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The Best 911 Proxy Alternative That Actually Works in 2024

Are you searching for the best alternative to the socks proxies provider after the 911 proxy has been closed down? Then get to read our detailed article for the best 911 proxy alternative despite what the company has been offering on the market.

There are many proxy providers online, though not all offer what they promise. Thus, few upcoming get noticed on the market. This is because providers must be unique to rise to the top of the list, even with the ability to offer legit services.

When it comes to 911, re proxy company, they have been operating on the market with a unique pricing system and procedure of operation. This alone made the company become popular on the market among the users and gained a large customer base.

However, the inflexible nature of the company and the fact that it has been shut down makes most of the previous customers look for the best alternatives online. Previously, the company specialized in providing residential socks5 proxies that were easy to use.

So, if you have been a frequent customer of 911 proxy, you must be looking for an alternative after the recent closure of the company. Many other alternative companies offer the residential socks5 proxies that also perform similar tasks. But there are some other things you need to note before making a decision.

In this article, we will highlight the uniqueness of each company, what they do best, their pricing factors, and how they approach their customers based on their online reputation. Before dwelling on that, you also need to understand why people have been looking for the 911 proxy alternatives even before it was taken down for a well-known reason.


  • Proxy-SellerBest 911 proxy alternative with good location coverage
  • Bright Data: The best proxy for web data crawling
  • Soax: Best socks5 proxy alternative to 911 proxy
  • Proxy-Cheap: Offer affordable residential proxy price
  • Shifter: Best unlimited bandwidth 911 proxy alternative

Why Use 911 Proxy Alternatives?

Why Use 911 Proxy Alternatives

To make it clear, the 911 proxy was not a wrong choice because it has good location coverage, breakneck speed, the option to change the request heads, and the lifetime validity of the remaining proxy. But things do change, and here is the reason why you need to seek the best 911 alternatives:

  • Taken Down

911 proxy company was recently taken down on July 28th, 2022, because of well-known breaching for cybercriminal activities. Some clients, especially those left hanging, are online looking for alternatives. Because the company is closed, you have no option other than going for the alternative on the market.

  • Beginner-Unfriendly Usage

The use of a 911 proxy is not the same as the use of typical proxies. But behind the scenes, they function like other typical proxies on the market to offer the same solution though you need to pay for the service.

Therefore, you must download the software and use your login credentials to access it. To make it worse, the interface of the software which 911 offered to the customers was not that friendly and was confusing in nature which took the client a long time to get to know it better.

This scares new users even at first glance. There is a lot of configuration needed for you to get started; hence the use was questionable. The client allowed as only available for the Windows OS where it was trouble to use the software on other OS, and the API they offered was another hell to use.

  • Poor Compatibility

911 was a unique option compared to other typical proxies. Though they use the exact mechanism to deliver,r their usage was unique. So, before customers used their proxies, they had to first download and install premium software on the desktop, which was only accessible upon payment.

Again the software was not accessible or operating when you have the u-torrent running on your computer since it tended to conflict with the working of 911 proxies where they ended up exposing the local IP address. To make it worse, their client software was only compatible with the windows desktop.

Though there was an option to sue on another OS, it was still troublesome, forcing people to seek a better alternative. as mentioned, the PAI that 911 offered was hectic regarding usage.

  • Unsustainable Web Scraping

If everything customers needed to perform online with the proxies was web scraping, then 911 was not the best proxy provider. It was not a suitable option. Though it was possible to sue, many refuted and still prefer to sue other providers. The reason behind this is that the proxy is not efficiently delivered to the clients in a manner they can integrate with the custom bots. Other options offer the same proxies on the market with better and uncomplicated configuration options.

  • No Free Trial and Refund

It is better to go for other options, especially when you are not sure that 911 was perfect. The reason is that before then, the company never offered a free trial to potential clients, regardless of the new or old customers. Instead, they recommend you go for the small plan, and to make it worse, they never have a refund policy on their plans.

