Smartproxy Review

Smartproxy Review

Smartproxy is a premium proxy service provider with a cheap price, and with rotating backconnect IPs that lapse after every thirty minutes. Want to know how they achieve your goals? Please read on!

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  • 55+ million IPs from 195+ locations
  • Offer Cities/50 USA states/Countries Geo-targeting
  • Quite flexible of Micro Plan pricing
  • Up to 30 minutes of IP rotation time
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Since 2018, the world has witnessed one of the best proxy providers which is Smartproxy. Ranked as one of the cheapest providers with the least amount of $0.5, this is a proxy server to consider when planning to purchase one.

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Smartproxy is also one of the most secure proxy providers globally with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) 256-bit encryption. It also has rotating backconnect IPs that lapse after every thirty minutes. Is that interesting? Below we also have other resourceful features of this server.

Smartproxy Pros and Cons

Considering how Smartproxy has been on demand nowadays, we took time to research it. The following are the aspects we liked and others we did not like about this server.

Why We Like it

  • Has a worldwide coverage: This proxy serves over 195 countries and 50 US states.
  • Possess an advanced bot scraper: Smartproxy unblocks many sites because it has a web crawler software
  • Good for SEO: Apart from its web scraping bots that increase SEO leads, Smartproxy has a search engine proxy that contributes to a higher SEO ranking.
  • Easy to use: With SmartProxy chrome extensions and Firefox add-on, you do not need to log to its dashboard. Even its dashboard is interactive and straightforward.
  • A huge IP pool: The Smartproxy has at least 55 million residential IPs and 500K+ datacenter IPs.
  • Highly secure: This server has SSL encryption to secure your data.
  • Utilize all authentication features: You will find the IP whitelisting and username or password authentication protocols
  • Support chrome extension: Smartproxy is compatible with chrome and you can pull it from the chrome extension bar. This makes it easier to use without a dashboard need for configuration.

Why We Don't Like it

Limited bandwidth: Smartproxy residential proxy is charged by the bandwidth. Hence, you cannot get a plan with unlimited bandwidth.

Smartproxy Overview

Smartproxy Residential Proxy

Overall, Smartproxy is affordable with an estimate of 12 dollars at 2 GB. Smartproxy is found worldwide and is famous for its scraping and SEO bots. It has also introduced the SEO proxy that helps in generating SEO tools.

Smartproxy has residential, datacenter, ISP, and mobile proxies types. The residential proxy type is the most widespread, while the datacenter proxy type has shared proxies. Smartproxy has an HTTPS and  SOCKS5 proxy protocol and acquires an IP and password authentication when it comes to this server's protocols.

Smartproxy Specifications
IP Pool 55+ Million IP Type Residential/ Datacenter/ISP/Mobile
Price Sample 2 GB – $12  (Monthly) Price Charged Bandwidth
Proxy Protocol HTTP(S)+SOCKS5 Authentication User Pass /IP Auth
Free trial 3-day Refund policy 14-day refund
Geo-targeting Cities/50 USA states/Countries Jurisdiction USA

That being said, hope you have understood the bigger picture of the Smartproxy. But what about its specific features? Read on for more to understand.

Smartproxy IP Types

As mentioned earlier, the Smartproxy has 4 types of IP which are residential/ISP/mobile/datacenter proxies. You can find Smartproxy IP types by opening the ‘solution' tab on the top left of the Smartproxy websites.

Smartproxy Proxy Types

Smartproxy Residential proxies boast a mammoth 55 million IPs and connect through the peer-to-peer network. This is a time-phased rotating proxy type that rotates after every thirty minutes.

Smartproxy ISP Proxies combine the speed of datacenter proxies with the stability of residential proxies, making them highly reliable and fast. Key features include nearly perfect uptime, 24/7 support, and the flexibility of unlimited threads and sessions.

Smartproxy's mobile proxy network is substantial, with over 10 million IPs, providing a wide range of geographical locations and the ability to simulate a mobile user's internet presence accurately.

If you want a more fast connection from Smartproxy, you might consider its datacenter proxies. Offering both shared and dedicated options, these proxies are globally distributed, ensuring access to a network of over 500,000 IPs.

Smartproxy has also introduced Search Engine Proxies that have to scrape bots to extract information. They also analyze and monitor keyword performance.

Smartproxy Pricing

Probably you are aware of Smartproxy because you heard that it is affordable. This provider charges a pay-as-you-go of $7 per GB. Smartproxy fixes its proxy price per the bandwidth (GB), such as $12/2 GB. The higher the bandwidth, the more the package cost. Some enterprise plans can go as high as $11000 with 5000GB.

