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The Best Footsites Bots of 2023

Looking for the best footsites bot to get your favorite sneakers? Here is our list of the top footsites bots to help you cop your dream kicks in bulk and resale at a profit.

Footsites are some sneaker sites, and they have been around for a long period. It sells sneakers based on a first-come, first-serve while limiting the bulk purchase of the limited editions. This limitation does not only apply to footsite but also to other sneaker sites. Footsites are unofficial name, but it comprises companies grouped under one umbrella. The retailers on footsites sell their different kicks, which customers and sneakerheads are fighting to get them.

Because of the limited edition and high demand,footsites restrict bulk buying and do not allow people from certain regions or countries to access the stores. For that reason, you and us might get some restrictions slaying on footsites. You might keep on refreshing the page till the drops are available, but those are past days. Today, the story is different.

Retailers are using or automating bots to purchase for them once the limited editions are released. These are sneaker bots, and they are engineered to purchase limited editions on footsites and other sites. They have not only relieved retailers but also work faster than a normal human being hence effective.

In our article today, we are going to review the best footsites bots, which are designed, tested, and proved to be effective in getting you the required kicks.

Top 10 Footsites Bots

We have tested the footsites bots below, and from experience, they have a high success rate buying the limited editions as far as the high demand is concerned. They are flexible and compatible and perfect at automating bulk footsites accounts while evading anti-spam systems on the website.

1. EasyCop Bot

EasyCop Homepage

  • Platform support:  Mac and Window
  • Cost: $600.00 per year
  • Proxy: Support
  • Compatible with other sites: No

EasyCop is the bot that has joined the sneaker business recently. The bot is explicitly designed for footsites, but it is worth your attention. The bot dominates on getting big releases for the sneakerheads. The quantity of its checkout is increasing day in and out.

Recently, the bot has copped thousands of the kicks. Shoutouts and engagement rates on Twitter are notable. It outperforms all other footsites bots and cops everything on Nike, Air Jordan, and Yeezy. The only limit we experienced was on the bank account. Otherwise, the boot slays endlessly.

Although the price is high, even with a retailer price, the bot has a high-performance rate. We will assure you that this is not your bot if you need an ALL-IN-ONE bot. However, the bot is ready to cook on any hyped release without hitches. This bot gave us an optimal experience while testing. We could carry out unlimited tasks, and its speed is second to none.

2. Cybersole

Cybersole Homepage

  • Platform support:  Windows
  • Cost: Pounds £300 for 6 months with £100 renewal every 6 month
  • Proxy: Support
  • Compatible with other sites: Yes

Cybersole is our second-best footsites bot. The bot has attractive features and comes with a mobile companion app used to control the bot. This bot has a reliable experience on footsites due to its lightning speed that is fully multi-threaded to run unlimited tasks.

If you miss out on ant latest release, the bot restocks automatically once the drop is available. It bypasses all obstacles with a new captcha solver, or otherwise, if you have any problem, the technical support team is available 24/7 to help.

The good news is that this bot supports all sites except Adidas and Nike. The multi-threaded option is suitable for faster purchases.

3. AIO Bot

AioBot Homepage

  • Platform support: Window and Mac
  • Cost: $325
  • Proxy: Support
  • Compatible with other sites: Yes

AIOBot is not only the best footsites bot but also supports other sneaker sites, including Shopify. Its set of features makes it outstanding, expensive, and worth the price tag. It works well on other sneaker sites, but the capability of bypassing captchas makes it a unique footsites bot.

Aside, the multi-threading technology enables it to automatically checkout faster, backed with an auto-retry option. Even though it supports windows, you need to run on the mac, and you will need to use a virtual machine. And, the bot comes with a tutorial to guide you.

Again, we were able to run 100 concurrent tasks, and any purchase comes with a free discord server. The AIO Bot has so far recorded over 300k checkouts, and this means the cutting-edge automation technique increases the chances of grabbing a kick 1000 times than a human user.

4. SoleSlayer

Sole Slayer Homepage

  • Platform support: Window and Mac
  • Cost: Starts from $149 for starter
  • Proxy: Support
  • Compatible with other sites: Yes

Although SoleSlayer is not familiar to every retailer, it is a good option for copping on footsites. They offer four different licenses limited to your tasks. Depending on the need from the starter, you can select the package with 5 concurrent tasks, standard, business, and, lastly, Ultimate, which offers customers unlimited tasks although it's expensive. For one or two limited releases, you can go for a starter, but it is good to consider the Ultimate package for bulk buying.

SoleSlayer bot has a captcha solver and supports proxy, thus perfect for avoiding detection of footsites. Still, the multi-threaded together with size selector and scheduler increases the chances of grabbing the latest releases on the US footsites. The bot can streamline the setup, and clients can easily remove the need for footsites accounts. Currently, the bot has recorded over 100k checkouts.

5. Most Advanced Bot

Most Advanced Bot Shopify Bot

  • Platform support: All Operating Systems
  • Cost: $69.00
  • Proxy: Support
  • Compatible with other sites: Yes

The Most Advanced Bot is among the most reliable footsites bot.  It is similar to a heated sneaker bot, but this one works with an individual chrome extension compatible with all operating systems. The bot supports footsites, and it covers 16 regions on footlocker. The features of the Most Advanced Bot are standard. The bot has a good UI packed with add-to-cart automation, a faster checkout option, refresh setting, keyword search, etc. Unfortunately, this bot works only on Chrome.

