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Rayobyte Review

Rayobyte is one of the companies that have multiple proxy types. You can use private proxies for scraping sites and SEO. They also have dedicated proxies for sneakers. And, Rayobyte is an affordable and reliable private proxy provider.

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  • 17 US cities & 13 other countries
  • 30 days IP replacement
  • 3 days refund policy
  • Support Sneaker Sites & Social Media Sites
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Unless you have sufficient knowledge about a proxy server, it would be hectic to find the best proxy provider among many. But do not worry because we will be updating you about the best proxy servers. Right now, we would like you to look at Rayobyte (formerly Blazing SEO).

Location of Blazing seo overview

If you want a faster and easy-to-use datacenter proxy, you might consider Rayobyte. This proxy has an advanced GSA scraping technology that can harvest billions of data and enables the testing of proxies. Also, the Rayobyte has the following properties.

Update 2022!

Previously known as Blazing SEO, it has now been renamed Rayobyte, and they have now added residential proxies and mobile proxies in addition to the datacenter proxies.

Rayobyte Residential Proxies

Rayobyte Residential Proxies can be used for a wide range of use cases, including and not limited to social media management, market research, SEO monitoring, and more. Their pricing mechanism is also very reasonable, starting at $15/GB, making them very user-friendly for individual users. Of course, there are also more cost-effective packages for business use.

Rayobyte Mobile Proxies

Like other established proxy providers, Rayobyte mobile proxies are available for web scraping (but just for US) and start at $50/month for 2 GB. If you have a need and agree with them, you may also be able to get mobile proxies for other countries outside the US.

Rayobyte Pros and Cons

One thing we like about Rayobyte is that you can test it freely. On that note, we tried Rayobyte, and the following are factors we liked about it while we also experienced some of its flaws.

Why We Like it

  • It has an Affordable price: Where would you find a datacenter company like Rayobyte that offers affordable prices the even costs less than a dollar per proxy?
  • Offer SOCKS protocols: Only a few datacenter proxies like Rayobyteoffer SOCKS protocols that are highly secure and support multiple software, including API
  • 2-day free trials: You would probably prefer a server offering 24hrs payable proxies with another like Rayobyte that provides two days free trial.
  • Fast with unlimited bandwidth: Its network travels at a gigabyte without bandwidth restriction.
  • Has an automatic instant delivery: After registering for the proxies, you wait in seconds to be hooked up to Rayobyte services.
  • Has rotating proxies: It is rare to find datacenter providers offering residential proxies, but Rayobyte does.

Why We Don't Like it

Unless you use PayPal, there are no other payment modes.

Since they are cheap, they are threatened by spammed IPs.

They claim that they have a live chat which is not evident from their website.

Rayobyte Overview

Blazing seo Homepage overview

Rayobyte is one of the companies that have multiple proxy types. It has dedicated proxies, semi-dedicated proxies, and also rotating residential proxies. Most significantly, you can use private proxies for scraping sites and SEO. They also have dedicated proxies for sneakers. Not to forget, all these proxy types accept HTTPS and SOCKS5 protocols.

Rayobyte Specifications
Price Sample 5 Proxies – $7 IP Type Datacenter
Proxy Protocol HTTP(S) + SOCKS Price Charged Proxies
Jurisdiction USA Authentication User Pass /IP Auth
IP replacement  30 days Refund policy 3 days

Rayobyte IP Types

Because Rayobyte has private and shared proxies hence, it is a datacenter server. In other words, its proxies originate from servers found across fourteen countries.

Regarding these proxy types, first, we have private proxies. These proxies have static IPs which refresh monthly to a new IP. They are private because you use them alone. That means they guarantee high speed and security. Moreover, private proxies are generally used in all functions, especially SEO and web scraping.

Type of Blazing seo

Still, private proxies have specialized sneaker proxies. These proxies support sneaker bots that allow you to cop multiple sneaker pairs of a limited shoes edition. We also have but specialized sneaker proxies.

