High Proxies Review

High Proxies Review

Say goodbye to slow, inconvenient, and unsupportive proxy providers when HighProxies is within your grasp. With just $1.40, you can experience HighProxies, which is one of the fastest and safest datacenter proxies.

Highproxies overview

  • 28 US cities & 11 other locations
  • 30 days IP replacement
  • Three days refund policy
  • Support Social Media (especially YouTube) & Classified AD
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HighProxies have risen from the ranks and possess about 50000 datacenter IPs. This is a greater milestone for datacenter proxies since it started in Seychelles in 2015. Other than that, here are other features of HighProxies that are important to look at.

High Proxies Location

High Proxies Pros and Cons

HighProxies has its share of pros and cons. Therefore In the next section, we will explore some factors we liked and others we did not like in our HighProxies' research. So let's begin with:

Why We Like it

  • Dedicated proxy packages: Unlike most datacenter proxies, HighProxies have dedicated proxies that specialize in sites like social media, ticketing, and classified AD.
  • IP refresh: You get a monthly IP refresh once, which wades off any potential leaks or blocking that may face an older IP Address.
  • Easy to use panel: HighProxies' dashboard is easy to navigate with straightforward features. HighProxies' website also has a tutorial that guides you in using the proxy server.
  • Have fast servers: With a speed of about 1000mbps; you cannot write off HighProxies as one of the fastest datacenter proxies.
  • Wide area coverage: You can find HighProxies' servers in most cities of the USA and also most European countries.
  • Allows peer-to-peer torrenting: You can use HighProxies to share networks and download files when connected to one server.
  • Have an interactive support system: You can contact the customer center of HighProxies through their customer support ticket, live chats, or contact them at email.

Why We Don't Like it

Do not support SOCKS platforms: As much as HTTPS protocol is secure, SOCKS has advanced encryption technology. Socks platforms are also fast.

No specialized sneaker sites proxies: HighProxies does not have the technology to scrape on Sneaker sites.

You cannot transact with a credit card: This is unfortunate because most people use credit cards. HighProxies only allows services of PayPal, Payza, or Coingate.

High Proxies Overview

High Proxies Home Page overvew

If you were to rank the fastest and quality datacenter proxy, HighProxies would be on the list. HighProxies involve shared private, or dedicated proxy types. It is dedicated because it is specialized for either social media, classified ads proxies, ticketing, or shopping. All these proxy types use the HTTPS protocol and allow IP and username/ password authentication.

HighProxies Specifications
Price Sample $1.40/Month IP Type Datacenter
Proxy Protocol HTTP(S) Price Charged Proxies
Jurisdiction Seychelles Authentication User Pass /IP Auth
IP replacement  30 days Refund policy 3 days

High Proxies IP Types

With the knowledge that HighProxies is a Datacenter proxy, you expect it to have either private or shared proxies. These are its main branches. However, the private proxies have some dedicated private proxies.

Whether you use private proxies or specialized dedicated proxies, you use the proxy network alone. Private proxies are static but refresh every month. In HighProxies, you use the private proxies for general purposes like scraping the web. On the other hand, we have specialized proxies that consist of social media sites, classified ads proxies, or shopping platforms.

Lastly, we have the shared HighProxies types. You can use these proxies with other users on the same network. Nevertheless, shared proxies don't promise you high data security because if one user is blocked, you risk being blocked too since you are sharing IPs.

High Proxies Pricing

High proxies value its proxies according to the number of proxies and not per bandwidth as other proxy providers. The good news is that every plan you buy in HighProxies, it has an unlimited bandwidth. Furthermore, whatever package you want, you should consider the HighProxies’ IP Types because they go hand-in-hand.

On that note, let's start with private proxy pricing. Private proxy is the cheapest among the shared and dedicated datacenter servers. Even on a tight budget, you will find the $2.40 offer very affordable in private proxies. However, these prices go up as the number of proxies increases. For example, the highest package in private proxies is $1400 on 1000 proxies.

High Proxies Pricing

Secondly, we have dedicated proxies that specialize in specific areas like social media, shopping, and classified ad Proxies. These proxies are generally expensive because they have an added security encryption, subnets, and random IP. As a result, you find Social media packages costing at least $3.20 for 1 proxy. Else, the shopping sites are much expensive with a value of $18 per 5 proxies.

Lastly, when it comes to the shared proxies, they are cheaper than private. That is because they have their cost-shared by the number of users. For instance, shared proxies cost $0.64 monthly, but with ten proxies they cost around eleven dollars. In case no HighProxies plan suits you, you may contact their support tickets system for them to set you a customized plan.

High Proxies Authentication

Once you register and pay a package on HighProxies, they will provide authentication options on the dashboard. On that part, you can either choose the IP authentication or username / password authentication.

Primarily, username or password authentication is mostly used here. HighProxies provides these details in the email after you buy their package. From that point, you are required to set your password or username authentication in the system. The system will eventually load your password or username and connect you to websites automatically.

The other authentication feature is IP authentication or IP Whitelisting. Here, the system uses IP Addresses to connect you to websites. These IPs can be your ISP addresses, or HighProxies can provide you with whitelisted IPs

High Proxies Protocols

If your concern is data security, HighProxies contains the HTTPS protocol that protects and secure your identity. HTTPS therefore uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) which encrypts your web requests such that nobody can track you.