That meant that purchase was final for every customer, which raised a red flag hence the need for the best  911 alternative.

Best 911 Proxy Alternatives

1. Proxy-Seller – Best 911 proxy alternative with good location coverage

Proxy Seller Homepage overview

  • IP Type: Datacenter proxy
  • Proxy Protocol: HTTP(S) + Socks5
  • Cost: Starts at $2.08 per US Proxy for a month

The last thought should not sound like a least on the list of best 911 alternatives comes Proxy-Seller proxy. This company specializes in offering datacenter proxies. This is a good alternative because these proxies are compatible with the HTTP(S) and socks5 protocols. So, their datacenter is perfect, and it can deliver the same services that 911 socks5 proxies have been offering to the customers on the market with stellar speed.

The datacenter proxies from Proxy-Seller are suitable for online marketing and other use cases. Something else we like about Proxy-Seller is good location coverage with their datacenter and residential ISP packages. in tersm of the priing.

The company is much more flexible, and as a user, you can buy the proxies based on your needs, such as weekly, monthly, or yearly. Still, this provider stands unique in the market because it also offers the IPV6 proxies to people worldwide.

2. Bright Data – The best proxy for web data crawling

Bright Data Homepage Review

  • IP Pool Size: Over 72 million
  • Locations: All countries in the world
  • Proxy Protocol: HTTP(S) + Socks5
  • Cost: Pay per use, $15.00/GB for residential proxies

Bright Data is one of the leading best 911 proxy providers on the market. For the first thing, it supports all countries worldwide, which offers the company good coverage. The fact that they produce perfect residential proxies also makes it stand on the list as a 911 proxy alternative with a perfect connection speed.

Compared to the 911 socks5 proxy provider, Bright Data is still number one on the list. Their proxies are well known for web crawling and sneaker copping. Though the company does not have the socks5 proxies, they guarantee you residential and HTTP proxies on their packages. It also comes with an advanced API that is simple to use with over 72 million IP addresses from around the world and targets up to the city level.

Additionally, Bright Data offers rotating proxies that support both sticky and high rotating, where users can maintain the IP for 30 minutes. The company has proxies with stellar speed online. These proxies are also compatible with most other websites and software, including web scraping. But the drawback is that it is somehow expensive when you compare it with the 911 sock5 proxies before shutting down.

3. Soax – Best socks5 proxy alternative to 911. re

Soax Residential Homepage

  • IP Pool Size: Over 8.5 million
  • Locations: 120 countries
  • Proxy Protocol: HTTP(S) + SOCKS4/5
  • Cost: Starts at $99 for 8 GB

The next option that users can count on after the 911 socks proxy was taken down is the Soax proxy. This is another reliable alternative; we can arguably state it is a better option. First, the company has rotating residential proxies, which is the time based effective after every 5 minutes.

Secondly, their proxies are easy to use and do not need a third party or client like 911 proxies to function. Still, they are compatible with most software and need simple configuration because the proxies are compatible with all the major protocols.

Still, Soax has a reasonably large IP pool of roughly over 8.5 million, covering 120 countries worldwide. Out of these,8 million IP addresses are residential sourced worldwide. What makes us rank Soax is that their IP pool is often updated, and they remove all blocked and bad IPs, so users enjoy fresh proxies with an increased success rate.

Soax is among the cleanest and best socks5 proxy providers online. Their pricing is affordable, just like 911 socks5 proxies though 911 was somehow cheaper for the sake of long-term proxy users.

4. NimblewayBest for Enterprise-Level Web Scraping and Automation Need

Nimbleway Residential Proxy

  • IP Pool Size: Undisclosed
  • Locations: Worldwide coverage
  • Proxy Protocol: HTTP
  • Cost: Starts at $600 monthly for 75 GB

Let me introduce this provider to you. It is new, and not many are aware of it, but it is one of the providers that enterprise customers are already using. Talk about Uber, Pinterest, Wayfair, and the New York Times, among others, all use Nimble residential proxies. Looking at its offerings, performance, and effectiveness, you can tell it is one of the best working alternatives to the 911.re service.