The bot has unlimited usage, and regular update is a lifetime service. However, each footsites has an individual bot, making it so expensive in terms of price. But, if you are not satisfied with the service, you can request your refund within 2 to 3 days. Their FAQ page has enough information for clients, but again, you can contact the support team for help.

6. Nike Shoe Bot

Nike Shoe Bot Homepage

  • Platform support: All Operating Systems
  • Cost: $499.00 per year
  • Proxy: Support
  • Compatible with other sites: Yes

Nike Shoe bot is another good footsites bot on our list. Although the name can easily convince you, the bot does not support the Nike sneaker site. The bot is equipped with an advanced captcha solver and professional task management; thus, it gets you to win in this copping game. If you don't consider the high yearly price, the bot is just a good fit for regular footlocker purchases.

The software has a modern customer interface that supports Mac and widows. The sites this bot supports are endless and unnecessary in this article, but Nike Shoe Bot supports four footlocker regions CA, EU, AU, and the US. This is among few bots that also support lady and kids footlocker sites. However, you might find this bot expensive if you don't need consistent and bulk purchases.

7. Spectre Bots

Spectre Bots

  • Platform support: Windows and Mac
  • Cost: $125
  • Proxy: Support
  • Compatible with other sites: Yes

Spectre is also on our list as the footsites bot. The bot comes with a lifetime ket at an affordable price. It supports footlocker CA, the US, and other sites like kids footlocker, Eastbay, and footaction and champs. Its friendly customer interface enables clients to carry out unlimited tasks.  And again, the bot has access to instance supports with a discord webhook. Being compatible with proxies and the ability to solve captchas makes this bot unique and slay undetected on footsites.

Since this is digital software, they never have a refund policy, neither can a client cancel an order once it's committed. Although they never guarantee lifetime access to the product, it works well, copping limited editions from footsites. Again, they always alert customers via email on any restock or release on the market.  Alternatively, instead of a refund, they offer a considerable discount to their customers.

8. Ghost AIO

Ghost AIO Homepage

  • Platform support: Windows and Mac
  • Cost: $300 for 6 months
  • Proxy: Support
  • Compatible with other sites: Yes

Also, on the footsites bots, we have the Ghost AIO. This bot combines a friendly customer interface with critical features to make it perfect for copping kicks on footsites. Being an AIO, it supports other sneaker sites besides footsites. It supports footaction, champs sports, Eastbay, and three regions on footlocker US, EU, and CA.

To make easy checkout and purchase, the Ghost AIO uses multi-threading to fasten the process. As long as you can run unlimited tasks, customers get notifications on each order regardless of whether failed or successful. You can also use this bot to test the proxies. These best features come with a price tag. However, the bot is efficient, most popular, and competes with other bots for limited editions. You will always find this bot out of stock, and then, resale price is higher. It would be best if you never settled for less; try Ghost AIO.

9. The Kick Station (TKS)

The Kick Station Homepage

  • Platform support: Windows and Mac
  • Cost: $250
  • Proxy: Support
  • Compatible with other sites: Yes

The power point of The Kick Station since inception was on footsites and Shopify sites. Considering ROI to cop the sneakers, TKS is a good option for US and UK footlocker customers because it is successful in the regions.

It also supports loads of other sneaker sites and cooks any site that releases the latest editions that resale. A good monitor allows customers to catch restocks r any quick tasks. A small customer interface increases the success rate and accessibility to support services. From the Twitter page, we can attest that users are cooking multiples.

The bot comes equipped with surprise drop options that get you back on restocking when you are caught unprepared. Create an order instantly to catch up with coppers to grab your favorite kicks on footsites. This bot has its flaws, but it comes with plenty of giveaways for customers. Footsites constantly updates to restrict bulk buying, but this bot kills any doubt as the developers have their fingers on the pulse.

10. Plugged AIO

Plugged Aio Homepage

  • Platform support: Window and Mac
  • Cost: $100 and renewal $60 for 6 months
  • Proxy: Support
  • Compatible with other sites: Yes

Last on our list, PluggedAIO is another footsites bot we would recommend. This bot supports proxies. This way, the bot easily cops on the footsites US  without being detected. Multiple captcha solver is effective in increasing one-click captchas.

The bot has many attractive features relevant for it outperforming other footsites bots. The bot is also equipped with AYCD, which automates a captcha solver to avoid any unnecessary disruption. Discord webhook notifies customers of all the successful checkout to stay updated.

On the CLI program, the Plugged AIO bot supports footsites in US and EU regions. Although the bot supports many other sites, it has a high success rate on footsites and supreme.


Footsites do not have strict measures on their websites. You can notice from the above list that most of the listed bots are not deeply specialized for footsites. Although footsites is not aggressive in fighting bots, you still need them for security and competition purposes. Otherwise, your account can quickly get banned.

Before committing to buy your kicks, make sure that you get the best footsites bots ready to keep you rolling.

Last Updated on December 12, 2022

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