Balko Bot Review

Balkobot Review

Do You need a great sneaker bot to help you in your copping game? Use our complete Balkobot review to make a decision. It is perfect for Shopify & Adidas as your general target.

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Accessing some sneaker sites is restricted. To make it worse, sneaker stores do not allow bulk buying. Therefore, sneakerheads need a bot to bypass such restrictions. In most cases, retailers prefer automated bots which seem to eat away faster than normal human beings.

Balkobot is also among the top and trusted sneaker bots. Balkobot was founded in 2018, and since then, the bot has recorded a consistent success rate, as we will see later in this article.

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Balkobot is a liable bot with high demand but, is it worth it? In this review, we will discuss everything that all sneakerheads must know. Let's look at it in detail now.

Balkobot Overview

Balkobot Overview

Balko is the top automated AIO bot in the sneaker market. The bot allows its customers to access multiple online stores.  This is one of its outstanding features but, what is so special about the Balkobot?

We will share our expert experience, but it's good also to consider what other research says about this bot. The bot has an awesome pricing plan. Although previously the bot supported Shopify, this botting baby currently supports Footaction, Adidas, and Supreme. The consumer experience in these new stores is promising.

On their Twitter page, you can get fascinating success stories. With consistent improvement and regular updates, the bot might become the best choice in future. The developers are always updating the bot once they realize a bug or site change. At the same time, other bots support windows only, Balkobot support mac too. Mac users get an advantage here.

Again, they have a useful Discord server, and their bot supports proxy configuration. Professional coppers understand the advantage of this feature. Security, speed and reliability is guaranteed. The bot is outstanding in Adidas splash drops and Shopify restocking. It's a perfect choice for copping on Adidas splash and increasing your grabbing chances through bypassing the queue.

Even though setting up the bot for the Adidas splash release might be challenging, it becomes simple with practice. Due to such complicated features, the bot is not recommended for beginners. Again, this bot is always sold out hard to buy for retail, yet from resellers, it's expensive. This is challenging as it's easy to be scammed. However, once again, the retail pricing is decent.

How to Use the Balkobot?

Balkobot is easy to navigate its dashboard and user friendly for the professional coppers. You can use these steps to start your tasks upon purchase, download, install, and register your login details.

  • Add a task profile on the screen left edge while the price is on its right side according to your tasks.
  • Input discord webhook if you need a fast task; establish a quick task on the left side.
  • Still, you can access active keys in that part. Press the deactivating button-turn off the bot.
  • Log in to scout on the right side to access integration software in Balkobot. You can now personalize the bot appearance using multiple levels availed to you.
  • Lastly, check for any update in integration software and confirm its version if it's up to date.

Watch out for the detailed tutorial above.

Balkobot Pricing

Balkobot is always sold out, and they rarely restock on their website. Buying this bot at retail price is difficult and never bother waiting for restocking. You Can rent a Balkobot from Botbroker, Tidal and so on. From the resellers, you can get a Balkobot for $1000. However, use a reliable intermediary to avoid scammers. Still, Bot mart is also a good place to buy the bot.

As long as the bot operates with portable proxies, it's still profitable when rented. Rent the bot in advance before the drop so that you get enough time to set and test the boot before the release day. This way, you will have advantages over other coppers.

Meanwhile, If you manage to get the bot restocked, it goes at $220 as a license fee, and the renewal cost starts at $40 to $60 for 6 months, but if you want yearly renewal, it will cost you $360 per year. Recent research in November review revealed that users can purchase a lifetime license from a partner website that costs $2300, including PayPal and bot price.

Is It Worth Buying a Balkobot? 

Balkobot has tons of features. These features vary. They either come with advantages or are packed with some drawbacks. However, the bot is solid in collecting limited collections. So, is it worth buying a Balkobot? Before you decide, let's look at its features, pros, and cons.

1. User Analytic


Upon purchase, the bot comes with an analytic feature that keeps all successful checkouts for analysis. It plots a graph with successful checkouts with axes ranging from a bunch of 25. The feature also shows the expenditure on their successful copping.

2. Cross-Platform

A countable number of bots supports multiple platforms. Balkobot supports both Windows and Mac platforms. And to make it efficient, you still operate it on the server. Select the most compatible server for your copping business.

Mac and Windows platforms

3. Multi-Threaded Task

balkobot task

You can carry out multiple tasks using the Balkobot. Use different billing methods and create different profiles. We recommend you use virtual cards for billing information. Keep in mind that the more the tasks, the more RAM  and CPU power you need. Use a server if your PC is not efficient. Set a reasonable price to avoid detection. This way, you are increasing your chances of grabbing limited editions.

4. High-Speed Connection

For most sneaker sites like Nike and Adidas, speed matters a lot. Again, speed is critical in copping games. Balkobot has a lightning-fast speed connection. This speed ensures they easily bypass all anti-spam or bot-filters on sneaker websites for successful checkout.

5. Balko Captcha Solver

Balkobot Captcha Feature

The captcha page on the Balkobot is also important. This captcha solver comes packed with multiple configuration options. Users can easily activate or deactivate each captcha solver as well as configure their use. This is a good feature for bot automation.

6. Support Proxies Configuration

Balkobot proxy Success

While you can create a task, you can as well create a proxy group profile. It would help if you used proxies that use unique IPs for different activities.  Proxies help evade bot detection on the target website, which makes copping faster than a human. Datacenter proxies are faster but residential proxies are secure and reliable.

7. Supports Multiple Sites

Balkobot Site Support

Balkobot does not only support Shopify but also Adidas, Footsite, Supreme and many more. Its features make it effective on multiple shopping sites. Customization options can help users make the bot seem more functional on the target site.

8. Collocation of Discord


This bot recorded the best support discord with many documentations. This is very important to users that operate the bot. Their discord server is reliable when it comes to sneaker copping tasks.

9. Complex for Novice

Some of the Balkobot features are complicated, and they require practice. Therefore, the bot is not recommended for beginners.

10. Always Sold Out

The bot is always sold out from their website. This makes it hard to buy from a retailer or at a retail price. In contrast, the retail price goes at $220, the renewal fee range from $40 to $60 for 6 months. Resale [rice is so high. It goes at around $1000. Thus expensive to buy from the reseller and maintaining it.

Balkobot Customer Support

We can't complain about their customer support. The support service is better than other alternatives and pretty efficient. You can reach them out using an email address or messaging them on their Twitter handle or Discord. However, there is no need as they have detailed documentation on Discord for bot users. Still, they have video guides well explained. Never hesitate to contact them.

The Editor’s Verdict

Because of the high demand and exceptional features, the Balkobot is effective in sneaker copping and reliability. Run this bot property if you manage to set your hands on it since it has a high potential for high success.

However, the bot is not perfect for a novice but an excellent choice for experts and those who can advocate it. Developers are regularly upgrading the bot. Therefore, the bot is trusted by many sneakerheads and is perfect for multiple platforms. Success lies in its checkout speed.

Last Updated on December 12, 2022

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