Airproxy Review

Airproxy Review

Airproxy is a premium 4G/LTE proxy provider and suitable for social media sites, which is based in Italy.

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  • Found in Italy
  • Support IP rotating
  • 3 days refund policy
  • €9.9 for a 3-Day trial
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Today, most people use proxies to scrape data, manage multiple social media accounts, or cop limited sneakers pairs. If you need such proxies, mobile and residential proxies are best suited due to their IP rotating property. But in terms of security, accessibility, and a manageable proxy network, mobile proxies are the best option.

4GLTE AIRproxies

On that note, if you are considering one of the best 4GLTE proxies for social media like Instagram, you could use Airproxy, which has some of the following properties:

Airproxy Pros and Cons

In our exploit with Airproxy, we found some issues you may like, and also we found some flaws of Airproxy. So, please read the next section to know them.

What We Like

  • Automatic IP change: To enhance the security of your IPs, you can set an IP change interval at the dashboard or the Airproxy API section.
  • Specifically for Instagram: Airproxy has in-house technology that supports Instagram bots that responds pretty well.
  • Has clean IPs: Airproxy IPs are freshly made for you without sharing, or the IPs have not been used before by another individual.
  • Control of network: Airproxy owns their SIM card and modem, which means they control their net, resulting in higher speed.
  • Easy-to-use panel: Every feature of Airproxy is straightforward, and there is an API system that enables you to perform multiple tasks.
  • They have a three-day trial: When other mobile proxies offer 24 hours trial, Airproxy offers three days trial at a lower price of 9.9 Euros.
  • Offers unlimited data: It is a convenient and useful feature for those who need to use the internet extensively or for those who do not want to worry about monitoring their data usage.

What We Don't Like

It only has one prepackaged plan of €87: Hence, if you want more packages, you should contact them.

Only provide Italy proxies: This is unfortunate for those people who are not living in Italy.

They do not support live chat: This can lead to frustration and inconvenience for users.

Airproxy Overview

Airproxy homepage

Airproxy is a type of mobile proxies specialized for Instagram bots, Facebook ads, or data scraping. Airproxy supports these sites because it has rotating IPs that switch to Fresh IPs automatically via API or dashboard. If you want to secure your account, Airproxy provides username or password authentication.

Airproxy Specifications
IP Pool Undisclosed IP Type Mobile IPs
Price Sample €87/30 days Price Charged Proxy
Proxy Protocol HTTP(S) + Socks Authentication User Pass
Free trial €9.9/72 hours Refund policy 3-day refund
Geo-targeting Italy Jurisdiction Italy

Airproxy IP Types

As far as mobile proxies types are concerned, Airproxy provides a 4GLTE network. Airproxy offers private dedicated proxies that specialize in Instagram, Facebook Ads, scraping, and many other services.

Airproxy IP Types

Moreover, the Airproxy's network comes from Airproxy's servers that you get as a SIM or modem transmission. Leave alone peer-to-peer transmission, Airproxy owns its network and does not allow sharing with other companies, which would otherwise slow the connection rate.

For Airproxy's IPs, they rotate under a fixed interval or per website connection. It only takes seconds to set the IP rotatory interval through an API system or from your dashboard.  Another quality of Airproxy IPs is that they are clean or fresh. Therefore, do not be worried about using flagged IPs because nobody has used Airproxy's IPs before.

Airproxy Pricing

The pricing structure of Airproxy is the easiest you can find around. You only have to deal with one pricing package, and then you are good to go. But before you buy their pricing plan, Airproxy gives you a three days test period.

Airproxy price

In these three days test periods, Airproxy charges around 9.90 Euros, equivalent to almost twelve dollars. After the three days, you can decline to buy the package or purchase it at €87 in 30 days.

Another thing with Airproxy's pricing is that they aggregate their value according to the number of Instagram accounts you want to cover. For example, if you want ten accounts and the value is €9, you get around €87. If you want a package different from the one stated on the websites, you can contact Airproxy's support team.

Airproxy Authentication

When using a mobile proxy, a username or password authentication is suitable for your account security. You set these authentication details from Airproxy's dashboard or API platforms. Still on these platforms, the system allow you to easily alter the password or username.

A password/ username authentication also allows you to access the websites from anywhere. If you were using IP authentication, you could not use on every place because whitelisted IPs are affected by a change of location.

Airproxy Protocols

If your concern is data security when using Airproxy, don't worry because Airproxy contains HTTP(S) + Socks protocols. For HTTPS connections, it encrypts data because it hides the web requests of the user.

Moreover, since the HTTPS system is a widely recognized website protocol, no website can suspect an HTPPS site to be untrustworthy. For the SOCKS protocol, they also have a secure platform layer.

Another thing with SOCKS protocol is that they are light and do not allow configuration. Their lightness also enables them to be faster and easy to set up. Not to mention, SOCKS enables username or password authentication.

Testing Airproxy

Should you want to examine the performance of Airproxy, you can test it in three days before its refund period expires. We did the same with Airproxy and recorded the speed, data scraping, social platforms, and sneaker sites in the table below.

Tested for Speed test Data scraping Social platform Sneaker sites
Rating 90/100 84/100 89/100 81/100

After the test, we loved each result of the sample we experimented with using Airproxy. For example, the speed results of this mobile proxy show a smooth traffic flow. Even though Airproxy is created for social media sites, it scrapes data or cop sneaker sites faster and efficiently.

In the next section, we have the results of every sample, which we recorded in the tables below.

Speed Test

Airproxy Mobile Proxy Ping (Ms) Download (Mbps) Upload (Mbps)
Without proxy 45 13.85 15.72
Use proxy 317 2.31 5.03

Rating, 90

Our first trial was the speed test. We tested the response and connection rate of Airproxy using speed test software. This software record the ping, download, or upload variable of a proxy session. To confirm the speed rate of Airproxy, we compared its rate to accessing websites when not connected to any proxy.

