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10 Best Free Web Proxy for Surfing Anonymously in 2024

Are you looking for a way to surf the internet safely and anonymously? Are you tired of being restricted access to certain websites while at work or school? Find out how a free web proxy will solve your problem.

When you enter a URL request into your web browser, the browser looks up a web address for the domain name via DNS. The browser then forwards your request to the intended server containing your information, and the server sends back a request. Browsing the web without using a proxy comes with several risks.

First, you expose yourself and important information you may be trying to access to hackers and fraudsters, putting you at risk. Second, you make it easier for hackers to track your location, and finally, your government or employer can put restrictions on what you can or cannot access on the internet.

To get around this, you need some means to protect yourself from internet fraudsters, ergo proxy services.

Top 10 Free Web Proxy Sites

1. Hide Me Proxy

  • Proxy Server Speed: 5 stars
  • Support Location: Netherlands, Germany, Finland
  • Highlights: Encrypt URL, Page web proxy

Hide me proxy has more than 20 million users worldwide, making it one of the most popular free proxy servers available on the market today. Hide me proxy supports both Chrome and Firefox protecting you from webRTC leaks.

Hide me proxy uses the SOCKS proxy, which helps improve internet speed by reducing the round-trip time, RTT. This feature allows more than ten times the normal amount of data packets to be transferred, significantly improving your data speeds.

Hide me proxy also offers secure connections by routing data packages over an optimized connection through their VPN servers. Their SOCKS proxy, coupled with their VPN, allows users to enjoy a different security level, ensuring that there are no IP leaks whatsoever.

2. Proxysite

  • Proxy Server Speed: 5 stars
  • Support Location: US and Europe
  • Highlights: 20+ fast web proxy servers

Proxysite web proxy

Proxysite provides you access to and protects your privacy over several sites such as Twitter, Facebook, youtube, google, etc., ensuring that what you do on the internet is private and secure. Proxysite routes its pages through, ensuring that no one else can access your web use.

Proxysite uses SOCKET layer encryption, SSL, ensuring that all data that goes through the proxy is safe and secure even when accessing information from an unsecured site. Proxysite also allows you to connect to servers from any place in the world.

Proxysite also helps bypass filters that block you from accessing restricted sites. When you connect to the web using a proxy site, you'll be sending a request to Proxysite, which then accesses the website requested and delivers it to you after encrypting the data.

3. ProxFree

  • Proxy Server Speed: 5 stars
  • Support Location: US、UK、Germany、France
  • Highlights: No referrer, No user agent

Proxfree web proxy

Proxfree, as the name suggests, is a free proxy made for those looking to bypass censorship and browse the internet anonymously and securely. Proxfree has several configurations to help you optimize your settings for the best experience.

Proxfree has its servers in several multiple locations worldwide, making it easier for you to access your websites with fast, efficient speeds. All Proxfree servers are encrypted with SSL encryption capacities ensuring total safety and security as you browse the web, which means third parties won't access your information.

Proxfree provides anonymity by relaying all the information you need to your computer after rerouting it through its servers. Doing this ensures privacy and anonymity, albeit in a smaller capacity than most other web proxies.

4. FilterByPass

  • Proxy Server Speed: 4 stars
  • Support Location: US
  • Highlights: Encrypt URL、Remove Scripts

FilterByPass web proxy

FilterByPass is an anonymous web proxy that provides access to censored websites for people worldwide. FilterByPass supports all major streaming sites like youtube and other sites such as Wikipedia to combat oppression through internet censorship.

FilterByPass works through three simple steps. You’ll tell FilterByPass what website you need to access, and the web proxy will fetch it for you anonymously so that the target servers don't get your IP address, browser, and other identifiable pieces of information.

FilterByPass's server, based in the US, operates on a gigabit network. It provides fast and reliable connections that are not restricted by bandwidth or geolocation, ensuring that you get the best services possible.

FilterByPass uses an encrypted connection at all times, using 128/256 encryption all the time. Doing this ensures that your information is safe at all times. FilterByPass works on both chrome and firefox, and it's completely free to use. On top of that, you don't need to download it to use it.

5. HMA Proxy

  • Proxy Server Speed: 4 stars
  • Support Location: USA、Germany、Netherlands、UK、Czech Republic
  • Highlights: Encrypt URL、Disable Cookies

HMA web proxy

HMA proxy has its servers in 290 locations spread across 190 countries worldwide, providing lightning-speed connections to people who want to seek anonymity. HMA proxy is simple to use, removing the extra hustle of looking for the fastest server with just one click of a button.

HMA utilizes military-grade 256-bit AES encryption to ensure that all data transmitted via the connection is secure and private. The proxy is also compatible with windows and mac. HMA has implemented the IKEv2/IPsec, a VPN protocol built on top of Apple's stack to ensure the best compatibility.

Apart from encrypting your data and passing it through a VPN, HMA proxy also hides your IP address keeping your internet activity anonymous.

