HydraProxy Review

HydraProxy Review

Perhaps there is a time you needed a one-day or a week proxy plan, you can consider HydraProxy. It is a proxy provider focused on the residential and mobile proxy markets and based in USA.

HydraProxy Logo Overview

  • 5+ Million IPs from 100+ Countries
  • Offer Countries Geo-targeting
  • Flexible Billing
  • Sticky IP session up to 30min to 1hr
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Hydraproxy is a young company that is making significant milestones. Since its inception in 2020, it has a mammoth pool of millions of IPs which you find across many countries. Is that what we call success? However, don't be excited already because we have much in store regarding this proxy.

HydraProxy Location

Hydra Proxy Pros and Cons

Why We Like it

  • No monthly commitment : You don't need to waste your cash with a monthly plan while you need a proxy for just one day. Hydra proxy provides 12-24 hrs. weekly plan.
  • Cheap residential proxies : You pay an affordable residential proxy with a minimum plan purchase of $5 for 1 GB
  • HydraHeaders : HydraProxy has a free Hydraheader that supports multiple browsing and OS. That includes a multi-profile Browser Manager
  • Flexible mobile proxy pricing : Whatever plan you want in HydraProxy, you can purchase it on short period plans of 1, 3, to 7 days.
  • Geo-targeting IPS : You can geo-target IPs in more than a hundred countries that HydraProxy serves.
  • Has rotating IPs : Either you can rotate IPs in every HTTP request or per thirty minutes sticky time.

Why We Don't Like it

Limited time for testing : you only have a grace period of 24hrs to make a test, which is not enough for a comprehensive proxy test.

Limited location coverage: the mobile proxies are only found in the USA.

Hydra Proxy Overview

Immediately you access the HydraProxy website; you discover its unique mobile proxies and residential proxies. These proxies have HTTPS and SOCKS Protocols, and they allow IP and password authentication.

HydraProxys Homepage overview

First, the residential proxies emanate from the ISP and are geo-targeted to over a hundred countries globally. They have a pool of about seven million IPs and rotates randomly per request or in a sticky time session. The second proxy is the USA mobile proxy. You use this proxy on your phone, which has unlimited bandwidth.

Hydra Proxy Specifications
IP Pool 5+ Million IP Type Residential/ 4G Mobile
Price Sample 1 GB – $5 Price Charged Bandwidth
Proxy Protocol HTTP(S)/Socks Authentication User Pass /IP Auth
Free trial Not support Refund policy 24 hours refund
Geo-targeting  Countries Jurisdiction USA

Hydra Proxy IP Types

As pointed earlier, HydraProxy have the residential and US 4G mobile proxy. These proxy types have different prices, but the one-day's $2.35 (4G) is common. The residential proxies have the lion's share with over seven million residential IPs. HydraProxy's residential IPs display a random sequence on every request or a sticky IP session of thirty minutes.

HydraProxy Type

While you find mobile proxies only in the USA, the residential proxies are multinational with over a hundred countries. As a result, they have geo-targeting IPs on ASN, City, and Country level. For these proxies, you access networks per how the ISP is available.

Mobile proxies are rare proxy types that most proxy providers do not have. The most commonly used mobile proxies in HydraProxy is the SIM 4G node. Additionally, they have other mobile proxy plans like the WIFI, Carrier IPs.

When you subscribe to the SIM 4G proxy, you get a multi-node IP rotation from trustworthy mobile providers. They also have geo-target IPs. Secondly, you can choose any fixed 4G carrier servers' IPs like T-Mobile. Lastly, HydraProxy have the WIFI mobile IPs that use multiple ISP connections.

Hydra Proxy Pricing

Pricing depends on personal perception. In other words, what your neighbour thinks is cheap, others may think is expensive. However, the $2.35 minimum HydraProxy's price is what people commonly agree is affordable.

When we evaluate the price of Hydraproxy, we look at its proxy type. You find almost similar prices on the proxy types, but they are different in terms of bandwidth or threads or ports. For example, the residential proxies are charged per bandwidth, while the mobile proxy values are several ports.

HydraProxy Pricing

HydraProxy have the starter, Plus, Agency, and the enterprise level in the residential proxy plan. The enterprise is expensive with a $2.5 per terabyte plan but the starter rates $5 on 50GB. When it comes to the most popular package, they have the Agency plan of $3.

