The Best Craigslist Proxies

Best Craigslist Proxies in 2023

If you often get blocked for posting on classified ads sites like Craigslist, we're here to help you out. Use the Craigslist proxies we have listed, and you'll be able to handle these questions with ease. They are tested and trusted products. Let's started!

Craigslist is the most famous Classifieds website in the US. It provides US forums and classifieds for many purposes that include the local community, events, or services. Also, you can find their personals, for sale, housing, or jobs. The website lets you create a limited number of ads, so using proxies helps you to post more ads or offers. Read below to find out the best Craigslist proxies on the market.

Best Proxies for Craigslist

We have picked the best Craigslist proxies for your purposes. Read the list below to find out the top proxies to use onsite.

1. Bright Data

Bright data Homepage

  • IP Type: Residential
  • IP Pool Size: 72+ million
  • Geo-targeting: ASN/Cities/Countries
  • Cost: Starts at $300 monthly for 20 GB

Bright Data is great for Craigslist scraping. Their data collector is easy to use. Their proxies that offer pay-as-you-go plans are reliable and fast. Fortune 500 companies like Techradar, Forbes, and FierceElectronics use this tool because of its reliability and 99,99% uptime. You can start immediately and get data in minutes using their 72+ million IPs pool.

They offer powerful residential proxies with extensive interface response time, 100% compliant and patented service, and limitless rotation. The tool provides coverage in every city, country, ASN, and carrier around the world. With it, you will no longer worry about an IP ban when posting ads on Craigslist.

2. Soax

Soax Homepage Overview

  • IP Type: Residential
  • IP Pool Size: 8.5 Million+
  • Geo-targeting: Countries/Cities/Region/ISP
  • Cost: Starts at $75 monthly for 5 GB

Soax is the rising star of the industry. They have the cleanest proxies that are also regularly updated. There are over 8.5M active IPs over the world, and you can target by country, city, region, and provider. Their city targeting feature of these proxies lets you get more accurate advertising on Craigslist. This special feature makes it stand out from the other candidates.

You will stay 100% anonymous using their residential proxies with real IP addresses by real Internet providers. You can enjoy zero IP blocks, automatic rotation, and ISP-level targeting with your purchase.

3. Smartproxy

Smart Proxy Home Page

  • IP Type: Residential
  • IP Pool Size: 40+ Million
  • Geo-targeting: Cites(Only 8)/Countries(50 USA states Geo-targeted)
  • Cost: Starts at $75 monthly for 5 GB

Smartproxy is one of the best options for Craigslist, as you can use an unlimited number of countries, threads, and connections. The pricing model of these proxies is based on bandwidth usage, which is great for Craigslist purposes. You can unblock Craigslist, avoid local restrictions, and collect necessary data.

Smartproxy works with all popular web browsers and auto posters. The company offers a 3-day money-back guarantee, 99,99% uptime, and a 3.1 s average speed.

4. IPRoyal

IPRoyal Residential Proxies

  • IP Type: Residential
  • IP Pool Size: 8+ million
  • Geo-targeting: Countries/Cities/States
  • Cost: Starts at $7 per GB

IPRoyal offers fast and reliable residential proxies, which are great for gathering listing data or bypassing posting restrictions on Craigslist. These authentic IP addresses are sourced ethically from real users and real ISPs, ensuring your actual IP stays hidden from the Craigslist servers. This way, you can avoid bot bans and account lockouts.

The provider has a fairly large IP pool, including US proxies with state and city-level targeting for maximum accuracy. They have 99.9% uptime, HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 support, sticky sessions, and one of the most flexible rotation options on the market. Plus, they are affordable and come with a pay-as-you-go option and great bulk discounts.

5. Proxy-Cheap

Proxy Cheap Homepage

  • IP Type: Residential
  • IP Pool Size: 6+ Million
  • Geo-targeting: Countries
  • Cost: Starts at $5 monthly for 1 GB (Monthly)

Proxy-Cheap provides inexpensive proxies and performance of the compromise choice. If you are on a budget, it’s best to use this company’s service. Data scraping on Craigslist gets easy with Proxy-Cheap, as they offer established worldwide proxies to mine data and screen without restrictions.

They support remote DNS that doesn’t leak your private data. These residential proxies are fast, and you can use many connections at once if you need them. The company offers fair prices without monthly commitment or additional fees, which is very convenient for Craigslist purposes.

