Kodai Bot Review

Kodai Bot Review

Are you looking for a good sneaker copping bot? Kodai is here for you. Read our detailed and expert review to know if this bot is worth your pocket. Please get to know its benefits and disadvantages before you decide.

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Since its inception in 2018, Kodai bot has worked harder to retain its reputation in the sneaker business. It is among the highly demanded bot in the industry. Though different people have varying views, this review will provide detailed yet accurate and reliable information about the Kodai bot.

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Although the bot has its disadvantages, most sneakerheads term it the best AIO bot due to its performance on restricted stores. Its success is consistent and outstanding. Purchasing limited editions in bulk is restricted. And some stores restrict some locations.

But with the Kodai bot, you can bypass these restrictions and make profits. However, will it live to offer the same service to its customers?  Let us look at its Overview before going into details on its features and some of its drawbacks.

Kodai Bot site support

Kodai Bot Overview

Kodai Bot overview

As many online reviewers term it, the Kodai bot is untamable. It supports multiple sites, including Footsite, Shopify, Supreme and Adidas. Though their success rate has seemed to drop recently, it is still the best AIO bot on the market. The bot is perfect on some drops. Because of its small user base has a high chance of getting users the year's hottest drops.

Developers are hardworking. They always update and change the bot before any release to help users beat anti-bot. This way, users can easily obtain their favourite release. Compared to other bots, Kodai also has had a complicated time on Footsite and Adidas extension. Although users are struggling to use it on these sites, the developers are steadily improving these features to help them get their desired kicks.

Another feature is that Kondai has an attractive customer interface that is unique to bot users. Users can customize their tasks, and the dashboard is easy to operate on. The tasks are segregated into specific groups that users navigate easily only by one click. Friendly UI makes the software enjoyable to use. We will discuss this in detail in our next section so that you may decide if the bot can meet your copping need.

Additionally, Kodai has added a Kodai hub feature that tracks your analytics on successful checkout and failed orders. The Hub is also compatible with android or iOS. This added feature maximizes the quantity of your limited and hyped editions. The Adidas addon extension is working but not complicated like that of the Balko bot. We are confident that their technical team is pushing for an Adidas extension and large updates.

Due to its consistent performance, a large number of coppers side with the Kodai bot. Because the bot is always sold out on their website, the aftermarket value is high. This is because of its high success rate and needs to minimize the customer base. Restocking is normally done via riffle on their Twitter handle.

However, winning this rifle is rare, and you might be an extremely lucky one. Kodai is an AIO bot and its new height on the market and success across its multiple sites. They easily adapt to changes and retail their incredible gaming success. The developers ensure that their tiny user base has a positive experience.

How to Use the Kodai Bot?

Using the Kodai bot is straightforward. You don't need programming knowledge nor specific browser extensions. Follow these outlined simple steps.

  • Install the software and input your login details.
  • After login, select your proxy. Selecting proxy enables users to add proxies to the bot account for success and a good copping experience.
  • Lastly, save the changes, then add tasks as well as your billing method and shipping details.

Note that these steps are after you have purchased, received activation, and the login details.

Kodai Bot Pricing

Kodai Bot price

At retail price, Kodai bot is sold for $175 for the first 2 months, and monthly renewal is set for $59.99 per month. That is a good price for such a high success rate, and you can surely recover it within 3 drops. However, they seldom restock, and if they do, it is hard to get even harder than hyped drops it gets.

Currently, its resell price stands at $6000. You will not only need to pay that but also pay a renewal fee. It can take you months to recover unless you consistently obtain high-profile drops like the supreme box logo and Jordan 1.

Is it Worth Buying a Kodai Bot? (Pros, Cons, and Features)

Kodai Bot Feature

Kodai is worth your money but getting it is hard. The retail price is cheap; however, it is always sold out, and they seldom restock. This makes the resale price high. Yes, it has a high success rate among its small customer base but, is that the only convincing point? Let us look at some of its features and setbacks now.

1. Support Multiple Sites


You can cop limited editions from many sites using the Kodai bot. That way, it is easy to grab and sell limited editions for huge profits. Adidas, Footsite and Shopify are among the major stores it supports.

