Are you searching for the best residential proxy? Why is Bright Data called an industry leader?  This article has all the answers you want.

Bright Data (Formerly Luminati Networks) is a market leader in the industry that is the largest proxy provider over the world, and based in Israel.

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  • 72+ million IPs over the world
  • Offer ASN/Cites/Countries Geo-targeting
  • Excellent scraping performance
  • IP rotation is 100% Self-control
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Typically there are hundreds or thousands of proxies companies in the market. Some companies cater for residential, mobile, or datacenter proxies, while others offer private, shared, sneakers, or Shopify proxies. But, if you want quality proxy providers that consolidate all these proxies’ categories in one basket, then choose the likes of Bright Data.

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Luminati owes its origin to Israel, but it has since become the most popular proxy network in the world because it has vast IPs across the globe. It also has rotating proxies that help you switch easily from Luminati's residential, datacenter, and mobile proxies. The following are some of the Luminati attributes that you will like.

Bright Data's Pros and Cons

Before we venture more about Luminati specifications, testing, and other information, we would like to tell you why we like it and why we don't. Either way, let's start with its pros,

Why We Like it

  • Offers a free proxy’s control: With its variety of rotating IPs and bot technology, web crawling, scraping is made easier.
  • Convenient with chrome extension: Chrome supports or integrates with Luminati, where you do not have to configure it as you could do with Luminati Proxy Manager (LPM) or super proxy.
  • Useful in Geo-targeting: Luminati's wide coverage across the globe makes it access most geo-blocked sites or censored sneaker sites
  • Very legal: First, Luminati is licensed in many countries. Even with your awareness, Luminati connects to the residential IPs of your gadget.
  • Has a free test: Lomita offers a seven-day free test.
  • Quality internet connection: Luminati has quality servers that enable fast browsing, unlimited threads, and 100% uptime.

Why We Don't Like it

Have a complicated dashboard: starters may find it complicated using dashboard features like zones, proxy manager, API integration, or various proxy types.

Very expensive: With the least payment being $500 monthly, you have to dig deep in your pockets.

A weak LPM when using many ports: Whether you are using LPM local or LPM online, the connection on many ports is poor.

Bright Data Overview

Luminati Home Page

Bearing in mind that Luminati is wider scope, it is classified according to its proxy types. First, there are residential proxies IPs given to residents by their ISP (Internet service Provider.) These residential proxies are the greatest Luminati proxies offering with over seventy million IPs. They also have mobile proxies and datacenter proxies that emanate from mobile providers and cloud providers, respectively.

Lumianti Specifications
IP Pool 72+ million IP Type Residential/ Datacenter/Mobile
Price Sample 40 GB – $500 (Monthly) Price Charged Bandwidth
Proxy Protocol HTTP(S)/Socks5 Authentication User Pass /IP Auth
Free trial 7 days Refund policy Not support
Geo-targeting ASN/Cites/Countries Jurisdiction Israel
Some features make a product outstanding in any product or program. That is the same case with Luminati proxy features where the following are some attributes that makes it exceptional.

Bright Data Types

As we have said earlier, there are various Luminati proxy’s categories.  These categories depend on the source of the provider. The most common Luminosity types include datacenter proxies, mobile proxies, and residential proxies.

Luminati Types

First, the residential proxies represent its greatest offering with over 72 million IPs. You can either have Luminati's static residential proxies or rotation proxies. With static, you possess fixed IPs in multiple countries. For the rotating proxies, they can change and acquire new IPs.

Then there are the datacenter proxies with over 770,000 proxies. Datacenters proxies have no ISP tag as residential ones, but their servers come from cloud platforms or other remote servers. Typically, you share the datacenter proxies when using the same cloud source.

If your concern is about a mobile proxy that supports a SIM's 3G, 4G, or the new 5G, Luminati's mobile proxy is your answer. Luminati's mobile proxy contains around seven million IPs and optimizes ASN and carrier targeting.

Bright Data Pricing

Luminati offers different pricing rates that you should consider before buying their package. Typically, Luminati proxies are expensive for personal use, but as you know, ‘quality comes at a cost.' For instance, $500 or $1000 monthly can be the cheapest value in Luminati proxy, which can go up to $30000 per month on an enterprise basis.