Secondly, there are shared or semi-dedicated proxies. These proxies have a maximum of three users and operate similarly to the private ones.

Rayobyte Pricing

Whether you want proxies for the personal, corporate, or enterprise level, you can purchase them at affordable prices. These plans vary per country, proxies, period of proxies, and the type of proxy.

For example, select a monthly proxy in the USA. You can have a starter-level plan that offers around $1.26 proxy on dedicated proxies and $0.54 on semi-dedicated ones. But if you move upwards on a higher number of proxies, the price will increase.

Blazing seo Pricing overview

That is evident in the Rayobyte pricing panel where the enterprise level has cheaper proxies than the starter level. In other words, Blazing proxies give a discount for those people who buy in bulk.

Lastly, Rayobyte do not only offer monthly coverage but it also offers packages for a quarter year, half-year, and yearly.

Rayobyte Authentication

The privacy of your proxy network counts, mainly if the datacenter server provides IP Authentication and Username/Password authorization. It can be even better if a server provides these two modes of authentication, like how Blazingseoll does.

First and foremost, Rayobyte uses the IP authentications. The IPs used here are mainly provided by an ISP. Rayobyte works by whitelisting these IPs and as a result, they connect you automatically to websites.

Secondly, Rayobyte gives an option for usernames or password authentication. A username or password secure your account from prying eyes. Once you set your password or username, there is no need to provide the details again because the system automatically stores them.

Rayobyte Protocols

If a datacenter proxy has both HTTPS and SOCKS protocols that means the proxy network is more secure. Not only do these protocols provide advanced data encryption but also they ensure fast and stable internet connectivity. On that note, let's look at how HTTPS and SOCKS protocols enhance security in Rayobyte.

First, HTTPS uses an easy tunneling route that is encrypted by a secure socket layer (SSL). For the SOCKS protocols, they enhance proxy by a means of a firewall created by the SOCKS5 layer. SOCKS5 layer also enables an efficient data tunneling route that supports network subnets and improves speed.

Testing Rayobyte

Testing Rayobyte is a breeze considering that it has a free test, and setting the proxy is fast. In that regard, we experimented with Rayobyte on its performance in speed, social platform, and sneaker sites. If you want to examine the results of this test, please check them in the table below.

Tested for Speed test Social platform Sneaker sites
Rating 92/100 77/100 77/100

As per the table, it shows that the speed of Rayobyte is ablaze. With a 92 percent rating, only high-tech proxy providers can match Rayobyte speed. We also appreciate Rayobyte performance on social platforms and sneaker sites. That is because this provider supports their bots.

Since the table above reflects the overall performance of each sample, let's now look at the individual results. So, let's start with the speed test.

Speed Test

Rayobyte Dedicated Proxy Ping (Ms) Download (Mbps) Upload (Mbps)
Rayobyte Proxy 1 25 29.62 15.24
Rayobyte Proxy 2 60 22.19 24.93
Rayobyte Proxy 3 103 18.79 9.15
Rayobyte Proxy 4 45 36.41 21.76
Rayobyte Proxy 5 84 20.06 18.76

Rating, 92%

We purchased five proxies and used their dedicated proxies to perform the trial as from the table above. The tool we used to get these speed results was the google speed test. If you would like to use it, type ‘google speed test' and click the ‘run speed test' icon that appears on the front page.

Using that test, you will examine the latency or ping used to download or upload files. As per the table, we liked the performance of sample one because it downloaded or uploaded large files with a short ping.

Particularly, we liked the response rate of Rayobyte and how it scraped websites smoothly. Besides, the speed of Rayobyte had few or no network bottlenecks compared to other servers. We also appreciate that Rayobyte has an OCR/text solving Captcha service. Therefore we did not experience any Captcha request that would inhibit the speed of the Rayobyte proxy.

