Dichvusocks Review

Dichvusocks Review

Are you looking for a proxy provider with the best SOCKS proxies? If so, then Dichvusocks will be great for you. This review will give you first-hand info on it and its features.

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When it comes to copping sneakers, proxies come in handy, particularly on popular limited-edition releases. Proxies allow you to change your IP address and buy as many sneakers as you want in real-time. They also make you look to be a frequent visitor. This means that you will not be blocked or banned from sneaker sites. Proxies can also be used to browse on geo-restricted websites and online stores.


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Dichvusocks is one of the proxy providers that promises a variety of such appealing services. They are among the best proxies in terms of speed, dependability, and use. Furthermore, they have sophisticated methods for concealing your device's actual IP address. It is an attractive choice when looking for proxies to use for anonymous online surfing and circumventing restrictions. Furthermore, they are affordable and have been tested and proven to function.

It has various features, including network speed and anti-proxy detection. You may choose between a daily plan and a credit plan. They are capable of working on several websites, including high-speed ones. But do they deliver on everything they promise on their website? Continue reading for more information.

Dichvusocks Locations

Dichvusocks Pros and Cons

Dichvusocks has several merits but also has its own flaws. Here is what we liked and didn’t like about them.


  • Cheap: They are among the most affordable SOCKS proxy providers in the industry
  • Lightning-Fast Speed: They provide lightning-fast speed, ensuring that you remain connected even while doing many activities.
  •  Immediate Delivery: After purchasing any of their proxy plans, you may begin utilizing them right away. You do not need to wait for manual activation.
  • Reliable: These proxies are pretty dependable and are obtained from reputable ISPs.
  • Adaptable Plans: You may choose from a variety of data plans, including daily and credit bundles.
  • User-Friendly Dashboard: They provide an easy-to-navigate interface that is ideal for novice users.
  • Appropriate Device Compatibility: The proxies work with both Windows and Mac computers.


It Doesn't Always Work: Sometimes, the proxies may experience buffering.

No Refund: All online purchases are regarded as final and have no refunds.

No Free Trial: They don’t offer any free trials for new customers.

Dichvusocks Overview

Dichvusocks Overview

Dichvusocks provides some of the most excellent SOCKS proxies available in the market. These proxies ensure that all of your copping actions are a success. Furthermore, their IP addresses are only given to certain websites, making it easy to surf. They also offer limitless bandwidth, allowing you to conduct an unlimited number of tasks. The IP pool is enormous, with servers placed in many countries around the globe.

This company also serves the Western, European, and Asian markets. Furthermore, they offer a sophisticated targeting function that enables you to choose a country. They also provide geo-targeting by city and service provider.

Do you worry about your IP address being revealed? Don't worry; Dichvusocks has a one-of-a-kind function that enables you to change your IP address on the go. They've also programmed an automatic rotation feature. This means you have control over how often your IP address changes.

They are functional with the HTTP and HTTPS protocols, making it more straightforward to operate a variety of browsers. Dichvusocks also obtains its IPs from genuine mobile devices, lowering the likelihood of being blocked. It has an easy-to-use interface and a convenient interface.

The company has an AI-powered traffic management solution to boost connection speed. It guarantees 99.9% uptime with no buffering or downtime. Having such a rate makes it simpler to get over spam filters on many websites. Furthermore, if you have any difficulties, their support crew is always there to assist you. They offer a specialized customer support staff that is available 24/7.

Dichvusocks Types and Pricing

Dichvusocks has different types of plans. This includes the daily plan and credit plan. They all come with various features and prices. Below is an overview of what to expect from the plans and how much they cost.

Daily Plan

Dichvusocks Daily Plan

The daily plan is one of the most flexible plans offered by Dichvusocks. Your plan is only limited to one day and not further than that. This means that the plans are non-accumulative and do not forward to the next day. The lowest Plan Daily costs $ 1 and expires after 24hours. The highest one costs $100, lasting for 365 days.

Credit Plan

Dichvusocks Credit Plan

Credit plan is another type of data plan offered by Dichvusocks. Here, you are allocated a specific amount of credit which reduces over time. The credit is unlimited and only expires when they are depleted. Fifty credits will cost you $2, while 900 credits go for $35.

How to Use Dichvusocks Socks Proxies

First need to Download Dichvusocks client

Dichvusocks offers a simple setup process and is easy to use. If you want to set up the proxies, follow these simple steps;

  • Microsoft Operating system that is Windows 7 and above
  • Have Microsoft Net Framework 4.5
  • Have a Dichvusocks paid plan
  • Start Windows activation
  • Insert Socks5 port
  • Unzip the tool and start using it

Dichvusocks Authentication

Dichvusocks Register Page

They only offer usernames and passwords authentication. This feature allows you to log in by just entering your email address/ username and password. Dichvusocks do not provide IP authentication, which is also an excellent feature for proxy providers.

Dichvusocks Customer Support

Dichvusocks Customer Support

It is essential to have a proxy provider with good customer support. Dichvusocks offer an excellent customer support system that ensures you get the best quality services. You can contact them via skype or ICQ to get relevant help. In addition, they have an email that you can use to send your queries. They promise to give feedback as soon as your request is received.

The Editor's Verdict

Dichvusocks is a seasoned proxy service provider that provides high-quality proxies. Customers seeking limited-edition items will find their services helpful. They are also very cost-efficient and offer flexible package plans.

Although they would need to include more information about their services on their website, they provide excellent services. Furthermore, they offer prompt and polite customer service, which is a plus for them. You can get support through email, Skype, and ICQ.

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