Unknown Proxies Review

Unknown Proxies Review

Are you questioning if Unknown Proxies will fit your needs? This comprehensive review will give you all you need to know about them. Read more here.

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Unknown Proxies is a well-known provider of proxy services in the world of botting. They serve over 2,000 users with over 35M proxies within their pools. They have recorded over 50,000 checkouts and over 150 subnets. They also have over 150 supported locations around the world. This success places them at the top of the food chain of the proxies market.

Features of Unknown Proxies

  • Over 150 Supported Locations: It provides proxies for over 140 cities and countries allowing you to securely work from multiple locations online.
  • No Data Expiry: No need to worry about unused proxies because they roll over indefinitely.
  • Various Identification Methods: User: Pass authentification method is used on Residential proxies while Datacenter proxies use the IP authentification method.
  • Multiple Proxy Solutions: You can rotate your proxies according to your preferred setup to have the success you need.
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Unknown Proxies Overview

Unknown Proxies is undoubtedly a leader in the proxies market with over 2,000 users and 50,000 checkouts. It has a broad range of plans provided for clients using bots on various sites. Their range of plans comes in various data packages and works well with several sneaker sites. Such sites include Nike, Finish Line, Adidas, YeezySupply, Off-White, Hibbett, and Shopify.

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Their proxies do not expire so you can still use the unused proxies unlike other proxy providers out there. Unknown Proxies Reserve Residential proxies are offered in GB plans and are of high quality and high demand. You can rotate your IP through your customized setup to maximize their use.

They provide fast connections to users so you never get late to reserve that coveted sneaker you’ve been waiting for. They work extremely well with releases due to their efficiency and they have outstanding customer service. Their dashboard is easy to navigate while their discord server is dedicated to providing support.

Unknown Proxies Plans and Pricing

Unknown Proxies Plans and Pricing

Unknown Proxies have a broad range of data plans for both residential and datacenter proxies. Their plans however come with a sales tax in addition to the price indicated on the package plan. They include ISP proxies, harvesting plans, and residential proxies each at individual prices.

Type of IPs Unknown Proxies

Residential Proxy

The Reserve Residential proxies plan is offered through GB plans. They work seamlessly with Adidas, YeezySupply, Nike, Finish Line, Hibbett, Footsites, off-white, and Shopify. They don’t expire but instead, they roll over to the next month.

Harvesting Plans

Unknown Proxies have excellent harvesting plans for harvesting cookies and they also don't expire. Their harvesting plans easily shadow 2.0 ISPs and is made for people botting specific websites. They work well with Adidas, Footsites, Nike, Finish Line, and others.

ISP Proxy

ISP proxies provided can shadow 2.0 ISP proxies and work excellently on releases. Their ISPs work perfectly with Nike, Footsites, Off-white, Adidas + YeezySupply and are high quality and very efficient proxies.

Unknown Proxies Location

Unknown Proxies is located in over 140 cities and countries around the world. It helps users to acquire releases from several regions around the world.

Unknown Proxies Authentication

Unknown Proxies Authentication

The proxy company provides different authentication methods for the various plans they have. Residential proxies are user: password authenticated while their datacenter proxies are IP authenticated.

Unknown Proxies Customer Support

Their customer support serves both new and experienced botters on their platform. Their easy-to-navigate dashboard helps customers to easily generate proxies. They also have a discord server specifically dedicated to customer support.

The Editors Verdict

With over 150 supported locations, Unknown Proxies has positioned itself as a top-tier proxies provider. Its proxy package plans don’t come with unlimited bandwidth but their connections are seamless.

They have both user:pass and IP authentification protocols for residential and datacenter proxies. They have a great customer support system that is available 24/7 whether you’re a new or experienced user. Their discord server has everything you need from guides to drop recaps and other useful tools.

Last Updated on December 12, 2023

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