This provider has millions of residential IPs in its pool and takes care of IP rotation automatically for you. Unlike other providers that do that randomly for you, it uses an AI engine to make the best selections for each request to increase the chances of the requests succeeding. In terms of performance, this is one of the best, as its download speed, as recorded by me, was 37.93 Mbps with a response time of 692 ms.

In terms of location coverage, it can be said also to be great as it supports all countries and the most popular states and regions. Because it is an enterprise-level provider, it does have a minimum monetary requirement that is not friendly to small proxy users, as it starts from $600 monthly for 75GB. But before that, you can get a 22GB free trial first.

5. Proxy-IPv4 – The cost-effective socks5 proxy alternative to 911. re


Proxy-Ipv4 Home Page

  • IP Pool Size: Undisclosed
  • Locations: 13+ countries
  • Proxy Protocol: HTTP(s) + SOCKS5
  • Cost: Starts at $0.47 per proxy for 3 days

Although Proxy-IPv4 does not offer residential proxies, it presents a substantial alternative to 911.re, especially suited for users in need of ISP proxies with Socks5 capabilities. Tailored for diverse online tasks such as traffic arbitrage, social media marketing, SEO, and PPC.

The service distinguishes itself with its flexible and cost-effective pricing model. It offers competitively low rates, such as $0.47 for 1 proxy over 3 days. This pricing is beneficial for both short-term and long-term projects, making Proxy-IPv4 an attractive option for those seeking affordability without compromising on quality.

In terms of technical capabilities, Proxy-IPv4 assures high-speed and stable operations, with a focus on individual proxy assignments to avoid the risks associated with shared proxies. The service covers over 150 networks and more than 200 subnets, offering a vast range of options for diverse project requirements.

Additionally, users benefit from a personal account with flexible settings, including options for purchasing, renewing, and managing proxy addresses, thereby enhancing user experience and project management efficiency.

6. IPRoyal

IPRoyal banner

  • IP Pool Size: Over 2 million
  • Locations: 195+ countries
  • Proxy Protocol: HTTP(S) + SOCKS5
  • Cost: Starts at $7 for 1 GB

IPRoyal is also a company we cannot fail to mention as a 911 socks5 proxy alternative. Even though the company has a small residential IP pool size of over 2 million, it has good coverage worldwide, spread over 195 countries. This is one of the best companies with the cleanest residential and rotating residential proxies. IPRoyal has an excellent rating on the Trustpilot, indicating the small customer base is satisfied with their service.

The things that IPRoyal guarantees you as opposed to the 911 proxy company are the flexibility on rotating and sticky options, support for socks5, out of 195 countries, the proxies geo-targets from city to state level, and their traffic never expires. They also have dedicated proxies for specific use where their residential proxies are 100% genuine.

The price is also affordable, starting at $7 per GB, and it will get cheaper if you buy more; you can get 10 TB for as low as $1.75 per GB.

7. Proxy-Cheap – Offer affordable residential proxy price

Proxy Cheap Residential Homepage

  • IP Pool Size: Over 6 million
  • Locations: 127 countries
  • Proxy Protocol: HTTP(S) + SOCKS4/5
  • Cost: Starts at $4.99 for 1 GB

Proxy-Cheap is not only the company that offers affordable residential proxies but also the best 911 socks5 proxy on the market. Their proxies are cheap but offer good coverage, and one does not need to buy with a minimum monthly requirements option. You can purchase any package based on your budget with as low as 1GB.

But, the more you purchase the bandwidth, the cheaper the price becomes. In terms of the proxy pool, Proxy-cheap has over 6 million IP addresses covering about 127 countries around the world which makes it a better alternative because 911 is no more available.