Smartproxy Residential Proxy Price

Their ISP proxies offer “ISP Pay per GB” for usage-based billing with rotating IPs, and “Dedicated ISP” for exclusive, non-shared connections with static IPs. all including benefits like unlimited traffic, country-level targeting, and SSL secure payment, with availability in multiple countries including the US and UK. The starting price for mobile proxies is $20.0/GB, which is quite cost-effective compared to other proxy providers.

If you think that is enough, wait until you meet the pricing of the datacenter proxy. Could you believe that Smartproxy's datacenter plan costs as low as $0.5 per GB? Now you can attest that Smartproxy is one the cheapest we have.

Smartproxy Authentication

Smartproxy Authentication

Privacy and anonymous browsing are the main significances of using a proxy. Thanks to Smartproxy authentication measures, they ensure privacy, the security of data, and anonymous browsing.

For example, the user password or username are types of authentication features. When you register to their account, you can provide a password or username, which is hard to guess. These details hence protect your browsing and account.

They also have the IP authentication protocol that comes as the IP whitelisting. IP whitelisting retains IP lists, types, or ranges that will connect to trusted sources. That is still a secure way of hiding your identity. The number of IPs to whitelist increases with your subscription plan.

Smartproxy Protocols

Smartproxy Protocols

For ensuring the security of your data, Smartproxy's HTTP(s) and SOCKS5 connection protocols stand as reliable pillars. With the integration of the SOCKS5 protocol across its residential, mobile, and dedicated datacenter proxies, Smartproxy has significantly enhanced its service offerings.

This expansion not only elevates the level of security and anonymity for online activities but also highlights Smartproxy's unwavering commitment to delivering proxy solutions that are swift, secure, and adaptable.

Testing Smartproxy

With that Smartproxy's knowledge, it would help examine whether this proxy's features are genuine. For that reason, we tested these proxies for data scraping, social platforms, sneaker sites, and speed.

Notably, one thing that impressed us all along is the speed and the Smartproxy data scraping. Therefore these were the first items to test. All through this practice, we tested 200 concurrent threads. Below are our results.

Tested for Data scraping Social platform Sneaker sites Speed test
Rating 93/100 85/100 80/100 92/100

As you can see in the above table, we rated all our samples out of a hundred. Our target mark was over 80%, and we were happy every sample reached that score. Speed test and data scraping are the variables that scored highly beyond our expectations, with over 90%

It would help to notice that these values came from augmented ratings of each sample we had earlier tested. Below are the results of each domain.

For Data Scraping Performance

Testing scraping performance was our biggest priority. We wanted to know how good the server is in scraping, and it never disappointed us. As you can see from the results, Best Buy, Amazon, Walmart, and Target got high marks. Even the sluggish eBay still performed better.

Data Scraping Performance for Smartproxy

Average success rate on E-commerce websites - 93%

To develop these ratings, we accounted for the number of errors we met, the blocks, the speed of connections, the bandwidth used, and the time for response. We are glad to inform you that we received zero blocks and errors as far as data scraping is concerned.

We first tested Amazon, which is popular to block scrape bots because of its vast data collection. We would get lots of CAPTCHA'S, 403, and other connection errors when we used another proxy provider. But for Smartproxy, the connection was smooth without any errors and blocks.

We repeated the same test for all e-commerce sites and Smartproxy directly connected to most shopping sites. Aliexpress and Best Buy impressed us because the response time was around 3.1s, and we could make multiple requests, even for confidential pages.

With eBay, we received some CAPTCHAS and two to five errors, and that's why it scored less than 90%. Other than that, we attribute the Smartproxy's success in scraping due to the large pool of rotating IPs and the search engine proxies.

Test on Social Websites

When it comes to social media, they also block people, especially those looking to own more than one account. Also, some media sites do not favor web crawling and scraping. But we knew our Smartproxy would perform well on these sites.

Test on Social Websites for smartproxy

Average success rate on social websites – 85%

We were particularly impressed when testing Facebook the connection was smooth, knowing that it has strict scraping policies. The only slight drawback came when downloading or uploading large content videos on Facebook. The download speed was fast at first, and then it slowed in-between. For that reason, we had to buy a more bandwidth package to download more Facebook videos.

Instagram was the most promising with an incredible speed in downloading or uploading content. Smartproxy had an Instagram automation proxy. When we used that automation bot, we could scrape most Instagram information, create many unnoticeable accounts, and geo-target sites in another nation.