Not to forget, the mobile proxies have unlimited bandwidth as it charges per port. Mobile proxies’ categories involve Noob, starter, regular, and plans. They are also cheap with a starting amount of $2.95 per port, and the highest is Plus, with $59.95 per port. When looking for an efficient plan, you should consider regular ($15.95) for seven days.

Hydra Proxy Authentication

HydraProxy has two types of authentication, which include username/password authentication and IP whitelisting. You can decide to use both or one of them. You set these authentication configurations on your account profile.

All the authentication protocols apply to all proxy types, with username/password being the most common type. The system can give you the username or password authentication automatically. You can also set your preferred authentication details.

They also have IP whitelisting, which is a form of IP authentication. IP whitelists involve particular IPs that you input for the system to allow you access to a website. Typically, these IP bears an ISP tag.

Hydra Proxy Protocols

When it comes to data security, HydraProxy's protocols got you covered. These protocols involve the HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS protocols. These protocols enable the mobile and residential nodes to rotate in an encrypted way.

The SOCKS protocol is the most secure protocol with SSH (Secure Shell) protocols. The main SOCKS platform is SOCKS 5, which is lightweight and supports higher traffic. As with SOCKS, the HTTPS protocols provide similar Security measures. They, therefore, use technologies like SSL (Secure Socket Layer) or TCP (Transmission Control Protocol).

Testing Hydra Proxy

Overall, the cost and HydraProxy's features are satisfactory. But our main interest is its performance which you can test for data scraping, social platforms, sneaker sites, and speed. Regarding those performance aspects, we tested them individually and combined those results to come up with the following table.

Tested for Data scraping Social platform Sneaker sites Speed test
Rating 80/100 80/100 78/100 84/100

From the table above, you will notice that the scores are different. These scores are out of a hundred, and our average is 80. That average is good, considering we have tasted other proxy providers with averages of the 70s or 60s. We like the speed and data scraping performance of HydraProxy. However, the company should address sneaker sites performance.

For Data Scraping Performance

Data Scraping Performance for Hydraproxy

Average success rate on E-commerce websites- 80%

We give this company a thumbs up for scraping performance, knowing that it started recently. They have tried building their technologies to suit the scrapers. When we conducted the test, we experimented with six Ecommerce platforms which are evident in the table.

We were pleased with the overall scraping performance of 80%. Even the strictest ecommerce websites like Amazon, it was above average. We rated the scraping performance on the following variables: speed of response, number of blocks, no errors, and Captchas.

First, we tested Amazon. We made various orders under different accounts but registered in one name. We also used bots to search for detailed and private info on Amazon. Naturally, Amazon would block anyone doing that, but when using HydraProxy, Amazon hardly noticed us. However, we had to verify various Captchas, and there were ‘unable to connect' network disruptors.

For Aliexpress, the connection speed and response were smoother. There were zero blocks, few Captchas, and zero errors. Target and Best Buy showed similar results as Aliexpress, but they had some 503(service unavailable) errors. Also, we couldn't deal smoothly with Best Buy, which had lots of ‘unable to connect,' 503 errors, and some few blocks.

In conclusion, you have to increase the port coverage in mobile proxies or bandwidth size in residential nodes to have better scraping results. Otherwise, the general scraping performance is good because HydraProxy supports scraping bots. It also has sticky 30 minutes IPs for this function. Lastly, HydraProxy has a secure SOCKS protocol that encrypts your data scraping.

Test on Social websites

Test on Social Media for Hydra Proxy

Average success rate on Social Media – 80%

Social media websites require higher encryption to unblock them. They will block you when you make multiple accounts under one name or when you scrape their data. In this experiment, we examined six social media sites.

We accounted for the number of blocks, Captchas, errors, and response rate when giving the percentages. Surprisingly, YouTube was our best, contrary to our expectations. We liked how we could download various videos in a short time or ping. There were only two or three Captchas and ‘service unavailable' errors. Other than that, the HydroProxy's rotation IPs managed to outdo those hiccups.

Such results and findings occurred on Twitter, Reedit, and Instagram. However, these sites had less response time than YouTube, and there were connection errors that increased as we browsed for more.