The proxies from Proxy-cheap have a more comprehensive use case, including web scraping and crawling, SEO, marketing research, ad verification, and brand protection. Though their proxies are also rotating, you maintain the IP address for up to 30 minutes. The above fact that their proxies support HTTP, Socks4, and 5 protocols makes it a good 911 alternative and best by a fair margin.

8. HydraProxy

HydraProxy Residential Homepage

  • IP Pool Size: Over 5 million
  • Locations: Over 100 countries
  • Proxy Protocol: HTTP(S)
  • Cost: Starts at $3 monthly for 1GB

On the market, with the cheapest residential proxy provider, Hydraproxy ranks here. Their proxies are a perfect option as a substitute for the 911 proxies due to their compatibility, reasonable pricing, perfect location coverage, large IP pool size, and high speed.

Since 911 proxies have been taken down due to breaking, and though it could not offer some services that customers need to achieve, Hydraproxy stands as the best alternative. They have an extensive IP pool of over 5 million Ip addresses covering over 100 countries worldwide. The residential proxies are fast, reliable, and have unlimited or multi-point access with no monthly costs.

The company does not pose any minimum monetary requirements to get its proxies. This indicates that with the fixed budget, you can have the proxies, which are based per bandwidth, but you have the option to select the proxies from the pool.

But, again, note that the more you buy bandwidth, the lower the price. Otherwise, the company has rotating and stuck residential IP addresses or ports. When you want a cheap but functional 911 alternative, consider Hydraproxy company for the random and sticky residential IP addresses.

9. Shifter – Best unlimited bandwidth 911 proxy alternative

Shifter Homepage

  • IP Pool Size: Over 31 million
  • Locations: All countries in the world
  • Proxy Protocol: HTTP(S) + Socks4/5
  • Cost: Starts at $149.99 for 10 ports

The Shifter is the best 911 alternative—the reason why the Shifter company is because the unlimited bandwidth option makes it the best choice. But the company's operation to some extent resembles the 911 socks5 proxy company as both firms before then allow the users to enjoy unlimited bandwidth.

The only thing that differentiated the two is that while 911 did not have the validity period, shift proxies come with the validity period. On the basic backconnect proxies, they have 4 professional packages to select that provide all your internet needs. Both are optimized for speed and random geo-location.

In terms of location coverage, the Shifter has perfect coverage around the world. Still, they also offer socks5 and HTTP proxies on the market. However, these proxies are back connected where they rotate the IP address automatically after 5 minutes. Hence, shifter proxies have multiple use cases.

The company offers a proxy pool of over 31 million IPs in ht pool size. Customer support is on another level, and delivery is instant through pricing is based on the number of ports, but generally, it is friendly.

10. Webshare

Webshare Homepage

  • IP Type: Residential ISP proxy
  • Proxy Protocol: HTTP + SOCKS5
  • Cost: Starts from $105 monthly for 25 proxies

Webshare is also a worth mentioning company regarding the proxy game. The company majors in offering the residential ISP proxy that comes with high speed and gives customers access to unlimited bandwidth. We list them as a 911 alternative because they support any site compatible with the HTTP and socks5 protocols. It is a good company that you can count on and add to the list of residential proxies.

Webshare offers affordable pricing but is based on the threads though it has high reliability, standing as an alternative to the standard residential proxies like 911 socks5 proxies. The proxies are only assigned to a single person, and you can select between dedicated and static with a global presence.

It is one of the companies with an excellent rating on Trustpilot because of the 99.97% uptime, 100k+ IP pool, and aggregate network of 100Gbps. You can also use the API integration to save time and money with a complete and powerful API.