6. KProxy

  • Proxy Server Speed: 4 stars
  • Support Location: No public
  • Highlights: No ads

KProxy web proxy

KProxy is easy to use and free, is available to use in both Chrome and Firefox browsers. It's 100% safe since it encrypts your data, ensuring that your data remains secure at all times. KProxy can also be downloaded and used as a portable firefox browser with a KProxy extension.

KProxy can also be used to bypass any restrictions that may have been set by governments giving you access to censored sites. Kproxy can be used by many programs behind which your phone and computer can hide their traffic, making your browsing sessions anonymous.

Kproxy can be used on both laptops and android phones, and best of all, it has no ads!

7. Unblock YouTube

  • Proxy Server Speed: 4 stars
  • Support Location: US、UK
  • Highlights: Unblock YouTube videos

Unblock YouTube web proxy

Unblock YouTube is a free proxy service that allows you to access censored sites. The proxy server keeps its main focus on youtube accessing censored youtube videos; however, it also offers similar services for other websites such as Reddit, Twitter, and Imgur.

The service allows you to hide your IP address and location and protect your personal information from prying eyes on the internet.

Unblock youtube has eight servers in the US and UK through which you can enjoy the constant connection and access to HD videos. Unblock youtube works on any device without the need for installations. The site also provides a free VPN that ensures your data is protected and secure.

8. CroxyProxy

  • Proxy Server Speed: 3 stars
  • Support Location: US
  • Highlights: Support Video and audio streaming

CroxyProxy web proxy

Croxyproxy gives you access to all kinds of encrypted sites with a free basic version. However, to enjoy the best services, you have to get a premium membership. Croxyproxy works well as a proxy for streaming sites such as Youtube and many other websites.

Croxyproxy has free basic features such as hiding your real IP address, which provides you with anonymity. It also encrypts and protects all your data through SSL encryption. Croxyproxy supports full HTML video and audio output and can be used on any operating system, including Android and chrome.

Croxyproxy acts as a middle man tunneling your information to the intended servers while keeping it safe and secure. After getting the results, it encrypts it and tunnels it back to your computer, keeping it safe, even from your internet service provider.

9. VPNBook

  • Proxy Server Speed: 3 stars
  • Support Location: US、UK、Canada
  • Highlights: Unblock YouTube, Facebook

VPNBook web proxy

VPNBook offers free VPN services and free web proxy services to encrypt your data and hide your identity. VPNBook provides you with access to Facebook, Youtube, and other sites that have been censored or restricted.

The proxy uses and 256-bit encryption to bypass government traffic and gives you anonymity. With VPNBook, you can hide your identity and remain anonymous and protect yourself from hackers and spies who are out to get your personal information.

The free web proxy has multiple servers in the US, UK, and Canada to choose from. VPNBook is a web-based proxy, which means that it can be used with no additional software needed.

10. Whoer Proxy 

  • Proxy Server Speed: 3 stars
  • Support Location: Singapore and Netherlands
  • Highlights: Supports multiple browsers

Whoer web proxy

Whoer is a proxy server that provides anonymity to users on all servers by hiding your IP address. The proxy also enables you to access sites that have been blocked based on your geographic location. Whoer provides a fast, unlimited connection with low ping and high speeds.

Whoer proxy helps deter internet spies from tracking your internet activities by encrypting and tunneling all your traffic through their VPN, keeping it safe and secure. Whoer anonymizer contains no ads, and with the basic trial, you get to use one server with a speed of 1MBps. However, signing up for the premium version will give you access to servers in 17 countries with no limits on your traffic.

The Advantages of Web Proxy

Web proxies are internet gateways that separate internet users from the sites they access. They act as intermediaries for primary internet users, making web requests on their behalf while keeping the primary client's identity and location anonymous. Using web proxies as an individual or organization has several advantages.

  • Help keep your browsing private and anonymous by changing your IP address and other forms of identifying data that may be used to track down your device.
  •  Help you access sites that have been restricted by geographical location or the government by masking your IP address with one from a different geographical location.
  • Keep a cache of images and website data from websites you visit, making it easier for you to access the latest copy of the website. Doing this saves on bandwidth and improves network performance.
  • Encrypt your data, which helps keep sensitive information and transactions safe. They also prevent malware intrusions from known sites, which helps keep you safe.
  • Allow employers to control the sites employees visit and track how much time they spend on the sites, promoting efficiency in the workplace.

Notice: Free proxy only for surfing anonymously, you must pay attention to that.


Most web proxies listed here offer great services. However, to get the very best, you have to sign up for premium memberships apart from a few exceptions. The best step you could take to guarantee your data's safety is to do more research on the proxies and determine the best for you.

After trying them all out, ideally on their basic mode, and checking out their features and what they offer to help you make an informed decision. Proxies are critical if you want to keep your internet activities anonymous, and choosing the right web proxy should be your top priority.

Last Updated on December 12, 2023

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