IPBurger Review

IPBurger Review

Based on the huge IP pool, Ipburger offers fresh, high-quality IPs. Their affordable prices also make them highly sought-after. Let's see if it's really worth buying!

Ip Burger Logo Overview

  • 75+ Million IPs from 195+ locations
  • Offer ASN/Cites/Countries Geo-targeting
  • Up to 30 minutes of a sticky session
  • Unlimited Threads
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The world is changing, and so is the business structure of companies. Most companies are advancing to digital marketing that requires harvesting much data. But without a credible proxy or VPN, you cannot web scrape, open multiple social media accounts or cop more sneaker pairs.

IpBurger Location

For that reason, the likes of IPBurger are available to help you to browse anonymously. IPBurger has rotating proxies, a dedicated datacenter, and unique fresh datacenter proxies. Apart from those properties, we also have other IPBurger features that include.

IPBurger Pros and Cons

In our research about IPBurger there are issues we like about this proxy provider and others we don’t. But let’s start with:

Why We Like it

  • Good privacy policy: Log policy. In other words, it does not keep track of its users' IP addresses.
  • Excellent location support: It comes with geo-targeting platform and regional proxies.
  • Advanced encryption: Your data is secure with AES-256 encryption
  • Has a kill-switch program: The proxy system will terminate a connection to a website before it blocks you.
  • Acquires fresh IPs: You obtain higher quality IPs that have never been used before.
  • Easy to set up: No logins, no downloading of software, nor using a proxy manager.
  • Compatible with most OS and browsers: You can download IP burger as an application of windows, android, macOS, or Linux. You can also use IPBurger as a chrome extension.

Why We Don't Like it

Have some conflicting information: For example, the company claims to offer live chat and ticket support but you only find a ticket forum on the live chat option.

No Free Trial and Refund: Bad for you if you thought they offer a free trial as IPBurger claims. On the contrary, they offer no refund once you register and pay them.

Not support torrenting: IPBurger does not allow many users to connect and share networks for downloading files.

IPBurger Overview

IPburger Homepage Overview

IPBurger might be your choice if you consider proxies with a higher IP Pool of seventy million IPs. IPBurger consists of residential proxies and datacenter proxies. For the residential proxies, they rotate on a specified time or every HTTPS request. They are also found in over 190 countries.

We also have the datacenter proxies, which consist of Fresh proxies and dedicated proxies. Both of these datacenters are private, but fresh proxies access you to new IPs. Lastly, when it comes to HTTPS or SOCKS5 protocols, it applies to all proxy types.

IPBurger Specifications
IP Pool 75+ Million IP Type Residential/ Datacenter
Price Sample 5GB – $79 (Monthly) Price Charged Bandwidth
Proxy Protocol HTTP(S) Authentication User Pass /IP Auth
Free trial On request Refund policy Not support
Geo-targeting ASN/Cites/Countries Jurisdiction BVI

IPBurger IP Types

As mentioned before, IPBurger consists of either Datacenter proxies or Residential proxies. First, the residential proxies consist of 70+ million IPs found around 190 countries. These proxies emanate from ISP providers.

Residential proxies rotate or change per web request or can have a sticky time of thirty minutes. They also have a kill-switch program that disconnects you from a website before it blocks or blacklists your IP.

They also have dedicated proxies, we can call them static residential proxies. They are hosted in a datacenter and have the authenticity of a residential proxy's IP address. They are fast and secure, and perfect for social media account management.

Ip Type of IPBurger

Secondly, there are the datacenter proxies. You find these proxy servers in around seven countries. Datacenter proxies include the fresh proxies and the dedicated proxies. The fresh proxies have a static new IP that connects you to specific sites like Amazon or eBay.

When the fresh proxies are used, they get refined for nighty days. After those nighty days, you can use those proxies as dedicated or exclusive proxies. Therefore, if you were wondering the difference between Fresh and dedicated proxies, you can now relate. Moreover, both of the datacenter proxies are private or used by a solo person.

IPBurger Pricing

IPBurger is one of the most affordable proxy providers with fair prices. These prices depend on residential and the datacenter proxies. As you would expect, the datacenter proxies are cheaper than residential proxies because they have static IPs.

When looking at residential packages, they are charged per bandwidth and have unlimited concurrent connections. The residential packages have categories like Starter, Plus and Pro packages. The starter is the cheapest at $79 for 5GB, while the Pro is expensive at $250 for 25GB. That tells you that the higher the bandwidth, the higher the price.

Pricing of IPBurger

On the other hand, the datacenter proxies are relatively cheaper than residential proxies. For example, their fresh proxy plan starts at $ 9.58 for one fresh IP, whereas the highest is around twenty-five dollars for three fresh IPs. Note that all of these plans have unlimited bandwidth.

