Soax review

Soax Review

SOAX is a ‘young’ but rapidly growing proxy provider with a flexible pricing plan. Their residential proxies have backconnect features that target SEO, website scraping, ads verification, and price monitoring. Follow me to learn more about it!

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  • 8.5+ million IPs over the world
  • Offer Countries/Cities/Region/ISP
  • Flexible payment plans
  • 24/7 customer support
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The world has seen many proxy providers come and go, especially for young companies like Soax. But Soax has defied all these odds because since Soax started in 2019 it offers millions of IPs found around the globe. Soax has two modes of IPs which are residential and mobile proxies' types. That is not all, because below are other Soax's features.

Soax Proxy Location

Soax Pros and Cons

Soax seems pretty good on the website, but we had to laser-focus on its details. Below are the issues we liked and others we did not like.

Why We Like it

  • City and ISP-level geo-targeting: Unless you use soax, it's rare to find a proxy provider tied to a specific ASN, city, and ISP targeting.
  • Has an easy-to-use dashboard: Soax dashboard is interactive with accessible features like whitelist IPs, proxy server setting, pricing, support deck, and online check tab.
  • Possess rotating IPs:  Its IPs feature a backconnect behavior which is instrumental in ensuring a high anonymity level.
  • Contains exclusive IPs: Two free exclusive IPs help you authorize requests in a secure way.
  • Fast connection: Their whitelisted rotating IPs acquire a fast connection.

Why We Don't Like it

The KYC(Know Your Customer ): To ensure that the IP they provide is not abused, you will need to provide detailed information when buying their proxies.

No datacenter IPs: Soaxs have no datacenter IPs which are used from the cloud source they are super faster, stable, and cheaper. Of course, datacenter proxies aren't mainstream anymore.

Soax Overview

Soax Homepage Overview

In a nutshell, Soax has two types of proxies which are residential and mobile. The residential proxies are five million in total and are rotated to create a backconnect behavior. These proxies use HTTP and SOCKS5 protocols, password, and IP whitelisting authentication.

There are also mobile proxies that are tied to 3G and 4G. You can use mobile proxies anywhere and at a higher speed than residential ones.

Soax Specifications
IP Pool 8.5+ Million IP Type Residential/ Mobile
Price Sample 5 GB – $75 for Residential
2 GB – $70 for Mobile
Price Charged Bandwidth and port
Proxy Protocol HTTP(S)/Socks5 Authentication User Pass /IP Auth
Free trial $1.99 for 100 MB Refund policy Yes
Geo-targeting  Countries/Cities/Region/ISP Jurisdiction UK

Soax IP Types

As mentioned earlier, we have two types of Soax IP Types, but we will amplify them in this case. First, we have Residential proxies which emanate from ISP servers. This makes them cover a wide area.

In Soax, the residential proxies have either organic rotational IPs or forced rotational IPs. Organic means that the IPs change automatically when an HTTP request fails. On the other hand, forced rotational IPs change per specified time.

Soax IP Type Provide

There is also a special node access residential proxy. That means the IP can connect via nodes even when it's offline. In other words, the IP remains static even when you reconnect to another node.

Lastly, they have the Mobile proxy. You use mobile rotating proxies with 3G or 4G SIM. They are relatively faster and can be used with phones where the ISP network is unable to connect.

Soax Pricing

When it comes to pricing, Soax charges clients per number of ports and bandwidth- this is for both mobile and residential proxies. If you visit Soax's pricing, you will realize those pricing categories are Micro, starter, plus, and regular.

Residential proxies have a ‘WIFI ‘tag, while mobile proxies possess a ‘mobile' tag. The regular Soax category is more expensive than Micro because it's an entrepreneurial-based proxy. But for starters, they ought to use micro.

