The Shit Bot Review

The Shit Bot Review

Are you looking for the comprehensive shit bot review? Please read our detailed article to gather relevant information. We will cover everything about The Shit Bot, from its features to the location coverage. Never miss out on anything about this top Nike copping bot.

The Shit Bot Logo

Nike is the OG in the sneaker world; however, it has very tight security. Nike is more of a status symbol. Getting couples of pairs on their limited editions is not less than scoring a bar of gold for sneakerheads. Nike is a competitive store; hence security is top-notch.

The website has advanced bot protection, making sneaker copping extremely hard. Many developers have tried coming up with compatible bots, but most fail after the first release. However, TSB, well known as The Shit Bot, has shown consistent performance.  Many retailers consider it as the shit when it comes to the Nike copping.

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Aside from the sneaker industry, anything that a human being can do, a bot can imitate. TSB has recorded a good hype on the Nike website, and as such, we will look deeper into the copping game and analyze if the TSB  can still slay. We know you are eager for an unbiased review; read our expert article to find out more.

The Shit Bot Description

The Shit Bot Overview


TSB is a new bot in the sneaker market, but it destroys Nike SNKRS. The developers engineered the bot to bypass all forms of protocols on Nike stores. From the website, we can see that the bot has a remarkable consistency of about 96% out of 95 releases. 2020, the users made a profit totaling $5 million.

The bot supports over 50 Nike-targeted regions. The support team is active and very cooperative when demanded. They are available 24/7 to serve their customers. The developers update the bot regularly before the Nike release or drops. This ensures that users get a smooth experience. The Shit Bot Homepage

TSB comes with many features. A few of these features is that the bot has a jiggling option that helps users edit and input multiple addresses concurrently to avoid suspicion. As well, users can manage multiple accounts in preparation for the drops. This does not only saves time but also makes the user more efficient.

Thanks to its multi-threaded feature, it is responsible for a lightning-fast checkout process that runs without any hitches. Its user interface is sleek. Still, the bot has a built-in Nike calendar to notify sneakerheads so that they never miss out on any drop date. While the bot comes with a personalized cookies generator, all users can as well customize the profiles.

Developers aim to develop more features for it to become an AIO bot while copping on Nike. Before moving ahead, we should also consider its community. Their community is a one-stop shop for Nike gaming. All users can access the compatible proxies and Nike accounts.

You will never miss out on anything. Still, they have detailed guides in their discord servers. Soon, TSB will become everything you need as it was developed exclusively for Nike.

How to Use the The Shit Bot?

TSB is simple like any other bot. Once you purchase and receive a license, installation is not a complex process.

  • First, enter your details to log in to the account.
  • The second step, add the compatible proxies to your TSB. Proxies are essential in bulk buying. You will be able to buy more than one Nike pr FCFS pair with a faster checkout than human beings. Furthermore, proxies help your bot evade detection and bans by rotating your IP addresses. Even though the datacenter is quicker and works too, we advise you to use residential as they are not likely to be detected.
  • Then lastly, insert your tasks and keep the bot running.

As we said, the bot is pretty simple and for a detailed tutorial, watch the video above.

The Shit Bot Pricing

The Shit Bot Pricing and Plan

Since TSB is a premium bot, it costs $999.00 for one. However, its retail price stands at $299. This price is high for one-time users, but for commercial sneakerheads, it is a perfect choice for copping Nike and FCFS drops.

The bot is most time available for purchase on their website, and if by any chance you miss it out, they always restock twice a month. You keep checking the restocking date on their Twitter page.

Is it Worth Buying a The Shit Bot?

1. Account Checker


Sneakers don't need to keep on checking for the validity of their Nike account. TSB takes care of everything while you concentrate on copping drops on Nike stores. The Shit Bot makes copping limited edition simple and, more specifically, footwear. Account checker keeps you one step ahead of other sneaker bots.

2. High Success Rate

The Shit Bot Success

While TSB is new in the sneaker business, that can't be a drawback for you not to purchase it. The bot has recorded a high success rate and helps most retailers grab bulk drops for their businesses. Again, the bot has had an exclusive performance than other bots in sneaker gaming for a long time. While using TSB, you will never experience downtime or any failure. However, its effectiveness differs from one region to another.