Secondly, HTTPS supports most of the HTTP and HTTPS sites. It also enables a smooth TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) connection that increases the internet transmission. Preventing them from blocking you. Lastly, when you talk of peer-to-peer torrenting or network subnets in HighProxies, HTTPS protocol has a hand in that.

Testing High Proxies

In our quest to know much about HighProxies, we bought the lowest package to test it. Testing HighProxies would help us analyse its speed and its performance on social platforms. If you wish to know the results of our experiment, please read the table below.

Tested for Speed test Social platform Sneaker sites
Rating 93/100 80/100

From the table, it's evident that HighProxies has an incredible speed. Also, we tested the social platforms and it reached our 80% target, which is satisfactory. However, when we tried to experiment the sneaker sites with HighProxies, it was all in vain. Therefore, this server does not support sneakers websites in any way.

Other than that, we continued testing HighProxies speed and its performance for social media. Note that the figures in the table above are a report of what we examined on each site individually. Therefore, if you want a comprehensive analysis of speed or social platforms trials, please read the sections below.

Speed Test

HighProxies Private Proxy Ping (ms) Download (Mbps) Upload (Mbps)
HighProxies Proxy 1 62 43.17 98.46
HighProxies Proxy 2 57 33.25 21.74
HighProxies Proxy 3 25 43.42 103.25
HighProxies Proxy 4 43 32.56 27.53
HighProxies Proxy 5 102 10.18 8.27

Rating, 93%

In our trial for HighProxies' speed, we bought five private proxies, and the results are as in the table above. Here we used the speed test site to analyze the fastness of these datacenter proxies. With this experiment you can also use a stopwatch to measure the speed of connections but in our case we did not use it.

Our variables in this experiment are ping, download size and upload time. Here we wanted to know which of the five HighProxies proxy would use less ping time to download or upload a higher Mbps content. From the table's analysis, we liked the performance of the likes of HighProxies proxy three

As far as Internet connectivity is concerned, we realised a smooth flow in those proxies that had good performance. The only downside is that such a smooth connection would be hampered by fewer internet disruptors like blocks, Timeouts, internet errors, and Captchas.

On that note, the worst-case scenario was the likes HighProxies proxy five and others which used a higher ping or latent time to download small files. Such samples had several errors, blocks, and Captchas. But with the Captcha resolver and error remover , you can save the situation.

Overall, we attribute the fastness of HighProxies because of its quality servers. The servers have 32GB Ram and are made with Xeon processors. The servers' RAM size enables multitasking of hundred concurrent threads, and the Xeon processors produce higher speed.

Test on Social websites

High Proxies Social Rating

Average success rate on Social Media – 80%

Our second trial involved the social media platforms. We tested those social media sites using dedicated social media proxies. In general, all the social media sites responded fast when we made multiple accounts or scraped their data using HighProxies. Our target for this experiment was 80%, and most platforms surpassed it except Twitter.com and Reedit.com.

Facebook and YouTube being some of the strictest sites to scrape, we started the trials on them. Particularly, YouTube had the highest response rate and a smooth connection. We would scrape more data details in YouTube, open multiple channels and access the blocked YouTube Videos. The only bottleneck in YouTube was some connection errors and timeouts which vanished after some time.

As in YouTube, that was the same case when testing Facebook, Instagram, and Twitch. They were above our 80% mark and had few network bottlenecks. Even though some Captchas requests and errors appeared at some juncture, we used error and Captcha resolvers to gain a smooth connection. Still with these sites, we would make multiple accounts and send spam messages without getting noticed.

With Twitter or Reedit, the results were below average where there were some timeouts, Captchas, or 404 (not found) errors. In general, HighProxies is among the few providers with specialized social media proxies. We recognize its advanced encryption system, smart routing, and peer-to-peer connection that enables faster downloads, uploads, and scraping social platforms.

High Proxies Customer Support

If you have troubles with the HighProxies service, you can click their contact button. You can also book a support ticket on their platform. In case you have a burning question about their services, the FAQS panel would prove resourceful.

In the future, we wish HighProxies to introduce a straightforward live chat program like other proxy providers. Although they claim they have a live chat, it’s hard to find it.

The Editors Verdict

HighProxies is unbeatable when it comes to its speed. That is an element that we give a thumbs up. We also like the HighProxies server's technology with Raid 10 SSD and Xeon technologies that ensure fast proxy connection. On matters to do with data encryption, we would recommend this product because of its firewall technology.

  • Is HighProxies Allow Torrents?

Yes, they allow torrenting because they support peer-to-peer sharing of data.

  • Is HighProxies Supports Sneaker Site?

No, because they do not have specialized sneakers proxies. Still, HighProxies Private Proxies has no infrastructure that scrapes sneaker sites.

  • Is High Proxies Support Social Media Sites?

Yes, because they offer Social Media Proxies packages that enable one to form multiple social media accounts without tracking.

High Proxies Alternatives

When it comes to speed and data security, it's only MyPrivateProxy that can match the speed of HighProxies. Secondly, when you want specialized sneaker proxies, which HighProxies do not have, SSLprivateproxy would be the best bet. Lastly, since HighProxies do not cover multiple subnets in the USA, you could replace it with SquidProxies.

Last Updated on December 12, 2023

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