Netnut Review

NetNut Review

NetNut already outshined some of the most popular proxy providers owing to its outstanding speed and customer service. Follow me to learn more about their unique features.

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  • 20+ million IPs all over the world
  • Offer countries/cities(US) geo-targeting
  • Static residential (ISP) proxies
  •  7-day free trial
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NetNut though being a newbie in the industry has been able to come with its unique features. It already outshined some of the most popular proxy providers owing to its outstanding speed and customer service.It takes pride in having some of the best IPs and has recorded zero fail rates, unlike many other proxy providers. They have the following unique features.

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NetNut Pros and Cons

Just like any other business, NetNut has many advantages as well as few shortcomings. It is essential to see the benefits you stand to gain from a proxy provider before choosing who to work with. Here are some of the features we liked about them and what we didn’t like.

Why We Like it

Although NetNut is new to the proxy industry, it has some unique features that have attracted the attention of many users. It has been able to rise spontaneously to being one of the best proxy providers in the market. These are some of the advantages of NetNut.

  •  DiviNetworks Powered: Their proxies are supplied directly from ISP. This is made possible through the help of DiviNetworks.
  • Static ISP Proxies: The best proxies as they have almost zero ban rates and are legit.
  •  Rotating IPs: They automatically change their IPs, making it almost impossible for your device to be blocked by sites.
  •  7 days Free trial: This feature gives you the freedom to test their services without any restrictions.
  • Instant Activation: The company offers instant account activation for all the data plans that you purchase.

Why We Don't Like it

Expensive Pricing: Although NetNut offers quality services, they do not have pocket-friendly prices.

No SOCKS protocol: Unlike many other proxy networks, NetNut does not support SOCKS.

NetNut Overview

Netnut Proxy Home page

NetNut, despite being a new player in the market, has come up with new features that have helped them rank well. They boast of having some of the cleanest residential proxies in the industry. Apart from residential proxies, they also offer data center proxies.

They have features such as IP auto-rotate, which ensures that IPs change automatically every few minutes. They also offer high-speed connections with a guaranteed 99.9% uptime. Their static proxies are legit and have never recorded a block before. Although it is not one of the proxy networks with the largest proxy size in the market, it also offers a reasonable amount of proxies.

If asked, I would say that the number one feature that makes NetNut a great proxy provider is its DiviNetworks powered feature. Other proxy network providers offer premium residential proxies using P2P networks for the provision of residential IPs. DiviNetworks works with more than 100 ISPs worldwide; therefore, getting real residential proxies from them is not a problem. As such, they are efficient and more stable than many other residential proxies.

NetNut Specifications
IP Pool 20+ Million IP Type Residential/Static ISP/ Datacenter
Price Sample 20 GB – $300 for Residential
20 GB – $350 for static ISP
Price Charged Bandwidth
Proxy Protocol HTTP(S) Authentication User Pass /IP Auth
Free trial 7 days Refund policy Not supported
Geo-targeting  Countries/US city Jurisdiction Israel

NetNut IP Types

NetNut offers three IP types, including rotating residential proxies, static residential proxies, and datacenter proxies. Rotating residential proxies are from genuine sources and, therefore, hard to be tracked by websites. As you use them, it will be seen as if the real user is the one using them to surf.

IP types of Netnut

On the other hand, static residential proxies are straight from ISP. NetNut has over 1 million static residential IPs available. They are hard to ban because they are real, and by blocking them, sites could be blocking legit users. They are also dedicated, meaning no other person uses the IPs except you.

Datacenter proxies offer high-speed connectivity and a 99.9% uptime. They also come with unlimited bandwidth, meaning you can use them as much as you want.

NetNut Pricing

NetNut is not the best proxy network for you if you have a tight budget. Their proxies are higher compared to other providers with the same products.

The starting price for data center proxies is $20/ month and comes with a 20GB plan, meaning $1/ GB. The highest price for these data center proxies is $500/ month and comes with a 1TB data plan. This means $0.5/ GB; it also comes with a dedicated account manager.

Pricing of netnut

The smallest plan costs $300/ month for rotating residential proxies and comes with 20GB of data. However, buying bigger data plans such as their 1TB plan will help you save a whole lot of cash, and get other additional services such as IP whitelisting and Chrome extensions.

The static residential proxies start at $350/month with 20GB data, while the highest costs $5000/ month with 1TB data. Static proxies are the most expensive ones due to the high maintenance and classic features they offer.

