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The Best Yeezy Bot of 2023

Do you want to slay with the latest drops from Yeezy? Then Yeezy bots should be your priority. Or else, you will never evade extra charges in the sneaker business, which is not economical for your business.

Currently, sneaker bots are a nightmare of the top Adidas sneaker sites. They quickly buy limited-edition sneakers that are in high demand immediately on a release date. Their bulk buying has prevented sneakerheads from purchasing and later selling at a higher price. Flipping the sneakers in the resale market has a higher profit than in retail price.

Although some sneakerheads are not sneaker enthusiasts, the demand has brought high competition for these limited resources. There is a high profit that collectible Adidas Yeezy sneakers are able to fetch due to their high resale value. This is an indicator of a limited resource.

Top 8 Yeezy Sneakers Bots

Adidas is fighting to counterattack the sneaker bots using anti-bots and high security as well as on Yeezy stores. This led to the inversion of the virtual queue, which makes it hard for a bot to succeed. But again, the developers are advancing and have recently developed new bots that beat the Yeezy check and balances and anti-bots using relevant sneaker proxies.

Yeezy bots are now on the market. These bots have a high success rate in copping sneakers from Adidas stores, as well as Yeezy. Before we conclude, let's now look at the top 10 Yeezy sneaker bots.

1. Kodai Bot

Kodai Bot Homepage

  • Platform support: Windows & Mac
  • Cost: $ 175/ two months, then $59.99/month
  • Proxy: Support
  • Compatible with other sites: Yes

Kodai is the best Yeezy bot in the market. In the first place, it recorded a high success rate on multiple sites. The success rate is consistent and is swiping all limited editions on Yeezy. Even though it is expensive, it is cheap compared to other Yeezy bots and gets you any drops in seconds.

If you are thinking of spending your budget on a Yeezy bot, Kodai is the best choice for you. It is easy to use and highly recommended for beginners. This boot is untamable and destroys all limited editions on YeezySupply, Footlockers, etc. The technical developers are working hard to beat the anti-bots on Adidas as well as the Yeezy store for human users to access the latest sneakers.

2. Nike Shoe Bot

Nike Shoe Bot Homepage

  • Platform support: Window and Mac
  • Cost: $499.00 per year.
  • Proxy: Support
  • Compatible with other sites: Yes

Nike Shoe Bot does not only slay on Yeezy; it dominates on Adidas too. It supports multiple Shopify sites and is particularly perfect on YeezySupply. The NSB can give all users a friendly and efficient copping experience using the latest automation checkout process.

The discord Integration multi-monitor enables you to manage any cook group. With smart login and many interesting features, it automatically bypasses all queues of Yeezy stores and Shopify. This bot has a censor cookie generator that efficiently generates cookies to evade akamai protection.

When you properly run this bot, it gets your sneaker in a second. However, it has a simple UI but is not the easiest to use. The good thing about this bot is that it's always available in stock. This implies resellers never scam users.

3. AIO Bot

AioBot Homepage

  • Platform support: Window and Mac
  • Cost: $325
  • Proxy: Support
  • Compatible with other sites: Yes

AIO Bot cops on all Adidas stores. The bot has helped sneakerheads cop over 61,000 checkouts on Yeezy and Jordan. Noth only sneakers, but it has also helped limited access editions from these stores. They have recorded a high success rate in the sneaker copping business. It has improved the lives of sneaker enthusiasts worldwide.

AIO bot can mimic human user behavior and cop multiple pairs of the latest release on all Adidas sites and more efficiently on Yeezy. It is fast, and together with unlimited profile-less accounts, its chances of grasping sneakers are high. It lets you skip and bypass the one pair per customer and scoop multiple pairs for resale at a sweet profit.

What makes it a popular choice for Yeezy and other sites is that it comes with free six-month updates, a retry option, a bulk-captcha solver, and as well auto-checkout support.

4. Velox Bot

Velox Bot Homepage

  • Platform support: Windows  and Mac
  • Cost: € 150
  • Proxy: Support
  • Compatible with other sites: Yes

This is the new bot in the sneaker business. The Velox bot has recently proved unmatched consistency on the YeezySupply release. Again, you will never miss out on any release on Supreme. It is unique because it is easy to set up, the private anti-bot feature, and thousands of secured checkouts each week, which places other bots in the dust.

Velox has full YeezySupply support. It sends cookless requests and, together with captcha sharing, makes us trust this bot on any drops.  Users can multi-task Yeezy supply tasks and secure the limited editions without much effort.

They have a very high aftermarket market because, when they restock, the bot is quickly bought in seconds. The new and exciting features of the updated version 5.0 have enabled it to slay on Yeezy Supply. Also, the analytic page enables users to track their performance.

