SquidProxies Review

SquidProxies Review

SquidProxies provides both private and datacenter proxies. It also has an affordable monthly price of twenty-four dollars which has unlimited bandwidth. It's is one of the top private proxy providers in the market that offers a great proxy for SEO.

Squid Proxies Logo overview

  • 12 US cities & 10 other locations
  • 30 days IP replacement
  • Three days refund policy
  • Applicable to SEO automation tools
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What would you choose in datacenter proxies? Perhaps you would want a fast, secure, and proxy provider that has been in the business for a long time? If that is the case, SquidProxies might interest you because it started in 2011 and is one of the safest sites. Other than that, below, we have other features of SquidProxies.

Squidproxi Location

SquidProxies Pros and Cons

In our research about the SquidProxies, we came across some aspects we liked and others we did not like in SquidProxies. By reading the following pros and cons of SquidProxies, they will help you to make an informed buying decision. Let’s start with the pros.

Why We Like it

  • Great browser compatibility: Since SquidProxies uses HTTP/HTTPS protocols, it supports most browsers like Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari, etc.
  • Multiple IP subnets & non-sequential IPs: SquidProxies have multiple IP subnets that increase speed and efficiency in proxies when dealing with non-sequential IPs.
  • Easy to use panel: There is no configuration nor a need for a username or password inputs. Every feature you want is straightforward.
  • Interactive customer support: Although there are no live chats in SquidProxies, there is a 24/7 support ticket. SquidProxies also has a FAQS forum to answer your questions.
  • It has a blazing speed with unlimited bandwidth: You cannot ignore the gigabyte speed connection of SquidProxy that is unlimited to any bandwidth size.
  • It is Secure: This server uses the HTTPS protocol that has a top-notch encryption system

Why We Don't Like it

Do not support specialized proxies like Craigslist: Also, it does not support the Russian Xrummer that is suitable for SEO.

Do not support SOCKS protocols: Even though HTTPS is secure, SOCKS provides a more secure platform. SOCKS protocols also support peer-to-peer data sharing.

No geo-filters: Unless you request the SquidProxies' support team for geo-filters their dashboard does not offer countries or cities targeting.

SquidProxies Overview

Squidproxi Homepage overview

In general, SquidProxy has one of the fastest datacenter networks. Its proxies are found in twelve USA cities and eight servers in Europe and Asia.

Moreover, SquidProxies provides private proxies and shared proxies. These proxy types use HTTP/HTTPS protocols. Besides, they allow only IP authorization and no username/password authentication.

SquidProxies Specifications
Price Sample 10 Proxies – $24 IP Type Datacenter
Proxy Protocol HTTP(S) Price Charged Proxies
Jurisdiction USA Authentication IP Auth
IP replacement  30 days Refund policy 3 days

SquidProxies IP Types

As mentioned earlier, SquidProxies provides only Datacenter proxies which include private proxies and shared proxies. The difference between these proxy types is that you use private proxies alone, while many users use shared proxies.

The private proxy is the most popular because they refresh per month. That is an added feature that is absent in shared proxies. Moreover, private proxies have thousands of IPs that cover many regions and have multiple subnets.

On the contrary, shared proxies have fewer IPs, they are not found in many regions and acquire few subnets. Not to mention, SquidProxies' website does not specify the number of people limited to share a proxy network.

SquidProxies Pricing

Squidproxies offers lucrative pricing that depends on the proxy number, multiple cities, and subnets. These prices vary on whether you are using private or shared servers. Primarily, the shared servers are costlier than private ones.

The private proxies prices start at 24 dollars for ten proxies per month. The highest private price is $1500 for 2000 proxies. We feel that such a price range is affordable considering that you connect to multiple subnets, and you are not restricted to any bandwidth.

Squidproxi Pricing and Pakage

Moreover, if you do your quick maths on the price range, you will notice that the higher the price package, the lesser the basic cost. For example, if you divide the cheapest plan of $24 by ten proxies, you get 2.4 dollars which is higher than the $0.75 you get from a $574 plan that has 500 proxies. Therefore, it would help to choose a higher package that is cost-effective in the long run.

Lastly, we have shared proxies that are more expensive than private proxies. Their numbers start at 100 dollars on 100 proxies to 1000 proxies at $650. But any price beyond that range, you set it at a custom rate.

SquidProxies Authentication

SquidProxies only provides an IP Authentication. In other words, they do not have username/password authentications. IP authentication is a list of specific IPs that a server whitelist to connect you to any platform. IP authentication connects easily to websites without inputting long letters as with username/password.

On that note, SquidProxies provides ten whitelisted IPs when you register with them. These IPs are discrete because other people cannot use these IPs. You can add or delete your preferred IP authorization through your account in the client's area.

SquidProxies Protocols

When it comes to your data security, Squids Proxies' HTTP(S) protocols count. When you have HTTPS protocols, it means that it can support both HTTP and HTTPS protocols. HTTPS is also a secure HTTP version that uses advanced encryption like Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

Therefore, SquidProxies uses such technologies to encrypt your data and browsing history. Another advantage of HTTPS protocols is that they allow SquidProxies to support browsers like chrome Firefox or Safari.

Testing SquidProxies

Through our research in SquidProxies, we noticed that its speed is what most people like. But we had to confirm whether that is true. Therefore we tested the speed of this datacenter. We also examined how SquidProxy performs in social media and sneaker sites. Please see for yourself the results in the table below.

Tested for Speed test Social platform Sneaker sites
Rating 94/100 79/100

As you can see from the table, the speed test had the highest success rate. However, we were not satisfied with how SquidProxies connected to social platforms.

