Notify Proxies Review

Notify Proxies Review

Notify proxies covers a wide location. They offer residential proxies reliable for sneaker copping. Due to too many unbiased reviews online, our article aims at providing you with comprehensive insight about Notify proxies.

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There are many sneaker proxies providers on the market currently. Notify is among them and very popular. However, there is limited information about them online. And the existing one seems to be biased.

Our Notify proxies review will dive deep and give you comprehensive information from every aspect of the proxy provider. You will find our main stand in the editor’s verdict. Since you are hungry for information, let’s look at its features.

Features of Surge Proxies

  • Real and Fast residential proxies
  • Users can utilize up to 1000 IPs concurrently.
  • IP and User: pass  authentication
  • Residential supports many countries.
  • Instant delivery
  • Sticky and rotating sessions
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Proxies are built from scratch
  • No free trial
  • Detailed FAQ page
  • No refund policy
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Notify Proxies Overview

Notify Proxies Overview

From their website, we can see a slogan, ” They're the same. We are different, ” which reveals a lot about this proxy provider. They believe that their proxies are different compared to other available alternatives in the sneaker market. While others are regular proxies, their proxies seem to work well. Notify proxies to offer Residential proxies, datacenter, and ISP proxies.

Besides the persuasive and marketing language, their proxies always live to offer what they claim. The proxies are fast with undetectable IPs. The proxies are equal to the tasks. While datacenter proxies are optimized for sneaker copping, their residential proxies support both rotating and static sessions.

Sticky sessions are preferred for sneaker copping while rotating are effective where security is not a concern. Let us dive deep into each category in detail below:

Residential Proxies

Their residential proxies are unique. Besides being real, they are pulled from multiple upstream providers. It is the best residential option on the market. These IPs are exceptional on footsite, DSG, YeezySupply, and the latest Shopify stores.

However, never utilize them as captcha IPs. They are considered AIO in the sense that they are real and come with resis speed. The proxies are versatile and resilient. They work on most sites. However, you should prioritize the site with a long queue where speed is not relevant.

Datacenter Proxies

Datacenter proxies are based in Virginia and Ashburn. Using servers in Virginia maximizes the speed, but servers are not mandatory to use these proxies. Upon purchase, these proxies are delivered to your email within 24 hours. They are proven to support captcha solutions, YeezySupply, and Shopify with many other sites. The best competitive and backconnect IPs.

ISP Proxies

Notify proxies provider owns the technology behind the setup. These are high-quality IPs and are always sold out due to high demand. They have two categories here, in Virginia and Ashburn, they have Guillotines, while in NY, they have Verizon. While they do not require a server to operate, their speed can be maximized using a server from a corresponding city. Their minimum pack is 25 proxies. The top-tier ISP proxies!

Each category is specialized in a specific task with different features. They offer three pricing packages with different categories.  We can now look at its pricing plan.

Notify Proxies Plans and Pricing

Notify proxies Price asnd plan

Notify proxies to offer their services to customers in 3 different categories; Residential, datacenter, and ISP proxies.

Residential proxies, well known as AIO proxies, work on many sneaker sites. The provider does not own these IPs. Rather are sourced from reputable residential proxies providers. Even though they have high quality, their pricing plan is based on the bandwidth. They start at $20 for 1GB, valid for 30 days.

Again, their datacenter proxies are cheap. They support Captcha solution and harvesting, YeezySupply, and Shopify. The pricing is based on the ports with unlimited bandwidth and starts from $13.00.

Lastly, we have ISP proxies which is a blend involving both residential and datacenter. The IPs are residential, but they are sourced from Notify technology. They have high speed because ISP proxies are hosted by the datacenter and evade detections like datacenter. These proxies are expensive and competitive as most of the time; they are sold out. They start from $47.50

Notify Proxies Location

When we look at these proxies in terms of location, we find that Datacenter proxies support Ashburn( Virginia) while ISP proxies support Ashburn( Virginia) and NY. However, there is no clear information about residential, but they mention it supports many locations worldwide.

Notify Proxies Authentication

Notify proxies providers don't offer free proxies. For that reason, you must prove to own the right before using these proxies. This can only be approved through authentication. Notify proxies are advanced, and users can authenticate using User: pass or IP authentication.

Notify proxies can be authenticated using User: pass and IP authentication, offering you a maximum of 5 IPs. While datacenter and ISP proxies can only be authenticated using the User: pass method.

Notify Proxies Customer Support

Customer support of Notify Proxies

Our review would not be complete without customer support, as users require some help at a certain point while using proxies. Notify proxies provider uses two communication channels. You can reach out to them using an email address or sending a message via the Twitter handle.

The response is slow, but we hope they will soon introduce discord and give customers a priority. Meanwhile, their FAQ page gives detailed information that is relevant to any proxy user.

The Editor’s Verdict

Besides proving proxies, Notify proxies are good for sneaker copping. Their ISP proxies are top-tier; the datacenter is very competitive, while residential ones come from reputable upstream providers. Using these proxies is easy as ABC.

Copping is expensive even with Notify proxies in order, and every provider never guarantees their users successful copping.  While they do not have many features, using a stable server and bot compatible with Notify proxies helps you increase your copping game.


Last Updated on February 18, 2024

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