But, it costs nothing that Kodai is an AIO and can cop from any other sneaker platform in the gaming market. You select any platforms using the Kodai bot where you intend to buy your kicks.

2. Supports Both Window and Mac


This is another advantage of purchasing a Kodai license. The bot is compatible with both Windows and Mac pcs. Most of the bots operate on windows platforms, as you can see from various reviews. Anyone can utilize both in copping sneakers, whether with mac, windows or iOS.

This is awesome because the user does not have to install a virtual machine to use on Mac. Grab your Kpdai bot and cop like an expert.

3. Multi-Threaded Tasks

Multi threaded task

Multi-threaded means the bot can carry out multiple tasks concurrently. Users can create and run many tasks without hitching their performance on the other simultaneous activities. This feature is important in improvising the graphical UI responsiveness to a request. Due to reduced development time, its performance is high. The more the tasks you perform, the higher the chances of grabbing the kicks. However, create a different delay time to help you reduce the chances of cancelling your orders.

4. Always Sold Out


It is hard to grab a Kodai bot. Sometimes referred to as KodaiAIO. This is because the bot is always out of stock, and to make it worse, they rarely restock. Even if they restock, it's hard grabbing it.  It might be because the bot is effective and affordable on the market. The sale is a hotcake.

Thus, it is hard to purchase a Kodai bot at a retail price due to its high demand and low supply. It would help if you kept an eye out when they restock, but alternatively, you can rent the bot. However, it's expensive.

5. Automatic Captcha Solver

In the Kodai bot, users can develop a captcha solver and integrate it with any web page task. The customers name the captchas, and you have limited options to modify at once to resemble the profile tab. Once integrated, you can use each solver separately as long as you separate the already assigned captchas. The automatic captcha solver is perfect for increasing your chances of grabbing limited editions. This is because the captchas bypass any obstacle while checking out.

6. Support Proxy Configuration

Support for proxy configuration

Proxy is a gateway that exists between the internet and the user. Because a bot uses multiple yet unique IPs, making it look like different humans perform these tasks. Proxy creates human traffic. Therefore, proxy helps Kodai bot evade bans and order cancellation. Thanks to this feature, copping the latest release is easy now. Your IP address is anonymous.

7. High Success Rate

Kodai has shown a consistent and high-performance rate since its inception back in 2018. Thus, it is reliable, and it tends to outperform its competitors. Although it also experiences rough drops at a time, the performance rate on Adidas, Shopify, and Footsite is consistent. Again, this bot was well known to be successful on the restock of the  YeezySupply stores.

8. Regular Updates

The developers of Kodai are very active in all sites that the bot supports. They always push for the last-minute update to deal effectively with store protection such as Akamai and Pooky API. Because of the update frequency, we highly recommend this bot.

9. Customer UI and UX

In 2019, the Kodai bot raised its UI expectation for sneaker copping. They simplified the UI because they wanted users to hype limited editions faster compared to other bots. They did not achieve that only in UI but also in source code. Creating, naming and specifying a site is simple. You only need to input the payment method, input the appropriate delay time and keywords. UI makes the checkout process faster and effective. Its Hub, together with sleek UI, consists of detailed analytics for metric analysis.

Kodai Bot Customer Support

Kodai Bot Customer Support

Kodai bot has helpful and great customer support. Since their bot has a simple UI or dashboard, the need for customer support is so limited. If there is any need, then support is instant as they have a tiny customer base that is simple to manage. Alternatively, they have youtube videos and detailed Discord guides to help you. The Kodai staff are doing a great job. If not satisfied, you can always reach them by creating a ticket to which they instantly reply via email. Again, they have a detailed FAQ.

The Editor’s Verdict

We are convinced that buying a Kodai bot is a good investment. The bot has high efficiency and is second to none. Many sneakerheads trust this bot due to its consistent performance. For that reason, the bot is often out of stock.

Spend less and generate high income using the Kodai bot in your sneaker copping business. We are confident that the Kodai bot can help you cop kicks like an expert while receiving investment profits without regrets. Alternatively, the bot is easy to use and recommended for beginners. While they rarely restock, and its resale price is high, it is a pro in sneaker copping.

Last Updated on December 12, 2023

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