3. Address Jigger Feature

The sneaker industry deals with limited editions, and most of the traffic is heavy, which requires the formulation of agreements with stringent terms. When there is a low supply of Nike SNKRS, the site restricts one pair per buyer. You will not have to worry about this as The Shit Bot has an address jigger option.

This bot contrasts to other well-known bots where the address jigger function provides a different address on every transaction. This way, Nike won't detect your bot. Your details can never be seen even when you make multiple orders concurrently.

4. Large Support Location

The Shit Bot Location

This is one of its outstanding features. All sneakerheads can access The Shit Bot from any region worldwide. Currently, the bot supports over 50 countries; hence consumers have a large market and freedom to access or cop Nike drops. The ability of the bot to support proxy configuration facilitates this good location coverage. We will discuss this in detail.

5. Multi-Threaded Tasks


The Shit Bot is multi-threaded, and this implies, the bot can perform multiple tasks concurrently without cousin delays. This way, the bot guarantees all users a perfect copping experience on the Nike store due to its high speed.

The checkout process is faster, and you can grab a bulk of pairs before other competitors make orders. The more you add your tasks, the higher the chances of catching your drops. Get spare pairs and maximize your profit.

6. Only Supports Window

Unfortunately, this bot currently supports Windows OS. But again, you can use macOS only by installing a virtual machine which will be abeat expensive for you. This is one of its drawbacks; however, the bot is perfect on windows.

7. High Price

Another disadvantage of using TSB is that it is costly for one-time users. Users must go deeper into their pockets to get a TSB license, but Nike's website is super effective. Users pay $999 per year, and one cannot resell it once they purchase. This cost is more expensive than other alternatives. Get a cheaper bot when working on your fixed budget.

8. Only Works on Nike Stores


This bot is customized for Nike stores. You can only use it to cop limited editions from Nike websites only. If you want to run on different websites, this is not your option as this is solely made for Nike.

9. User Interface

The Shit Bot has a sleek user interface making it outstanding from its competitors like BNB. Its UI is based on the poop per the name. Different poops represent things like proxies, settings, accounts, profiles, and many more. The bot also has both dark and light mode that is adjustable via settings. This is a good feature for users to customize their bot.

10. Regular Updates

The developers of TSB are very active. They continually update before the Nike release, which ensures smooth working once the drop is out. Additionally, the bot regularly updates while adding extra features like an access checker, which can exclusively check for drops- only to a certain number of people.

11. Requires Nike Account

All users must get a Nike account before using The Shit bot. Therefore, one must create multiple accounts or buy, which is again expensive. It is not only costly but also tedious. But again, each Nike account should be SMS verified which means, you need a phone. Chinese accounts cost roughly $0.50, which lasts for two max drops, while US and EU accounts go for $2.00.

12. Proxy Configuration


The Shit bot supports proxy configuration like other bots. But, you must decide between using a datacenter or residential proxies. In both cases, the proxies help you manage site restrictions and evade bans. Users can hide as well as alternate the IP addresses while copping on the Nike website. Never worry about your account being banned or canceling your orders anymore.

13. Discord Collocation

Shit-Bot-discord jpg

The Shit bot has a discord. This is where a support team is ever available to help you out when you encounter a problem. There are also regular updates to keep you informed on any issues that arise before any Nike drops. Both old and new users can access detailed =guides from the Discord server too.

TSB Bot Customer Support

The Shit Bot Customer Support

TSB has a kind support team that replies to their customers instantly. Their support members also give their users cash or giveaway significantly for promotion. You can read out to them via the email address or create a ticket via the discord server. Again, the bot has detailed guides available in their discord server to guide all users. When the shit happens, never hesitate to inquire from their support team.

The Editor’s Verdict

The Shit Bot is a top-notch bot on the copping market. More specifically, for Nike stores, the bot is a beat. Its success rate and customer experience speak a lot about the bot on Nike drops. Even though the usage is fixed in over 50 countries, they are expanding their location coverage.

The bot has plenty of features making it outstanding from its competitors. Easy interface makes the biot's checkout process faster. Furthermore, proxies configuration helps maximize the speed and evade detection and bans. The support team is excellent and replies faster when you seek help. Never miss out on any Nike drops. You can trust TSB.

Last Updated on December 12, 2023

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