Unfortunately, Facebook disappointed us, but still, it had smooth connections. There were two blocks we received because of 403 or forbidden errors. On the positive side, Facebook had fewer Captchas.

Overall, we managed to make many accounts using this proxy. Nevertheless, we would appreciate it if HydraProxy developed specific Social Media datacentre proxies, which would improve its performance in Social Media sites.

Test on Sneaker Sites

Test on Sneaker Sites for Hydra Proxy

Average success rate on Sneaker Sites – 78%

Even though the sneaker sites scored below average, the results were not badly off. Sneaker sites are hard to scrape and blocks anyone who tries to own multiple accounts and uses sneaker bots. Hence we tested five sneakers with HydraProxy residential proxies.

As you see from the table, Footlocker was the best while the others were below 80%. However, we were pleased with Nike and Adidas, considering how they are notorious in blocking sneaker cop bots. The Finish Line sneaker site was not pleasing, especially when we received more than three blocks, six to ten Captchas, and various errors.

The same problem would recur in Adidas, Nike, and Supreme sneaker sites. However, these platforms had optimal speed with a significant response rate. When it came to Foot Locker, we were impressed with the results. There were zero blocks, a speedy internet connection, few response errors, and no Captchas.

To wrap it up, it is not right to say that HydraProxy connects terribly to sneaker sites considering its affordable plan. Whether mobile or residential proxies, their sticky IP sessions and random proxies enable HydraProxy to scrape sneaker platforms.

Speed Test

HydraProxy Residential Proxy Ping (Ms) Download (Mbps) Upload (Mbps)
HydraProxy proxy 1 109 11.23 3.06
HydraProxy proxy 2 517 3.12 2.37
HydraProxy proxy 3 168 2.93 0.85
HydraProxy proxy 4 375 10.07 5..38
HydraProxy proxy 5 81 8.27 10.24

Rating, 84/100

If you have realized in our previous tests, we considered speed as a parameter. Now here we tested speed individually. We used various sites like here to measure the HydraProxy speed. We experimented with five HydraProxy proxies while considering variables like Ping, download, and upload.

If you look at the table, HydraProxy proxy 5 uses less time to download or upload content. Hence, this was our best-performing HydraProxy. Then, the HydraProxy 1 followed the ranks. Between HydraProxy 4 and 3, 4 was better because it downloaded or uploaded a higher bandwidth. Lastly, HydraProxy 2 requires a higher ping time to download a small bandwidth which is unfortunate.

We also accounted for the response time in these samples. If there were disruptors like internet connection errors, we would minus the score of every sample. For HydraProxy 5, the response was smooth with zero connection errors. However, HydraProxy 2 had multiple connection errors, and the response rate was slow.

To sum it up, the speed of Hydraproxy is unmatched, knowing how cheap this proxy is. We attribute its fastness to its random, rotating IPs that change per request. Its data encryption protocols also avoid any errors that disrupt the connection.

Hydra Proxy Customer Support

Customer Support for Hydra Proxy

You can reach HydraProxy customer support at any time with live chats, emails, or Twitter. You could still find them on the contact platform found in the resource menu on HydraProxy's website. These help the team answer your query in seconds, and you interact with them freely.

The Editors Verdict

Holistically, HydraProxy is one of the quality plans considering its speed and cost. Even with its flaws, you should understand that this proxy provider is young and is still growing. It would help if you also chose its unique Mobile Proxy, which has quality speed and consistency.

Editor's Rating

  • Are HydraProxy Proxies Good for Social Media?

Yes, they have incredible speed, and it randomly rotates its IPs to enhance security.

  • Are HydraProxy Proxies Good for the Sneaker site?

They perform fairly to sneaker sites, especially with their mobile 4G proxies, which support sneaker bots and cover every USA state.

  • Are HydraProxy Proxies Good for Scraping?

Yes, because their sticky IP session of 30min or 1hr gives scraper bots enough time.

Hydra Proxy Alternatives

If HydroProxy's performance doesn't seem to please you, you could use ProxyRack, which costs almost similar to HydraProxy. But with your quest for another proxy provider with unlimited bandwidth, Storm Proxies is at your service. Lastly, when a need for an advanced scraper, fast and secure server comes calling, Bright Data will serve you greatly.

Last Updated on December 12, 2023

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