of your queries. You can contact such a team through live chats and support tickets.

Why We Don't Like it

It does not disclose a specific location: The company states that it has datacenters in the USA and Europe. However, Instantproxies does not mention the particular areas it covers.

Do not support SMPT Emailing: SMPT emailing is one of the most effective coding software in Emails, and Instantproxies does not support this software.

No username or password authentication: Do not support username/password authentication, which is suitable if you constantly change IPs.

InstantProxies Overview

Instant Proxies Homepage Overview

In general, Instantproxies is a type of datacenter proxy. Although they have general datacenter proxies, Instantproxies is famous for its specified proxies like Facebook or sneaker proxies. When it comes to the security of your proxy coverage, Instantproxies uses HTTPS protocol and IP authentication.

InstantProxies Specifications
Price Sample 10 Proxies – $10 IP Type Datacenter
Proxy Protocol HTTP(S) Price Charged Proxies
Jurisdiction USA Authentication IP Auth
IP replacement  30 days Refund policy 7 days

InstantProxies IP Types

Instantproxies is a form of datacenter proxies where their proxy network emanates from different servers. As we have shared and private proxies in most datacenter proxies, we only have private proxies in Instantproxies.

Primarily, you can use the private proxies as a general proxy coverage for a website browsing or use it on specific sites. Whether you are a geek, a student, or you need web scraping, you may benefit from Instantproxies' general browsing proxies. Here, you can use Instantproxies to scrape billions of data and access limited local or scientific content.

Type of of Proxies In Instant Proxies

Secondly, the dedicated proxies specialize in specific genres like social media, sneaker sites, Amazon or SEO. In other words, Instantproxies supports bots used to scrape and unblock restricted information on such genres. Therefore, if you are a trader and wish to sell your brand, you may consider proxies like Facebook proxies, craigslist proxies, SEO, or Sneaker proxies.

InstantProxies Pricing

Instantproxies offer one of the cheapest proxies. For example, the least proxy price may start at ten dollars for ten proxies, and the price can go up to 500 proxies for $500. If you look at the trend on Instantproxieshere , you will realize the coefficient of its pricing is one proxy for one dollar, which is a lower price in general.

Instant Proxies Pricing Overview

If you have realized by now, Instantproxies charges its proxies by the number of proxies. Therefore, the higher the number of proxies, the higher the cost. That is an advantage since Instantproxies do not value proxies per bandwidth. In short, they do not restrict the number of bandwidth you can use per each package.

Another good thing with Instantproxies' pricing is that all values are similar to all of its plans. That means that a dedicated proxy like Facebook proxy costs the same as for sneakers or general private proxies. Therefore no hassle of analysing different pricing plans, which always takes time.

InstantProxies Authentication

Unlike most proxy providers that use both username/password and IP Authentication, Instantproxies only provides IP authentication. Using IP authentication is advantageous when you have a batch of proxies which would prove tricky to key in different usernames or passwords for each.

When you register to Instantproxies, it provides at most ten ports for IPs which you can authenticate or whitelist. Mostly, these IPs are tied to Internet service providers (ISP).

InstantProxies Protocols

If by now you have been asking yourself how Instantproxies makes you anonymous, your answer is in the server's HTTP(S) protocol. Instantproxies supports the HTTPS protocol, which uses a secure data tunnelling encryption technology like SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to cover your online visibility.

Moreover, the HTTPS protocol enables Instantproxies to support the automation tools or bots for web scraping, crawling, or proxies in social media sites or sneakers.

Testing InstantProxies

One thing we like about Instantproxies is its emphasis on testing its proxy before buying them. Here, the Instantproxies will examine for you the performance of a proxy provider.

However, you cannot believe every test results for Instantproxies, hence it would help if you tested the proxy for yourself. Therefore we saw it worthwhile to examine the Instantproxies performance to make an informed buying decision. In the table below, we tested Instantproxies' speed and performance in social platforms and sneakers.

Tested for Speed test Social platform Sneaker sites
Rating 89/100 78/100 77/100

Overall, we like the speed of Instantproxies which we can gauge as an optimal speed. The other results for sneaker sites and social platforms are also satisfying considering the cheap price of Instantproxies. So let's learn more about each sample trial on the tables to follow.

Speed Test

Instantproxies Private Proxy Ping (ms) Download (Mbps) Upload (Mbps)
Instantproxies Proxy 1 100 22.18 18.77
Instantproxies Proxy 2 135 6.35 9.13
Instantproxies Proxy 3 63 9.85 28.53
Instantproxies Proxy 4 99 10.21 6.59
Instantproxies Proxy 5 40 20.95 26.84

Rating, 89%

Our first test was the speed test which we used a speed testsoftware and obtained results as per the table above. Alternatively, Instantproxies has a proxy tester that you can use to test the server's response time. You can find this proxy tester from the proxy admin tab.

