ProxyBonanza Review

ProxyBonanza Review

Are you looking for a cheap proxy with extensive coverage? Proxybonanza is here to stay. It covers different worldwide locations and offers other pricing options.

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There are several proxy providers on the market. All of them provide the same services but with different qualities. ProxyBonanza is one of them. Though a small company but is reliable. This proxy provides protection when trying to access specific sites. Read our article to deduce if it meets your needs.

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  • Offer web browser extension
  • Exclusive proxy for the US
  • 30 days refund policy

ProxyBonanza Pros and Cons

What We Like

  • Affordable: Many users can buy any package within their budget.
  • Extensive Location Coverage:  It covers 114 locations around the globe.
  • SOCKS5 and HTTP Protocol: Thus can access various sites
  • 30 Days Money Back: Therefore, it gives users enough time to test the proxies
  • Suitable For Any SEO Software: Its compatible with third-party software
  • Firefox add ons: Facilitates proxy list management.
  • Quality and speed: The Proxy is well known for its premium speed and high quality.

What We Don’t Like

Spamming Software: Users can not use them on Xrumer and Scrapebox.

Limited Bandwidth: You can never use it to send unsolicited adverts or bulk email.No no clear information on its limitation.

ProxyBonanza Overview

Proxybonanza Homepage

ProxyBonanza is not an ideal provider for managing social media or coping sneakers. However, it is effective for unlocking geo-targeted locations with its international coverage. They have anonymous socks5 and an HTTP protocol proxy on the market. Any user can access them on a subscription basis.

They have 3 main packages, and you can sign up for either that meets your needs and budget. Dedicated private offers dedicated IPs while shared proxy can be used between multiple users. At the same time, an exclusive proxy is only assigned for one user using the USA IPs.

ProxyBonanza also offers international proxy. Its IP addresses come from different locations, and you can choose one from 114 countries. Besides discounts, users can also request a  custom package. Their account setup process is instant, and proxies are delivered instantly upon payment.

The provider does not guarantee their proxy works on social media platforms. This is because they refresh their proxy after a long time, thus not applicable on software like Xrumer and scrape box. Most people do not use this proxy due to its limited bandwidth.

The proxy provider has developed a firefox addon that helps manage the proxy list and disable them with only one click. You can also auto-login for easy authentication. They are known to have high speed and high-quality service, and in case you have unused bandwidth, they can also refund the clients.

ProxyBonanza Types and Pricing

ProxyBonanza offers different pricing options. You can choose based on your preferences. However, users cannot get an exclusive proxy while using an international package. Let's dive into the pricing in detail.

Shared Proxy

ProxyBonanza Shared Proxy Plan

Shared proxy packages are cheap plan but shared within multiple users. This is the most popular package on proxyBonanza pricing. All IPs in this category are located in a few regions of the USA. The packages consist of up to 10,000 total IP addresses with multiple subnets. 25IPs with one subnet costs $10 per month with a data transfer limit of 10GBs. They also have advanced options available, and they can curate based on your needs.

Exclusive Proxy

ProxyBonanza Exclusive Proxy Plan

Exclusive proxy consists of the dedicated IP addresses that are only assigned to a single user. It has more transfer data quotas than shared packages. All its IP addresses are based in the USA. 1 IP address costs $10 per month, while 50 IPs go for a $167 monthly subscription.

Depending on the availability of the subnets, the list can be optimized to have as many subnets as possible. The good thing about this package is that they never limit the data transfer. However, a safe data usage policy applies in that case.

International Proxy

ProxyBonanza International Proxy Plan

International proxy offers an advanced option. It supports up to 114 locations from around the world. They offer different proxy plans and have a proxy program that supports all areas. The lite package with all locations and limited data transfer costs $109 per month. In comparison, standard with increased data transfer up to 26.84GB costs 169 per month. You can also select a bonanza with 107.37GB costing 299 per month.

They automatically add all locations free of charge. But if you do not need to access all locations, they can be configured, and it's the cheapest option you can go for. It is a suitable choice for surfing websites in different locations.

Special Offers

pecial offer of ProxyBonanza

A special offer is the last option proxybonanza offers on the market. You can go for it if the other plan does not fit your needs. And when the unique package is not included in this category, you can also apply for a customization offer by contacting the customer support team.

Special offer 1, which is shared, costs $7.50 and comes with 2 subnets, 10 IP addresses, and data transfer up to 10GBs. Whereas special offer 9 costs $250 and comes with 2000 IP addresses, 25 subnets, and 200GB data transfer. They also offer additional data transfer in this category. Activation is instant.

TrustedProxies Locations

ProxyBonanza Location

Surfing with proxybonanza offers 114 locations that users can choose from. However, they also provide one location, US proxy, effective for handling private and a more secure tasks. This is good location coverage for surfing international sites. Shared proxy covers 25 us regions while exclusive consists of 5 regions in the USA.

But the international package supports IP addresses from different countries. Users can choose between 114 worldwide locations. So, you can go for the package that meets your requirements.

ProxyBonanza Authentication & Protocols

Though proxybonanza supports socks5 and HTTP protocols, users can never rely on them for security. This is why proxybonanza offers both IP and user: pass authentication methods. Any hacker cannot bypass such a protection method. So, users can select one of the authentication methods. Other than the user: pass method, IP whitelisting involves filtering the IPS to remain with one trusted for a specific site.

ProxyBonanza Customer Support

Proxybonanza Customer Support

We love the proxybonanza customer support services. They offer a positive and faster response. You can reach out to them using an email address, through the specific helpdesk located on the user panel section, or through the mailing address. You can also contact them using the contact form on their website. Either way, they guarantee adequate customer support to solve your issue. This is an indication of their dedicated support and legitimate services.

The Editor’s Verdict

Whether you select shared, exclusive, international and go for a special offer, proxybonanza offers the best option for surfing different websites in different international locations. If you are a starter, this is the best option. You can interact with customer support for guidance in setting the servers.

Proxybonanza is trusted and has a good reputation for its high speed and high-quality proxies on the market. They have affordable rates, and if it does not satisfy you, you can always request a refund.

Last Updated on December 12, 2022

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