Proxy-N-VPN Review

Proxy-N-VPN Review

Proxy-N-VPN is a proxy provider that promises a wide variety of proxies with many features. But how true is this? Here, we give you an unbiased review of it.

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Proxy-n-VPN provides private proxy services for both general and specialist purposes. You may use their proxies to get access to any website for ticketing, or social media. Their proxies allow you to post ads on Craigslist.

  • Located in the US, Europe, and other 6 countries
  • 3 days refund policy
  • Support social media and Craigslist ads posting
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Having a proxy service subscription is one of the essential things in many online businesses nowadays. A proxy service enables the company to get access to several websites. This can apply to marketing, advertising, shopping, and a variety of other purposes. Which frequently do not permit multiple accounts for the same IP address.

There are numerous proxy services available right now. That is why we are here to assist you in locating the ideal one for you. In this review, we explore the benefits and drawbacks of the popular proxy service ‘Proxy-n-VPN.'

Well, they claim to offer several features, such as being fast and highly anonymous. They also have competitive prices, which makes them a choice for many. If you want affordable proxy plans, they will help you. You can choose from a large variety of proxy plans to sort your needs. Apart from that, here are other features to expect from Proxy-n-VPN

Proxy-N-VPN Pros and Cons 

Proxy-N-VPN is a company that offers many proxy benefits. Some of their features are unique in the industry, while some are ideal. But just like any other business, they also have their drawbacks. Here are some of the things we liked and disliked about them.

What We Like

proxy-n-vpn advantages

  • Fast: They offer super-fast connections with no latency.
  • Have High Anonymity: Their proxies have high anonymity. This means they cannot be easily blocked or banned by websites.
  • Diverse Proxy Plans: You get to choose from a wide variety of proxy plans.
  • HTTP/ HTTPS Support: They support both HTTP and HTTPS. Which means you can use several browsers.
  • Dial IP Authentication: You get both IP and username authentication.
  • Dedicated Control Panel: Managing your proxies is easier with a dedicated control panel.
  •  Unlimited Bandwidth: They offer unlimited bandwidth for all proxy plans.
  • Cheap: They are among the most affordable proxy providers.
  • Several Payment Methods: You can make a payment with a credit card or via PayPal.  

What We Don’t Like

Don’t Support SOCKS Protocol: They do not support the SOCKS protocol, essential for some browsers.

No Trial: You don’t get any trial before paying for the proxies.

Unclear Locations: Most package locations are not disclosed.

Proxy-N-VPN Overview

Proxy-n-VPN overview

Proxy-n-VPN, founded in 2012, is one of the datacenter proxy companies that also offer VPN services. Their primary goal is to preserve their consumers' internet privacy and security. Proxy-n-VPN provides extremely anonymous dedicated proxies as well as secure VPNs with a variety of additional capabilities.

Although Proxy-n-VPN provides both proxies and VPNs, this review focuses only on proxies. They have several features that are helpful for any proxy user.

Proxy-n-VPN allows customers to request a proxy reshuffle. By heading to the proxy management panel, you may request a refresh of proxies. After then, you'll complete the Proxies Change Form. If you are qualified for new proxies, you will get them within minutes. However, there is no automatic proxy refresh every month.

They do not allow you to test their proxies for free before purchasing. They do, however, offer a money-back guarantee. If you haven't used the Proxy yet, you may obtain a refund.

The caveat is that if you utilize the proxies after buying them and discover that they are not a suitable fit for you, you will not get a refund. This is, without a doubt, a poor refund policy that fails to consider users.

Proxy-n-VPN has over 30 proxy servers in the United States and Europe. Three of them are in the United Kingdom and France. The proxies in the United States are spread over 20 states, spanning almost the whole nation. Their servers are very well-equipped. However, they do not state if it is possible to get proxies from certain places after purchasing.

Proxy-n-server VPN's configurations are pretty excellent and are particularly well suited for use as proxy servers. They are equipped with a server-grade CPU and RAM and a high-speed internet connection for a smooth surfing experience.

Proxy-N-VPN IP Types and Pricing

Proxy-N-VPN IP Types and Pricing

Proxy-N-VPN offers several IP types and proxy plans. All of them come with different features and pricing. They have four types of packages; private proxies, shared proxies, Instagram proxies, and craigslist proxies.

However, we are going to focus on private and shared proxies. Below are their specific features and pricing.

Private Proxies

proxy-n-vpn Private Proxies

Private proxies are essentially dedicated datacenter proxies that you alone use. They are not given to any other individual but you. These proxies come with several features, including fast servers of up to 1GBPS. It also comes with unlimited bandwidth and a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

In addition, these proxies have no sequential IPs, and you get 24/7 full support. The starting price is $2.35/ month.

Shared Proxies 

proxy-n-vpn Shared Proxies

Shared proxies are datacenter proxies that more than one person uses. They also come with their own set of features. This includes 1000mb/s fast servers and unlimited bandwidth. It also has unlimited bandwidth and promises a 99.9% guaranteed uptime. They have non-sequential IPs as well as round-the-clock customer support. The starting price for this proxy plan is $11.00/ month.

Proxy-N-VPN Locations

Proxy-N-VPN Locations

Proxy-N-VPN primarily offers IP addresses in the United States, with locations in 27 different cities. GEO location-specific IP addresses are readily obtained for placing advertisements on Craigslist and other classified ad sites.

For the time being, this is a tiny map, so perhaps they will build on it. They do, however, have a good selection of sites. In general, you should be well-versed in what they have to offer. Just make sure that these places are convenient for you before buying any packages.

They also provide UK and France proxies if your demands are not limited to the United States. Again, we hope they will continue to extend their sites and offer more foreign places.

Proxy-N-VPN Authentication & Protocols 

Proxy-N-VPN Authentication & Protocols 

Proxy-N-VPN is a rapidly expanding service. It also has a dual authentication approach, as do many decent proxy services. Proxy-N-VPN presently supports both IP authentication and username/password authentication.

This gives you a better approach to your proxies while also increasing mobility and flexibility. You should have no trouble authenticating your proxies using any of the techniques listed above.

Furthermore, Proxy-N-VPN allows you to renew your proxies once a month. Their proxies also come with new IP addresses. Adding the option to randomize the IP address once a month adds an extra layer of protection.

Proxy-N-VPN offers HTTP/HTTP protocols. They have high-speed servers that can provide more than 1000 Mb/s. Their proxies, which use the HTTP/HTTPS protocol, are compatible with most applications on the internet and function well.

Proxy-N-VPN Customer Support

Proxy-N-VPN Customer Support

Proxy-N-VPN has email and ticket-based customer support, similar to other proxy providers. They offer 24/7 service so that you can reach them at any time. However, they are a little slower to answer the ticket compared to other proxy service providers. We think this is an area where they could improve, and we expect that with time they will.

The Editor’s Verdict

We recommend Proxy-N-VPN. It is one of the most well-known proxy services on the internet. Furthermore, it is one of the few companies with extensive expertise in the proxy business. That is why, when it comes to employing proxies, they should be everyone's first option.

Proxy-N-VPN has established itself as a reliable and leading organization on the internet when it comes to proxies. They have undoubtedly improved their foundations as a result of their experience since they began in 2012.

Furthermore, they have developed into a prominent proxy firm with data centers all around the world.

Last Updated on May 15, 2022

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