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10 Best Rotating Proxies for Web Scraping in 2024

Do you need proxies perfect for web scraping?  Rotating proxies are your best option to automate your IP address. Check out our exclusive list of rotating proxies. They are recommended for data scraping and crawling.

Proxy is an intermediary between the user requesting resources and the server that provides the required information. Based on different criteria, we can classify proxies into various types. For instance, when we consider IP rotation, we can group them into two: sticky and rotating proxies. And each type has different applications. The use depends on the requirements of the task you have to handle.

However, in our article, we will focus on rotating proxies. We will discuss the top 10 best rotating proxies recommended for web scraping and crawling. This way, we would have saved your time and resources on research. Before we do that, let us look at the definition of rotating proxies and where they are used.

What Are Rotating Proxies & What are they used for?

Rotating Proxies overview

Rotating proxies are types of proxies that automatically rotate the IP addresses. They tend to operate uniquely. Rotating proxies change your assigned IP and generate a new one to your connection based on some set criteria. You can set rotation after a particular duration of time, after every request, or based on the status code. They provide users with a single-entry port. They assign on each port random IP addresses to use. They constantly change upon request.

Since IP rotation is automatic, users do not need bulk proxies to perform a task while online. This is advantageous to the user. Due to this, we use rotation proxies on many occasions. Like, they are preferred for data scraping and crawling where they work exceptionally well.

Even though rotating proxies are good, they also have drawbacks. Because they maintain a session for a certain period, they are not suitable for scraping and crawling on websites that need their sessions maintained.

For that reason, high rotating proxies that change their IP address upon request are not recommended for social media account automation or sneaker copping. Aside, these proxies that keep sessions for a specific time are perfect options for automation, data scraping, and sneaker copping.

Having covered rotating proxies in detail, let us now move on to our top ten rotating proxies for web scraping and crawling.

Best Rotating Proxies for Web Scraping

There are many proxies providers on the market, but not all have rotating proxies. Our list contains tested and approved proxies by our experts. We paid attention to the proxy type, the number of IPs, rotation setting, target option as well as concurrent connection. Therefore, the below proxies providers have the best rotating proxies fit for data scraping.

1. Bright Data

Bright data Homepage

  • IP Location: Worldwide coverage
  • IP Pool Size: Over 72 million
  • Concurrency Allowed: Unlimited
  • IP Rotation: 100% Self control
  • Cost: Starts at $500 monthly for 39 GB

Bright Data formerly Luminati, is among the top rotating residential proxies service providers on the market. They have the most prominent and fastest real peer IP connections on the globe. They also have an intensive interface with over 72M IP addresses. They have a large customer base worldwide due to their excellent response time. Besides, they offer limitless rotation, and they guarantee 99.99% uptime. Their proxies comply with the laws hence patented.

The rotating proxies are from real devices thus not easily detected when you use them correctly. Their IP addresses target many countries,  ASNs up to the carrier around the globe. They allow users to scale down or up quickly while sending unlimited concurrent requests in attaining maximum outcomes.

The proxies are trusted, and customers are sure of getting long-term services when they invest their efforts in their services. Due to unlimited concurrent requests, their speed is high, cost-effective, and efficient in data scraping.

For data scraping, brand protection, or eCommerce data extraction, Bright Data proxies are perfect. Though pricing is high, their services are top-notch. If not, you can as well pay as you go or get a yearly subscription.

2. Smartproxy

Smart Proxy Homepage

  • IP Location: 195+ locations
  • IP Pool Size: Over 40 million
  • Concurrency Allowed: Unlimited
  • IP Rotation: 1/10/30 minutes
  • Cost: Starts at $80 for 8 GB

Smartproxy comes second in our option due to its ability to geo-target country to city level. They offer high-quality rotating residential proxies. One of the advantages of this provider is that they always count on their customers first and give them unlimited threads as well as the connection for data scraping or web crawling. Data scraping is essential and helps businesses grow.

Residential proxies are high quality hence suitable for data mining. The proxies have a unique IP pool, therefore, connecting to any source website unlimited times. Their proxies are available in over 195 countries worldwide, and they are 2 times faster than any SEO proxy available in this industry.