Luminati Proxy Plan

The Luminati pricing depends on the proxy type you choose and the bandwidth for each plan. The bandwidth is scaled in terms of gigabytes or GB. The higher the bandwidth, the more expensive a proxy IP costs.

When it comes to residential, datacenter, mobile, or static residential proxies, they have different rates. Of those categories, datacenter proxies are the cheapest as they cost less than a dollar, while the mobile proxies are expensive at $15/Gb.

Regarding the Luminati offer period, you would expect a yearly plan to be more expensive than monthly or ‘pay as you go’ offer. Suppose you don't have money when a premium period expires; you can still use the proxy by changing it to a ‘pay as you go' offer.

Bright Data Authentication

You cannot solely depend on Luminati’s encrypted HTTPS, SOCKS5, and other Luminati's in-house technology for data security. Some hackers or trackers can get past these secure protocols, but they cannot bypass your Luminati's username and passwords.

When you register to your Luminati account, the system will ask you for your preferred password and username. Usually, Luminati requires you to provide a strong password of lengthy characters and mixed letters. In other cases, the system can autogenerate for you a password.

There is also IP whitelisting, which is another authentication protocol in Luminati. IP whitelisting means filtering IPs and remaining with IP types connected to a trusted website.

Bright Data Protocols

Thanks to HTTPS, HTTP, and SOCKS5 protocols, Luminati is one of the world's most secure proxies. Most importantly, the SOCKS5 Lumianti's protocol is more secure because it has an advanced authentication level. Still, this proxy is lightweight and utilizes a tunneling method for HTTP and FTP support; no wonder it is used in Luminati Proxy Manager.

On the other hand, there are HTTP and HTTPS Luminati proxies. Both of these protocols work in generating leads for Luminati residential proxies. If you wonder how Luminati accelerates, compresses, or manages its vast IPs, it is because of its HTTPS and HTTP protocols.

Additionally, you do not configure proxies’ protocols when using Luminati Proxy Manager (LPM). That is, every port in Luminati identifies SOCK5, HTTP, and HTTPS. When you create a SOCKS5 connection, it automatically changes to HTTP or HTTPS.

Testing Bright Data

One thing that we love about Luminati is that the site gives you a seven-day free test. Try to do that test now and your results could be close to our outcome when we tested this proxy.

In our case, we used Luminati proxy to examine variables like data scraping, social platforms, sneaker sites, and speed. Out of a hundred, we rated these sites according to how the Luminati residential proxy performed. Below are our recordings.

Tested for Data scraping Social platform Sneaker sites Speed test
Rating 96/100 86/100 82/100 96/100

As you can see from the table above, the data scraping scored highly. That is because Luminati has a super bot technology for web scraping. With the other three sites, we also loved their performance. We further took a test on every sample individually. Check them out in the table below.

For Data Scraping Performance

It would help to notice that the data scraping performance of 96 (in the first table) is the average of the six shopping sites ratings we experimented with.

Luminati Date Scraping Performance

Average success rate on E-commerce websites  -  96%

As you see in this table, Amazon and eBay have the lowest scores while Aliexpress has the highest. For Amazon, it is understandable because Amazon is one of the hardest sites to scrape. When we started testing Amazon (for example), we tried it with a different proxy which was hectic. The response was slow due to low internet speed. It was also hard to bypass Amazon's anti-scraping measures with that proxy where Amazon blocked us.

When we changed to Luminati proxies, we realized that it could bypass Amazon restrictions at a faster rate. Not only did we do this test on Amazon, but also we did a similar test on the other five sites. We also appreciate that our requests when using Luminati were unnoticeable.

Secondly, we loved the speed to which Luminati connected to these sites, especially Amazon and eBay. For this case, we understood that Luminati has bot technology and quality servers that produced speedy browsing. For example, we could access sites like Walmart, Target, or Aliexpress at a blazing speed and with 100% uptime.

Test on Social Websites

Social media have become part of life for most people, but the problem is that they are restricted in most countries. For that case, we used Luminati proxies for the above social media sites. We also browsed those sites with other proxies and noted the difference.

Luminati Social websites Test

Average success rate on social websites- 86%

We loved how sites like Reddit, Twitch, Twitter, and Instagram performed. Because of how Lomita connected fast to these sites and scraped data anonymously, we gave them an 85% and above rating. Since Facebook and Youtube have many customers, we thought they would perform low, but their results were fair.

