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Leaf Proxies is a reliable, trusted, and established proxies provider. For sneaker websites – are they effective? Read our compelling review of Leaf Proxies with prices, features, and services in this article.

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Leaf Proxies are a great proxy server provider in the modern industry. They are famous for meeting the needs of their users. These established proxies can hit you with tons of pairs and help with any sneaker website. Read more about them below.


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Why Choose LeafProxies

LeafProxies benifits

  • Has many packet choices: You can opt for as little as a day if you don’t need proxies for longer. Choose weekly or monthly payment plans if they fit you.
  • Extensive proxy pool: Including, daily, residential, datacenter, verified accounts, Windows servers, Broadband ISP, and last-minute proxies.
  • Superb speed: Because its location is selected carefully to optimize the speed of proxies. This is very important for any proxy type.
  • Instant setup is available: This is very convenient if you don’t want to waste much time on installation.
  • 全天候客户支持: on many platforms, including an informative Discord channel.
  • Many locations are available: Both in the UK and the US, which lets you pick the best proxies for your needs.

LeafProxies Overview

Leaf Proxies Homepage

When you first approach the LeafProxies website, you cannot see much info about their proxies. You can only see the proxy plans, the pricing, and the kinds of proxy pools and locations they have. To get more info, you should connect with them via Discord. Leaf Proxies can get you 住宅代理 or datacenter proxies for sneaker copping.

They also offer sneaker servers and provide you with accounts, for example, Nike accounts. They have various packages that include last-minute proxies, datacenter proxies, ISP proxies, residential proxies, or daily datacenter proxies. They have a wide range of services and great pricing – see below.

LeafProxies Plans and Pricing


  • Work on: Every website
  • Start from: $19.50/GB

Residential Proxy Plan

Residential proxy of Leaf Proxies is a global data plan that includes over 100 million IPs. You can enjoy 4 unique networks and choose your data plan from 1GB, 2GB, or 4GB plans. This enhanced plan lets you have special pools for every country and website. Multiple private networks are unique and include elite drop proxies that go with every plan. The plan is active for 60 days once you purchase it.


  • Work on: Captcha, Major sneaker sites
  • Start from: $16.50/10 proxies

Data Center Proxy Plan

There are many packages available, including Ashburn, London, Home ISP-C, and Weekly ISP. You can get the number of proxies you need, from 10 to 100. These proxies are available for 30 days and have many features, such as unlimited bandwidth, 24/7 run, instant delivery, and major sneaker sites blocked intentionally. These proxies are very flexible, you can choose from packets and adjust the proxies to your plans and needs.

Daily Datacenter Proxies

  • Work on: Most sneaker and retail websites, Not for footsies
  • Start from: $9.99/10 package

Daily Datacentre Proxy Plan

You can pick daily proxies for all days of the week. This way, you can pick the date you need and use proxies for your benefit. You can pick 10 to 100 packages for locations in the UK or VA. With your purchase, you get 10 Gbps datacenter proxies. The support sends them to you at 22:10 PM EDT.

Last Minute Proxies

  • Work on: Nike, Adidas, Shopify, Supreme, and most EU sites, depending on the country
  • Start from: $9.99/10 package

Last Minute Proxy

Last-minute proxies are valid till a certain time and date, so you should be lucky to get them. You can pick servers in the UK of VA and get 10 Gbps AIO Comcast Proxies. Your purchase will activate the proxies until 10:15 PM EST the same day, which might be convenient if you only need them today.

LeafProxies Location

LeafProxies location

With Leaf Proxies, you can get residential proxies in special pools for almost every country in the world. They access the residential proxy network of the company. As for the datacenter proxies, only a few locations are available, for example, you can opt for Ashburn and Virginia in the United States and pick one more location in the United Kingdom. This ensures low latency and optimized speed.

LeafProxies Authentication

LeafProxies authentication dashboard

As for authentication, you can pick both password and username authentication along with IP authentication. You can opt for IP address whitelisting as it is one of the most popular authentication means. When you pay for your proxies, you can choose one of these methods that will activate after you authenticate them. While the User: Pass method is more reliable, IP auth is more convenient, so choose wisely.

LeafProxies Customer Support

When it comes to customer support, Leaf Proxies can give you several options to contact them. First of all, you can use their dedicated one-on-one Discord customer service. Anyone can use these features, whether you placed an order or not. At the bottom of their web page, you can find an invitation link to their Discord. Their staff speaks many languages, so you may get help instantly. At their Discord server, you can also find info about offerings or receive support for your product.

Also, you can use their Email address to write to them. The customer support works 24/7, which means they will answer your question promptly. They don’t lag and answer you timely. If you are a Twitter user, you can use your account to reach their customer support who is also on Twitter.


Leaf Proxies is a reliable, trusted, and established proxies provider. They offer many product plans that allow proxies ranging from one day to one month. They have a great quality of networks for sneaker customers. There is a great speed and customer system that you can access via email, Twitter, or Discord. This is the best service if you search for reliable, affordable proxies for a limited amount of time like a day.

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