Besides data scraping, their proxies can also be used for tracking the rank and analyzing the competitors. Users employing these proxies save time and help evade blocks when making large volume requests.

Smartproxy rotating residential proxies are undetectable while online. The speed is astonishing, with an average of 3.1 seconds. They also have 99.99% uptime with absolute time pricing. Register and get started. However, when you are satisfied with the services, you can always request a refund within 3 days.

3. Soax

Soax Homepage Overview

  • IP Location: 195+ locations
  • IP Pool Size: Over 8.5 million
  • Concurrency Allowed: 300 threads
  • IP Rotation: Random
  • Cost: Starts at $99 for 8 GB

Soax is another premium proxy provider on the market which offers affordable prices. They have both residential and mobile proxies. However, our concern today is their residential proxies. They have clean and safe proxies. Again, they are not detectable, and the chances of being blocked are low. The provider has over 8.5 million IP addresses, out of which 5 million are residential.

Resindeirtla proxies have high performance, and they have proved to be compatible with most use cases like data scraping and crawling. Since it is a backconnect, they rotate IPs for each port of the network connection randomly.

They support geo-targeting hence the best perfect choice for scraping geofenced data online. Users can specify a city up to ASNs level. You can choose any rotation setting you prefer, the lowest being 90 seconds. From the sites and user cases, you can increase their frequency only when you pay extra charges.

However, their pricing plan gives users limited ports where you should whitelist the IPs before using them. While user experience might not be complete, their actual performance is good with reasonable response time.

4. Nimbleway

Nimbleway Residential Proxy

  • IP Location: Worldwide coverage
  • IP Pool Size: Undisclosed
  • Concurrency Allowed: Unlimited
  • IP Rotation: 100% Self-control
  • Cost: Starts at $600 monthly for 75 GB

Another provider with rotating proxies worthy of mention is Nimbleway. Their residential proxies, named Nimble residential proxies, are rotating proxies. The network has a large pool with millions of IP addresses, but you don’t have to know the IP addresses. Instead, you are provided just one proxy endpoint, and using that, you get assigned a different IP address after every request, making your target see your requests as coming from different devices.

IP rotation is efficiently handled by their AI system. But if you like, you can configure the period you want to maintain IP and session for the sake of account management. Aside from session control, you also can choose the country you want IPs from, as all countries are supported. There is also an option for state and city-level targeting. The proxies use undetectable IPs and can be said to be one of the best in terms of performance.

One thing you might not find interesting though is its pricing. Nimble is the provider for enterprises and businesses and if you are a small proxy user, you might not be able to afford it. Its pricing starts from $600 monthly and that gives you 75GB. For businesses, there is a 22GB free trial after KYC.

5. IPRoyal

IPRoyal Proxies for Data Scraping

  • IP Location: Over 195 countries worldwide
  • IP Pool Size: Over 8 million
  • Concurrency Allowed: Unlimited
  • IP Rotation: for each request or from 1 second to 24 hours
  • Cost: Starts at $7 for 1 GB

IPRoyal has a well-deserved place on our list of best rotating proxies for web scraping. That’s because this provider has its very own residential proxy pool providing a constant stream of ethically-sourced IPs for all kinds of web scraping projects. As a result, you can scrape data even from the most secure websites without worrying about blocks.

This company offers rotating proxies from all over the world and the option to geo-target countries, states, and cities. This allows you to focus on the locations you’re interested in and get accurate data you can rely on.

One of the best things about these residential proxies is that they allow you to change your IP at each request or use one for 1 second up to 24 hours. This is probably the most flexible rotation option on the market. You’ll also be able to perform web scraping on an unlimited number of websites or sources anywhere.

The fact that these proxies have 99.9% uptime makes them highly reliable, meaning you can scrape data without interruptions. They have HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 support and are compatible with most scraping and crawling automation tools. The pay-as-you-go plan lets you buy 1GB for only $7, but ordering in bulk gives fantastic discounts, so it’s more cost-effective, especially since the traffic never expires.