It's rare to find websites that respond faster to proxies when compared to their internet connection without proxies. That is because proxies slow when masking your IP or rerouting your web requests. Therefore, if you get a proxy with a ping close to an actual internet connection without proxy, that proxy guarantees a higher response rate.

For that reason, we had to tests Airproxy speed, the first test was to use Airproxy, and the other was not to use any proxy. Even though there seems a large margin from the row of ‘without proxy' and the one with ‘use proxy,' you cannot ignore Airproxy’s speed because few mobile proxies match these results.

Essentially, we love the smoothness of Airproxy. When using it, you will hardly experience blocks, timeouts, Captchas or network errors. We attribute this factor because of its quality in-house technology and its managed SIM network.

For Data Scraping Performance

Airproxy success rate on E-commerce websites

Average success rate on E-commerce websites – 84%

If you are looking for a mobile proxy that support the scraping bots, then Airproxy is one of them. Airproxy may not be the best in web scraping-since they are specified for social media sites- but they support scraping bots.

The table above shows a scraping test we conducted on six shopping sites. In these shopping platforms, we wanted to confirm the rate of scraping websites using Airproxy. We also wanted to test whether our connection would have network bottlenecks like Captcha warnings, blocks, errors, and timeouts on these platforms.

Generally, we liked the connection of Airproxy on every shopping platform. For example, Airproxy scraped well platforms like Amazon and eBay, considering that they offer a strict anti-scraping policy. That policy comes because Amazon and eBay have higher customers' data, and scraping would inconvenience their services.

However, we managed to harvest data from eBay and Amazon successfully. But in the course of that action, these websites would block us or send multiple Captcha requests. When we experienced such network bottlenecks, we would change the proxy IP to a new one through Airproxy's API system.

Test on Social Media

Airproxy success rate on Social Media

Average success rate on Social Media – 89%

As we expected, the test on social media sites would be the most successful among the four sample tests. That is because Airproxy is specifically developed for social media automation, especially Instagram. On that note, we tested six social media sites with ten accounts valued at 87 euros.

We started the trial with Instagram. On Instagram, we wanted to examine whether we can increase our Instagram account's followers, likes, and comments. We also experimented if Airproxy allowed us to anonymously market our brands through various Instagram accounts. Luckily, Airproxy allowed us to market our brands and increase comments, likes, and followers on Instagram.

Not only on Instagram but also we made multiple accounts using Airproxy on Facebook and Twitter. We also realized that Airproxy works well with Facebook ads. For Twitter, we could increase the number of followers and likes or comments regarding Twitter's posts.

Airproxy also supports high traffic content like video sharing or game streaming. We noted that it worked well with, YouTube, and Reedit. In general, Airproxy supports bots like Instagram bots. Besides, since Airproxy is a mobile proxy, it is hard to block because many people are using its modem or SIM network. Lastly, Airproxy is good with social media sites due to its sticky IP sessions.

Test on Sneaker Sites

Airproxy success rate on Sneaker Sites

Average success rate on Sneaker Sites –  81%

As much as Airproxy supports social media bots, we realized that it also supports sneaker bots. Secondly, Airproxy has a 0% spam and fraud score, which would be favorable for using sneaker sites like, Adidas, Supreme, and many others.

In the test for sneaker sites, we did not experience a 100% successful connection because there were blocks Captchas or network errors. We expected that because sneakers sites provide restriction and quickly detect an untrustworthy connection.

Our objective in these sneaker sites was to open multiple accounts anonymously and cop multiple pairs. Therefore, when we used the Airproxy network, we managed to cop multiple sneaker pairs, but that did not come cheaply. For example, when we used Airproxy on Nike and, we experienced so many blocks, Captchas, and internet errors that took us a lot of time to access those sites.

On the brighter side, Airproxy was instrumental in accessing the other three sneaker platforms. There we few network bottlenecks, and the connection rate was smooth.

In general, with Airproxy, there was no limit on the sneaker accounts and the number of sneaker pairs to order. We attribute that because Airproxy has a sticky session time, you can change to clean IPs even if your initial proxies are blocked. Airproxies allows you to change this session through its API feature.

Airproxy Customer Support

Airproxy Customer Support

If you have challenges with Airproxy's services, you may contact them through emailing or their telegram channel. There, you will receive quick assistant from the Airproxy's technicians, who operates seven days a week. Secondly, their FAQ panel -found at the bottom of the websites' page -responds well to questions related to Airproxies services.

The Editor's Verdict

When thinking about Airproxy's services, we can say that they are straightforward, responsive, and manageable when using an API system. Airproxy is one of the best proxy providers for Instagram because it supports Instagram bots. The only issue with Airproxy is that it covers only Italy. We, therefore, wish if its services would cover several countries in Europe and the USA.

  • Is Airproxy Suitable for Social Media?

Yes, Airproxy supports 8-10 accounts per social media platform by a single proxy.

  • Is Airproxy Support the Sneaker Site?

Yes, it is good with sneaker sites, but its pricing of 87 Euros is not cost-saving

  • Is Airproxy Support Scraping?

Yes, because it has rotating IPs and supports scraping bots.

Airproxy Alternatives

Since Airproxies only covers Italy, you may choose The Social Proxy that specializes in social media automation and covers more locations. If you want the fastest and secure mobile proxy in the USA, then you could purchase ProxyGuys. For the pricing of Airproxy, an affordable alternative to it is HydraProxy which values its plan at $7.95.

Last Updated on December 12, 2023

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