Some of us opened multiple users' accounts to see if these social media sites would block them. Unfortunately, those who used a different proxy had their accounts suspended. On the other hand, when we used Luminati, we could open several accounts without the social media operators detecting them.

Moreover, issues to do with social media IP tracking is rare when you are connected to luminati. When we tried to track our colleague who was connected to Luminati, it was impossible.

Test on Sneaker Sites

Sneakers are ever-changing and sell at a fast rate. As a result, most sneaker companies have blocked the sneaker purchasing bots and limit your purchase to only one pair.

Luminati sneaker sites Test

Average success rate on sneaker sites- 82%

For that case, we took a study on five sneaker sites and learned how these sites block buyers. We realized that Nike and Adidas are the most notorious sites for doing that. They have advanced technology to track people who cop multiple sneaker pairs.

We, therefore, used a sneaker Luminati proxy on those sneaker sites. Companies like supreme, footlocker, and finish line had better scores.  Adidas and Nike scored lowly, where Adidas even never made eighty percent. We realized that Luminati's quality bot technology made it possible to bypass the censored sneaker sites. Not to mention, you can use Luminati proxies to open multiple accounts that enable you to buy more sneaker pairs.

Speed Test

Luminati Residential Proxy Ping (ms) Download (Mbps) Upload (Mbps)
Luminati Proxy 1 31 87.16 35.52
Luminati Proxy 2 12 171.58 209.35
Luminati Proxy 3 86 105.49 31.58
Luminati Proxy 4 53 92.67 45.56
Luminati Proxy 5 45 142.72 59.76
Rating, 96/100

When testing the speed of a proxy, you might consider carrying a stopwatch with you. In our situation, we used a stopwatch and five different Luminati proxies to download and upload files or access a browser.

When it comes to variables of research, we used ping (ms), Download (Mbps), or upload (Mbps). We had to install or upload a geo-blocked file with Luminati proxy, and it was fast. We also measured the ping or latency time required for the network to load our web requests.

We realized that the shorter the ping time, the higher the download or upload size and vice versa. Less ping time compresses large bandwidth files and web pages when downloading or uploading.

Another thing we realized with Luminati’s speed test, is that it depends on your location. The more you move closer to its server, the fast internet connection and vice versa.  For that case, we suspect that Luminati 1 never performed well because it was probably far from its server.

Bright Data Customer Support

We also loved Luminati's support team, which is professional and responsive. You can therefore find them anytime, 24/7. For instance, we had some challenges with the system when accessing social media sites. There were some HTTP errors where the system showed us 502 Bad Gateway.

We informed the Luminati support team (through their ‘ help and support menu.') to help us with that issue. They were quick to respond and guided us on how we would rotate the IPs and change the network we were using. Luckily, their guidance resolved our problem.

The Editors Verdict

Whether you choose datacenter, mobile, or residential proxies, Luminati has the best in its category. If you are a starter, you may find it hard to use their LPM, account settings, API integration, and other features. However, it would help if you interacted with their support team to guide you in setting a proxy server.

We also know that Luminati’s pricing is expensive, but you have nothing to lose considering its quality services. So, don't be left out, try Luminati now, and you will acquire sweet fruits.

Editor's Rating

  • Are Luminati proxies good for social media?

In fact, they are the best around for this task. They bypass CAPTCHA, have a social media crawler technology, and achieve greater anonymity in social media.

  • Are Luminati proxies good for sneaker sites?

Yes, Luminati offers advanced bot technology to scrape sneaker sites. You can also use their exclusive IPs for sneaker site targeting.

  • Why Luminati proxies good for web scraping?

Luminati proxy is a pro in this area because of its advanced bot technology. Their rotating residential proxies navigate on all web data without them being known. They also use SOCKS5 and HTTPS which mask your browsing history.


Bright Data Alternatives

Well, if you feel that Luminati is not in your reach, you could try other proxies like smartproxy, Soax, or shifter. Smartproxy is the best pricing alternative to Luminati, If you can not afford their proxies and Shifter the unlimited bandwidth choice. Also, Soax is the best city Geo-targeting alternative to Luminati.

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