Another thing we realized with this experiment is that if you buy a package with more subnets and proxies, the probability of it delivering a fast speed is high. Moreover, since Rayobyte supports SOCKS5 proxy, this protocol also contributes to the fastness of Rayobyte.

Test on Social websites

Social site on Blazing seo

Average success rate on Social Media – 77%

When it comes to proxies offering higher traffic, Rayobyte is one of them because of its SOCKS5 protocol and subnets. We, therefore, assumed that those social media sites with video streaming and gaming would perform well with Rayobyte. On that note, our assumptions were confirmed when we tested the likes of YouTube and

Significantly, YouTube and responded well to Rayobyte and had a few network bottlenecks like timeouts and 500(internal server) errors. We could even create numerous YouTube channels and watch banned videos. That was the same case with because we would connect to multiple Twitch games in a breeze.

Another site that is responsive to Rayobyte is Instagram. If you want to market your brand or yourself in Instagram, you may use this proxy to increase viewers and followers. However, we observed that you could not scrape Instagram completely with this server. That is because, as we used five proxies on Instagram, two proxies worked, and three did not.

That said, we also tested sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Reedit. Although there were significant blocks and timeouts in some of these sites, you cannot ignore Rayobyte, considering its low price.

In general, we attribute the presence of HTTPS and SOCKS5 protocols that enhances anonymity when using Rayobyte. If perhaps you realize the connection is deteriorating in social media sites, you may pay for a higher package that is fast due to increased subnets and proxies.

Test on Sneaker sites

Sneaker site on Blazing seo

Average success rate on Sneaker Sites – 77%

Rayobyte would appear either number one or two if you ranked the best data center proxies for sneaker sites. Rayobyte is one of the few proxies’ providers that support sneakers sites because it has specified sneaker proxies.

Sneakers are the most challenging sites to scrape and the cop because of their limited sneaker pairs. If you use inferior proxy sites on sneaker sites, you will be blocked or banned. On that note, when we started testing sneaker sites, we had a ‘nothing to lose' mentality since testing in Rayobyte is free. Therefore we prepared for the worst, but the best came on sneaker performance.

We were even surprised by the smooth connection we experienced in, Adidas, and Supreme. Generally, these sites have the strictest anti-scraping and anti-spam measures, and anybody would fear scraping them.

With the three platforms, we could order multiple sneaker pairs and create multiple sneaker accounts anonymously. However, we still received some blocks, timeouts, and errors as we kept on copping multiple pairs. For the other sites, which were Foot Locker and Finish Line, they responded well to Rayobyte perfectly.

In conclusion, we assume that the Rayobyte is successful in sneaker proxies because it has advanced copping technology that is fast and secure to unblock sneakers restrictions.

Rayobyte Customer Support

Blazing seo customer support

We liked the bit about support ticketing on Rayobyte, but we did not like their live chat program. They claim to have a live chat, but we didn't find it. Anyway, if you have questions about their services, you may find help in Rayobyte resource center and contact them through their support tickets.

The Editors Verdict

Just like its name, Rayobyte is one of the fastest proxy providers in terms of network connection and response rate. Secondly, you cannot ignore Rayobyte's advanced encryption system of a protocol like SOCKS5. Lastly, Rayobyte supports scraping bots and works well with SEO bots for keyword monitoring and backlinks.

  • Is Rayobyte Allow Torrents?

No, Rayobyte doesn't offer this service.

  • Is Rayobyte Supports Sneaker Site?

Yes, they have sneaker proxies but they are not 100% guaranteed to be successful for some sites because the proxies may be banned already.

  • Is Rayobyte Supports Social Media Sites?

Their dedicated proxy supports social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and other social media sites.

Rayobyte Alternatives

If you want another datacenter proxy that provides SOCKS protocol, you may purchase BuyProxies. Moreover, you could use SquidProxies because it has multiple IP subnets like Rayobyte. If you feel that the two free days of testing Rayobyte are not enough, you could purchase the SSLprivateproxy, which has a seven days refund policy.

Last Updated on December 12, 2023

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