It's a pity, that they only accept payment through PayPal. This means you cannot purchase a data plan using credit cards or any other means of payment.

NetNut Authentication and Protocols

Their one million-plus dedicated static proxies ensure you get the best internet connection possible. They support HTTP and HTTPS. However, they do not support SOCKS protocol for website tunneling. This is a significant setback, especially for websites that are optimized for such protocol filters. If you are looking for a proxy provider with SOCKS support, NetNut is definitely out of the equation.

NetNut uses username and password or IP authentication to authorize account login. This is very convenient for users with different needs.

Testing NetNut

We undertook various tests on NetNut proxies and were able to come up with efficient results. Because of their high starting price, we used the 7-day free trial to undertake the tests. The table below shows a summary of our findings from the trials we undertook.

Tested For Data scraping Social platforms Sneaker sites Speed test
Rating 75/100 76/100 74/100 78/100

Although they advertise about having a fast-speed connection, we didn't quite get what we expected. So, they are not an excellent recommendation for the premium proxy provider, but they are getting there.

We tested factors such as data scraping, social platforms, sneaker sites, and speed tests. the proxies showed the highest performance in the speed tests, and the lowest performance was recorded in data scraping. Here is a breakdown of how all the factors we tested on this proxy provider performed.

For Data Scraping Performance

Data scraping rating of Netnut

Average Rating – 75%

For scraping, we tested six sites and took a record of the observations. We tried the proxies on the websites, including Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and Aliepxress. The above table shows how the proxies performed for all the sites.

In an overall outlook, all the shopping sites did well. The hardest ones to crack were Amazon and Best Buy. We suspected this may be due to their strict anti-spam measures. After sending multiple requests at a time, we started getting Captchas and 404 errors. However, all other scraping sites did well.

Test on Social websites

Sociasl website rating of Netnut

Average Rating – 76%

We also did a test on various social media platforms. The above table indicates a summary of how the proxies performed on various social media websites.

YouTube has a rating of 79% which makes it the highest rating social media platform. Although the performance was average, it is not what we expected from the hyped proxy provider. None of them were able to hit 80%, which means they may need to work more on their social media rating.

Test on Sneaker sites

Sneaker site rating of Netnut

Average Rating – 74%

It is essential to have a proxy network provider with good proxies for copping sneaker sites. We tested NetNut proxies on sneaker sites. Foot Locker and Finish line had the top performance while Supreme recorded the lowest.

However, the results we got from the proxies are not what we expected. From the information we got on the NetNut website, we expected the proxies to hit at least an 80% rating. This means they may not be the best providers for sneaker sites, especially Supreme.

Speed Test

NetNut Residential Proxy Ping(ms) Download(Mbps) Upload(Mbps)
NetNut Proxy 1 428 10.54 9.37
NetNut Proxy 2 105 24.97 28.63
NetNut Proxy 3 331 9.67 14.21
NetNut Proxy 4 179 12.16 10.72
NetNut Proxy 5 235 18.83 20.56

Rating – 78%

We also undertook a speed test on the proxies to establish whether they are as good as they say. Some of the difficulties we had were on ping, download speed, and upload speed.

The highest speed on ping was 428 while the top download and upload speeds were 24.97 and 28.63 respectively. However, the average speed rating for Nenut was 78% based on our test. That means they have room to grow.

NetNut Customer Support

Customer Support of Netnut

NetNut claims to have a sound customer support system. However, customers with smaller data plans can only be assisted through email. By buying a larger proxy plan, you are awarded a dedicated account manager. This means that you get most of the communication through Skype.

The Editors Verdict

Some of the essential features to consider when choosing a proxy provider include pricing and speed. NetNut is not very cost-efficient for customers with lower budgets. They also do not have an alternative payment method apart from PayPal. Although Netnut is a good proxy provider, there are others with similar services at lower prices.

  • Are NetNut Proxies Good for Social Media?

Yes. They are a growing and evolving proxy provider.

  • Are NetNut Proxies Good for Sneaker Sites?

Yes. They are suitable for copping sneaker sites.

  • Are NetNut Proxies Good for Scraping?

Yes, but to be honest NetNut is not the best option.

NetNut Alternatives

Because NetNut is not one of the top proxy providers, you may opt to go for Bright Data, the most advanced residential proxy provider for data scraping. Soax is another good alternative because of its good Geo-targeting feature. The shifter is also a good alternative if you want unlimited bandwidth.

Last Updated on December 12, 2022

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