Lastly, we cannot forget the dedicated proxy plan, which is cheaper than the rest. Could you believe that IPBurger costs as low as $4.58 on one dedicated IP? Hence, IPBurger values the dedicated proxies per the no of dedicated IPs.

IPBurger Authentication

Even though there are no logins in the IPBurger, you still have to use authentication protocols that authorize the system to connect to a website. IPBurger's system can either use Username/Password or IP authentication.

When you register with IPBurger, they can give you a password or a username for authentication and in other cases you can provide yours. Most significantly, your password should be discrete and hard to guess.

There is also IP authentication. IP authentication is an ISP-tied IP that authorizes you to access websites. IPBurger allows you to whitelist an IP that the system recognizes and uses to connect you to websites.

IPBurger Protocols

IPBurger uses HTTP or SOCKS5 protocols that support websites with similar protocols. But the primary protocol is the HTTP which could be unsecure when using a proxy network. That leaves you with HTTPS and SOCKS 5 proxies which provide secure encryptions.

For instance, HTTPS have SSL (Secure Socket Layer) that cyphers your browsing history. On the same note, SOCKS 5 have the SSH Secure Shell. SSH encrypts unsecured network like proxy networks.

Moreover, SOCKS 5 protocols are lightweight which makes them support the authentication protocols of IPBurger. Still, when it comes to video streaming, SOCKS 5 are essential in this task.

Testing IPBurger

Testing IPBurger is significant to confirm if IPBurger is trustworthy. For that reason, we tested the IPBurger proxy provider regarding its Data scraping, social platform, sneaker sites and speed test. Hence, their performance rates are in the table below.

Tested for Data scraping Social platform Sneaker sites Speed test
Rating 81/100 82/100 79/100 87/100

What you see on the table above is the combined data of what we tested on four sample fields generally, these fields have pleasing performances because most of them surpassed our target mark, which was 80%. Only sneakers sites never reached that mark-we will tell you why as you read more. So, below is the performance of the data scraping field when used with IPBurger.

For Data Scraping Performance

Data Scraping Performance for IPBurger

Average success rate on E-commerce websites- 81%

We started our research with ecommerce sites that restrict scraping bots. But IPBurger was good in scraping these sites because it reached our target rating of 80%.

We conducted this test using IPBurger's residential proxies. Specifically, we used the Plus category plan that cost around $150 on 15GB bandwidth. This package is suitable for scraping because it targets cities, state and ASN. It also has a sixty million IP pool for flexibility in web crawling.

We started the experiment on Amazon and eBay, which have the highest customer base and are very strict in web scraping. But to our surprise, these sites produced the best performances. eBay and Amazon were also fast with five errors, some blocks and few Captchas. The only setback with these sites is that we couldn't scrape extensive data at once.

As with Amazon and eBay ecommerce sites, Walmart and Best Buy showed similar results. But they were perfect in bypassing Captchas, blocks and errors. Unlike Amazon and eBay, these sites allowed us to load much data without blocks.

Target and Aliexpress didn't make the 80% target score, but still, the performances were incredible considering that IPBurger is cheap. These sites also had some 404(server not Found) errors, timeouts and over ten blocks.

In conclusion, IPBurger is one of the best in scraping, considering its affordability. Its large pool of IPs and sticky thirty minutes IP also makes it suitable for scraping. Also, the plan we chose for geo-targeting enhances speed when web crawling. Lastly, this proxy provider tunnels an encrypted DNS adds a security layer when scraping.

Test on Social websites

Test on Social Media for IPBurger

Average success rate on Social Media – 82%

As with web scraping, social media sites are other variables that pleased us. As from the table, only Twitch and YouTube performed below our target mark. But the others had exceptional results, especially with Facebook.

When testing the social media's success rate, we accounted for the number of errors, Timeouts, Captchas and Blocks we experienced while using IPBurger. Since we have sites likeGrabify that tracks IPs, we used them to identify whether our IPs are anonymous.

We also tried to make multiple accounts on social media sites. If we successfully created multiple social media accounts and our IP were never traced by tracking sites on a particular social platform, then we would give that site some marks.

On that note, we started the test with Facebook. We were genuinely happy with Facebook's results because IPBurger connected smoothly with it. Facebook had only one 404 error, zero blocks, three timeouts and zero Captchas. One of us also made four accounts with Facebook when using the IPBurger, and Facebook never detected them.