Soax Pricing Tag

Depending on the proxy type, Micro's residential proxy rates at $75 per 5 GB on 300 ports. However, this port number and price plan are not favorable for small-scale businesses. For mobile proxy, they charge $70 on 300 ports for micro mobile. The highest residential packages in residential proxies are $700/100 GB on 600 ports, and mobile packages rates $600/20GB on 600 ports.

The above figures are monthly offers, of which you can get a yearly plan. If you think you are done with pricing, you are wrong because Soax has other costs of IP whitelisting, nodes, lower rotational sessions, and a three-day trial at $1.99.

Soax Authentication

For Soax, they require two authentication modes, which include Username/Password and IP authentication.

One of Soax's unique elements in authentication is that you have to whitelist IPs before setting a password. The IP authentication is also known as Binded IP. If you wish to whitelist an IP, click the word ‘binded IP' on the top right, then type the IP to whitelists and save it. Therefore, Soax gives you two free IP whitelisting slots while you pay for the others.

For the password or username authentication, they must be discrete and only known by you. The proxy provider usually gives you these details after you buy a plan but you can only change the password (not username) anytime. When it comes to using multiple devices from different regions, username/password authentication is the best.

Soax Protocols

Just like how we have computer languages, we also have language protocols in websites. These languages or protocols include HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS protocol, where SOAX uses all of them.

You use HTTP mainly on every web request, but you should consider the HTTPS and SOCKS 5 protocols when the security of your data counts. In SOAX, there is data encryption since HTTPS contains SSL (Secure Socket Layer).

That is not all because SOCKS also secure data. It uses a Secure Shell (SSH) tunneling method to encrypt your requests from websites. SOCKS 5 is also the reason why Soax supports IP authentication and has a no-configuration user interface.

Testing Soax

We can say much about Soax, but you should test the proxy to know if what they say is genuine. On that note, we did a test on how Soax will perform in data scraping, social platforms, sneaker sites, and speed tests. Check the table below to see the results.

Tested for Data scraping Social platform Sneaker sites Speed test
Rating 80/100 84/100 79/100 93/100

The response speed was impressive from the table because we could download or upload big-sized documents at less ping time. Still, the social platforms scored well, so does Sneakers copping. However, we did not like how Soax performed in data scraping.

For Data Scraping Performance

The above results are a reflection of how we examined every site individually. For example, we started with data scraping performance, where we tested Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and Aliexpress. You can see the results in the table below.

Data Scraping Performance for Soax

Average success rate on E-commerce websites- 80%

Since we wanted to know how we can scrape data with ISP-tied proxies, we used the residential proxies. Overall, Walmart, target, and Best Buy performed well above average, but the others scored lower than the average. But that does not mean they scored poorly considering that Amazon and eBay have a strict scraping policy and restrict bots,
When we tested Amazon and eBay, we could receive lots of Captchas and connection errors. At first, when we accessed those e-commerce sites, the connection was smooth, but with time they blocked. Therefore, we had to wait for the Soax 60 minutes IP change to reconnect to the websites. Also, we had to advance to a bigger plan with a higher port coverage to access those sites.

We attribute the smooth connection of Walmart, Target, and Best Buy due to the backconnect IPs. Even if you tested them with mobile proxies, we believe the scores would look similar. Although we received Captchas, there were no errors and blocks in these sites.

In conclusion, Soax performs averagely in scraping. If you want suitable performance you have to buy an expensive plan with high ports which is not affordable. Still, Soax time-scheduled rotational proxies are not good with scraping.

Test on Social websites

Test on Social Websites for Soax

Average success rate on Social Media – 84%

Examining social media sites was our best part. We had no under-average performance which every social media site scored above 80 %. Reddit and Twitter were the sites where we received zero blocks and errors, making them score highly.

Our first test was with Facebook, where Facebook is notorious for blocking people. Soax's backconnect IP rotation and its sticky time made great results on Facebook. We also created several accounts with Facebook, and Facebook did not notice us though it sent us some Captchas.