6. Shifter

Shifter Homepage

  • IP Location: 130+ locations
  • IP Pool Size: Over 31 million
  • Concurrency Allowed: Unlimited
  • IP Rotation: 5 to 60 minutes
  • Cost: Starts at $99.98 for 5 ports

The Shifter is also well known as Microleaves. This is a microleaves daughter company. Shifter became well known when it started offering proxies to its loyal users. Even though Shifter does not provide IP rotation based on the request, instead, they support IP rotation based on time. You can manually set the IP rotation from 5 to 60 minutes maximum.

Shifter proxy provider, in general, is known to sell high-speed residential proxies. Their residential proxies consist of over 31 million IP pools. While it is a good option, you cannot find location coverage, but they promise to cover a good number of countries.

Again, the rotating residential proxies lack IP authenticity though they are good for scraping YouTube and Google. As a user, you have the option to buy a basic or special package. In both packages, you can have unlimited bandwidth, meaning; users are priced per port. However, to evade the ban, we recommend that you go for advanced packages and special backconnect residential proxies.

Shifters do not have a free trial, but instead, they guarantee 3 days' money back if the service does not meet your needs. They also offer dedicated and HTTP proxies.

7. Proxy-Cheap

Proxy Cheap Homepage

  • IP Location: 127 countries
  • IP Pool Size: Over 6 million
  • IP Rotation: Random
  • Cost: Starts at $5 for 1 GB

As the name suggests, Proxy-cheap is a residential proxy provider but for those users operating with an unlimited budget. They are cheap. Besides residential, they also offer IPV4 and datacenter proxies on the market. On our list, this is the most affordable option.

They support over 127 countries around the globe with a 6+ million IP pool size. This is the best alternative to the expensive proxy providers. Their proxies have an average speed good for data scraping.

They have rotating residential proxies with random IP rotation. But again, they have eyes on their pricing. The pricing is based on the bandwidth. However, they don't have any minimum monetary requirement when buying. Every provider has its downfall, and so proxy-cheap does not offer a free trial nor any refund. Your purchase is final. Pay to test their service.

8. Storm Proxies

Storm Proxies Overview

  • IP Location: US and EU
  • IP Pool Size: 200K+
  • Concurrency Allowed: Only one device per port
  • IP Rotation: 3/15 minutes
  • Cost: Starts at $50 for 5 ports

Stormproxies work with the exact mechanism as Shifter. Their IP rotation is after every request. This means IP rotation is based on time. You can change your IP address in a range of either 3 or 15 minutes. They offer more minor services which are affordable hence the best cheaper alternative.

This is why most people use these proxies. Though they have rotating residential proxies, they also offer datacenters. The proxies are specialized in ticket scalping, social media account automation, and data scraping. Their 200k IPs target regions in Europe and the US. This implies they do not offer specific location targets beyond these two regions.

Stormproxies offer the most specific services, but every plan comes with unlimited bandwidth, including residential IPs. Rotating proxies are good for web scraping because they rotate according to the limit of the IP addresses reached and the crawling protocol.

It is the best-known rotating proxy provider due to its speed, excellent customer services, efficient and affordable pricing. It is ideal for data scraping but not for substantial project cases. However, they do not offer a free trial and guarantee 24 hours money back in their 5 port package.

9. Webshare

Webshare overview

  • IP Location: 20+ countries
  • Concurrency Allowed: 500 to 3000 threads
  • IP Rotation: 3 to 30 minutes
  • Cost: Starts at $6.76 for 10 Proxies

Webshare might sound odd from our list. However, it is known as one of the best datacenter proxies providers on the market. Though it is suspicious from many online reviews, they still offer rotating datacenter proxies at a lower price. Users can handle between 500 to 3000 concurrent threads, which come with unmetered bandwidth. This means you only pay for the proxies you use.

Their rotating proxies change according to the defined time between 3 to 30 minutes. The time range depends on the plan you commit yourself to. It supports over 20 countries though this is not a record-breaker. It also offers a free trial,10 proxies, and 1GB  bandwidth to test its services. Unless otherwise, their proxies might seem polluted due to free trials by other users. We trace this provider from Panama, but the identity is still unknown.

10. NetNut 

NetNut Rotating Residential Proxies

  • IP Location: Global coverage
  • IP Pool Size: Over 52 million
  • Concurrency Allowed: Unlimited
  • IP Rotation: Automatic
  • Cost: Starts at $300 for 20 GB

Web scraping requires high-quality proxies to ensure the best browsing experience. In this case, rotating proxies are the optimal choice. But how do you choose the most suitable provider? Various options are available in the market, but NetNut's residential rotating proxy service stands out as the best option.