11. Storm Proxies

Storm Proxies Residential Homepage

  • IP Pool Size: 200k+
  • Locations: Over 100 countries
  • Proxy Protocol: HTTP(S)
  • Cost: Starts at $50 monthly for 5 ports

Storm Proxies is well known for their residential backconnect IPs proxies. as opposed to the 911 proxies, Storm Proxies guarantees customers instant access to reverse backconnect proxies, which come with high speed and performance, unlimited bandwidth, highly anonymous and premium customer support available 24/7.

911 proxies never offered their customers a refund, but Storm Proxies they have 24 hours money-back guarantee. But the pricing of these residential proxies is based on ports that leave room for unlimited bandwidth access, and proxies rotate after every 5 minutes. Hence they are optimized for traffic bots, multiple account registrations, scraping sites, ad verification, brand protection, etc.

12. NetNut

NetNut residential proxies

  • IP Pool Size: Over 52 million
  • Locations: All countries in the world
  • Proxy Protocol: HTTP(S) + Socks5
  • Cost: Starts at $300 for 20 GB

NetNut is a provider with an extensive group of 52 million IPs worldwide, providing global coverage. NetNut's residential proxy service quality indicators and prices are tailored to the needs of different users and budgets, making it the best alternative to 911.

NetNut enables a straightforward and efficient setup of residential proxies. Moreover, it is user-friendly and ensures guaranteed 24/7 connectivity. Another significant aspect is that NetNut supports HTTP/HTTPS/SOCKS5 protocols. With NetNut, you not only acquire quality proxies but also IPs that won't face accessibility issues in any geographical location.

Additionally, NetNut's proxy service allows you to obtain static residential IPs with ISP assignment, ensuring 100% guaranteed anonymity. NetNut's plans are affordable for various budgets, starting from a 20GB bandwidth plan at $300 per month.

If you're not entirely convinced, you have the opportunity to access NetNut's proxy service free trial for 7 days, without limitations. This way, you can understand how proxies function and their multiple benefits.

13. ProxyRack

ProxyRack Homepage

  • IP Pool Size: Over 5 million
  • Locations: 140 countries
  • Proxy Protocol: HTTP(S) + SOCKS4/5
  • Cost: Starts at $49.95 for 10 GB

Though Proxyrack comes in this position, according to the research and experiment, it stands to be the first option you need to check out once 911 is taken down. This is the best 911 proxy alternative because it supports multiple protocols involving socks 4 and 5 and HTTP(s). Again, the company does not only offer you high-speed and clean proxies alone but also has premium geo-residential proxies.

With over 5 million IP pools covering 140 countries worldwide, Proxyrack stands as the best alternative with an excellent geo-targeting feature that enables users to target up to the city and ISP level. In the residential package, the company guarantees you 2 million residential IP addresses that are ethically sourced from people worldwide.

However, the pricing is based on the bandwidth. The proxies are compatible with most software and use cases as opposed to the 911 proxies, which we very complex. Besides having high speed and the ability to geo-target, you can select sticky and rotating ports.

14. Froxy

  • IP Pool Size: Over 8 million
  • Locations: 200 countries
  • Proxy Protocol: HTTP + SOCKS5
  • Cost: Starts at $60 for 5 GB

Froxy has a large proxy pool of 8 M and offers good location support. Their quality proxies and prices that meet most people's expectations have allowed them to grow steadily during the pandemic. That's why it was one of the best alternatives to 911 after it went out of business.

Froxy is a new proxy service. It can be quickly set up on any device and has all the features you need for everyday web crawling tasks. It's convenient to use and has good customer service support. Although Froxy has a lot to improve on compared to Bright Data and Soax, it's still worth a try.


To this far, there is no doubt that 911 service was taken down though as good with stellar offering though complex to use their proxies. The company was taken down for breaching purposes and forced people to look for more unique and perfect alternatives.

We have highlighted some of the market's best 911 socks proxy providers in our reviews. Take it and go through, test the proxy package and make an informed decision if the provider meets all your requirements. We have narrowed your research choices and saved time with the above options.

Last Updated on January 22, 2024

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