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Best Supreme Bot of 2024

There isn't an all-time top Supreme bot, but there are bots that will work best for you. Find one that fits or is below your budget here.

Won’t you feel awful when you trying to cop Supreme sneakers only to find that you have been blocked? Copping sneakers are becoming a popular hobby and very competitive as well. You, therefore, need to get the right supreme bot to succeed in your copping venture.

You must do some research to find out which Supreme bot works best. You no longer need to find yourself at a dead-end when trying to get Supreme sneakers. To prevent disappointments always be extra careful when choosing your Supreme bot.

Best Supreme Bot

This informative review seeks to reveal to you the 10 best supreme bots to choose from. The bots reviewed here are assessed based on the platform used, support, compatibility, and reliability.

1. SuperCopBot

SuperCopBot Homepage

  • Platform support: Chrome extension and IOS
  • Cost: $49.99 and $30 seasonal renewal
  • Proxy: Support
  • Compatible with other sites: No

Supercopbot is considered one of the best botting solutions when buying releases from Supreme. It comes with superior features such as size selection, restocks monitor, adds to cart, multiple keywords, Timer among others. It works perfectly well with the chrome browser and the IOS platform.

You will get to make a complete checkout then proceed to order in no time. It is capable of auto-filling your payment information making the buying process even faster. Its checkout delay feature is undetectable as you can adjust the checkout speed at any time. You also have the flexibility of rotating your proxy IP while still copping with your favorite sneakers.

2. ForceCop

ForceCop Homepage

  • Platform support: Chrome extension, Android, and iOS
  • Cost: $59.99
  • Proxy: Support
  • Compatible with other sites: No

Touted as among the best Supreme bots in the market, ForceCop’s automatic checkout is made to help you succeed every time. Its easy-to-use design becomes available immediately after purchase. This means that you can arrange for the next drop without a hassle once you access the dashboard.

This Supreme bot supports Android, iOS, and Chrome extensions while providing worldwide support. This includes stores in Japan, United States, and Europe as you receive regular updates. Its mechanism for searching keywords is pretty fast and one of the most advanced in the market.

3. SuperBot

SuperBot Homepage

  • Platform support: Chrome extension
  • Cost: $29.99
  • Proxy:Support
  • Compatible with other sites: No

This is among the fastest and most powerful in the Supreme bot market today. It works extremely well when copping sneakers on the drop but only works as a chrome extension. Its however fast in the copping process and also has a speedy checkout process.

You only need a few seconds to complete the buying process with this bot. You can automate your keyword search to add Supreme products to your cart. This means you no longer need to manually search for an item when released.

4. ANB Supreme Bot

ANB Supreme Bot Homepage

  • Platform Support: Windows
  • Cost: $99
  • Proxy: Support
  • Compatible with other sites: No

ANB Supreme Bot has been helping footwear fans cop limited releases for a long time now. You will not miss another release from Supreme as it always notifies you of new releases. It concurrently supports 20 accounts making it multithreaded.

All the accounts can work from one computer which has a link monitor with automatic checkout retries. You get to receive free updates every 6 months and support for proxies to avoid bans. This Supreme bot is made from the backbone of having more than 50,000 add-to-carts from Nike stores.

5. Cybersole

Cybersole Homepage

  • Platform support: Windows
  • Cost: £300
  • Proxy: Support
  • Compatible with other sites: Yes

Cybersole is known to be lightning-fast and reliable while carrying out hundreds if not thousands of tasks. It also has a mobile application where you can control your bot on the go. You can as well run several different accounts with a multi-window integrated captcha solver.

It is an all-in-one bot that supports different retailers such as Supreme, Shopify, Mesh, and Footsites with over 270 stores. It’s proven to have over one million checkouts becoming among the best sneaker bots around. It currently supports only Windows 8 and 10 operating systems.

6. F3ather

F3ather Homepage

  • Platform support: Linux, Mac, and Windows
  • Cost: $130
  • Proxy: Support
  • Compatible with other sites: No

This is exclusively a supreme bot having risen to be a market leader within a short time. It comes with an easy-to-read display that informs you of the profile used on a task. It also makes you know the task number, keywords used, the color, and the size of the item selected. You however need an invitation password from their Twitter account to be able to buy it.

It works very well with proxies and has a notification on the display showing whether you’re using a proxy or not. The bot is fast which ensures success when copping your long-awaited sneakers. You however need to be careful when putting in tasks on the bot because they cannot be edited.

7. PrismAIO

PrismAIO Homepage

  • Platform support: Mac, Windows
  • Cost: $400
  • Proxy: Yes
  • Compatible with other sites: Yes

Established in 2018, Prism AIO has continued to advance to become one of the most successful Supreme bots. Its recent 2.0 update has gotten a lot of success in the AIO bot market. They support sites such as Supreme, Footsites, individual sites, and Shopify. Its clever interface is made to handle any kind of setup whether you’re new or experienced.

Prism AIO has a unique Supreme release calendar that lets you set up tasks within seconds if not minutes. It has a thorough task filtering process that helps you view running, failed, carted, and successful tasks. It can also preset your proxies, shipping rates, and sizes at your convenience.

8. SupremeSlayer

SupremeSlayer Homepage

  • Platform support: Windows
  • Cost: $149
  • Proxy: Support
  • Compatible with other sites: No

SupremeSlayer is said to be one of the fastest bots in the market due to its compatibility with other Supreme sites. These sites are located in Europe, United States, and Japan. It also has a dedicated proxy tester to avoid getting detected or banned from any Supreme site. It is quick and easy to configure and set up because of its instinctive user interface.

The bot is multithreaded through the use of various CPU cores to run your tasks optimally. Its built-in success monitor helps you track, export, and sort successful checkouts from a release. SupremeSlayer supports HTTP and HTTPS proxies to help you thrive in sneaker copping. It also provides 24/7 customer support and automatic updates to keep you with the latest.

9. Hayhabots

Hayhabots Homepage

  • Platform Support: Windows & Mac
  • Cost: $345 plus a 30 $ monthly subscription thereafter
  • Proxy: Support
  • Compatible with other sites: Yes

Founded in September 2019, Hayhabots has risen to become a solid sneaker copping companion. Engineered for performance, you can run more than 10,000 tasks from your computer. You can simply and easily control tasks through its CLI and GUI interface, monitoring pick-up products and release management.

It also has an automatic captcha AI for solving irritating captchas through its superior AI network. It is known to support over 20 unique sites ranging from Supreme to YeezySupply, from Walmart to Footlocker, and more. Hayha supports all countries in the world with a specific focus on North America.

10. ValorAIO

ValorAIO Homepage

  • Platform support: Windows and Mac
  • Cost: $249.99 for the initial 3 months then $49.99 monthly
  • Proxy: Support
  • Compatible with other sites: Yes

ValorAIO is a relatively new entrant in the bot market but has enjoyed an admirable amount of success. It is currently supporting Supreme, Finishline, YezzySupply, and JD Sports US and randomly restocks through its Twitter account.

Their analytics page presents all information regarding checkouts, the amount spent, and all declines within the bot. You can also check all upcoming releases including details of the store, early links, and monitor input. Its dashboard window divides tasks according to site, size, product, profile, status, and proxy.


Supreme is a high sort American brand that sells sneakers, apparel, and accessories in various locations. Their products are offered as limited editions and can be bought both online and from their physical outlets. With the huge demand for them, chances of making a successful purchase are small.

The above list will therefore solve all your sneaker copping obstacles meaning you won’t miss out on any future release. Each of the Supreme bots works differently in their unique way. Therefore get yourself the right one for your needs and at your desired budget.

Last Updated on July 8, 2024

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