IcedOutProxies Review

IcedOutProxies Review

IceOutProxies have provided high-quality proxies at a pocket-friendly price, that specialized in sneaker websites. If you need American IPs, you can't miss it! They have many servers in the US and a vast pool of IPs.

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  • 110000 IPs all over the world
  •  Targeting sneaker sites in the US
  • Suits for sneaker sites, social media
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Since its establishment in 2019, IceOutProxies have had the sole purpose of providing quality proxies at a pocket-friendly price. IcedOutProxies has had a considerable growth rate over the years and has become more and more competitive. It is one of the best proxy providers that offer proxies that run on fast servers.

They are quick with up to 1GB/s; their proxies are also highly anonymous and come at an affordable price. Another thing to note about IcedOutProxy is its wide range of data plans. They have daily, weekly, and monthly data plans; this makes it easy for customers to buy packages at their convenience.

IcedoutProxies Success

IcedOutProxies Pros and Cons

Although they are newbies in the industry, they have set a strong foundation and gained hundreds of thousands of loyal and happy customers. Here are some of the aspects we liked and ones we didn’t like about them.

Why We Like it

They are US-based and provide both Datacenter and Residential proxies. Below are some of the advantages you gain from IcedOutProxies.

  • Best Proxies for Copping Sneaker: They offer the best high-speed proxies that will help you cope well with sneaker sites.
  • Affordable Prices and Friendly Discounts: IcedOutProxies offer the most affordable data plans together with meaningful discounts for their data packages.
  •  Instant Activation: IcedOutProxies provide you with instant account activation for any data package you purchase.
  •  24/7 Customer Support: Be sure to get real-time assistance from their team of professionals.
  •  High-Speed Connection: IcedOutProxies offer high-speed connections with a guaranteed 99.9% uptime that make their quality of services superb.

Why We Don't Like it

Apart from all the advantages you get from IceOutProxies, they also have a couple of shortcomings.

Do not Support Refunds: Once you have purchased a data plan, there is no going back.

The Limited Locations: Unlike other proxy providers with their services in many countries, IceOutProxies are limited to US and UK locations.

Not Transparent Pricing for Residential Proxies: Residential proxy prices can't be found directly on their websites.

Don't Accept Credit Cards: Currently, PayPal is the only means of charge on this platform.

Small IP Pool Size: They only have 110,000 IPs available all over the world.

IcedOutProxies Overview

IcedOutProxies have two categories of proxies, Residential and Datacenter proxies. Although they do not have many differences, their proxies work well for various websites, including sneaker websites. Their dashboard is very user-friendly, making it easy to navigate and understand.

IcedoutProxies Oververview

Their prices are pretty affordable and pocket-friendly. They also provide high-speed connections and guaranteed 99% uptime is a great feature too, it helps you stay connected as long as you want.

However, the company also has many limitations. Their IP pool size is not very appealing as it stands at 110,000, this may not be the best proxy network in terms of IP size. They also do not have a refund policy and neither do they accept other payment methods apart from PayPal.

IcedOutProxies Specifications
IP Pool 110+ k IP Type Residential/ Datacenter
Price Sample 10 Proxies – $10 for Residential (a week)
100 IPs – $180 for Datacenter
Price Charged Proxy and IP
Proxy Protocol HTTP Authentication User Pass /IP Auth
Free trial Not Supported Refund policy Not Supported
Geo-targeting Countries Jurisdiction USA

IcedOutProxies IP Types

Their Residential proxies are suitable for copping sneaker sites such as Adidas, Supreme, Nike, and Footsite. Apart from that, they also have datacenter proxies, which are ideal for areas such as Shopify. Although Datacenter proxies are equally as good, they can quickly be banned. So use it with caution!

IcedOutProxies offer superfast proxies that can override proxy filters in sneaker sites. They have a vast pool of real IPs that enable you to get into sneaker sites with no risk of being banned or blocked. Their quality proxies have been proven to be good for any business.

IcedOutProxies Review

Datacenter proxies come with high anonymity meaning your actual IP address does not leak by any means. They also have high-speed internet connections with a guaranteed 99.9% uptime. With their Datacenter proxies, you are assured of high connections with no downtime or internet failure at any time. They also have IPv4 technology addresses that are a significant boost in maintaining the quality of proxies you get.

In addition, IcedOutProxis has unlimited bandwidth for all their Datacenter proxy packages. This ensures you get limitless internet access with no added or hidden costs. They have three data locations for its data center proxies; this includes New York, Virginia, and Chicago.

IcedOutProxies Pricing

IcedOutProxies are known to have some of the best pricing in the prosy industry. They have flexible payment schedules, including weekly and monthly data plans. This way, you can purchase data packages at your convenience.

IcedOutProxies price

There are different plans for each payment schedule you choose. Each plan has bundles of proxies, ranging from 10, 25, 50, and 100. It is worth noting they also offer tailor-made proxies for specific activities. For example, you can get proxies specifically for gaming, social media, shopping, and ticketing.

IcedOutProxies plans are very affordable for anyone in need of proxies with high anonymity. The highest data plan goes for $370 and comes with a total of 200 proxies valid for one month. The cheapest one goes for 10 dollars and contains ten proxies with a weekly payment schedule. On the downside, they do not have discounts for an annual payment, although you will benefit from the hassle-free prices. The prices are also affected by the location of the Datacenter proxies.