6. HighProxies

High Proxies Homepage

  • IP Type: Datacenter
  • Geo-targeting: US and EU region
  • Cost: start at $2.95 per proxy for a month

HighProxies are cheap, reliable, and fast. They have specific Classified AD proxies that will help you to use Craigslist more efficiently. You can opt for special dedicated IPs without setup or any other hidden fees. HighProxieshave proxies configured for high anonymity, reliability, and security.

They support LT2TP/IPSEC and IKEv2 protocols. The company uses multiple cloud storage and computing and multiple datacenters for high replication and availability. It would be perfect for Craigslis if they have a datacenter in your location. You can get 24/7 support anytime via an internal ticketing system. They boast 99,99% uptime, and the servers are all high availability.

7. MyPrivateProxy

Myprivate Proxy Home Page

  • IP Type: Datacenter
  • Geo-targeting: US and EU region
  • Cost: start at $2.49 per proxy  for a month

If you are considering using a datacenter proxy on Craiglist, MyPrivateProxy must not be missed. MyPrivateProxy is one of the most famous providers of datacenter proxies. Their proxies are located in major US cities. Once you give the order, the work will start quickly, that are very suitable for Craiglist. The infrastructure of these proxies is designed to never fail as they use datacenters with a good history of uptime.

Also, they use enterprise-grade hardware and employ talented experts. Their network speed and uptime are one of the best in the market. The support is available 24/7 via live chat, e-mail, or ticketing system. Your proxies activate instantly after the purchase, so you can start using proxies on the go.

8. Proxy-Seller

Proxy Seller Homepage overview

  • IP Type: Datacenter
  • Geo-targeting: Worldwide
  • Cost: Start at $0.88 per proxy for a week

The private Socks5 & HTTP proxies of Proxy-Seller are very Craigslist-suitable. Their dedicated proxies are perfect for mass posting, placing ads, creating multiple accounts, etc. They also offer scrapers for capturing data on Craigslist.

You can bypass bans on the website with these great, 99% uptime proxies. Proxy-Seller provides 150 networks/450 Subnets with channels with 1Gb/s. If you want to save up, you can choose a proxy package that will give you a long time rental. Also, you will enjoy technical support 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Why Use Proxies for Craigslist

Using proxies for Craigslist is beneficial, as you can post tons of jobs, ads, or posts. Proxies will allow you to register plenty of accounts using multiple dedicated IPs.

  • Scraping from Craigslist

For sure, scraping is beneficial when you use Craigslist. For example, when you combine a Craiglist proxy with a data scraper, you are more protected than with just a Craigslist proxy. Scraping isn’t against the law, so using a proxy to shield yourself is important not to be banned. A residential proxy does great in this case.

  • Target Other Cities or Foreign Audience:

Craigslist is created to post and advertise in local markets. Still, you can opt to target other cities or countries if you want to. This is impossible to do without a proxy. If you create more than one account and use a proxy, you will be able to post ads for different locations and increase your coverage.

  • Bypass Phone Verification:

Craigslist watches the security very closely. If the same IP address creates many ads, they can flag you for phone verification. If you don’t want to do this, use Craigslist proxies to prevent this.

FAQs about Craigslist Proxies

1. Which kind of proxies should I use for Craigslist?

For different purposes, you might need different proxies. If you need to change your location or hide your IP, use datacenter proxies. Still, if you manage several accounts, it’s better to go for residential proxies. They provide you better coverage, more flexibility, and greater safety.

2. Is it allowed to use proxies on Craigslist?

Although Craigslist doesn’t allow proxies, you can use them if you are cautious. Using good, undetectable proxies will safeguard you from blocking.

3. How many Craigslist proxies will I need?

That largely depends on your product characteristics. For example, if your product buying cycle is short, you will need more proxies to build up an ad campaign. But if the buying cycle is longer, like real estate, you won’t need many proxies. Still, you will need to post in different locations, and here is when proxies are important.

4. What is better, Craigslist Proxy or Craigslist VPN?

VPN changes your location to a certain country and the IP given to you is almost the same. But proxies, especially rotating residential proxies, can automatically rotate IP so you don't have to be constrained by Craigslist.


Using proxies on Craigslist is beneficial if you want to post more ads or offers. With proxies, you can perform scraping, target different locations, poss classified ads, and bypass phone verification. Some of the best residential proxies to do this are Bright Data, Soax, Smartproxy, and Proxy-Cheap. If you search for datacenter proxies, pick HighProxies, MyPrivateProxy, or ProxySeller. Remember that for different purposes and products, you might need different proxies, so choose wisely.

Last Updated on May 20, 2023

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