With YouTube, we had the lowest mark because it blocked some of our spam and ad messages. Therefore we felt Soax is not good at marketing with YouTube. We even had our YouTube channel and tried to like and subscribe to it several times, but YouTube quickly blocked the channel. Other than that, the speed of YouTube downloads was fast with less ping time.

As with YouTube, we found several errors and blocks while posting spam messages to twitch users. But we appreciated the smoothness of Reddit and Twitter platforms. Another test we did with these sites is tracking the IPs when using Soax proxy.

Test on Sneaker Sites

Test on Sneaker Sites for Soax

Average success rate on Sneaker Sites – 79%

If you are copping on sneaker sites, you will experience sites like Adidas, Nike, Supreme, and others blocking you. If you own multiple accounts, they suspend them. We, therefore, conducted a test with Soax on Adidas, supreme, Footlocker, Finish line, and Nike to see if it was safe using Soax.

The results for sneaker sites were good. For example, the number of blocks, slow connection, Captchas, and errors in Nike, Adidas and Supreme, made us rate them below average. However, we were proud of Foot Locker and Finish Line which had quite a good performance of over 80%.

Our first experiment involved Adidas which blocked us at a glance when we used sneaker bots. As a result, we had to increase the connection ports for us to connect to Adidas again. We also tested Nike and Supreme which also behaved like Adidas.

For Finish Line and Foot Locker, we managed to order several sneakers using the same account. But at some rate, we had to deal with Captchas and 404's error. But as we increased the concurrent threads of the plan, these errors vanished.

In all, Soaxs performance with sneakers is satisfactory because of their sticky one-hour IP session and their geo-targeting policy.

Speed Test

Soax Residential Proxy Ping (ms) Download (Mbps) Upload (Mbps)
Soax Proxy 1 53 23.26 19.32
Soax Proxy 2 69 10.03 5.97
Soax Proxy 3 139 15.49 6.75
Soax Proxy 4 203 9.78 12.37
Soax Proxy 5 87 13.83 25.59

Rating, 93/100

When it comes to speed tests of Soax, we valued it under the response time and the proxy connection speed. The response time was the duration spent in receiving a response, while the connection speed is the time taken to facilitate a successful connection to a website.

For the response time, we used a stopwatch and recorded the minutes it took for a website to respond using Soax proxy. In these response times, we also included the response disruptors like errors, blocks, and Captchas.

We also tested the connection rate of five Soax Proxies using ping, download, or upload variables-see from the table. To sum it all, the speed of Soax is fast when you increase the number of ports and bandwidth. But that doesn't represent what they really are, because we can't test them all.

Soax Customer Support

Soax Customer Support

We like the Soax’s customer support’s response that comes in a few minutes. Even when you have a complex query, the Soax support team will give you detailed answers. For instance, when we had a problem with IP rotation, Soax's customer support quickly fixed them. We also love the support ticket and live chats where their support team was interactive.

The Editors Verdict

All in all, Soaxs is the best when it comes to geo-filters and ASN Targets. These features enable higher connection speed to regions you selected. Also, the security of this proxy provider is enhanced with SOCKS 5 and HTTPS SSL protocols.

Editor's Rating

  • Are Soax Proxies Good for Social Media?

Yes, that is because Soax has automatic IP rotation support on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media proxies.

  • Are Soax Proxies Good for the Sneaker site?

Yes, they are built on geo-targeting protocols and sticky sessions(time) that enable them to unblock sneakers sites.

  • Are Soax Proxies Good for Scraping?

Not the best, because their IP rotation is random, session-based requests are not supported. If Luminati and Smartproxy are not suitable for you, Soax is also a good choice.

Soax Alternatives

When looking for a higher IP pool with indispensable scraping performance, you ought to consider Bright data. If you're on the option of a cheaper and quality proxy, Smartproxy is your answer. Otherwise, Shifter would work well for an unlimited bandwidth's choice.

Last Updated on December 12, 2023

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