IcedOutProxies Authentication and Protocols

IceOutProxies have a very effective authentication model. They work by authenticating various IPs from one device and make it seem like it's coming from one IP address. They also authenticate IP logins by using username and password. This kind of authentication makes login much more effortless and secure.

Additionally, IcedOutProxies have several protocols for their proxies. These protocols include HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS. Having this kind of internet protocol ensures you can surpass any website without having issues of blockage and banning.

Testing IcedOutProxies

We saw it fit to carry out a test to confirm what the website claims to offer. Factors tested included Speed, Social Media Platforms, and Sneaker Sites. On various tests carried out on the IcedOutProxies quality, we came up with the following findings.

Test Speed test Social Media Platforms Sneaker Sites
Rating 83/100 72/100 77/100

Speed tests had the highest ratings at 83/100, meaning the proxy has an excellent speed guaranteeing high-speed connectivity. Another test carried out was on social media platforms. The proxies worked well on social media and scored 72/100, which is not bad for such a proxy. Finally, a sneaker sites test was also carried out on various websites. The proxies were able to score 77/100; this is also a good score for the proxy provider.

Test on Social Media Platforms

Test on Social Media Platforms of IcedoutProxies

Average Success Rate on Social Media – 72%

It is also essential to have a proxy provider who gives you a good speed to run social media handles. Platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube require high-speed proxies to perform better.

In our test, IcedOutProxies proxies presented the highest performance on YouTube at 74%. We recorded the lowest speed on Twitter which was 70%. However, the proxies performed well on all social media platforms.

The average success rate on social media was 72 %. This performance is suitable for many activities, such as running ads and undertaking social media marketing.

The table above summarizes our findings on all the social media platforms we tested using the proxies.

Test on Sneaker Site

Test on Sneaker Sites of IcedoutProxies

Average Success Rate on Sneaker Sites – 77%

On sneaker sites, the top site was with a rating of 79%. The least performing was with a rating of 77%. Considering its price, this performance is not bad.

Nike, Foot Locker, Finish Line, and Supreme all had above-average results, which was encouraging. Although we encountered certain blockages, Captchas, and other problems on such sneaker sites, they vanished as soon as the system switched to new IP addresses.

The IcedOutProxies’s 10-minute sticky period provides the system enough time to scrape the sneaker websites, which we welcome. Adidas received a lower grade due to its slow ping time and several mistakes and blockages.

Speed Test

IcedOutProxies Dedicated Proxy Ping (ms) Download(Mbps) Upload(Mbps)
Icedoutproxies proxy 1 21 22.17 18.26
Icedoutproxies proxy 2 37 9.84 11.73
Icedoutproxies proxy 3 57 10.05 8.39
Icedoutproxies proxy 4 15 35.54 21.35
Icedoutproxies proxy 5 17 26.51 18.96

Average Rating – 83%

When choosing a proxy provider, one of the most important things to consider is the speed of their proxies. During our review, we purchased a total of 10 private proxies from IcedOutProxies for our test.

Based on our test results, we were able to get different speeds for ping, downloads, and uploads. The highest download speed was 35.54 Mbps, while the highest upload speed was 21.35 Mbps. On their website, the speed was at around 1Gbps.

The speed is good and can be recommended for any business from social media marketing, Shopify, classified ads, sneakers, and many other professional business activities. However, this speed may not be very efficient for sneaker sites with high anti-spam and bot filters. Sites such as Supreme, Adidas, and Nike require proxies with more speed and more reliability; this helps override their filters to maintain anonymity and low block rate.

IcedOutProxies Customer Support

If you want a proxy provider with a highly responsive customer support system, IcedOutProxies have your back. If you have any queries, they have many platforms where you can get help. You can use their official Twitter and Discord handles to send your message and get instant assistance.

Customer Support of IcedoutProxies

They have a live-chat feature where you can get real-time assistance. Alternatively, you can send your message to their email address and be sure to get a helpful reply. Whichever means you choose, you are guaranteed to get the best customer support.

The Editors Verdict

IcedOutProxies aim to give their customers the best proxy services at an affordable price. They have many valuable features that help you get the best and have the best proxy experience. Their customer support is also superb.

On the downside, we were not entirely happy with the speed of their connection. The dashboard is also not very user-friendly. Thus new users may find it hard to navigate the site. We would recommend the proxies for customers doing social media marketing, classified ads, SEO, web scraping, and other activities.

  • Does IcedOutProxies Allow Torrent?

No, IcedOutProxies do not allow torrenting.

  • Does IcedOutProxies Support Sneaker Site?

Yes! IcedOutProxies perfectly fit with sneaker bots.

  • Does IcedOutProxies Support Social Media Sites?

Yes, IcedOutProxies support social media sites but may not necessarily be the best option.

IcedOutProxies Alternatives

In case you want another proxy provider with the best city Geo-targeting then you should go for Soax. However SSLprivateproxy would be the best alternative with a similar price for US location. If you have a tight budget, Proxy-cheap may be the best for you as they are the cheapest proxies in the market.

Last Updated on December 12, 2023

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