Reddit and Twitch had had no account block even when we opened numerous accounts with those sites. We received some Twitter errors, but our problem was in YouTube, where there were more than ten errors and blocks. Still, the downloading speed of YouTube videos was less.

We attribute the sluggishness of YouTube videos and Facebook because Smartproxy lacks SOCKS protocol. Therefore it can't load high-traffic sites like video streaming. We received Captcha's authorization in Twitter, Facebook, and other sites we removed them using Captcha remover.

Test on Sneaker Sites

Nike Adidas, Supreme, Foot Locker, and Finish Line are sites that restrict the pair of shoes to buy online. Notably, they ban the use of sneaker bots that allows one to buy multiple sneakers using multiple accounts.

We determined the sneaker rating using variables like bandwidth, concurrent errors, pin or latent time, timeout, and the number of blocks. We then averaged the results of these variables to come up with percentage ratings.

Test on Sneaker Sites with Smartproxy

Average success rate on sneaker sites- 80%

Being one of the most rigid sneaker sites, Adidas impressed us with its 80% mark. Although we could get the Captcha errors and slowness in connection, we had a smooth ride in Adidas and supreme. Generally, the suspect sneakers like Foot Locker, Adidas, and Supreme performed well because of Stormproxy's sessions of 1 min, 10 min, and 30 min.

Nike and Finish Line produced below-average performance because they lagged in response, and there were lots of connection errors. Overall, Stormproxy performs well on sneaker sites compared to other companies because of their anonymous backconnect IPs. Also, their sticky time is another factor.

Speed Test

Smartproxy Residential Proxy Ping (ms) Download (Mbps) Upload (Mbps)
Smartproxy proxy 1 279 2.83 1.21
Smartproxy proxy 2 302 2.17 2.03
Smartproxy proxy 3 354 1.03 0.96
Smartproxy proxy 4 413 2.79 1.47
Smartproxy proxy 5 375 3.15 2.78

Rating, 92/100

Although the speed test depends on the number of connections and sites we visit, few proxies' providers can match the blazing speed of Stormrproxies. Most of the connections we realized were in gigabyte speed.

Generally, the standard speed of Smartproxy is 3.1s, but we connected to sites at a higher speed through our experiment than that. We even had a stopwatch to measure the time taken to respond (latency or ping time) in milliseconds.

Another parameter for the test was proxy connection speed, which we used a speed test. We experimented with the amount of data that can be downloaded or uploaded by Stormproxies in a second. Our average upload time took around 15 Mbps, download 25mbps, and ping time about seventy Mbps.

We also tested speed with five different Smartproxy types, which you can see their results from the table. All through, the connection had few errors and Captchas requirements.

However, we did not like Smartproxy 5 and 4 that took a long time to download or upload large-size content. Smartproxy 1 and 2 impressed us because they need a short latent time to complete large downloads and uploads.

We conclude that Smartproxy is fast because it has rotating residential and datacenter IPs that change faster in each session. These companies also have quality servers that improve the connection speed as they move close to their hotspot areas.

Smartproxy Customer Support

Smartproxy Customer Support

We are genuinely hats off with the customer support of Smartproxy. They are available 24/7, and they respond to our queries quickly. When we encountered an issue with our connection errors and Smartproxy's IPs, these people were interactive to help us.

The platform also provides us with a library of guidance documentation blogs to help you operate the proxy software.

The Editors Verdict

If by now you still have doubts about Smartproxy, why don't you test it for yourself? You will find the program affordable considering its excellent scraping bots and fast connection. When security counts, this proxy has SSL technology and security protocols. Hence, it is hard for someone to hack you.

Lastly, the backconnect residential proxies and datacenter proxies have a speedy internet connection and higher anonymity.

Editor's Rating

  • Are Smartproxy Proxies Good for Social Media?

Yes, the Smartproxy suit for all social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc.

  • Are Smartproxy Proxies good for the Sneaker site?

Yes, their rotation IP change enables the creation of multiple sneaker accounts and works perfectly with bots.

  • Are Smartproxy Proxies Good for Scraping?

Yes, because they have scraper boots that utilize the backconnect IPs to stay anonymous. They also have thirty minutes sticky sessions to scrape data efficiently.

Smartproxy Alternatives

Well, if you still feel the Smartproxy is expensive, you could use a $19 monthly Storm proxies. But if option the high-quality proxy provider, Bright Data is the best. Suppose you need a direct substitute, you could choose Shifter which has a backconnect IP as Smartproxy.

Last Updated on March 8, 2024

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