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Are you looking for reliable proxies for low high volume data scraping? Trustedproxy provider is the answer. We will cover everything you need to know about this provider before making an informed decision.

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There are many proxy servers on the market due to high demand. While searching for google reports from your competitor, some providers block your IP address due to fear of fraud. To evade that, make use of a proxy server. A perfect choice today is Trustedproxies. You can trust this providereasily because it has:


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  • Special for web scraping
  • 7-day refund
  • localized data through endpoints in over 80 countries

TrustedProxies Pros and Cons

Before diving into details, let us look at the snippets of advantages and disadvantages we found during our research.


  • Enterprise free trial
  • High speed with the optimized result for web scraping
  • Highly anonymous and reliable
  • 全天候客户支持
  • Wide location coverage
  • 7 days refund policy
  • Support multiple payment methods.


Expensive for individual use.

Limited bandwidth.

No spamming techniques.

TrustedProxies Overview

Trusied Proxies Homepage

TrustedProxy is an enterprise proxy provider that focuses on offering 网络搜刮 solutions. It helps users achieve mass web scraping, localized results, and SERP extraction using a highly optimized network. You can integrate these proxies with any software and run 600 requests per minute. This is perfect for cloud web scraping.

If you need urgent data, Trusted proxies offer a second to none speed. They specialize in providing enterprise private grade proxies solutions. Their Geo-targeted proxy server consists of cheap solutions for any general purpose.

You can harness their services with affordable pricing plans, instant scalability that is flexible to the peak of your demand. TrustedProxy use cases are limited to SEO and SERP monitoring and e-commerce data collation, travel site data scraping, market research, ad verification, and so on.

They have enterprise-class platforms, and proxies are efficient for preventing google blocks and self-healing proxy servers. Maintained a good reputation with their customers and offered 24/7 customer support.

TrustedProxies Types and Pricing

Trusted proxies offer three types of proxy packages with different pricing plans, as indicated below.

Big-G Stealth Extractor

Enterprise big-G Plans for Trusted Proxies

This unique package uses the most advanced outcome and generates perfection. You can use Big-G Stealth Extractor Plans to turbocharge your SERP extraction process and integrate with any third-party software. They are fast, secure, reliable, and easily scalable to meet your demands. It is ideal for small agencies with low volume requirements and freelancers.

You can select between a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual plan in this category. The agency Big-G plan starts as low as $30 per month for 2 GB with unlimited user access. In contrast, 160GB costs $500 monthly.

Agency Big-G Plans for Trusted Proxies

Easily Integrate one hostname in real-time with no server list or large endpoints. You can first request a test with no obligation. However, it is not compatible with non-search engine sites. This is where the Proxy server cloud comes in.

Proxy Server Cloud

Enterpricing pricing for Proxy server cloud to Trusted Proxies

This plan offers proxies that work on most sites. It is perfect for web scraping and offers results in line with your requirements. Immediately you extract data, you can even save it in a cloud environment. This ensures that your data is safe, secure, and accessible anytime.

You can get real-time data with a stellar speed of up to 600 queries per minute. These proxies are also compatible with the software and are scalable-Hence unleashing mass web scraping only with simple integration.

Other than software, it is also compatible with programming languages. The most popular use cases include- e-commerce retail, data harvesting from travel sites, and price monitoring. You can customize a web scraping IP rotation on Uber cloud, continuum, and classic clouds.

Agency pricing for Proxy server cloud to Trusted Proxies

They also offer a free trial to evaluate its performance. Pricing is cheap, and the monthly agency plan starts at $50 per month for 5 GB allocation and unlimited users. There are different options, and 1TB costs $2900 monthly.

International Proxy Servers

International Proxy server plan for Trusied Proxies

Lastly, with International Proxy Servers, you can tear down all digital borders. You can use these proxies to expose all valuable marketing insights worldwide. They can help you view the sites as a local user but in real-time. They have self-healing servers that are standard for small and large-scale needs in over 80 countries worldwide. Enjoy the global reach with simple integration. No server lists; instead, it relies on a static hostname address.

This is the cheapest package with no set-up fees and guarantees 7 days' money back. Virtual dedicated servers cost $10 for 25 Gb monthly in the US and UK, but other parts are 10GB. They can be shared between 2 users. While dedicated servers cost $17 monthly for 25GB but in the UK and US, unlimited access. International Proxy Servers supports all current locations.

TrustedProxies Locations

Trusied Proxies Location

Trusted proxies own servers across 80 countries. It has good coverage. The Big-G Stealth Extractor supports the UK, US, and Germany regions, while proxy server cloud offers datacenter servers across the USA and a few locations in the UK.

International proxy servers proxies are available in over 80 countries. It can access localized data on the endpoint network. The virtual geo-targeted supports hundreds of subnets and has diverse usages. The widespread use of servers ensures steady service delivery, high speed and is highly anonymous, making them reliable.

TrustedProxies Authentication & Protocols

TrustedProxies Authentication & Protocols

Since trusted proxies are among the best proxy selling platforms, they have maintained a good reputation. They not only offer high-quality proxies for web scraping and general purposes but also provide 2 types of authentication on their proxies.

Thus, customers can easily access the proxies from any point. Hence Trusted proxies support IP and user: pass authentication. It is a good approach to the flexibility and mobility of authenticating proxies. You can use either of the above methods without hitches.

You can also refresh these proxies once every month. Thus users can enjoy the enhanced quality, and Trustproxies supports HTTP(S) proxies. Hence compatible with any site that uses HTTP(S) protocols.

TrustedProxies Customer Support

If you experience any issue, Trustproxies has excellent customer support. The team is around 24/7 to offer you support. They are supportive and responsive to any problem instantly. Besides the detailed website, you can also reach out to them via online ticket or phone call. But again, you can still reach out to them via 推特, LinkedIn, or Facebook page. In the future, we propose they introduce live chat or discord support for efficient response.


Trusted proxies are the best proxy provider you need for web scraping and general use. It is perfect for large-scale data scraping and SEO enterprise-grade proxy solutions. Use an extractor tool and reduce the cost of proxies.

Trusted Proxies offer high-quality and speed proxies reliable for professional use. Their pricing is affordable, and customer support is excellent. Even though they need to rework on customer experience, we highly recommend them.

Last Updated on 12月 12, 2022



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