In the speed test, we purchased five proxies samples for testing, where the results are evident from the table. Also, the variables we used for this experiment were ping or latent time, download and uploads in Mbps.

Our objective in this experiment was to download or upload a large-sized file in a short ping with no network bottleneck or disruptions. Network bottleneck, in this case, includes Captchas, blocks, errors, and Timeouts. Fortunately, our sample proxy five showed satisfying results because it used the least ping time to downloaded or uploaded large files.

Still, we realized Instantproxies speed varies in terms of nearness to a proxy server. If you use sites like, you will realise that the closer a website is to a datacenter, the more it will respond and vice versa.

In general, we love the speed of Instantproxies. Even though few datacenter proxies providers surpass its Instantproxies fastness, its cheapness in price gives it a winning edge over its competitors. Besides, Instantproxies have quality servers that transmit 1000mbps.

Test on Social websites

Instant Proxies In Social Media

Average success rate on Social Media – 78%

Our second trial was to examine the performance of Instantproxies on specific social media sites as depicted from the table. We used the specialized proxies of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter proxies. On the other hand, we used general private proxies for those social media sites like and Twitch that do not have specialized proxies.

On this trial, all the samples were above average except reddit and Surprisingly, these were the samples that did not have a dedicated proxy in Instantproxies. So you can see the significance of having dedicated proxies on any sites.

Our objective in these social media sites was to have a smooth scraping how on their data when remaining anonymous. We also wanted to determine whether we can make multiple accounts and successfully advertise on those social media sites. If we received blocks, timeouts, errors, and Captchas in some sites, we would minus some marks on these platform’s success rates.

Overall, we were pleased with the performances of YouTube and Instagram. Most especially on YouTube, we could scrape it, make multiple accounts and generate multiple subscribers. There were few network bottlenecks, as we would see in sites like Reddit and

However, we appreciate the connection speed of all sites although we received a few blocks, errors, and Captchas received in some sites.

Test on Sneaker sites

Instant Proxies In Sneaker SItes

Average success rate on Sneaker Sites – 77%

Do you want to have a datacenter proxy that supports bots that helps in making multiple sneaker purchases? Or do you wish to cop limited sneaker releases? With Instantproxies, you can cop multiple sneaker pairs and open multiple accounts on sites like Nike, Adidas, and supreme.

When we tested the performance of Instantproxies with sneaker pairs, we used the dedicated sneaker proxy to test five sneaker sites (you can see them from the table above.) per the results, only sites like Finish Line and did not meet the average scores. That was because we experienced several blocks, timeouts, and errors we received when using InstantProxies.

Notably, we loved how we scraped smoothly on sites like Nike and Adidas, knowing their strict anti-scraping policy. On those sites, we could make more order pairs of limited sneakers without being noticed.

In short, Instantproxies is one of the few datacenter servers that scrape sneaker sites. So, it is good to give Instantproxies a shot when you want a sneaker proxy for your personal or business use.

InstantProxies Customer Support

Instant Proxies Support Line

If you have any troubles with Instantproxies ’products, you can consult its customer support. But how do you reach them? You therefore open a support ticket or use a live chat.

With a live chat, you can contact an agent 24/7 who responds within a few minutes. There is also a FAQ panel in Instantproxies that answers a question regarding their services.

The Editors Verdict

The bottom line is that few proxies match the cheapness and speed of Instantproxies. Still, Instantproxies is among the few proxy provider's providers with dedicated proxies that deal with many fields like social media, amazon, sneakers, and other sites. However, in future, we would wish Instantproxies to introduce a password/username authentication that further protects your identity online.

  • Is Instantproxies Supports Sneaker Site?

Yes, they have a dedicated proxy for Sneakers.

  • Is Instantproxies Supports Social Media Sites?

Yes, they have dedicated proxies for most social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.

  • Is Instantproxies Supports Ticketmaster?

Yes, it also has Ticketmaster proxies that support the scraping bots for these sites.

InstantProxies Alternatives

If you want another datacenter proxies that have multiple specialized proxies, you could choose the SSLprivateproxy. Else, concerning the cheapness and fastness of Instantproxies, you could replace it with SquidProxies. Other than that, you might consider MyPrivateProxy, which is the best performing private proxy provider.

Last Updated on May 25, 2024

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