Concerning the blank sneaker test column, we did not input any figures because the sneaker sites were not responsive to SquidProxies. Hence, if you are looking for datacenter proxies that favour sneaker sites, you may consider those servers that have specified sneaker proxies.

For that reason, we did not conduct the sneakers test any further. Other than that, we carried on our experiment on social media platforms and speed test. Therefore, the following table shows our first experiment.

Speed Test

SquidProxies Private Proxy Ping (ms) Download (Mbps) Upload (Mbps)
SquidProxies Proxy 1 92 17.38 9.47
SquidProxies Proxy 2 45 34.21 28.16
SquidProxies Proxy 3 27 41.24 147.26
SquidProxies Proxy 4 52 38.26 12.17
SquidProxies Proxy 5 63 41.73 109.28
SquidProxies Proxy 6 174 23.17 35.41
SquidProxies Proxy 7 58 11.25 28.73
SquidProxies Proxy 8 47 101.23 25.74
SquidProxies Proxy 9 107 9.81 12.53
SquidProxies Proxy 10 17 59.65 43.17

Rating, 94%

To test the SquidProxy speed, we used a stopwatch and a speed test website. Our variable for speed test involved ping or latent time, download and upload sizes in Mbps. We also examined how SquidProxies' ping time behaves in different locations using whoer.net.

On that note, we purchased ten private proxies from SquidProxies. Overall, SquidProxies Proxy 3 displayed the best results. It used less ping time to download or upload content. These results are evident from the size of the upload we made on this sample.

Then SquidProxies Proxy 10 was in second place because it used less time to upload or download large-sized files.

On the other hand, we did not like the performance of SquidProxies Proxy 6. It used a higher latent time to download or upload a smaller sized file. The reason for such results was the network bottlenecks. These bottlenecks involved errors like (500) internal server errors or 503 error (service unavailable).

Those samples that used less ping time to upload or download large files had a smooth connection. They also had a higher response rate with few network disruptors like errors, Captchas and blocks.

The bottom line is that SquidProxies ranks as one of the fastest. If you use error remover and Captchas resolvers, probably you can increase the connection speed. Also, if you access websites close to SquidProxies datacenters, their connection speed will be high. Lastly, the higher the package you buy with multiple subnets, the fast the response rate.

Test on Social websites

Squidproxi Testing on Social Media

Average success rate on Social Media – 79%

Our second trial concerned social media sites. The average success rate on these proxy sites was not pleasing since we targeted 80%. But considering the fastness and affordability of SquidProxies, you might consider it for Social media sites.

In that test, we wanted to know if SquidProxies can hide our IPs in social media by using tracking sites like Grabify and IPLogger. We also wanted to discover if SquidProxies allowed us to make multiple social media accounts like Facebook and whether we can scrape data successfully. If we received network bottlenecks like Captchas, blocks, timeouts, or errors, we would minus the score for each sample site.

From the table, Reedit.com and YouTube were our best performers because they surpassed the 80% target mark. On the other end, Facebook had a low score, but we expected it because of its strict anti-scraping policy.

Still, YouTube also has a strict anti-scraping policy, but we could bypass all of its restrictions using SquidProxies. There was a smooth connection on YouTube with fewer errors, timeouts, Captchas and zero blocks. We were also able to download and upload large-sized documents successfully using this server. The only downside with YouTube and also Reedit.com is that the speed connection was inconsistent-it would fluctuate for some time.

Twitch.com, Instagram, and Twitter showed a fast proxy connection, but we experienced some blocks and network errors. Facebook results were also fair because they had a higher response rate. The only negative issues were to do with the blocks, timeouts, and network errors we received.

In general, SquidProxies still has fair results but not the best with social media sites. If you try to track your IP, as we did, you will not find it on sites like Grabify. That means it masks your IP. SquidProxies also supports scrapebox, which is good to scrape social media sites.

SquidProxies Customer Support

SquidProxies has interactive customer support, although there are no live chats. SquidProxies' customer support operates 24/7 and involves a Support Ticket or by using an email.When you have a query, these people respond in time, and they have the technical knowledge to fix any proxy issues. In the future, we wish that SquidProxies will offer a live chat program that is interactive and intuitive.

The Editors Verdict

SquidProxies offers a competitive niche to other companies when it comes to speed and affordability. Most significantly, its speed is matched by few proxy providers. Its IP also refreshes per month and is non-sequential to achieve higher anonymity.

However, it would help if SquidProxies introduced the SOCKS platform that adds security details to your data. SquidProxies should also include specific proxies like sneaker proxies or craigslist that help in browsing such sites. Lastly, it would be better if SquidProxies introduced another security layer, username or password authentication.

Editor's Rating

  • Is SquidProxies Good for SEO Automation Tools?

Yes, because it supports Scrapebox that monitors a website's performance in SEO. But it would help if SquidProxies supported the Xrumer website that tracks SEO elements like keywords and backlinks.

  • Is SquidProxies Supports Sneaker Site?

No, sneaker sites require high quality, and SquidProxies does not provide a dedicated sneaker proxy.

  • Is SquidProxies Supports Social Media Sites?

Yes, because their IP plan acquires multiple subnets, they are not easily detected, and you can easily administer multiple social media accounts.

SquidProxies Alternatives

Suppose you want to replace SquidProxies because it does not support specific proxies' sites like sneakers. In that case, you could use MyPrivateProxy. If you still feel that the SquidProxies' minimum of 24 dollars is beyond your reach, you might consider a cheaper InstantProxies. Anyway, the best alternative to SquidProxies is High Proxies that has some common elements to SquidProxies.

Last Updated on May 25, 2024

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