AYCD Proxies Review

AYCD Proxies Review

AYCD Proxies are known for their automation services. Do you want to know how they make it easy for your sneaker copping? That's what this article is about to reveal.

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AYCD offers automated proxies that help you to maximize profit, efficiency, and productivity. Read more about their features and characteristics below:

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Why Choose AYCD Proxies

  • Trusted proxies from a reliable provider
  • Affordable pricing
  • Unlimited premium support
  • Discounts on proxy networks
  • New features every time
  • High security of your account
  • Unlimited speed
  • Powerful toolbox

AYCD Proxies Overview

AYCD Proxies Homepage

This automation service provider has many tools that will be useful for the botting industry. AYCD allows you to tune your automatic tools simply without lots of difficult technical details. You might choose either static or rotating proxies, depending on your purposes. When you buy a packet, you have static proxies, but you can generate rotating proxies anytime on your dashboard.

Their proxy network is perfect for sneaker copping, as you can generate as many proxies as you need. The bandwidth usage is unlimited and you can pick any country of the world, according to your needs. Apart from the residential, AYCD also has a premium ISP with great speed and unlimited data usage. The IPs that you get are tested, unbanned, and affordable.

AYCD Toolbox

Toolbox from AYCD allows you to farm Google accounts and set up email forwarding. Also, you can do auto checkout for sneaker websites like Supreme, and fly through queues. Also, spoofing and creating unique profiles are available. Toolbox allows creating bots in different formats. Through Toolbox, you can create proxies, import sales, and keep your credentials safe. Generate VCC’s safely and easily, manage accounts and cookies using this extensive tool.

AYCD Proxies Plans and Pricing

To see AYCD proxy plans, you will have to create an account and log in. There is no refund, but the plans are affordable for all.

Resell Residential Proxies

AYCD Residential Proxies

The resell proxies from AYCD include Oxylabs and Smartproxy residential proxies. They work on Footsites, Finishline, Footlocker, Yeezy Supply, Supreme, Shopify, and other websites. This network provides you high speed by multiple providers from 100+ countries. Also, unbanned US ISP proxies are available.

Upon purchase, you get instant delivery, and you can generate unlimited proxies for your needs. You can purchase 25 IPs for $25 and get up to a 50% discount via codes.

ISP Proxies

AYCD ISP Proxies

The ISP proxies of AYCD are hosted by Internet providers and are dedicated IPs. They are hosted through data centers, but they’re registered like residential IPs. So, they remain unbanned at all times and retain fast speed which is much faster than the usual datacenter proxy.

They work on Finishline, Yeezy Supply, Shopify, and other websites. There are 1 day, 3 days, and 1 month plans available. You can get an automatic 25% discount, plus a 10% discount for people who subscribed to Toolbox.

AYCD Proxies Location

AYCD proxies locations are picked randomly. They are proxies of big cities in a country that you choose yourself. Still, you can opt for region-specific Datacenter ISP proxies if you need a certain location. Also, you can generate proxies at any location in the world.

AYCD Proxies Authentication

AYCD Proxies Authentication

The authentication of your proxies will largely depend on the proxies you buy, whether Smartproxy or Oxylabs. So, visit the corresponding websites before you make your choice. As for the ISP proxies, they have both User: Pass auth and IP auth.

AYCD Proxies Customer Support

AYCD Proxies Support

You can join the company’s Discord to get all info about new features, discounts, or news of AYCD. Also, there you will get all support in case of any problem. You can join the Discord proxy network using the website or use the Help Center.

The Editors Verdict

AYCD is an automation tools company that also can resell Oxylabs and Smartproxy proxies. This is very convenient once you can perform a variety of proxy-related tasks via Toolbox. This is an automation tool that can run accounts, bots, and purchases on sneaker websites. The proxies work on many essential sites, so they will get you perfect sneaker copping.

Last Updated on December 12, 2023

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