That was the same case with Reedit, Twitter, and Instagram. They also had a smooth connection, but they had more errors and blocks, unlike Facebook. YouTube's performance was satisfactory, but it blocked us when we created many channels at one name. It also slowed when downloading videos.

In general, IPBurger supports social media proxies to generate good performance. If you also had to use the Fresh datacenter IPs, the performance would be significant in social media browsing. However, the datacenter is limited to few places and can be blocked because of trust issues.

Test on Sneaker Sites

Test on Sneaker site for Ipburger

Average success rate on Sneaker Sites – 79%

Sneakers companies have limited sneaker pairs compared to their higher demands. Therefore, they restrict cop bots that you can use to order more sneakers' pairs or make multiple accounts. But with the use of proxies like IPBurger, you can bypass the sneakers restrictions.

When it came to testing sneaker sites, we examined sneaker sites. Out of the four samples we tested, Foot Locker. Com and Nike performed above our target 80% mark, but the other scored below the mark. Nevertheless, that is not to say that they scored poorly considering how sneaker sites are hard to scrape.

We accounted for variables like timeouts, Captcha, blocks and errors. IPBurger's residential proxy was able to bypass the Nike restrictions and blocks. It removed any Captchas and allowed us to make multiple accounts with Nike. That was the same case with Foot Locker.

Adidas and Supreme firms blocked us at the first attempt when we used a regular residential plan. We, therefore, switched to the most popular Plus plan that had higher bandwidth. With that bandwidth, we were able to scrape those sites. However, it was Only Finish Line that needed more error remover and Captcha remover.

The bottom line is that IPBurger may not be the best for sneakers, but you cannot afford to ignore it, considering its affordable price. The sticky IP session of its residential proxies and its random IPs enhance encryption through these sites. Not to mention, you can use IPBurger’s Fresh IPs that bring suitable results with sneaker sites.

Speed Test

IPBurger Residential Proxy Ping (Ms) Download (Mbps) Upload (Mbps)
IPBurger Proxy 1 103 20.79 68.73
IPBurger Proxy 2 197 31.12 24.38
IPBurger Proxy 3 514 10.21 15.42
IPBurger Proxy 4 253 24.61 18.27
IPBurger Proxy 5 341 9.56 11.21

Rating, 87/100

Concerning the speed of IPBurger, it certainly is one of the fastest proxy servers. Remember, here we are talking about IPBurger residential proxy speed and not datacenter proxies. Our best bet is that the datacenter proxies would produce a faster response rate than residential nodes and probably would click on a 90% rating.

Anyway, we experimented with the speed of five IPBurger Proxies, and the results are in the above table. As you can see from the table, we used variables like ping, download, and Upload. Technically, an IPBurger proxy with less ping time to download or upload files with higher bandwidth is the best. For that reason, our best performer was IPBurger 1.

On the other hand, the IPBurger five was not pleasing since it lagged in ping time and the size of bandwidth to download or upload. It also had lots of distractions like errors, timeouts, blocks or Captchas.

Other than that, we attribute the fastness of IPBurger due to its ever-changing residential proxies. Still, residential and datacenter proxies are geo-targeted. In other words, the more you are closer to an IPBurger server or datacenter, the higher the connection speed.

IPBurger Customer Support

Customer care Support for IPBurger

When it comes to the IPBurger customer support, it is a bit confusing. For our case, we had an issue with our IPs. Hence, we thought the chat team would help us, but there was nothing like that but only the ticket system.

We therefore wish if IPBurger can come out clear on this issue in future. Other than that, their responses rate through the tickets system and direct email were fast and available 24/7.

The Editors Verdict

To sum it all, IPBurger is one of the best performing proxy providers when affordable prices are concerned. It has higher rotating residential proxies and specialized datacenter fresh IPs. Fresh IPs are high quality because nobody has ever used them before. Not to forget, IPBurger has a kill-switch button that stops any connection when it detects a website’s motive of blocking you.

Editor's Rating

  • Are Ipburger Proxies Good for Social Media?

Yes, because they use an advanced rotation that connects on every HTTPS or concurrent connection. When managing multiple accounts, IPBurger is open to the best

  • Are Ipburger proxies Good for the Sneaker site?

Yes, because they geo-target specific cites which favours sneaker copping.

  • Are Ipburger Proxies Good for Scraping?

Yes, because it’s sticky IP address and advanced encryption enables anonymous browsing.

IPBurger Alternatives

If you feel like IPBurger is not your choice, you could choose Smartproxy, which is also affordable. Also, since the geo-targeting option of IPBurger is confusing, Soax could be your option. But overall, if you have an enterprise that needs the best quality proxy provider in scraping, Bright Data is the best.

Last Updated on March 10, 2023

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