5. Hayha Bots

Hayha Bots Homepage

  • Platform support: Window and Mac
  • Cost: $345  then $30/ month
  • Proxy: Support
  • Compatible with other sites: Yes

Hayha Bot has gained polarity since 2019. The bot has a good GUI and CLI interface that is simple and easy to control tasks. Be confident that you are in the right hand because Hayha has experienced real-world developers. Serve site monitoring gives an opportunity to users to manage any release of the limited edition.

Another key feature of the Hayha bot is its automatic captcha AI that solves annoying captchas with their advanced AI framework. This bot supports Yeezy to Supreme, and together with footlocker, members never miss a profit on any latest drop in town. Hayha bot is worldwide, although they are focused on North America.

This bot is always sold out from the stock. This is because they aim to maintain a high success rate hence keeping it limited. Additionally, the raffle feature helps users generate valid accounts, and above all, the third-party resell price is higher compared to the retail price.

6. ValorAIO

ValorAIO Homepage

  • Platform support: Window and MacOS
  • Cost: $249.99 first 3 months and $49.99 monthly renewal
  • Proxy: Support
  • Compatible with other sites: Yes

ValorAIO is a sneaker copping bot with a real success rate. Their success has made them look to become a real contender in the sneaker business. Although it's always out of stock, they restock via the Twitter page. ValorAIO bot is perfect for copping YeezySupply limited editions. The bot has amazing speed compared to human users. It is also recommended for copping from Supreme and other sites.

What makes ValorAIO stand out from the rest is its attractive features. A simple customer interface is good for the new botters. You can analyze the checkout performance of the bot on the analytic page. The other features are an automatic cookie generator, one-on-one customer support on discord, and a smart release calendar to alert users on the upcoming drops.

7. Nebulabots

Nebulabots Homepage

  • Platform support: Window and Mac
  • Cost: $640 and $35 monthly renewal
  • Proxy: Support
  • Compatible with other sites: Yes

Although Nebulabot is not well known, it has a reputable success rate for users. The bot is not new to sneaker copping. The retail price of this bot is high, yet it's always out of stock. This expounded might imply that its resale price is so high.

The bot is in high demand, and users can always sign up for updates when they restock. Still, you can check them on Botbroker. The checkout process is faster than ever with their new version, 2.0.0. It helps users run their tasks on sneaker footsites.

Again, Nebulabot is impressive in copping YeezySupply or any limited edition. Due to a limited user base, customer support is not an issue. If you want to scoop the latest drops on the YeezySupply store, try out Nebulabots.

8. Sole AIO

Sole AIO Homepage

  • Platform support: Windows
  • Cost: £300 for 6 months and £125 renewal every 6 months
  • Proxy: Support
  • Compatible with other sites: Yes

Sole AIO supports many sites, including Yeezy and Supreme. Besides purchasing Sole AIO bot licenses, users can also rent it for £75 for 31 days. The bot comes with auto-check in almost all European countries. It supports copping sneakers from sensitive sites like YeezySupply and Adidas stores.

Aside, the speed is blazing terrific, and as well, any user can run concurrent tasks, which puts your success rate quite the highest while copping Yeezy limited sneaker drops. This bot has a well-proven record of purchasing and gaming YeezySupply sneakers beyond the limitations. The subscription comes with 6 month automatic yet regular updates to keep you one step ahead. It is easy to grasp and reliable.

Use Proxies to Increase Your Success

Proxies sneaker copping

The traffic profile is very important when you want to scale up web scraping or sneaker copping. The target website may have a volume of botters targeting it, and thus you should optimize to maximize your copping.

  • Increase Your Speed

The chances of grabbing a limited edition from Adidas and other sites are limited if you do not use sneaker proxies and bots. It is even worse if you are outside the geographical location of the target website. Since the competition is high, the speed of your bot decides your success.

Premium proxies have proved to be effective in copping these sneakers. The bots with premium proxies are faster than a human user. Therefore, they complete checkout in seconds. Again, the location of your server matters because other users have bots too. Premium proxies bring you closer to the server for you to beat other sneakerheads. Geo-targeting proxies reduce lag time as it increases the speed of your bot.

  • Manage Multiple Accounts

It is also advisable that retailers should have multiple accounts in order to cop bulk drops at once. You should note that financial details should be different. Your multiple accounts or IP addresses will not be blocked while using sneaker proxies since Adidas will not be able to trace your data traffic.

Proxies are important. They provide you with many IP addresses, which keeps you anonymous and places users to cop the Adidas limited editions.


Purchasing a sneaker bot doesn't guarantee success in copping bulk limited Yeezy drops. Since you are competing for a limited resource with other bots, your bot should be designed to beat just any bot. The virtual queue makes it difficult to cop.

However, Yeezy bots are designed to slay on Yeezy stores and get you multiple pairs of sneakers in a second. Our top Yeezy bot list is worth looking at to help you make a reasonable decision. Try them out and double your sneaker profits.

Last Updated on July 15, 2023

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