PrivateProxy.Me Review

PrivateProxy.Me Review

Are you looking for a fast proxy with absolute anonymity? If so, then PrivateProxy.Me will get you sorted. Here, we give you a detailed review of this proxy provider.

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Analyzing the industry and popular themes is an important part of web marketing. Pricing of rivals and related other elements that may influence your company. Bots that automatically scrape data from search engines are most effective for researching and collecting such a massive volume of data.

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However, search engines typically dislike bots and may prohibit them from working. They do this by blocking the IP address from which the bot is accessing the internet. This is where proxies come into play. You may effectively replace your current IP address with a new one by utilizing a proxy IP. Instead of your actual IP address, this is what the web browser sees.

SEO data scraping is among numerous applications for proxy services. Proxy services have risen in popularity due to the expansion of online marketing and the accessibility of info on the internet. With so many high-quality proxies accessible, it may be difficult to choose a service that is best suited to your needs. offers HTTP/HTTPS protocols with high anonymity. It is a top-class proxy service provider that has been in business since 2011. They provide top-tier proxies as well as first-rate customer support. Their proxies are appropriate for a wide variety of applications due to their fast speed and low ping. This includes normal surfing, SEO data scraping, coping shoes, and other such activities. Apart from that, these are other features you should expect from this proxy provider.

  • Offer static and rotating proxies
  • One free swap a month
  • 24/7 live support

Private Proxy Me Facilitys

PrivateProxy.Me Pros and Cons has many great features; this s one of the reasons for its success. But just like any other company, they also have their shortcomings. Here is what we liked and didn't like about the provider.

What We Like

  • Free swap: They offer free monthly swaps.
  • High Anonymity: Their IPs are highly anonymous with minimal risk of detection.
  • Instant Delivery: You can start using them instantly after purchasing.
  • HTTP/HTTPS protocols: They offer both HTTP and HTTPS proxies with IPv4 protocols.
  • High Connections: You get a very high connection in any proxy type.
  • Several Payment Methods: You can pay using both PayPal and Credit cards.

What We Don’t Like

No Cryptocurrency accepted: You cannot make payment using any form of cryptocurrency or bank transfer.

No Free Trials: They require your billing info for the trial subscription.

PrivateProxy.Me Overview

Private Proxy Me Overview provides extremely anonymous proxies. These HTTP/HTTPS IPv4 proxies may be used by any browser or software supporting HTTP/HTTPS proxies.

You may also activate your proxy session by signing in with your username and password or approving your IP address. Both systems have advantages and disadvantages. As a result, having both and letting the user selection is a good alternative.

While provides a limited range of options, you may request that the proxies be shuffled to a certain location. This may be done after you've made your purchase via customer service. You may also specify whether all of the proxies are from the same region or different ones. allows you to test up to three proxies for seven days. This offers you sufficient time to decide whether their service is right for you. Subscribing to the trial, on the other hand, requires you to submit credit card information, which is not desired by most of the users.

You may as well switch your IP addresses once each month for free. By swapping the IPs, you can access a fresh set of proxies that may be used if your previous IPs fail. Before canceling your membership or requesting a refund, it is advised that you change your proxies. It helps you confirm if the proxies cause the performance problem.

PrivateProxy.Me Types and Pricing

Static Proxies

Private Proxy Me Rotating Plan

PrivateProxy.Me offers two kinds of static proxies. These are datacenter and residential static proxies. They come with several features, including instant activation and unmetered bandwidth. You also get multiple locations and a free monthly swap. The price for datacenter static proxies starts from $9/month. For residential static proxies, the starting price is $5/month.

Rotating Proxies

Private Proxy Me Static Plan

Rotating proxies also come with several features. This includes unlimited connections and instant activation. You get access to thousands of superfast IPs, which you can manually turn. Here there are two types of proxies; datacenter and rotating residential proxies. For datacenter rotating proxies, the price starts from $59/month. Residential Rotating proxies have a starting price of $150/month.

Sneakers Proxies

PrivateProxy.Me sneaker proxies price

Sneaker proxies are great for websites that are IP sensitive. These include fast sneaker sites such as Nike, Supreme, Adidas, and more. give the best sneaker proxies. The starting price is $355 and gives you access to 200 IPs.

PrivateProxy.Me Locations


They have a wide variety of locations but don't disclose the exact location of their servers. The areas they support include the USA, United Kingdom, Germany, Hong Kong, and the Netherlands. They allow you to request the location you need after purchasing a plan.

One major advantage for is that they do not resell proxies. They also own all their servers, which makes them unique among other providers.

PrivateProxy.Me Authentication & Protocols

As previously stated, you may authenticate your proxies in two ways. This is via user-pass authentication or through IP authorization. So, after you've received your proxies, you'll need to set them up for optimal usage. enables up to ten IP addresses to be permitted to use the proxies. When you sign in to the user dashboard, you'll see a text box where you may input the approved IP addresses. Only the IP addresses that you have allowed may be used as proxies.

Alternatively, you may utilize username/password authentication. This adds another degree of protection, but it is time-consuming. A simple approach is to use the IP authentication format offered by, which is supported by nearly all bots.

PrivateProxy.Me Customer Support

Private Proxy Me Customer Support

It is essential to have a proxy with good customer support. That is why offers the best customer support for all their customers. If you have any queries, you can be assisted in real-time. They have a live-chat feature, where you get instant assistance. Additionally, they have an email option to write your issue and expect a response as soon as possible.

The Editor’s Verdict is a great proxy provider that does not need anything flashy to be successful. The proxies have a decent ping response with extremely fast speed and flawless IP compatibility, making them suited for nearly any user.

Because of their fast speed and low latency, these proxies will work well with bots crawling data for SEO scraping—other conceivable applications for the proxies offered by PrivateProxy. Include ticketing and coping shoes. Because of the fast connection speed, you can effectively surf the web, download or stream material. The website is lovely. However, they might work on making it a little more complete.

Last Updated on May 15, 2022

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