Unlike other proxies, rotating proxies automatically switch IPs. They function uniquely, changing their assigned IP to establish a new connection based on browsing needs.

If you're seeking the best-rotating proxy, NetNut is the right choice. This provider boasts over 52 million IPs worldwide. The NetNut rotating proxy service allows unrestricted access to any website without geographical limitations.

It's important to highlight that NetNut offers combined ISP and P2P proxy networks, ensuring a high-quality service. Additionally, anonymity is guaranteed at all times for request routing.

NetNut's plans cater to each user's needs and budget, allowing access to a 20GB bandwidth plan for $300 per month. Similarly, you can expand your bandwidth based on your requirements.

11. Blazing SEO Proxies

Blazing Seo Homepage

  • IP Location: 29+ countries
  • Concurrency Allowed: Unlimited
  • IP Pool Size: 300K+
  • IP Rotation: Randomly 10 min-120 min
  • Cost: Starts at $2.55 /IP

Blazing SEO proxies came intending to provide web services, including windows VPS, servers, and proxies. It is a proxy provider specializing in datacenters. These datacenter proxies rotate randomly at a range of 10 to 120 minutes.

They brag about their datacenter IPs that many users consider dubious. Their company does not seem to expand; however, all datacenter packages come with unlimited bandwidth. Currently, they have IP pools from over 29 countries, including the US and Brazil.

Their selling point lies in the speed of the datacenter proxies. The rotating datacenter proxies come with a speed of 1GBPS connection. Hence you should not worry about latency as it will not bottleneck your data scraping process. The good news is that they offer a free 2 day trial for any package you commit to purchase. You only pay for the IPs you use.

12. RotatingProxies

Rotating Proxies Homepage

  • IP Location: US
  • Concurrency Allowed: Unlimited
  • IP Pool Size: 300K+
  • IP Rotation: 5 minutes
  • Cost: Starts at $39 for 10 Proxies

Rotating proxies are based in the USA  and specialize in offering dedicated proxies. Again, they still have proxies from a few European countries. Their proxies are compatible with HTTP and HTTPS protocols hence safe when scraping data online. As the name suggests, they are rotating proxies where they change the pool after every 5 minutes.

The proxies are evergreen hence undetectable. They evade bans and blocks on many sites, as the regular visitors attest. These proxies have a built-in rotation, and every package comes with unlimited bandwidth.

Meaning,  you can send countless requests without extra charges. You can use their rotating datacenter proxies with a throttling connection. Sure, they refresh their network daily to maintain the quality of service. The backconnect proxies are a perfect choice for data scraping, SEO, and account automation

13. ProxyRack

Proxyrack Home Page

  • IP Location: 140 countries
  • IP Pool Size: Over 5 million
  • Concurrency Allowed: Unlimited
  • IP Rotation: 3 to 30 minutes
  • Cost: Starts at $49.9 for 10 GB

Proxyrack has been in business a long time. From a one-person firm, it has grown to a worldwide proxy provider since its inception. It is among the few cheap residential proxy providers with over 5 million IP pools. Their residential proxies are grouped into 2 categories: Unmetered and premium proxies.

While premium proxies have limited bandwidth, unmetered proxies do not have caps on their bandwidth. The two categories share features like rotation upon request. Since it supports SOCKS and HTTPS protocols, it can easily interact with a third-party device for easy data scraping.

The provider has responsive customer services, and in our test, the proxies had a high speed to boot. However, they do not outline the exact list of regions, but we are aware that they support over 140 countries. It is one of the big families of the provider that don’t have a free trial, but rather, they offer 14 days money back, which is an alternative to the free trial.


Rotating proxies are a perfect option for data scraping. They help users go beyond limits and evade site restrictions or bans. However, the choice of proxies has increased, which is detrimental at the time of selection. But, you should select suitable proxies for optimal results.

Therefore, as a user, leverage these rotating proxies, residential and datacenter for web scraping or crawling. Take your business to the next level with these proxies, as they have been tested, researched, and proven by experts.

Last Updated on January 19, 2024

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