HomeIP.io Review

HomeIP.io Review

HomeIP.io claims to be a great proxy provider with many top features. But are they true to their word? Here, we give you an in-depth review of the same.

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The proxy business includes several service providers, some of which are not trustworthy, while others stand out for their unique offerings. Homeip.io Is one of the finest proxy providers you can get out there due to the excellent features and services they offer at a low price.

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They provide numerous qualities, which makes them a favored proxy solution for many individuals. The proxy service provides unique IPs from across the globe. These IPs are obtained from reputable Internet Service Providers(ISPs) and are anonymous. In addition, they have selling intelligence which allows them to adjust their price depending on the user's location and area.

Aside from that, they also have many other unique features, including the following.

  • 13+ million RotatingResidential IPs
  • Offer Countries/Cities/State Geo-targeting
  • 7-day Free Trial
  • 24/7 Support

Homeip all Residential Plan

HomeIP Feature

HomeIP Feature

  • Very Anonymous: They have the best IP and captcha protection, making it almost impossible to be blocked or banned.
  • Worldwide Coverage: The company covers well over 195 countries around the world.
  • Advanced Targeting: They have a geo-targeting feature that allows you to choose your preferred location.
  • Web Harvesting: It allows you to send many parallel requests through customized residential IPs.
  • Seamless Integration: The proxies can be integrated into many online stores and sneaker sites.
  • High Speed: They come with high-speed connections, allowing you always to be up and running.

HomeIP Overview

HomeIP offers some of the best residential proxies in the industry. These proxies guarantee high success rates for all your copping activities. In addition, their IPs are assigned exclusively to target websites, making it easier to browse.

They also have unlimited bandwidth that allows you to run a total amount of tasks. The IP pool is vast, boasting over 13M IPs located in different servers across the world.

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This company also has its services available in over195 countries and 2587 cities in the world. On top of that, they have an advanced targeting feature that allows you to select a country of your choice. They also allow city and service provider geo-targeting.

Do you fear your IP address being exposed? Don't worry; HomeIP gives a unique feature that allows you to change your IP on command. They have also set an automatic rotation of 1/10/30 minutes. This means that you can choose the interval in which your IP address changes.

They are compatible with HTTP and HTTPS protocols which make it easier to use many browsers. HomeIP.io also sources its IPs from real mobile devices, thus reducing the chances of being blocked. It comes with an easy setup and a user-friendly interface.

To improve the connection speed, they use AI-powered traffic management systems. It guaranteed a 99.9% uptime with no buffering and downtime. Having such a rate makes it easier for you to bypass spam-filter on many sites. Moreover, if you have any challenges, their support team is always ready to help. They have a 24/7 dedicated customer support team that gives you real-time assistance.

HomeIP IP Types and Pricing

Homeip Plan and Pricing

home has different pricing for various proxy types. The proxies have additional traffic amounts with another validity period. Its prices start at $85/ month for 5GB of data, while the highest goes for $4000/ month for 1000GB. The high proxies have additional features, such as a dedicated account manager.

They also provide services that allow you to get more advanced proxies. For example, they can give you a special discount if you need about 1,500GB/ month.

How to Use the HomeIP?

how to use HomeIP

Using the HomeIP website is very easy; all you need to do is follow a simple procedure.

  • Buy a plan: There are several plans available. Buy one that suits you best or one you can afford.
  • Configure your Proxies: if you use your proxies in a bot, you need to configure them. This allows the proxies to work correctly.
  • Integrate into your application: Integrate the proxies into the application that you are using.

HomeIP.IO Proxy Authentication & Protocols

HomeIP.IO Proxy Authentication & Protocols There are several types of authentication, but the most popular ones are IP authentication and Username/password authentication. HomeIP.io offers username/password authentication, which makes it easier to log into your account. You can also activate a two-factor configuration, meaning you use both IP and username/password configuration.

In addition, they support HTTP and HTTPS protocols, which ensure you can access your account using any browser. It also simplifies the process of browsing and configuring the proxies on different applications.

HomeIP Customer Support

Homeip Customer Support

The customer support offered by HomeIP is top-notch. You can get real-time help using their online chat feature. Furthermore, they have an email that is functional and offers customer support. You can as well inbox them on social media accounts such as Twitter and Discord.

The Editor’s Verdict

There are many proxy providers available out there, but finding a great one can be challenging. HomeIP has proven to be one of the best players in the proxy industry. They have great proxies and a variety of packages to choose from. The company also boasts of having fast connections, thanks to its reliable servers available in many locations in the world. In addition, they have top-tier features that give you optimum use of the proxies.

Although they are a bit pricier, it worth every coin. One other letdown is the lack of refunds; this means all purchases are final. They also don't have any free trials, which allows you to test them before any commitment. In a nutshell, HomeIP offers great proxies, and we recommend them for anyone in need of top-notch proxies.

Last Updated on May 15, 2022

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